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It always disheartens me when we seem to make progress and then I see yet another bill passed that drags us under again. The following is a very short write in the New Orleans Advocate that everyone should read.

While this is not a California or federal law, the fact that it has happened will set precedent if it is not challenged immediately. Can you imagine having your email addresses and user names published on the SOR!? What next, our telephone numbers?

Your Thoughts on this?

A county sheriff is picketing alongside the neighbors around the placement of a sex offender. If this man is too much for the sheriff to handle, why should the community trust this sheriff to handle more serious crimes like robberies & murders?

And you gotta love the neighbor whose considering moving just because he’ll have a “scary” black guy living next door

Sorry to say many Americans (including our public officials) have basically turned into cowards

Of the few courageous people out there it is the registrants, their loved ones and supporters. Living requires them to face adversity every day. Simply speaking out can be a life threatening event. And then there are the super courageous who willingly put their names and offenses out there for the public condemnation and retribution. Most of us have had that done to us unwillingly. Even choosing to end it requires a commitment that the general public lacks. Who is more capable of defending this country from injustice and so inheriting the future, the public official and his citizen supporters hiding behind computer screens, guiding bombs to remote villages in some far off country, sending military clad police forces to harass and exile unarmed people on black lists, or the non-citizen class, who have been hardened by adversity to fight against injustice with little promise of being successful only having devotion to the cause? Who is better prepared to defend the Republic against its own fears?

Well Said

Where’s the two face phony legislator on DUI registry..?
DUI has a farrrrrr greater repeat crime and number one cause of injury or death of minors.
Where’s it at to protect the community..?
F’n two face phonies..!

When I was on on probation way back when, I sarcastically told my PO once that had I driven drunk and ran over the same pretend person (I was involved in an online sting), my life would be better. She was quite upset and argumentative. Sure, it showed total lack of responsibility of what I did but that wasn’t the point I was trying to make. I would have served my time, not be on some list, have way less restrictions, could live anywhere I want, near a bar, close or far, but not in a car. TRUTH. And heck, why I’m at it, why is it that people who admit openly that they struggle with alcohol, have DUI’s but have been sober for X amount of time, everyone applauds and they get sympathy. But when someone who openly admits a struggle all know the rest. Lists for no one or lists for everyone. So far in life, I have only met people who think they are perfect.

It seems discouraging to read all of the news about laws passing against registered citizens and almost never reading about changes that reflect constitutionally protected rights. The entire fight against these draconian laws just seems to have turned on its heels and progress halted. Even worse, the country spreads its fear-mongering and hate speech internationally. There is little left it seems but to re-incarcerate all of us or pass such a myriad of laws that it becomes impossible to comply…with the same chilling effect.