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LA: JPSO unveils state-of-the-art sex offender ID system

The sheriff’s office announced Friday that the Sex Offender Registry and Identification System, or SORIS, captures a high-resolution digital picture of the offender’s iris. The system can tell the difference between twins, and even a person’s right and left eye. Full Article

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  1. ab

    Oh so more justification for spending money to devoting resources on not solving any real problems while pretending to do just that.

  2. JR

    I’ll have to double check but I don’t think iris photography is a required submission when registering (at least not in Florida).

    Name, address, physical description, tattoos, scars? YES

    Pattern of iris? NO

  3. Nicholas Maietta

    Easy fix: Natural Color Contact Lenses.

    • American Detained in America

      Yup…$30,000 of taxpayers money only to identify someone when officers are face to face with them. Hey Jefferson Parish, do you really feel safer knowing your officers need this to identify someone when they are standing face to face with them?

  4. JR


    My background in my “previous” life was vision care…before a sting operation reduced my career to ashes. So in regard to contact lenses they are easily recognized on the surface of the eye. Easy enough with the naked eye/ impossible to conceal from iris pattern capture photography.

    I think any chance of not complying would be in arguing that “iris pattern” is not listed I the statute, however, I have not read the LA statute so i I can’t say.

  5. dray

    Now they want to put our eyes in a database just another slippery slope pretty soon theme parks and movie theaters and the other locations they want to keep us out of will be using Iris scanners with just our database loaded, will it ever stop , just leave us the hell alone and quit putting all this retro active punishment to all of us that’s already paid our debt to society many times over

  6. Lake County

    First I cant possibly see what the purpose is in having this technology. Drivers license and/or State ID’s are certainly enough to show someones identity. What purpose would this be for except to expand this database for private commercial use. Just another way to allow businesses to ban us. Second, as far as the law, they can easily change the laws to require this scan. In fact I can only assume someday they will have instant DNA scans. Politicians never hesitate to change laws retroactively on us. They’ve done it before and will do it many times again in the future. Even if we were to get most of the laws ruled unconstitutional. There will always be new laws that get proposed and passed that we’ll need to fight as we will always be the “low hanging fruit”. The only thing that could make us less of a target is if an alien race from another planet were to travel here to make humans their dinner.

  7. Two States East

    There is more to this. Could someone from SOSEN add to this post, so if Offender Watch tries this in California then CA RSOL members be alerted ?

  8. noneya

    Not sure how many of you are aware but there has been recent testing of cameras that can read a person’s eyes from the reflection of a Sideview mirror. The results were astonishingly reliable. This as with all things government will be touted as essential for safety and abused widely for whatever they can dream up.

    So they will use crimes as the call for implementing it.

    • Civilian

      Protect your privacy- tint your windows or wear sunglasses. They can’t do anything about that.

  9. TiredOfHiding

    Biometrics is something that is being more and more integrated into daily life and will not be stopping. Chipping soon will the next logical step.

    I do have one brown eye that I have been dying to show them…perhaps at my next annual “registration/interrogation” I will do so!

  10. Anon E Moose

    Hi everyone…

    I live in Jefferson Parish, LA. I’m in Tier 2, and in my 12th year on the registry (originally 15, or 10 if I didn’t commit another felony–but with the AWA changes, now it’s 25) and renew every six months. My last renewal was in March, and the deputy said the eye scans are “something the state is making us do.” I was unable to do the scan that day though–the deputy had me take off my glasses, then I had to position my feet around the legs of the tripod and some other equipment, then squat down to the level of the scanner, since the tripod only came up to my mid-chest. I was shaking too much trying to hold steady in this awkward position, and the scanner wouldn’t work. Boo hoo.

    There is no statutory requirement that I must submit to an iris scan. (The requirements are here: I talked to my attorney after this happened. He said it’s considered the same as fingerprints, just do it, and don’t rock the boat: “you have a family to think about” and “don’t go pick a fight with the law and end up in handcuffs”. With kids (who don’t know) and a wife, I’m grudgingly taking that advice.

    I recently made contact with the 4 other Louisiana members of National RSOL to inform them of registration bills before the legislature. (We have no state organization, but I’m hoping to change that soon.) One said he’s talked with an attorney and is considering refusing the eye scan when he goes to renew.

    What more ID do they need, anyway? I already have to pay for a state ID with SEX OFFENDER in big orange letters, plus a driver’s license with the same, both good only for one year, although I get to pay the same fee for one year as everyone else gets for six years! Not having the ID on my person is a “failure to register”, and a minimum of 2 years with a clock reset.

    It’s just a little more heat, froggie–no need to jump out of the pot.

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