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Study: 1 Percent of Black Men in US Are Registered Sex Offenders

One percent of all black men in the U.S. are registered sex offenders, and black men enter the sex offender registry at nearly twice the rate of white men, a new University at Albany study finds. Full Article

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Well, this statistic isn’t going to go over very well.

They way it reads, it almost sounds like 1 percent of black men in US are registered sex offenders. The way i interpret the next line “and black men enter the sex offender registry at nearly twice the rate of white men”…. well, it would conjure up the quick idea in my head that says that if 1 percent of black men are registered, and black men are entering the registry at nearly twice the rate of white men, then it basically means 1 out of 200 people (black vs white only) are on the registry in America. This could be actually where it’s going at this rate, not what it currently is. A half of percent of the US MALE POPULATION WHO IS EITHER BLACK OR WHITE. Add in everyone else (WOMAN & OTHER ETHNICITIES) and you bring up the number slighly or more to say, possibly or will soon be 1 PERCENT of the AMERICAN POPULATION)

Is that not far from the truth? Hard to know with studies and statistics. BTW, the only math class i ever passed with an A+ was Statistics in high school.

If there is an organization called “Black Lives Matter”, then do they care about Black Registrants ?? Do they fight for their own people, or do they shun their own like we white sheeple do against our own ? In the black communities of America do they discriminate against their own color of those who are on the registry ? I wonder how NIMBY works in these situations ?

The sex offender hysteria is obviously a white v white thing. It clearly is a honkey law that as a consequence sweeps up a disproportionate number of blacks.

How I would love to see a ” Black Registrants United”.

do they shun their own like we white sheeple do against our own ? Answer: Oprah Winfrey.

The African American community has too many things to worry about than RSOs in their community. We have a bigger problem with teen pregnancy, guns, gangs & violence in Milwaukee. But the city does offer a lot of social services & support. That’s why strict ordinances that ran many white RSOs out of their suburbs, allowed them to find haven in Milwaukee.

But that all changed 2 years ago when our mayor & some on the city council all jumped on the sex offender hysteria bandwagon by claiming the city has become a dumping ground. Now a 2000 ft ordinance essentially bans them. I will say most African-American politicians have been more accepting & reformed minded at offering second chances and finding solutions to reintegrating RSOs back into the community. But you do have rare exceptions like Chantia Lewis. She was just elected on a platform of removing a loophole that allow treated & supervised RSOs to stay in city halfway houses….now they will be homeless. Chantia Lewis is the black democratic version of Sharon Runner allied with the conservative democratic coalition that rules the Milwaukee common council. Most of the politicians and victims rights friends of Lewis had never been to the black northside

On another note, yes pedophilia is shunned in the African American community but sex with underage teens…..that’s a little bit of a different story. Sadly it sometimes works hand in hand with the high teen pregnancy rates. What’s strange is because of the strong influence of church in the black community, homosexuality is far less tolerated than a grown man with a pregnant teen girlfriend.

Finally, you can’t draw solid conclusions from a statistic that says 1% of black men are on the registry. African-Americans are far less likely to have the resources & legal counsel to avoid sentences that put them on the registry. It’s all part of that implicit racial bias still inherent in our criminal justice system. It doesn’t mean a greater percentage of sex offenders exist in the African American community

Very interesting, Erwin, thanks. Do you see RSO residency restrictions as part of a trend to redlining disfavored groups into areas of color, pushing them into minority communities like is done with factories, refineries and other necessary but dirty realities of civilized life that have been banned from the suburbs?

Funny that you mentioned factories because Milwaukee’s extreme residency ordinance has limited RSOs to a small multi block area next to the international airport aligning factories & warehouses. And of course the few apartments in that area won’t even rent to RSOs including my son who has to live 80 miles away in Madison.

But to your point about pushing disfavored groups into minority communities; inner cities have traditionally offered more support & social services to ex-felons, the homeless, mentally ill and etc. But so has white non urban liberal communities like Madison or Berkeley for that matter.

However, RSOs are just a different animal altogether than other disfavored groups. The sex offender hysteria & residency restrictions has affected inner cities like Miami which now bans RSOs to living under bridges. Plus you have state laws that dictate where offenders can live. So it’s really not an urban suburban divide as much as it’s a regional & political divide.

I’ll go out on the limb and say the more conservative Midwestern & southern states tend to have the strictest ordinances. Liberal minded states like my native California, Oregon, New York and New England have smartened up on restrictions even if it took court decisions to do it. And kudos to libertarian minded states like the the Dakotas & Montana that don’t restrict RSOs. Both liberals & libertarians have common ground when it comes to belief in civil liberties & limited government; therefore, state & local policy reflect the values of citizens with like minded ideals. But unfortunately the “authoritarian middle” has infected both parties (the GOP more so) when it comes to RSO rights

In any overall statistics of U.S. men (all races), we need to look at only the U.S. male population of 157 million since most convicted offenders are male. So to be very accurate we need to know what the number of females are on the registry so we can deduct that from the number of 750,000 total registered. I haven’t been in a math class in 35 years so can someone here do the math on what the percentage of U.S. male population (157,000,000) is registered without deducting for the tiny fraction of females that are part of the 750,000 registered citizens? Somewhere around 1 in 150 men (or maybe 1 in 160 men if you consider deducting the unknown tiny fraction of woman too)? I hope my math question is clear.

100,994,000 males over the age of 18. That’s the number to focus on.

.74% and no blacks do not shun rso at least not their own in prison. i was in sny yard in the pen protective custody and their were maybe two to three blacks out of over 1200 people on the yard. once you get out though i have been harassed by two different black guys at my apartment while the black rso living right across the parking lot from me who has way worse charges then I do has been totally left alone. dont figure huh

Erwin writes “… And kudos to libertarian minded states like the the Dakotas & Montana that don’t restrict RSOs….”

I wouldn’t give those states even a partial kudos since those states have internet identifier free speech chilling 1st Amendment violating cyber-Nazi self-reporting laws and also residency/presence restrictions, although at least in SD there is some “grandfathering in” allowed with residency restrictions.

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