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TN: TBI warns parents to track sex offenders this Summer vacation

When you go on vacation, you think about the beach, seafood and quality family time. The last thing on your mind is predators. But state officials say that should change because sex offenders go on vacation and could prey on your kids. Full Article

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And then there’s the murderer who can go on a killing spree vacation leaving no one left alive….logic is apparently not common in Tennessee.

We all know that the Sex Offender Registries are not REALLY for “public safety”, “protecting children”, or any of those other lies. Either that or they don’t work. Because if they did work, there would be zero excuses not to have at least 100 other national, public Registries.

Our “protecting” Nanny Big Governments either need to Register all people who committed a crime in the past or no one. If they don’t do that we will all continue to know that it is just a witch hunt. Don’t worry about applying logic to it. It’s not there.

Just another idiotic piece of drivel. More people dreaming that their magic government lists will protect them.

People who support the SORs are not Americans. They are enemies. Remember that every day.

“Special Agent Quin says the sex offenders who are registering when they go on vacation and are in compliance with the law are usually good. They don’t usually have problems out of them.”

Wait…the entire article is about how its this great idea to check the registry to avoid the evil sex offenders, but then it says those aren’t the ones you have to worry about? Another lame article by the press getting viewers due to stirring up unwarranted fear.

Why not write the article about the real danger of keeping tabs on friendly Uncle Bob or that friend of the family that hangs around too much and always offers to watch the kids?

Because it is so much more fun for Nanny Big Government and their supporters to dream that they are tracking bad guys and protecting people. Easier too. Actually reducing sex crimes takes work.

Fear Mongering at its highest. I think it must be summer sweeps season!

I noticed that comments are disabled on the story. How’s that for free speech and open debate?

If it’s such a concern why won’t they allow it to be discussed on an open forum? Oh that’s right… Because then facts would get in the way of ratings.

My bad

I do not see that comments are “disabled”. I just don’t see any way that people can make comments. Do you actually see something that says comments are disabled?

I looked at a few of the main articles on their home page and those do not appear to have any way to comment either. Maybe this web site just does not have that infrastructure at all.

I wish I could comment though. I would love to point out how moronic the whole thing is.

What about the families vacationing next door in Arkansas or West Virginia? Those states give vacationing sex offenders up to 10 days to re-register. And I doubt they’d stay at a hotel any longer. So it looks like those poor families visiting Hot Springs or the Ozarks will never know if a RSO was in their hotel. Oh my God! The horror of it!

OMFG… PANIC !!!! about what “might happen”…. another MIGHT HAPPEN ARTICLE !… looks like at the end of the article its a plug for disney crusies…look at the end of the article… DISNEY doesnt allow RC’s to go on their cruises !! I live near disneyland, hate that park, to many freaking crying snot nosed kids…, id rather goto a park that has ADULT rides and a cruise ship that doesnt have a discrimination policy !… Does a disney cruise allow a transgendered bathroom ?, but then again DISNEY has GAY DAYS in LA… WTF, no im not a hater im gay…just saying.

“They learned there were several sex offenders near where they’re staying. Martin says, They could be right there and grab them and go.”

ALL Sex Offenders go on vacation with the sole intention of “grabbing kids”, and taking them somewhere, maybe to molest them MWUAHHHH!

“Disney Cruises does background checks on all of their passengers, and they don’t let any sex offenders on their cruises.” I’m guessing they perform background checks for everyone entering into their parks as well? Also, it would appear that AirBnb is on board with that idea as well.

I’ve expressed my feelings before about a future in the United States for an RSO so I will refrain from repeating it. Especially since there are still so many RSO’s who swear by the United States. I feel very sorry for those RSO’s who cannot fathom a better life than this.

Disney does background checks on people who buy season passes. In my case, the second time I used my pass they detained me and called in the Sheriff. I was trespassed for nothing more than being there. Their is nothing in their terms stating I was not wanted there.. So avoid Disney if you can. But sex offenders can still buy tickets at the park, as far as I know.

So they called the police on you because you were attempting to use a Seasonal Pass that you had purchased, and which they had sold to you?

Quite frankly, that sounds like a lawsuit to me.

This incident should qualify as even more evidence that RSO’s are being treated as second class citizens living under constant police surveillance and harassment.

I shutter to think what would have happened if you didn’t register in Florida upon your arrival for your vacation.

What authority did they have to detain you? I don’t know exactly how that works. Is that legal if they had posted signs or it was in the terms of the season pass agreement? My first inclination would have been to tell them that they are pieces of sh*t and to go F themselves and left.

Also, please don’t call people “sex offenders”. People who are listed on the Sex Offender Registries are not “sex offenders” and they are not “offenders”. They are “people who are listed on a government list”. That’s all. I prefer the term “People who are Registered for Harassment, Restrictions, and Punishment” but that’s a bit unwieldy. Many people prefer “Registered Citizens”.

Also, I will avoid Disney. There is no way that I want to give anything of value to such a scummy, un-American, P.O.S. company as that. I will do what I can to harm them though.

Disney world should be avoided for the sole purpose of if you plan on visiting Florida, and you register your name on the list, plan on it staying on the list forever. At least that’s what some others said on this forum. I hope it’s not true but I’d err on the side of caution by not visiting Florida

“if you plan on visiting Florida, and you register your name on the list, plan on it staying on the list forever.”

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to change that issue through the Courts. Nichols vs. US will be a big factor for this.

this country peoples have become so cowardly and weak minded it’s disgusting.I have a tip being a parent and educate and watch your kids if you’re so scared of the non existing boogie man lurking in the bushes just waiting to grab your little Joey.bunch of pathetic coddled idiots that don’t deserve to live in a free society. like Ben Franklin said “if you give up your freedoms in exchange for security then you don’t deserve either one”

“Guess I’ll check the list and if no one’s on it, I’ll just let the kids run free unsupervised” That is basically what our government is implicating. Yes, we live in an age where parents should trust non one they don’t know around their kids. They make it sound like, “oh those people are very bad, but if we don’t list them, then oh they are angels. Please leave your kids alone with them, they are safe.” This is just a sad picture of how ignorant our society has gotten.

Disney Cruises does background checks on all of their passengers, and they don’t let any sex offenders on their cruises.

is this illegal in California?

The funny thing is I will be 100 miles away from my home and into a hotel and those people don’t know I m a RSO in a hotel room right next to them..

It’s all I think about when I’m running errands, shopping, etc. What if they knew?? It’s sad, yet somewhat comical the scenarios that I imagine would happen. Not long ago, I exited a store and a woman was behind me holding her daughter. I held the door open for her and all I was thinking was she would freak out if she knew, thinking the ONLY reason I held the door know. More recently, I joined my sister and niece for church on Mother’s Day. When everyone was asked to greet others in the church before service started, I shook hands with a dozen different people..who greeted me. What if they knew?

If they knew, their brains would stop functioning and they would revert to their core of stupidity. The vast majority of people truly are stupid cowards.

I get the appeal of the Sex Offender Registries (SORs). Honestly, they sound like a great idea. I personally want to know if a person has done something bad in the past (but of course not just for sex crimes).

However, we have seen that people in the U.S. cannot responsibly have and use SORs. So as the SORs have been implemented, they are not acceptable in any way to any American or moral person. They are only acceptable to idiots (e.g. people who literally would think it was okay to have laws that say that “coloreds” can’t share water fountains with them).

So because of that, I have done a great job to neutralize the SORs and ensure that, at least with respect to me, they are not just worthless but that they are much, much worse. People in the U.S. who support the SORs are going to pay for it every day. Those people are not my fellow citizens. They are enemies.

Each state varies and they make it sound like it is 48 hours in all states, clearly the author is a moron.

You are exactly right. The article says, “Sex Offenders are required by law to notify the local police if they are in a state longer than 48 hours.” That could be true if there is a federal law that states that. I’m not aware of any such thing but perhaps the P.O.S. SORNA or AWA (or whatever nonsense they are calling the latest BS) does state such a thing.

Who knows? But a main point of nearly all the propaganda such as this article that is supported and encouraged by the Nanny Big Governments (NBG) is to constantly reiterate and enforce the idea to the sheep that NBG is protecting them and has millions of laws and procedures to do it. It should make any American puke.

How about the good old Fashion way, watch your damn kids, and-leave us the hell alone

But that’s just so much work. And we wouldn’t need Nanny Big Government for that. How would all those people have jobs? What would they do?

Oh my, it must be ratings month again! What a p.o.s. of a story!!!!!

Cool CA RSO –

Value Place hotels does have the hotel registrant sign a form stating they are not on the registry and will check it to see if those staying there are on an registry.

Thanks for the head up and that the one I will be avoiding.
It won’t be long before others catch on.

Im not sure if this would apply to hotel but I think it does
(2) Except as authorized under paragraph (1) or any other
provision of law, use of any information that is disclosed pursuant
to this section for purposes relating to any of the following is
(A) Health insurance.
(B) Insurance.
(C) Loans.
(D) Credit.
(E) Employment.
(F) Education, scholarships, or fellowships.
(G) Housing or accommodations.
(H) Benefits, privileges, or services provided by any business


In regard to Florida: our registry is a LIFETIME registry. Those with qualifying offenses from other States or offenses that are similar to the FL Statutes are required to register in Florida if they come to Florida and remain for a certain amount of time. I don’t have the statute in front of me but all of Florida requires 48 hours notice in person to a sheriff’s office to register. And to answer the question: YES you will remain on the registry in Florida for life. No exceptions. Additionally, they do not remove the deceased. So after you die you can enjoy the restrictions and oppression of the registry just like the living ones!

The thought of being on my deathbed has crossed my mind on occasion. What if you become incapacitated or hospitalized and it’s time for that Price Club renewal? Or you
are just visiting a State and somehow can’t get there to register with the Locale.

Does your friendly law enforcement round up the posse, and pay you a visit? It’s something we all have to look forward to, unless we can somehow eliminate this ongoing punishment.

Nevada has that same requirement. More than 48 hours and you must inform the local police. Not sure if you remain on the list, but once you are on there, they have no reason to remove you.

There are some States in this country, I would not want to test. It would be like
entering Mexico, without the correct documentation. You may end up with a prison being your final resting place.

“It would be like entering Mexico, without the correct documentation. You may end up with a prison being your final resting place.”

I see you are very well-versed about Mexico. You must have traveled there 50+ times, and are assured as to what could happen if you don’t have documentation.

I’ve heard enough horror stories and being an RC, I have no plans to ever go south of the border again in my lifetime.
I love the Mexican people. I spent many years working with them. My son has a Mexican wife.

I don’t know all of the details about that US Marine arrested at the border, but I simply wouldn’t want to end up in a Mexican prison no matter what. Something about a wrong turn and having guns in his car.
I believe he finally got out of that hell-hole.

BTW, I didn’t claim to know everything about that place. And yes, I have been there many times. But I don’t plan to go back. And with our fantastic lawmakers placing the “Identifier” on the Passport, along with “Angel Watch” that’s just another reason to stay out of that place.

Tahmooressi was driving his truck out of a parking lot and made a wrong turn, which accidentally led him to the U.S.-Mexico border.

At the San Yisidro and Otay Crossing, the Mexican Mlitary and INM routinely check vehicles, and they have checkpoints at various locations.

His Attorney was Ruben Fernando Benitez.

Yes, I recall. And Tamooressi spent about 8 months in a scum-hole Mexican prison. A place I have no desire to even get close to.
With all of the corrupt Federal Police, Drug Lords, and Bandits, I’ll stay imprisoned in the U.S. for now.

I firmly believe that any person who is listed on an SOR should be doing anything that is legal to retaliate for it every single day. If a criminal regime costs me X dollars, then I need to cost them 12X. It takes work but it is something that simply must be done. And any work that you do for retaliation must be paid for as well.

If I were ever arrested for any Registry related issue, I would have a HUGE obligation to retaliate. I have kept all of my retaliation legal but I really think just about any retaliation is morally justified. People who have blown up government buildings and attacked them are heroes. Although I can’t say I agree with the losses of any innocent people, if there were any.

I could not agree with you more. If we ALL made as much LEGAL noise, problems, nuisance annoyances and any other and all forms of making noise to point out the utter uselessness and stupidity of this list and how totally Un American it actually is then real difference might be made.

Clearly nothing is going to change in actual court but in the court of the public opinion some actually do understand that the government is in the business of control and will lie without a second thought.

I would love to start a website that would open to ALL RSO in ALL 50 states to organize and exchange information, share information, and in general get together to make REAL CHANGES via LEGAL action and educate the public at large with real facts and figures and explain to them exactly why the government is NOT interested in making changes to a system that is clearly a failure (not to mention illegal and unconstitutional).

Please feel free to contact me (other are welcome) if you would be interested in participating in such an endeavor. I have authorized the admins of this board to pass along my contact email.

That sounds scary. But I’m curious how that works. If you temporarily stay for 2 weeks visiting a friend’s house in Florida, and you register their address during your temporary stay, does your name still stay connected to that residence? What if your friend sold the house and move on years later. Does your name still sfollow the new owners of the house? Because that really would suck people for the new owners to have neighbors believing a RSO lives there. That sounds like a lawsuit against the state

I agree with “Will A”. Great minds think alike.


Q: “What if you become incapacitated or hospitalized and it’s time for that Price Club renewal?”
A: Doesn’t matter. I have seen cases in which RC’s were arrested while in the hospital in FL.

Q: “Or you are just visiting a State and somehow can’t get there to register with the Locale.”
A: There is no exception for “just can’t get there.”

Q: “Does your friendly law enforcement round up the posse, and pay you a visit?”
A: If they know where you are I am certain they would come to you.

I’m not certain how it works in other States but for FL RCs are to notify the Sheriff’s Office in person 48 hours before departure of their plan to leave the State (if leaving for 5 days) the information we are to provide is a) date of departure b) date of return c) address to which we are traveling (State, County and City)

In turn, the FL County Sheriff notifies the County Sheriff in the area to which we are traveling so that the “receiving county” is aware of our presence. Upon our arrival to the other State/ County we must abide by the Laws and rules of that State/ County.

I went from FL to NY last year for 7 days. The NY SO Unit Officer laughed at me when I called him to tell him I was coming to his county. Said NY has a 10 day notification timeframe and if I were leaving before 10 days he didn’t have time to care. He actually asked me why I was bothering to call him at all.

Here’s a good read for you: (check out Derek oncefallen’s comment)


That’s insane JR.
So basically, Florida doesn’t care how large their registry gets, as long as the Federal funds keep rolling in based on the numbers.

This whole registry thing is so sad. It has destroyed the lives of so many human beings who served their time and complied with every punishment cast upon them.

Most of whom could have potentially been such an addition to society.

For those who have been brainwashed into thinking there is “no hope” for the SO, why on earth do they not see this as punishment. It must be about money. It’s just so sad.

i went round and round with the state about this and i would like to know where you most notify the state if you leave the state for more then 5 days. i was wrongly arrested twice 1 year apart over this as i used to travel 300 + days of the year for my employment. should the county or state try to arrest me again they will be sued and have been placed on notice. as both times prosecutors office dropped charges.
From what i recall last time i studied the law is that if you move/vacate your home then you must notify them but visiting, traveling, etc… you don’t as long as you have intention of returning and living at your home.

Florida can’t control what you do or don’t do in another state. even though the asphat cop that put out a warrant for my arrest tried to tell me i had to stop in every city, county, state that i traveled through and register and i told him he was fing crazy!
refresh yourself with the wording it is if you move or vacate permanently your residency. not for visiting/traveling

Im new to this site. Not even sure how I should begin. I don’t have a criminal case nor one pending or under investigation. I’m crime, drug and alcohol free abiding by all the laws of the land. Not sure if I need a criminal, defense or civil attorney or just to be educated on this matter. From what I’ve gathered it would appear my civil and or constitution rights are being violated which is creating panic, fear, stress, concern and worrisome for me and my family. I’m reaching for someones professional help and or advice or at the least can please point me in the right direction for some. I’ll try keeping this as short as possible. Married for 19 yrs to the most amazing woman and we’re home owners in Santa Clarita Ca for the last 15 years with a great rapport with our neighbors. I’m not on probation or parole nor is anyone in our home. Having a non violent drug offense in 2009 led me to jail in which to our sadness before I paroled I was forced to register as a 290 due to an offense I took a deal for over 21 years ago. An offense that I paid my dues for and moved on since than. So now all of a sudden I live as a registrant which is ever so tormenting having done 3 years under the worse parole conditions as if I committed a sexual offense yesterday. To some relief the DOJ has classified me as a low risk on the bases that the offense is a non violent sexual offense that it involves no children or anyone under 18 yrs of age.The DOJ  has even granted me an “internet exclusion ” so my name,face and address is nowhere on Megan’s list.  Aside from the horrible dilemma of being forced to be a registrant on a case that I already had paid my debt for, I feel that the sheriffs continually coming to my house in the name of “address verification” is violating my civil rights. I’m not on parole or probation, my wife and I work hard to make a living, pay taxes like everyone else with bills and a mortgage. I go in to the local station per pc290 once a year as I have been doing (full compliance ) show proof of my address via DMV CDL or ID and bills that are in my name. No where in PC290 does it indicate local authorities are to be knocking on my door to verify my residence, the very thing I prove once a year to them. I know I don’t need to answer the door but My concern is if I don’t they’ll  just keep coming over until I do which raises curiosity with my neighbors which now defeats the purpose of my Internet exclusion because the neighbors begin to wonder why the police keep showing up at our house. I’m concerned for my home and family becoming a target. I know the only way to truly make this all stop is expungement, and certificate of rehabilitation which to those whom have been granted an Internet exclusion by the DOJ could potentially make that possible for them to be removed from the list. I haven’t proceeded towards those steps yet bc I’m not exactly sure what that entails let alone don’t even know who to speak to (attorney) or even if I’m a candidate. What’s important now is the safety of my home and family by having these sheriffs stop coming to my house doing a check that isn’t described in PC290. I’m new to this site recommended by “once fallen”of whom I stumbled upon via searching the net. This registry is absolutely horrible as to the pain it causes. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and or pointing me in the rt direction, even offering some form of encouragement that somethings is in the process to relieve this nightmare. Thank and God bless all of you.

Frank- I see you are new to the site. I have only been here a few months myself. So that there is no confusion, I will be happy to adjust my profile name. I was using only the name FRANK however, I will change that so that you may use the name freely.

I have a fence around my property with a locked gate. “No Trespassing” sign up. No one can come to my door without calling first. I don’t answer when they show up nor do I answer their phone calls. They finally stopped bothering me almost 3 years ago. Problem solved for now. I don’t see how you can otherwise stop them from knocking at your door like anyone else can.

I’ve managed to keep them from knocking on my door: I have a 15 foot high steel-pole fence and gate in front of my house and, with houses which directly abut mine on either side (it’s San Francisco), there is no other way in.

They get to ring the doorbell at the gate, if they want, and I get to ignore them.

Nothing beats a locked fence or gate when you are off probation/parole! If anyone here considers buying a home, make sure having a fence is the number one item. Somewhat protects you from vigilantes too.

Yeah, I think I will invest in an automatic gate. The police just slide mine open and drive in if I don’t answer the phone. Beware of dog and no trespassing signs, too. Really counter to the way I am. So ridiculous it is humorous in a Kafkaesque way. I am not doing anything any other law abiding person is doing. Those people who have a dog fighting facility, a meth lab or marijuana farm, they would leave them alone. Who is easier for them to throw in jail and so make points with the PR man? a criminal operating with firearms and a secure facility and angry dogs a criminal who can pay for expensive attorneys, or someone like me with a weed wacker and some gentle dogs who can be thrown in jail for missing a day to update the address I have lived in for 11 years.

Frank, I’m in FL so I can’t say about CA. BUT I DO KNOW that the registry exists in its own world separate from your charges, convictions, and sentences. This is how politicians get around the constitutionality of all the implications.

Once one is on the registry that brings an entirely different set of requirements that are not considered part of your sentence nor are they considered punitive. If State statute requires law enforcement to keep track of those on the registry through “compliance checks” or address verifications or whatever the state calls them… Then your sentence (completed as it is) makes no difference.

Is this what is called a “Bill of Attainder”, a separate Justice regime for a despised group of people? You don’t hear that charge on the registry too often, but that is what I thought it described.

It is an altogether credulous piece of propaganda.

@Will A. – You can e-mail the station at

To “I can’t wait to die”

The requirement comes wrapped up the Florida’s definition of “temporary residence.”

Definition: “A place where the person (offender/predator) abides, lodges, or resides, including, but not limited to, vacation, business, or personal travel destinations in or out of this state, for a period of 5 or more days in the aggregate during any calendar year, and which is not the person’s permanent address or, for a person whose permanent residence is not in this state, a place where the person is employed, practices a vocation, or is enrolled as a student for any period of time in this state.”

The first hook is “in or out of the State.” The second hook is “5 or more days…”

Subsection (7)

A sexual offender who intends to establish a permanent, temporary, or transient residence in another state or jurisdiction other than the State of Florida shall report in person to the sheriff of the county of current residence within 48 hours before the date he or she intends to leave this state to establish residence in another state or jurisdiction or within 21 days before his or her planned departure date if the intended residence of 5 days or more is outside of the United States. The notification must include the address, municipality, county, state, and country of intended residence. The sheriff shall promptly provide to the department the information received from the sexual offender. The department shall notify the statewide law enforcement agency, or a comparable agency, in the intended state, jurisdiction, or country of residence of the sexual offender’s intended residence. The failure of a sexual offender to provide his or her intended place of residence is punishable as provided in subsection (9).

if the person is constantly traveling there is nothing they can do. i also think it states that if you vacate/move from your resident somewhere also. all i know is the state did not want to go to trial with me representing myself on this point twice as 2 separate arrests over a year apart.

The highway billboard says report Suspicious Activities. The terrorist aren’t looking to kill me, their looking to kill my slave masters.

I can’t wait to die

On that point I agree with you. If the RC does not “intend to establish a temporary residence” then we do NOT meet the standard for this statute.

Your two arrests were ruled illegal? Or the case was dropped and you, in turn, did not pursue legal action on the arrests?

the first one was for failure to update dl lic/id state withdrew case as soon as they heard my argument (no lawyer) 2nd time was failure to update/change address again state withdrew charges about a year after the first time. and no lawyer. as i had great legal defense to prove the law is flawed.
contacted a promonate civil rights lawyer in Miami and was told that with being a sex offender and suing it would be hard to win in front of a jury but was told should it happen a 3rd time they will take a chance on a law suite on the cop and so office.
i never moved or vacated nor established another residency, i just traveled for employment. almost every day-4 days at a different location.

They are trying to make it will we have to be in our house a house arrest for life providing you’re not homeless because you can’t live anywhere you can’t get out of your house to go to the store because it’s by a park you have to depend on home delivery that’s what they’re trying to do legal house arrest for life by calling it a civil law

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