Janice’s Journal: Waiting for Justice

As summer comes to an end, we are waiting for justice. We are waiting for a judge’s decision in our challenge to the International Megan’s Law. We are waiting for cities to eliminate residency restrictions. We are waiting for a tiered registry bill to be introduced in the California state legislature.

Why does it take so long? Why can’t judges, city officials and state legislators stop the punishment of registered citizens NOW?

Perhaps it’s due to habit. For many people, including judges and elected officials, have adopted the habit of viewing registered citizens as “monsters” who always re-offend and cannot be cured. Their habit is based upon myth and supported by the media rather than empirical evidence such as the CDCR report which states that the rate of re-offense for registrants on parole is less than 1 percent.

Perhaps it’s due to complacency. For many people, including judges and elected officials, are complacent because their personal lives have not been directly affected by the punishment that continues to be levied against registrants and their families. What else can explain their lack of compassion when a registrant cannot find a decent job or adequate housing? What else can explain their lack of understanding when a registrant and his family can no longer live together due to residency restrictions passed decades after his offense occurred?
Perhaps it’s due to fear. For many people, especially judges and elected officials, fear that they will lose the next election if they are viewed by the public as friendly to registrants. Their fear is so deep that they are willing to violate the state and federal Constitutions despite an oath they swore to uphold them.

To the many people described above, we have the following message: Stop your habits! Snap out of your complacency! Move through your fear! Do what is right, not what is popular.

The time is NOW to view registrants as who they truly are – human beings who deserve a second chance – and not lepers of society. The time is NOW not just to allow, but to support, registrants as they re-enter society so that they can live with their families and contribute their skills and talents to society.

This is the future we see. And we will support those, including judges and elected officials, who share our vision when we vote in November.

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We need to step up to the plate and help Judge Aaron Perskey, as you may know, he is the Santa Clara County Judge, who is being unfairly persecuted, for handing down what some are saying was too lenient of a sentence in the Brock Turner rape case, I found an online petition, to help Judge Persky stay on the bench. We need Judges like this to have the courage to make the right decision in cases like this, we all know life on the list is not a light sentence. If you want to help please sign the petition, and donate what you can at, https://www.org/p/california, go to search, then, a letter of support of Judge Aaron Persky. Thanks B.Wat.

go to he…..I’ll say whatever I want you don’t like it don’t read it…only naive idiots would think that these organizations aren’t benefiting off these sites either monetarily or professionally… I’ve never seen or heard of a ” lawyer” doing anything out of the goodness of their heart….keep sticking your heads in the sand and blindly follow anyone else besides your own intellect and be complacent in waiting for years upon years for any kind of change
…I lmfao at you blindef fools …and yes I have been to a meeting with janice with my fiance and I won’t even ask her to go again after the first person to speak was some freak spouting off about how he was a special ed teacher who grabbed a 12 year olds vagina to make her stop grabbing herself and shiwed no remorse or felt that he didnt do anything wrong and that he was a victim
…absolutely disgusting I wanted to smash the guy….I’ve also made my phone calls sent my letters and donated to several of these sites so like I said bit…me i will say what I want

Sorry the web site is https://www.change.org/p/California regarding Judge Persky.

bill thanks for that info and I will definitely be donating to help that judge and we should all be helping Derek of oncefallen.com

and by the way learn your civil rights history…martin Luther King and Thurgood Marshall both had to be prodded pushed ridiculed and then encouraged to change their minds tactics and weak fighting positions before they took on the real issues in those movements….maybe we need to use the same tactics on our activists leaders in order for them to get the gonadsssss to step up and fight the real issues and do what’s right and take down the registry in its current form….Janice is no doubt a hero with all of us but if she wants to be a hero at a level of King and Marshall she needs to go out on a limb and bring a challenge that others are either afraid to bring or think that it’s an impossible task….nothings impossible unless you never try…..oh and yes I have filed motions to dismiss,demurres,judicial notices,motions for summary judgement and declaratory relief and a couple more which a couple were successful….no I am not an attorney but I am a free thinking confident America that is willing to say anything I feel needs to be said and I’m a fast learner willing to try what some may think are impossible tasks in order to stand up for myself and fight for what’s right……

very intelligent and articulate comments flh and no more…wish we had more minds like yours in this fight…..we will prevail and not in ten twenty or thirty years even if I or someone else who’s fed up has to be the ones to do it…..

steve I condemned that guy because he would not admit or come to terms with the fact he did something wrong….he grabbed a special ed young woman vagina who by his own words didn’t have the mental capacity to consent…I actually have very little sympathy for people who commits rape or force themselves on anyone especially the younger women and doubly when they are special ed student being groped by their special ed teacher….if the dude would have manned up and admitted or comprehended he did something wrong and was working to make amends or at least sure it wouldn’t happen again then I could of felt differently but he was proud of what he did and showed no remorse at all
..he is one of the ones that the courts could probably prove with clear and convincing evidence standard to reoffend since he used force on a mentally challenged individual and has absolutely no remorse or doesn’t feel any culpability….

no I’m lying Steve what a idiot…why the hellllll would I lie about something like that…..braindead people wow

I don’t care what anyone says if you’re a rapist or a true prepubesent sex offender then you need help you have actual mental illness that needs to be addressed…..those are the people the government should be evaluating and determine if there is clear and convincing evidence to justify a registry for those individuals…even those deemed a threat should have annual Evaluations to see if they are ready to come off the list and after ten years be automatically off the list….that’s is the overhaul that the government needs to do that I’ve talked about and it’s the only way these laws can be constitutional…..I also believe everyone that has committed any kind of crime and goes offense free for ten years should have their records automatically expunged and the complete restoration of all their constitutional rights unfettered….criminal records should only be used by the courts if an offender reoffends….

you guys are right flh and nomore I really am not a hater and try very hard to put myself in the other persons shoes that guys mentality was just very hard to wrap my head around….wanting to smash the guy was just a residual thought from my own pre-registration self….that’s what I used to think before I got involved in this crap and believe me if someone told me what he was telling us i would have beat him to near death but I have gained a lot of empathy and humanity from all this bs as well as off of a lifetime of drugs (meth) so I can say I actually learned and even benefited in those areas off what’s happened to me….now I just hope guys like that admit they have a medical condition which is a mental abnormality and get help….that’s not a opinion or a condemnation it’s a fact…thanks for reminding me nomore and flh to keep my judgemental attitude in check because it’s really hard in those types of situations especially in the heat of intense debate. you guys are great….

man hopeful finally an intelligent comment comes out of your mouth….
can assure you miker you’ve would of definitely in your words been “smashed”had u been on mainline in prison with your jacket. U r no different in the eyes of many. .
your absolutely right for once read my last post maybe you’ll understand my position on this subject…
as far as walking around with my head down saying we’ll never win is exactly the opposite of what I’ve been doing…you just can’t wrap your head around that our activists leaders ie janice and other activist leaders may need to be persuaded convinced or prodded just like Martin Luther King was in order to get them to go all out and confront and overcome what seems like impossible odds…..I know we can and will win so dont paint me as a pessimist like the rest of you guys are …have a little faith and don’t just hope our activist leaders who have a much louder voice and more god giving talents and learned abilities than us average joes help them in anyway possible and try to convince them to do the right thing and win or lose they will be heroes just for trying what seems impossible…….I hope we all understand each other’s positions and mentalities and can stop all these personal attacks but if not I guess it hasn’t been a total waste of time having discourse about these hard topics can’t hurt I guess…..

don’t get me wrong i don’t believe in any type of registry but if these legislators and the majority of people must have their precious registry than overhaul it as I explained a registry like that just may and I mean may be somewhat effective…I doubt it but it might…it would be an entirely different set of circumstances that would need to be evaluated using empirical evidence on recidivism rates of those types of offenders both before and after they implement such a scheme ….like I said though I don’t believe any registry is justified or constitutional….

one more thing you guys hating on me dont understand what I am about…Just because I question peoples motives and speak my mind including insinuations that may or may not be true doesnt mean that I dont or havent supported Janice and sosen and w.a.r. and f.a.c. and anyone else that fights for or supports our cause….I have donated money made phone calls every time janice asked us to and wrote and sent all those letters I sent…Just because you guys have this hero worship menatility and dont ask question or speak your minds doesnt mean I have to think like you guys do…Its that simple…Ive spent countless hours preparing my motion and if it prevails all your sorry a…… will benifit from it so get off my back and support the way you feel is best and I will continue to prod convince coerce or encourage and do any and everything I can to get someone (especially the people that are supposed to be civil rights activist leaders) to go that extra mile and get something real done…………………….

wow they must’ve took down the petition for that judge any update on that

Can we avoid using words like PO-leese ? It is racially insensitive. This is not an alt-right ( racist ) movement.