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NY: Gov. Cuomo orders Pokémon Go prohibition for sex offenders on parole

For sex offenders in New York, it will be Pokémon No Go. Gov. Cuomo Sunday ordered that the state make it a condition of parole for sex offenders that they stay away from Pokémon Go and similar interactive games, the Daily News has learned.

The state Department of Corrections and Community Supervision is barring all registered sex offenders under supervision from downloading, accessing, or playing such Internet gaming activities, under the directive. Full Article


Pokémon NO! Disturbing investigation finds pokémon popping up at high-level sex offenders’ residences  (NY Senator Jeffrey Klein)

Protection Our Children – How Pokemon Go and Augmented Reality Games Expose our Children to Sex Offenders – Full Report (NY Senators Klein and Savino)

NY governor orders ban on sex offenders playing Pokemon Go

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Has technology changes, rules are quickly placed…

As Bugs Bunny would say “what a bunch of the maroons!”

“Klein (D-Bronx) called Cuomo’s action “a good first step,” adding that “there’s still more work to be done legislatively to protect children who use this technology and I will continue to monitor this situation.””

Yes, lots of work to be done!

Is that the guy that was worried about an island flipping over if too many people moved to it?

Nope, not him but this is worth a look.

Yeah they like to stay busy ya know. The more laws they make, the more they’re seen as working. Everybody gets upset when congress is at a standstill…. I applaud. It’s a good thing most days when they arent getting anything done. 🙂

Unbelieveable!! A US Congressman actually said that in public? Wow

I die laughing every time I look at it. As one of the commenter’s pointed… how did that military guy not crack up? I can see by his body language, he wanted too but he stifled it lol.

My 14 year old son laughed his butt off. Insane!!!

I already cant live with my mom and dad because of residency restrictions…Now they’re telling me I can’t play video games…This is a lawsuit

The lawsuit is simple. Your email and Internet identifiers can only be released to a “authorized Internet entity” and that is defined as any business, organization, or other entity providing or offering a service over the Internet which permits persons under 18 if age to access, meet, congregate or communicate with other for the purposes of social networking.

Since the game has no chat function I’ve been told, it does not meet the threshold.

The state and counties that violate sora need to be sued

Are you on parole? If not, you have nothing to worry about

Wouldn’t be safer to ban minors from using the internet? We do not let them smoke, drink, drive, buy guns… why on earth do we allow them online if it’s so dangerous?

How do we know that Cuomo himself is not a child molester? Has he ever proven that he never molested his own kids? He refused to reply to my requests that he take the sex offender polygraph, indicating he is clearly hiding something.

Toooo funny lol

Renny , way to go!! Did you really write to Cuomo?!! We need more like you. Once I am off probation (in 9 years..)

Notice, its Democrats doing this. Cuomo is the son of a great liberal Democrat, and he is doing this, apparently under his executive authority, not because of some law the legislature passed — just like when the Obama administration did the same to send out horrible notices to other countries about registr8ge of International Megan’s law.

Everyone expects this is all being pushed by the Republicans, but every time something is started up, the Democrats either are the ones pushing it or are unanimously (or nearly so) on board for it.

Our issue does not break down to Democrat or Republican., so people should not look at it that way. We need people who are truly principled about right and wrong, who actually believe in our Constitution, who value human beings. Those values can cross party lines.

Anonymous Nobody,
I’m with you all the way. This is exactly what I’ve been saying for some time now.
Catherine Cortez Masto (Democrat) is the former Attorney General here in Nevada. She is now flooding the airwaves with her tough stance on Sex Trafficking and a promise to expand the Registry in Nevada. She is running for the Harry Reid senate seat in Washington DC.
We can’t just vote a ticket and cross our fingers. We need to pay attention to what these folks who want our votes are saying and doing.

Sorry. Not so. The Dems battled against the federal registry until they couldn’t any more. Check the news article from back then.

Anway, this new law sure make Pokemon more attractive because it might piss off all the right people.

Honestly, being on parole always comes with lots of restrictions, and not being able to play with Pokemon is another added but minor bonus. At least offenders in NY eventually come off parole UNLIKE Indiana where republican Gov Mark Pence and Indiana’s GOP controlled legislature just passed a law making it lifetime parole for ALL sex offenders. Plus you don’t have Cuomo making offenders live homeless under a freeway (zoom! zooom!) bridge in Miami. That’s what happens in the great GOP state of Florida, Dems can be annoying at times when it comes to these laws, but republicans are downright satanic.

That’s a nice political pass you give to your favorite party. How many Dems voted for those same laws in Florida? Can you tell us that? People like you are so blind to your own propaganda. Both sides are equally full of shit.

Well that’s your opinion partner. I just follow the evidence. In Florida, Republicans make up 60% of the Senate and a whopping 70% of the House. And of course you have Medicare Fraud Rick Scott leading the parade. So why don’t you go back to playing with the moose up in Alaska…….that’s if your story is true

The Democrats and Republicans both suck when it comes to RSO Regulation Schemes.

Both sides are equally full of shit. I will agree with you on this one nomore, This election year we have NO choices, so I guess we go with the lesser of two evils. BUT who? LOL

Both parties pass legislation that impact the lives of RC’s. However, as President, the SCOTUS nominees of Democrats are much more suitable to our cause than the majority of those appointees of Republicans.

One more , should be obvious, thing. If Janice and her group hadn’t helped you in California, it would’ve been the same way, sport. You go ahead though and plant those seeds of division here.

LOL! So it’s okay for you to go on your political rants, but you can take the heat in the kitchen when the old Doc throws in. Like I said, Dems can be annoying with these laws, but the GOP is shall I say, demonic. Maybe R-Sharon Runner is down there in Hades somewhere

Maybe R-Sharon Runner is down there in Hades somewhere, LOL, well you are right on that Doc Martin , we know everyone has their views, I hope it will not splinter the REAL Mission of our fight.

Some women reach a certain age and they can just turn bitter. Maybe Sharon Runner just wasn’t getting any from the old man, or menopause hit her hard. She is slightly more the exception rather than the rule.
This woman was on a mission to destroy lives. There are several bad apples on both sides of the isle.
I’d say if you could see in the closet of those bad apples who push so hard on the SO laws, you would find some hidden secrets that will never be known to others.
It’s hard for me to believe someone would do all she did to destroy lives of RC’s and their families just for a “Vote”.


That was a response to your rants. You didn’t address what I said because you knew you were wrong so it’s the deflection game instead. Democrats have had a supermajority in California. They did nothing to help the rso’s and in fact tried and continue to try what Florida did. You know it…You just don’t want to admit it. There is no difference, there is only your hate.

“Democrats have had a supermajority in California. They did nothing to help the rso’s and in fact tried and continue to try what Florida did”

Actually my friend, registrants in California are treated NOTHING like they are in Florida……that’s if they ever get out of prison in that state. You have offenders who have done 15 years with no priors for downloading computer files of a minors whereas the Golden State would have given you probation or at most sent you to jail. Hell! There’s just been a high profile case in Northern Cal where a college boy got off getting 4 months in jail for attempted rape! Try doing that in Mississippi, He’d spend the rest of his life looking up Bubba’s crack in a prison cell,
And remember, Jessica’s Law (Prop 8) was a public BALLOT INITIATIVE that had nothing to do with the California Democratic Party. In fact, the initiative was introduced by 2 state republican politicians (George Runner & his late wife Sharon Runner down in the deep depths of hail somewhere)
The good news is it didn’t take long for the Cali Supreme Court with the help of CA RSOL (Thank you Janice!) to overturn most provisions of that bad law in 2015.
Now….compare that with Florida which has been doing this ordinance krap since the 90s under the Florida Public Safety Information Act. And Goddess knows how long these other southern & Midwestern family value GOP states been at it

So there’s your answer… you can get busy on building those shacks

I blog and comment on a very popular tech geek site and this article and topic was posted about the NY law and every single commenter of over 500+ thought the ban was ridiculous and absurd.


That sounds like a perfect forum to get a little more info out to the non-RSO community. If you have a chance and the topic is ripe for discussion you could always plant more seeds of injustice imposed upon RSO’s across the country. You could maybe say something like, “Ya, I also heard somewhere that RSO’s can’t marry foreign Nationals, or they can’t travel to other countries or they are going to make them carry special passports that identify them as RSO’s…. maybe the one about being denied the right to marry anyone we want is a good one and may get more sympathy about the restrictions imposed on RSO’s. I totally understand your wanting to be cautious and not out yourself or anyone you know that is why I say plant a seed…. just a little tidbit, and leave it at that. If we can get others discussing and talking about these issues who knows… I just thing we are all fighting an up hill battle until we start getting more non-RSO’s on our side we are pounding our fists on the table for nothing.
Never know… maybe that is a good start.

Cuomo is another LAME just like his father Mario Cuomo was long ago when I was born and raised in NY !

next he will be saying RSO’s cant have CABLE ! or even a TV ! STFU Cuomo….loser

The only people more disgusting than those who play PokeyMan Go are sex offenders who argue about politics.

No Americans consider us Americans, and yet we argue with each other like we matter and are to be counted as loyal citizens of a nation that hates us so much they plan to place red stamps in our passports.

Whether they are a Republican, Democrat or an American, they probably still consider sex offenders as Former Citizen Detainees, only fit for an island somewhere.

Yet here we are… bickering among ourselves over how our common enemy tries to manipulate our votes, votes they would deny wanting if it were made public. Go ahead and announce that Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws officially endorses Clinton or Trump or Johnson and see how fast they reject that endorsement.

Republicans and Democrats and yes, even Americans(Libertarians) are our enemies, not our friends. It does not matter who, a criminal married to a child rapist or a blowhard tyrant ascends the throne, they will be our enemy.

Nothing is more pathetic to see expert manipulators like our people get manipulated into division over a system and process in which we are not welcome.

Focus on the enemy and that enemy is not ourselves.

Renny that was well said , hell yes ! and that’s the facts of the matter , my hat is off to you , thank you for the post

You’re right about Republicans and Democrats but wrong about Libertarians.

Yes Renny, you are correct. I’m under the Libertarian umbrella and it’s true. I can’t speak for all Libertarians but my close friends abandoned me. One of them , when he found out, wished for a drone strike. Coming from someone who professed following N.A.P. It was a little aggravating. I still won’t condemn ALL because of the acts of a few or the many… It’s the individual that should be assessed. I don’t wish to hinder anyone’s rights but it’s wiser to keep politics out of it. We stand united or fall apart.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo also sent a letter to software developer Niantic Inc. to request assistance in keeping Pokemon Go out of the hands of sex predators. A report reveals the popular app Pokemon Go pops up some Pokemon in front of the homes of convicted sex-offenders.

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