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PA: Supreme Court ruling will reduce number of sex offenders required to register for life

A ruling issued by a sharply-divided Pennsylvania Supreme Court could greatly alter the registration requirements imposed on some types of convicted sex offenders.

The decision by the court’s majority states that offenders who commit some kinds of sex crimes, such as possessing child pornography, cannot be made to register with state police for life unless they commit at least one more sex crime after their initial convictions. In other words, they have to become recidivists to qualify for the lifetime registration. Full Article


Dissenting Opinion 1

Dissenting Opinion 2

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  1. Doc Martin

    Geesh! I thought the commonwealth assumed a conviction is when a person is found guilty, handcuffed, booked, and sent to the cooler. This every picture is a conviction sounds ludicrous. Opening up one web page could bring up a 100 pictures. ‘You! my friend just got convicted one hundred times” Gotta luv the article photo. Look at all the old white guys like myself in the courtroom

    • steve

      I believe what it said was it doesn’t matter how many charges you get with your first conviction. It’s the separate 2nd conviction (different sentencing date) that will get you life on the registry.

      • Doc Martin

        I hope you’re right Steve
        Maybe I missed something, but the article doesn’t say what the other convictions are of those defendants. Influencing a minor, production, distribution, or something. The only info given is those defendants were convicted of possession

        • steve

          “Tier 1″ crimes including kidnapping of minors, child luring, institutional sexual assault, indecent assault, prostitution involving minors, possessing child porn and unlawful contact with a minor won’t be required to register for life on their first offense, NO MATTER HOW MANY CHARGES THEIR FIRST CONVICTIONS ENTAIL”

        • Michael

          Doesn’t matter Doc. If you are charged with 7 counts possession and 7 counts distribution at the same time, it’s ONE initial conviction. If you are convicted at a later date for a sex crime, then you could be required to register for life.

  2. Erwin

    PA increasingly sounding like a nice state to live in. Good court decision & good comments on this article. I used to think most of the comments questioning the registry was from people involved in the RSO reform movement. But not anymore. The outrage is way passed someone from an organization dropping talking points. There are real people with common sense personally affected by the registry. These folks probably never heard of organizations like ours. They just so happen to have a personal interest because they know some friend or family member who got caught up in these laws. Lots of dissent out there. Even local articles not posted to sites like this always bring in comments critical of the registry

  3. Matt

    If this law is successful, will it apply to ALL Tier 1 SOs with offenses described in the article?

    • Michael

      If your Tier 1 offense is your first offense. Essentially, the ruling applies to first-time offenders. Get convicted for a second sex crime at some point and you could end up on the registry for life.

  4. Bruce

    These are the Executive Orders Signed By Obama,,,,In Particular 1 of them is to Call for the REGISTRATION OF ALL PERSONS,” That’s Just 1 Listen to the List,,,They Make Hitler, Mau, Stalin And Kim Jun Sicko…Look Like Angels By Comparison.. He Has Set the Stage for TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT,,,,GAME OVER PEOPLE,,The NEXT POTUS<<<>>>> has the stage set for Total CONTROL POLICE STATE>Believe That<

    • nomore

      Too many people still unwilling to go down that rabbit hole. When you start talking about globalization and the need for crashed economies and breaking of constitutional rights to make it happen, their eyes gloss over. Just too deep for them. Their normalcy bias kicks in and their minds rage against those ideas. I’ll check your video out.

    • 72FLH

      Bruce < good video , and its great to see it posted on this site , its high time for us to look at the truly big picture , we cant just keep putting band aids on the problem with just court actions alone , no , instead we need to gather together as a people and look at not just protecting ones self but each other , and come up with peaceful ways to be herd , and to buckle down to our own community's that are well organized , so we are well ahead of the game rather than waiting for the sky to fall in on us as well as everyone we know and hold dear ,

    • nomore

      Good video. To be fair, this obviously goes far beyond what Obama has done. They’ve been marching towards those goals for decades, as I’m sure you’re aware.

      • 72FLH

        yep I have , and I know you’ve as well , I don’t think things are hopeless , yet ,,, but their is the chance that why to many folks are sleeping and refuse to look at what has to be done as a people to peacefully make our point that needs to be made , at this point we as a people don’t have much of a margin for mistakes , the winds fear cant be held back by rice paper , bother sister hood in numbers showing the hate that has been aloud to thrive in this county , because that is the true weakness , because that very same hate is being used as a way to keep everyone drawing lines between each other , rather than getting the big dog under control , and if you don’t get the big dog back in line , that same dog will bite and control the owner that feeds it , I guess we can stop feeding it , lol stop feeding it with negative bull crap it likes the most ,

  5. Quantized

    A 4-2 decision is hardly sharply divided. Does anyone know if people convicted of offences originally with a 10 yr registration be eligible or viable for an appeal? They changed some indecent assault charges to life time from 10trs. If you have two convictions at the same time with 10yr reg I think it would be.

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