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Fontana School Board votes to prohibit all access to registered sex offenders on campuses

The Fontana Unified School District Board of Education approved two motions on Wednesday, Sept. 14 to prohibit access to registered sex offenders on campuses as both volunteers and visitors. Full Article


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With all of the “Pervs” on the FUSD faculty and staff, (who have yet to be caught), the school district figured they already had their hands full just keeping watch on the teachers and couldn’t afford to have a RC
who, according to statistics, would not offend anyone. But they need to do just as politicians…
relieve the hysteria (Vote in a panic) and give the parent (offenders at the meeting), that feeling they are doing everything possible.
And if it “Saves just one child”.
What a fuc*ing joke.

Next thing is they will ban all physical contact between students and teachers. Maybe keep children in safe bubbles. Do everthing online. Great, no buildings needed!. More money can go to the administators and the politicians. I don’t know why anyone, especially a male, would risk being a teacher, with people seeing predators everywhere.

As someone who once worked in public schools around the country, I’m with you on that one. If this hysteria existed 25 years ago, I never would have considered the job I had back then.

SNL spoofed recent teacher sex scandals. Funny, but would be funnier if the teachers in the real world weren’t publicly demonized. 20-something teachers with 17 year old students has somehow become child molestation in our new puritanical society.

Well, enjoy the video anyway.

Non-registered sex offenders are Welcome. We just trying to keep out the registered.
No registered here. But nonregistered like some school personnel are welcome.
The facts are great and OverWhelming that someone nonregistered sex offender are over 99% likely to be your suspect today or tomorrow.
Be afraid of those facts and ban the, 99% nonregistered from your enron district based on fraud lies & misrepresentation… You Idiots.

I’m willing to agree to a point on the volunteer thing. Why put yourself in a compromising situation. It’s obvious others will freak out. But not being able to visit at all is ridiculous. If it’s about the children, why are children of offenders shunned, cause that’s whats really going on. And seriously, soccer moms driving like a bat out of hell running over a kid is my biggest concern at a school. I once lived near one and I guarantee that happened on way more occasions than me ‘hiding behind bushes’ and all that crap.

Hey! My birthplace!
Good ole Fontucky. For a place that has a history traditionally rooted in people settled from a part of the country….let’s just say, my sister looks dam good. And they’re worried about sex offenders? That city still is a joke

I smell another lawsuit coming WAY to go JANICE !!

Some great comments follow the newspaper article. Very supportive of registered citizen.

Votings booths are all too often placed at schools.

This wouldn’t be because it is an election year and someone is looking for a political career.

Hmmm…any schools used as voting sites in Fontana? Violating any civil rights perhaps?

Any what about all the students when they’re caught screwing each other of in the next sexting sweep and have to register for life, the little pervs…?

Looks like the Runner’s demons still active. Oh well, I just rebuked them, in the name of Jesus the Christ.

Meanwhile, paroled murders spouse and child abusers are allowed free reign on campus, plus parents with multiple DUIs will be able to drive among your children as they cross the street to school and even shuttle them to the local aquarium on the next field trip.

I feel safer already!

If I lived in that district and I had legitimate business on a school campus (such as being a parent) I would sue the daylights out of them. Hopefully some of the parents who have just had their rights smothered by mob rule will stand up and fight. It’s very winnable, since it runs afoul of state law, and worth the effort imo. The people who would banish a parent from being involved in their child’s education and activities are magnitudes greater evil than anyone that self-righteous mob seeks to ban from their presence.

Phew…I am relieved! No more SOs on campuses. I am glad that they only allow murderers and drug dealers. I feel much safer now…what a bunch of uneducated idiots yet again.

Way to go Fontana School Board…bravo to you. You are forbidding a demonized group from being on school grounds that is already forbidden (by state law) from being on school grounds. Congratulations on giving parents a false sense of security. Pat yourselves on the back and give yourselves raises for all your outstanding efforts with this. Like you had a problem with registered SO’s running around on your school campuses. Ridiculous…

Well, I’m not sure what to say. This ordinance was clearly passed by the way society and legislators portray registered individuals. If society was aware of how many paroles (non sex related) where out there, they would pass out! Fontana isn’t the nicest area and I’m sure a lot of people just want to work and get a chance, I think we would be a much better country if we help those who have gotten if track get back on a path for success and give them a fair chance at success. This is another reason why California needs to institute a tiered system. I truly believe a lawsuit will be filed. I’ve also recently read how many Universities are banning potential students from higher education? I can understand banning those on parole etc, but this is terrible. I believe this is a temporary setback!

I don’t get it. Why is a local school board approving state laws? Do they have a choice of adopting it or not?

They are catering to the parents to keep their jobs. Political and nothing else.

The Fontana Unified School District cannot adopt or oppose an existing state law. Instead, it must implement all existing state laws that apply to them. The district’s decision to deny all registered citizens access to their schools is a decision not to implement an existing state law and will be challenged in court.

Thank you. And I put something in the till for that challenge.

FOrget any reunion on campus nor preapproval or signing in the Admin Bldg prior to.
My parents and my grandparents worked for this unacceptable FUSD, I can change the letters if you like.
I had to spend my whole life with teachers and admin in my house and being judged by them as Gay, NOW
I can NEVER go back on Campus even with permission. It’s bad enough the football team made it to State and most of the main players are LEO’s now. Especially San Bernardino County personnel.

Of course, as a black sheep, I disgraced our family, all dead now, and all their ‘friends’ from the School Board and District. I had to move away from town, lose all my friends and ugliness of my family. Grandparents passed anyways.

Never can go to reunion with the cops their anyways, too many football games, too many class activities I participated in including sports with ‘The Deputies’. The school is so bitter about this, once a principal four years ago, I grew up with this man’s family since I was 7 and now he would not return my calls or email.
About to go to a reunion activity Alum.

Glad most of them have passed. The Board ran the schools and were discriminatory, NO GAY activities and hid upon beatings of other students, I can’t imagine what they would of had in store for SO’s as students.

On Topic, FUSD was my life and want to forget about it, just like my City job as well. They are just trying to PLEASE the fowl mouth and scared parents when all they had to do, was point out the STATE Web site for
290 and show NO OFFENDER reg. citizen or not, cannot go on campus without Admin’s written approval, not verbal as well as the sign in log with time and date noted for approaching campus. A Church met on one of the District’s campuses and their was more than one RC that could NOT go due to no way to sign in or permissive entry on Sundays. Unless they wanted to risk arrest and violate the written PC’s including 290.

This was a Steel town and grew after the Mill (Kaiser) closed in the late 70’s. The school had grown expotentially and the FUSD could barely keep up with the demand, as many other Calif., school districts.

The FUSD is not supporting a past student of all years in their district or being inclusive and just out of spite and fear and as others have stated above, IGNORANCE. The Law already has us RC’s not on campuses.

Hells’ Angels started here back in the 50’s-60’s and ignorant folk are still present in that city. FUSD has always seemed to put people, including students-On Trial. I had to face them for disciplinary back in the day. Made you feel a loser and worthless, everytime, cut your time-speaking to their time and cut short.

Well, even Calif State and the CTA will take note of this decision and how ignorant they look. These are my opinions and I have lived it in that district for all my life (elementary, Jr. High, H.S.). My best friend, straight is my victim and he also attended all there, but the SCHOOL DISTRICT did NOT allow him to graduate nor continue studies. Due to ‘our’ crime. He is the victim not the criminal. Another issue with them I will NEVER forget. I will talk to him until my death bed as I did in prison. They did NOT help him (FUSD).

They know who I am. I DESPISE them as well, and maybe one day I will forgive them…after the.
I was beat up and over looked by many staff and allowed the students to carry on. I will never forget.

Just another SoCal district nearby L.A.U.S.D. (Los Angeles- 50 miles west) district behind times back then.

In closing, I am sure other RC’s out there, Cali or not, have had more negative experiences in their respective district. Mine has just gone too far and doubled an existing law, foolish as it may be visible. They are embarrased to of had me and I am to of graduated the largest class with honors.

As educators they should be educating that the person most likely to offend is the enemy from within -someone from the faculty. instead they chose to enfoce distortions. They are doing exactly the same as what was ruled in conflict with the state’s laws govening the activities of registrants. Eva must have gotten to their weak minds. And they bit. What fools.

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