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GA: Man mistaken for child molester yells during fatal beating, ‘I have kids. It’s not me’

While being beaten to death, mistaken for a man his alleged attackers believed had molested a young girl, ____ ____. screamed, “I didn’t do this. I have kids. It’s not me,” a Bibb County prosecutor said at a Thursday hearing. Full Article

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So… when will attacking a registrant be considered a hate crime?

I agree, New Person. An attack against a registered citizen should be a hate crime. It’s on our list of legislation that is needed.

In the eyes of a registrant and/or family members…it’s obviously a “hate crime”. To the general population…it’s “justice”.

Some day I hope the government can/will be held accountable for registrants that are discriminated against, terrorized, and sometimes murdered thanks to the ML website that acts as a directory for those looking to serve up their own form of “justice”. ML website is one big “hate crime”…perpetuated by our government.

A hate crime should be any crime where the motivating emotion is hate against anyone, just like a sex crime is one with a sexual motive. The problem with our justice culture is that groups are named and then protected too long after the hatred has spread, and a hate culture develops against the group. It is then very diffucult to control with laws after that. This has already happened to registrants, the hate permeates the culture from legislative hall to courtroom to street corner.

What they did was already criminal. What would a feel good law do?

That’s a good point. Either any “group” including registered citizens needs to be a “hate crime” or none of them do. Why do crimes need to be classified hate or non hate anyway? A crime should be a crime of equal weight if it is a violent offense against another human, and punishment decided based on circumstances.

In a similar line of thinking, why are there only laws against teachers having inappropriate relationships with students? Either all issues where someone in power has a relationship with someone under them is a crime, or none of it is. There are already laws to protect someone from being sexually harassed anyway. Perhaps because that would have made Bill Clinton’s act with Monica criminal. SCOTUS has shown recently that it thinks what happens in a bedroom between two consenting adults is not the government’s business, so maybe there is hope for teachers yet.

Crimes don’t have equal weight. The reason we have hate crime penalties is to deter bias motivated violence against individuals who are members of a social or racial group. We can’t have people going around shooting up African Americans in a Charleston church because of their race. It doesn’t take rocket science to see that particular crime is a much greater threat to society than someone who shoots up a few people over a drug transaction. Yes, individuals are killed in both cases, but one instance is motivated by hate which threatens an entire group.
Similarly, that’s why we have terrorism laws on the books. The San Bernardino shootings politically motivated by jihad pose a greater threat to Americans than a regular drive by gang related shooting that happens in San Bernardino all the time. Same reason we have penalty enhancers for shooting cops versus average citizens
…………individual motivation of a crime makes a big difference

A murder can be addressed just fine within the discretion of the courts. Why someone does it is unimportant. A mass murder based on blacks being killed is no more or less damaging to society than a mass murder of whites nor a mass murder for some of sick reason.

Whites ( like myself) are in the majority with the power…..blacks are a small minority with a 2-300 year history of being the targets of hate crimes & discrimination. A hate crime against one individual pretty much threatens the whole group. Just like many lesbians (also like myself) and gays pretty much felt our community under threat after the hate crime shootings committed at the Orlando night club. Maybe if you were a member of a minority group, you would understand

“Maybe if you were a member of a minority group, you would understand”

You’re probably right. How could I, a sex offender, have the first clue what it was like to be oppressed. Sheesh…

Nomore – You’re comparing apples to oranges. While you may feel the oppression of being a registered citizen, it is not comparable to that of a racial minority group. There is nothing biologically/physically identifying you as a registrant. You can walk through the park and no one will know different. However, if it was a person of color, there is always a perceived threat. Have you ever been followed by a security guard while shopping? Have women ever clutched their purses tightly as you walked past? Ever been pulled over without just cause other than DWB? If you answered no, then you have no idea what it is liked to be oppressed 24/7.

NPS ,,,,, the way I see it its you that’s comparing apple to oranges , have you ever been pulled over because of DWP , “Driving when poor” , don’t matter really , I know what your trying to say , since I am half French and half native American senica , and I watched people of all races run my people down , and as far as shoping in stores go , I cant think of the last time that me and my family walked into a store and store serurity was not watching us ! and I know of some hoods right where I live YOU could not walk safly through that are people of Color , haters are every where , but how many web sites are there that just hunt people of color ? RSO’s are their for the hunting , and if you don’t think their are hunters your way out of touch !! about 6 months ago this nice car pulled in to where I live and this Mexican guy got out and walked around telling people that I am a RSO’s , telling them that he was just telling them because he would not want someone like me living around his kids ! then 3 nights later he was in the same parking lot selling drugs ! go figure , my so call crime was well over 30 years ago , yet he said nothing about the person of “color” that just lived a few rooms down because he was not lite skinned ! how is this shit right? how is it right that lite skinned are pedo’s ? and people of color just got a “BAD” deal ? we should be watching the NSA , DHS , the shadow GOV that truly controls all of theses things , because they are of all colors ! people need to stand together rather than buying all the shit we are sold by fools ! and control freaks , at some point we need to get use to telling our selfs that we love our selfs , and then love all people , because when we are leaking its the same color “blood red” , and the only way to get everyong on board with that is to stop trying to selling bull shit sold buy bull shiters !

Hey Kris Klein ,,,,,,,,, what about us natives? everyone bash’s them everytime they get a chance ! I know because I am native , but that don’t give me a free pass to be a hater ! their still killing natives <! a true minority , being hated on by minority's , people that should know better but do it anyway , guess that just makes them humans , but a RSO was willing to offer me and my family a place to set up a home ! and he never ask what nationality I was , and you were just talking to him like he is the one out of touch ? "nomore" only speaks of the truth on his heart , not some bull that he has been fed ! and he is not eat up with being trendy , many hate crimes around the circle of life , like people coming in to RSO homes and bashing them in the head with hammers ! never ending finds of RSO's being found dead all over the US , many never make it out of prisons , and the law dogs don't care , no one to truly protect us , and when we fight to protect our selfs we still go to jail ! and there is no safety in sight , just our selfs and our friends that are RSO's and there are only like just over 8ook of us scattered over the US , and we are being actively hunted in one form or the other, cops always looking for a slip up , or a set up ! and then just haters trying to hide their own crimes , and they come in all colors , we should be one big family , but uncle sam wont let that happen ! me ? I am for family , friends , and freedom , everyones freedom ,,,,,,,,, yours truly Coyote,,PS many RSO's missing ! are they running? or just gone ? kind of freaks me out , Being native and knowing history

That’s it, the gang shootings happen all the time, the threat of dying by terrorist is dwarfed by death by slipping in the bath tub. Where’s the greater threat?

I’m sure the victims of 9-11 would disagree with you
How often do super towers get knocked down commercial airplanes piloted by individuals on a suicide mission? Very rare, but it changed the very fabric of our nation. And if you can’t understand that acts of terror are more a threat than gang shootings, I don’t know what to say

depends on if your standing in some tower , or what end of the gun your on in gangland , ever had some punk ass want a be pointing a gun at you ? when you do and if you live please let me know , I chose hanging out in towers any day because I have not seen anymore towers falling , yet I see dumb ass’s all the time looking for reasons to harm , it was not “twin towers that changed the fabric of our nation” it was our GOV willing to grab the opportunity for power over its own slaves ,

“We can’t have people going around shooting up African Americans in a Charleston church because of their race. ”

Are there other, legitimate, reasons for going around shooting up people in Church?

The concept of hate crimes is a dangerous legal precedent when existing laws already punish criminal acts.

For one thing, it empowers government to decide who is a protected class and who is not.

For another, it sanctions government to tell us who we can or cannot hate and what we can reasonably think and establishes a hierarchy of victims based upon those thoughts.

Our laws are entirely sufficient to punish those who commit acts of violence and, crucially, should make no distinction as to our thoughts in committing them.

I, myself, am hated but am not afforded the status of a protected class. I don’t want it. It is enough that I am protected by the laws that protect everyone and punish those who would break any of them equally.

That is probably the best explanation of my thoughts I have read. I agree hate crimes only serve to separate people and make certain classes of people (those deemed good enough by the government) higher than others.

Exactly. The only people who will manage to become such a protected class are those with broad-based support of the community which is to say, a “majority.”

It’s extraordinary to me that, in a country with more criminal laws on the books than any other on Earth, and that imprisons far more people than any nation, there are those who imagine yet more criminal laws to be a reasonable proposition.

Hate crime laws are really a way to enforce social conformity, although very ineffectively. They suggest that the thoughts that run through a persons mind when committing an act of violence are more important than the violence itself.

Remove the ideology, in society and our criminal justice system, that perpetrating a crime against a registrant is acceptable. While these people are being convicted, those in the past have gotten shorter sentences based on the “mitigating” factor that the victim was a deplorable person in the eyes of the law. A hate crime enhancement would ensure they served more time for their crimes.

Right, cause if an existing law of murder isn’t getting the job done for rso’s, we’re sure another law will. If we’re not getting a fair shake in the scales of justice, the law isn’t the problem. Good luck with that.

You’ve got it exactly backwards. What we need is a government that punishes people equally, not one which performs a test based upon the status of victims and the thoughts of those who would victimize them.

We are the best example of why that isn’t a good idea: we are not, nor will we be, considered such a protected class of citizens under this scheme.

Equal protection under the law is a bedrock principle that is eroded by such sloppy and reflexive impulses. That’s the bad ideology.

I wholeheartedly disagree. If a person perpetrates a crime based on someone’s color, sex, creed, political alliance, or affiliation with a certain group and the main motivating factor for the commission of the crime is hate towards that particular group (protected or not), it should be a hate crime and the sentence should be enhanced.

We live in a free society, where people should not be subjected to hate or ridicule based on their beliefs or affiliations. By ignoring the fact that hate is a particular motivating factor for certain crimes, is a disservice, and further allows minorities (whichever they may be) to be abused. And, the tyranny of the majority wins.

How is “we live in a free society” congruent with “people should not be subjected to hate or ridicule based on their beliefs or affiliations?” Holding beliefs, including the least popular, are exactly what living in a free society allows. The critical distinction, of course, is between having the right to beliefs that are not subjected to ideological tests, on the one hand, and committing violent crimes against others, regardless of their beliefs, on the other. You’ve simply conflated the thoughts that people have with violence itself and have undertaken the legislation of acceptable thoughts.

You’ve gone from violent crimes enhanced for reasons of hatred to the idea that “ridicule” should somehow be banned.

How do you imagine such protected classes of people should be established except but by the will of the majority?

Do you imagine that sex offenders could attain such protected status in the U.S. today?

If your answer is “no” then you’ve just discredited your theory.

Can you sanely believe that our court system can ever adjudicate such “hate-enhanced” laws fairly?

I wish articles would list out all of the charges that were filed, and not just mentioning murder. There’s conspiracy, breaking and entering, (if the children saw the beating, then some type of child abuse charge for Exposing the children to graphic violence), trespassing, assault, if there was a gun, then some type of kidnapping and hostage charge…ect

The irony is, the registry – by extension – IS weaponized hatred to begin with.

The registry is institutionalized violence.

The Registry is the triumph of the tyranny of the majority and the failure of an independent judiciary and a black mark on the citizenry whom we should never trust with our freedom.

Ceyunta Cater, Yolanda Butler, Seymour Passard.
Premeditated Murder. They planned it. Then they did it. Had the wrong person.
Simple mistake when you didn’t graduate the 3rd grade.
It is Georgia after all. Let them all do about 20 years.
So the kids in the home weren’t harmed?

I have said repeatedly that those convicted against crimes against registrants should themselves be subject to registration and their general identifying information and location should be posted on the web site.

Registrants should receive public safety notices about these dangerous criminals when they are within striking range.

If that sounds farfetched, think of the logic that goes into most of the laws pertaining to registrants. What? No logic? Welcome to 1933 – or 1984 – or 2016! Pick a year, they are all reminders that human nature is timeless, even in its worst manifestations. The real downside to this is that legislators are human but somehow unable to admit their own willful violations of the US Constitution and malice of forethought in the downrange damage done to children and families of registrants.

In a sad irony, this poor individual that perished at the hands of murderers himself was himself brainwashed in that he was under the misguided belief that somehow registrants don’t (or can’t) somehow have children of their own? Ignorance and hate fill in any interpretive space left in these laws and it is put into play anytime anyplace with fatal results as in this case.

Something tells me Seymore’s older girlfriend talked him into the murder. The guy had to be as dumb as rocks. He didn’t even finish high school. Just sayin

Prosecuting these people will not bring those children ‘s father back. Prosecuting the police will not bring innocent lives back. The government has failed the public by enacting laws that empower people to abuse and harm others, then justify their actions. I have lost my ability to trust anyone. Knowing I am a good person no longer gives me comfort. We have traveled into a very dark place as a society.

Has there been thought to forwarding these stories to our lawmakers and judges to give them proof of the negative impact of their laws on a continuing basis. They keep reciting, ” If we can protect one child, then it’s working”. But what about the millions it’s harming?
Also KPFI public radio might be willing to give you a platform. They are national and promote civil rights. Just a thought.

Do you mean KPFA in Berkeley, the Pacifica station?

They have been interested in the other side of the sex offender issue, in the past but I have found them to be completely unresponsive recently when trying to get their attention to IML. Oakland is in their backyard yet they couldn’t have been less interested in our rally or in IML.

The next thing you know is that they’ll bring up the registrant this poor soul was mistaken for and charge him with conspiracy to commit murder. It then it will become a third strike trigger if anyone else is harmed mistakenly due to his status.

The law (and the “braying hordes”) will figure out a way for registrants to be further punished for this action in order to better protect society.

That is what can be predicted in the random events that spur new legislation to expand the network of entrapment.

I supposed I’m being sarcastic but it is only based on the constitutional abomination the body of law is as evidenced by the arbitrary and perpetual punishment applied to registrants at every societal juncture.

The fact they are essentially writing out equal protection and separation of powers freely allows less principled executives and judiciary -which is essentially the majority- off the hook without prejudice.

Whatever time they do, they’ll walk out of prison and be done…they’re lucky one of them didn’t pee on his rug after murdering these kids’ father…seeing that would have traumatized them for life and required them to register!

That’s even if they do time. In the meantime, they’ll be lauded as crusaders caught up in the injustice of it all.

Practically speaking, attempting to add a hate crime law supposedly protecting rso’s while we’re still publicly outed is ridiculous. It’s feel good policy. No self-respecting murderer will give two cents about it. I’m for real change, not faux, after the fact “change”.

There’s a secondary reason to make attacking a registrant a hate crime – state and federal statistics.

As of right now, some of the attacks on registrants are not put onto the books as an attack on a registrant. Well, that doesn’t do us registrants any good if the attack isn’t documented.

If the statistics show that registrants are being attacked BECAUSE of the registration, then it can easily be identified as such. Not even the SCOTUS can refute those facts. This will be evidence as proof that what the SCOTUS did was not only unconstitutional, but also a detriment to human lives named registrants.

Also, I will posit this once again, after you have completed your time (jail, probation, or parole), then you are not longer under punishment supervision. The continued service to register involuntarily is strictly prohibited under the 13th amendment unless it is to punish a crime. Thus, if a person were attacked after their mandatory supervision has been completed, then they were attacked unnecessarily because they were forced to do registered service under coercion of legal penalty.

Membership is completely benign (because you can walk away without jail time or felony punishment) as opposed to registration, where failure to register penalty is felony punishment – which is prohibited under the 13th amendment of the US Constitution as well as the California Constitution, Article 1, Section 6 – unless it is to punish a crime. Hence, making registration punitive. It is either involuntary servitude or punishment. As in California’s case, a lifetime of involuntary servitude.

I want the hate crime legislation to at lease make me feel like i’m on equal ground of being targeted for a specific reason. I’m already treated less than an equal citizen even though I have completed my time as well as earned my expungement. I’m banished from certain places, jobs, and countries. If I have a job that has me travelling to other states, then I have to register in those states as well along with following those other banishments and restrictions.

Maybe these hate crimes can bring along more awareness about our plight and how the states and federal laws are skewed to punish and segregate the registrant communities under the guise of “administrative” process. The 13th amendment doth not see “administrative”, but it does recognize involuntary servitude succinctly. So it is either punishment or prohibited. How the SCOTUS perpetuated involuntary segregation, banishment, and public shaming AFTER completion of time served is baffling considering the US went through abolishing slavery and any thing closely related, like involuntary servitude.

My obligation to involuntarily serve the state ended once I completed my probation as well as earned my 1203.4. Thus, my continued involuntary service to register afterwards is either punishment or involuntary servitude – due to the threat of penalty attached for not serving. This is the only concrete way for me to prove registration is punishment. Michigan and other states show the increase in penalty, but many other states do not see it the same way. Involuntary servitude can only be seen two ways – prohibited or punishment. The term length of servitude does not matter.

Specific Performance and the Thirteenth Amendment by Nathan B. Oman

Rather, courts and legislatures
drawing the line between permissible enforcement of contracts
and the creation of “involuntary servitude” under the guise of a
voluntary agreement looked at four interrelated factors.12 First,
did the promisor enter the contract while in a state of “perfect
freedom,” or did the promisee have some overarching power
over the promisor? Second, was the promisor compensated for
her services with a “bona fide consideration,” or did the relationship
constitute “unrequited toil?” Third, were there temporal
limits on the contract? Agreements extending over extremely
long periods of time were suspect while more limited
engagements were not. Finally, did the promisee—the master—
physically dominate and degrade the promisor—the servant—
with abuse and claim a right to personally capture her and return
her to service if she tried to quit?

Here are my answers to those four questions:
1. Umm… The registration contract was attached to my sentence.
2. The registration contract required unrewarded service. (Whereas completion of probation awarded 1203.4 expungement.)
3. In California, the term limit is a lifetime. (This alone incites involuntary servitude.)
4. The state of California has complete dominance over me by coercion of penalty of law to return me to register (after serving felony punishment). Note: registration is not considered punishment, thus placing registration into “involuntary servitude” status.

“attack isn’t documented.”

That might be a good argument if it were true. Numerous articles have given numbers so they’re getting those statistics from somewhere. I’m sure it’s being reported and if not directly, indirectly by computer matching/data tracking.

I think a few people have commented that they tried to get “attack on a registrant” on record, but it wasn’t permitted. Maybe Frank Lindsay’s case was like that too. I can’t recall specifically who on here tried to get the courts to document it was an attack on a registrant, but it was omitted.


I’ll have to comment here because of this sites formatting…

People like you are perpetually stuck on stupid points which you believe no matter what is said. So NOW It’s a matter of just color. Lesbians aren’t oppressed either huh… Oppression is oppression, ya thick headed or what? By the way, I answered yes on two of those and I have been outed while in public so your point is crap. It’s just another lame added attempt to diminish a truth you’re uncomfortable with.

Actually, you just proved my point. You were outed. Meaning, no one would have known any different without an outside source pointing it out. People of color (particularly men) are already marginalized just being. No one needs to point out their skin to prove they’re of color. Again, you have no idea what a person of color goes through. I certainly don’t know what it’s like to be a black man, and I’m quite sure he’s felt far more oppression than I ever will. In fact, as a straight, Hispanic woman, I have NEVER felt the oppression so many others experience; far be it for me to ever have the audacity to claim oppression. As a registrant, do I feel oppressed? No. I don’t. Why not? Because I don’t allow law enforcement or anyone in authority try to keep me down.


I wished I had your courage. I don’t. I feel beaten down… everyday.

We’re an oppressed group. Our lives are listed for all. We’re restricted from many places and, now, around the world. It’s a huge blanket.

I earned my 1203.4, but I still feel oppressed. It is as if nothing changed b/c I’m still a registrant. I hate my birthday.

So much fun illogical comments here.

Hmmmm… why does it matter how a person is outed? My skin color is a website. Not that I’m oppressed 24/7 but nobody is.

But let me explain oppression to you. There’s 3 sides to it.. there’s the oppressor which doesn’t always give a rats ass if you “feel” oppressed, it’s still being done to the second side “the oppressed”.. then we have the “witness”.. it can also have affect on them.

OK, so you don’t have a clue about being a black man but you can still speak for them? If you see oppression, by definition, you DO understand. Its called empathy and all you need to be qualified for that is being a human being. The color of a persons skin only matters to racists. I personally think people like you listen to too much CNN and Fox news. It’s not as horrible as you say it is these days. Not that there aren’t issues but the world isn’t like you perceive it.

Just curious.. how many black guys have you polled to find out if they feel oppressed (since you said you don’t have a clue about them)


Glad you’re back man! I was worried. How did the doctor visit go?

Excellent words. We’re being sold politics of division. These people use race, gender, age and sexual orientation as a weapon to split us and keep us fighting amongst ourselves. It’s cover so they can further their agendas. You get it. Every person born in this country is an american. To me, it’s a non-starter as an argument. Of course they deserve rights, equally. We all deserve to go through life unhindered and oppression free but it’s not entirely possible for all of us. That’s just human nature. Does it mean we should ignore it when we see it? No but we can address it without emotional crutches.

By the way, i’m buying my domain name for a new rso forum on the 10th. Hopefully I will see you there.

HEY ! Bro its good to see you too , I had to take a break , some of the crap just makes me sick , looks like we lost a few when this site did that change out of the blue , I think my wife is ok , the docter said so anyway , I guess this life we have had to live here could have something to do with , I am thick skinned and it gets to me , but I have a back up doctor just to make sure she is ok ! when ever let me know when and how to get on your own site , I know I will be there my friend , folk better get a grip , because we are becoming our own worst nightmare , Cali is SO SOLD OUT! I just cant belief what my state has turned into ! its went back wards ! no wonder everyone talks smack about us here ! all this watered down rights ,and no rain , I am in the mind of getting out of here where you can lay way low if a person has a mind to, because things are looking real strange here , and you can cut the tension with a butter knife around here , and a lot of these folk are blind and don’t even see what I have been seeing , its creepy hell ! we had like 15 cops come in here like ,,,,,well like they were lookin for me lol , but really it felt like they were getting us use to this brand of policing ! they had AR’s , shot guns , and everything from 9mm to 40’s to 45’s , drone every so often , not toys ! something is cooking , not sure what , could be earth quake , volcano , ,,,,,,

I’m glad she’s OK. I think you’re right, she’s just stressed. Have you thought of what I mentioned awhile back? Putting down on a camper and hitting the state parks to save money and make a quick change?

We definitely need a place where people can communicate freely. A place where we can help one another find jobs, ask questions etc…. 800,000 people with “unique” problems. It’s a potentially big resource going to waste to a degree.

We need to create a public website that lists the names, photos, addresses and places of employment of the family members of the people who attack sex offenders or those they think are sex offenders.

What people decide to do with that information, especially if they are diagnosed with cancer or some other terminal illness, is irrelevant. We simply need to use that information to protect ourselves because there is no cure for the genetic imprint that these vigilantes cowards carry, so their children, parents, siblings need to be publicly identified. For information purposes only of course.

For a second I thought you were going for the “shaming”… I thought, yeah right, they’ll get gifts sent to their houses in thanks lol..

But I see, so we could “protect” ourselves. The problem with that is, it validates the registry for us as well.

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