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Register by October 24, 2016 to vote in the election on November 8, 2016

You can register and vote in California . . .

  • Even if you have to register pursuant to Penal Code section 290
  • Even if you are currently on felony or misdemeanor probatio
  • Even if you are post-release community supervision (Realignment) or federal probation
  • Even if have been to prison for felonies in the past, whether or not you have received a Certificate of Rehabilitation or Pardon
  • Even if you are currently in jail. In many cases, you can register and vote by mail

Questions? Find more information on voting with a felony conviction or while in jail: elections/voting-resources/ voting-california/who-can- vote-california/voting-rights- californians/

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But who do we vote for? A loudmouth fascist that’s probably hiding all kinds of crookedness behind his life dealings or the other loudmouth fascist that parades it before your eyes and laughs about it.

We could go for alternative choices in Jill stein and Gary Johnson. I can’t speak to stein but Gary isn’t libertarian so that’s a no go too. The libertarian high ranking members are part of the establishment. One only has to look at their most recent “picks”,,, Bob Barr.. Gary with roger stone as his campaign advisor.

If you want liberty equally, then libertarianism is the ideology to go with but not just because they have a L next to their names. So nope on Gary.

Of course that means stein is out for me ideologically speaking.

I can’t vote here anyway but I would be writing in someone if I could.

I was an LP delegate to the convention that nominated Bob Barr. It was bitterly disappointing. As a result of that travesty, I left the LP for several election cycles.

However, Gary Johnson, while few libertarian’s idea of a complete libertarian, is far-and-away the best choice for this election year and a vast improvement over Barr.

We do need to keep in mind that a total libertarian is not yet palatable to the American public. Gary is, if you will, a beginner’s libertarian. He is what is possible.

No, he won’t be elected President but a vote for him will help to establish LP as a viable alternative to the abysmal duopoly.

I do support Gary “Feel the Johnson” Johnson, but he can’t win and a vote for him is a vote for Hillary who I cannot support unless Janice and team she is a better bet toward a more sympathetic Supreme Court line up.

I’d like you to reread what you wrote and tell me who you think you sound like when you try and justify your position. To me it sounds like a compromise of libertarian principles. The LP has been taken over. You’re telling me that you think it’s a good idea to loosen those principles so we can win one? America needs to come our way, not the other way around. The palatable plea should taste like sewage in a libertarians mouth. Just remember, you’re getting the candidates you deserve and by that, the ability of infiltrators like Gary to weaken libertarianism. The power to kill it is in each of our hands.


We need a little pot stirring

I am voting for Gary Johnson, he is the best pick out of all of the morons running.

I get off of parole on Nov 2 but still can’t vote because I won’t have time to register between then and the election. Kind of dumb.

We have to remember neither one is a good choice however they are going to be appointing the next supreme court so my vote would be probably Hillary Clinton under duress

You can still vote even if you are on parole, go register

“I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that *

I am not currently imprisoned or on parole for the conviction of a felony.”

Soooooo … as much as a comment here sounds good, I’m not going to sign something that says I’m guilty of perjury.

@Dr: I agree. I’m voting for Clinton because I believe we are more likely to receive sympathetic Supreme Court nominees from her than from the Carnival Sideshow Barker.
That said, a nominee who is a “strict Constitutional constructionist”/follows the Constitution word-for-word would probably be better for registered citizens than a modernist who bends the Constitution’s words to “be a more appropriate fit for contemporary American society”.

The only problems with your idea are… she isn’t a liberal.. she’s already stated shed back garland.. shell flip flop on that when she realises garland isn’t wanted by her liberal base but rest assured… you’ll get garland. I’d bet trump will pick garland too.

Once you figure out what’s really going on it’s relatively easy to figure out their intentions.

There are real liberals such as Dennis Kucinich (retired and by far the only liberal i respect that has held office in my time) and to a lesser degree Sanders but they aren’t the majority. Clinton’s kind aren’t good for us.. Her and her husband helped bring in the craziness in law that’s sweeping this nation and every president after Clinton pushed it ever forward. But you guys go ahead, I’ll most likely be here to tell you “I told you so” when garland or worse is brought forth.

You make a great point. Clinton, the eternal liar, has been promising prison reform for the insanely overpopulated prison system she and her husband created!

It just makes sense, right? Why would anyone with a history like hers be willing to pick an actual liberal for a SCOTUS replacement. Each president since Clinton including him has been a usurper of the constitution. But boy did they sound like a constitution lover before they took office. It’s no wonder these people think we’re too stupid to govern ourselves… we keep voting for them after all.

I agree with George Carlin, RIP, Americans blame the politicians for everything and keep voting for them.
My self esteem goes down after an election. It’s more often than not I vote for the loosing team. I’m used to it.
The only time anything changes is if some people band together and take control of the message. Those poeple are usually paid lobbyists.
The Pew Research Center says that 28% of eligible voters voted in the primaries this year and that is considered high. Less than a third of Americans care to do even this low energy activity, let alone go to a hearing or a protest.

So many that I have talked to insist on voting one way simply because of the pure hatred of the other candidate. Sad. What if nobody voted? Sure, very highly unlikely BUT what if? That message alone would be so much stronger than people feeling almost forced to vote, making sure that other person doesn’t win. If America has had it and is throwing it’s arms to the air, why does everyone keep doing what has been done time and time again? I’m not kidding, I would absolutely love to see a shakeup like that.

Sending a message is best done direct and in the face. Pun intended. No mistaking a message like that. 🙂

Wait? Registrants are actually permitted to vote in California? Not here in Florida….FOREVER unless you get executive clemency.

Yes, and our therapist encouraged it while on probation. Part of the rehabilitation program. Then there us the other side of California… But there is hope.

In CA you can vote as a felon/registrant, so long as you aren’t currently on parole.

I do not want Hil-liar-y the witch. I have no choice but to vote for Trump. He at least he is outside the DC/mainline cesspool. He may not better for the RC, however, he could be better for the country

I’m still a little confused. I copied the following from the

Eligible to register and vote:
In county jail serving a misdemeanor sentence. A misdemeanor never affects your right to vote.
In county jail because jail time is a condition of probation.
On probation.
On mandatory supervision.
On post-release community supervision.
Done with parole. Your right to vote is automatically restored when you complete your parole. You just need to fill out a voter registration application either online at or using a paper voter registration card.

Not eligible to register and vote:
Currently imprisoned:
In state prison.
In county jail serving a state prison sentence.
Currently on parole.

The former states that I can vote (on probation, mandatory supervision), the latter, no, if on parole. I’m on federal supervised release, probation. I just want to make sure that probation is separate from parole. I hear the two terms tossed interchangeably sometimes. (Just part of my general paranoia with the system). Can someone clarify?

Remember AC RSOL is now a national outreach organization. Some states outside of California don’t automatically restore voting rights after being convicted for a felony even when you’re done with probation. Some southern states have this rule. So I don’t want people getting the wrong information

Also think about your neighbors in Nevada & Arizona. They have specific rules against certain ex felons voting such as did the crime involve violence or the number of counts one was convicted of. Thankfully we don’t have those conditions imposed here in New Mexico. Once you done your time and probation, we can vote

A line from the movie ” Charlie Wilson’s War”. ” voters don’t elect officials, supporters do”. Big money supporters. Politicians say what the public wants to hear, but acts as their supporters say in order to stay in office.

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