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AL: Sex offender billboard raised in ‘Hatfield and McCoy’ neighborhood feud

A feud worthy of the Hatfields and McCoys is brewing in one Jefferson County neighborhood, where a giant billboard now stands as the latest volley in a battle between a mother of six and a convicted sex offender who lives across the street. Full Article

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  1. David M

    Reading this story really changes when you read Oncefallens blog post on it.

    • Rick

      I’ve changed my mind about not posting after seeing this case. I get it, this woman is nuts and full of hatred, and is taking it out on this guy because she is stuck with six kids. What really happened was the guy she was in love with when she was a teen dumped her, and this is how she gets her revenge and kicks. Because clearly, his case has little to do with child sex abuse, and his behavior is normal considering what the cops and community are putting him through.

      After seeing the link to the case, you can see the illness this woman suffers from. She hates men, since there are no photos of all of the cases of female sex abuse, which is rampant in our society. In fact, the majority of this nonsense is directed at men. And the local police just stand by and do nothing, even when what she is doing is inciting civil unrest. It’s too bad the guy doesn’t take care of her like he should, just as her photos describe for being ignorant. Then all of these crackpots will start to shut their mouths. You can’t let freedom of speech go unchallenged

      • CXR

        Animal cruelty is the worst in my book. Stray homeless dogs remnd me of homeless registrants. If this guy really purposely did thast to his dogs, then he is scum. if it was a case of somethng similar to the behavior of a cat lady where its just neglect tat started out as love and then just got out of control, thats another story. Like as in the hoarding of cats. Valigator should have gone down for an animal abuse charge for killing her dogs and claiming the cops poisoned them first and she killed them to spare them an inevitable agonizing death. It seems like you can get away with just about anything including the killing of animals as long as you make it your lifes work to scapegoat sex offenders. That is a common theme. The stories of Walsh, Hinch, Foley, Lunsford & Son, who all committed child rape, except for Foley and Lunsford, all attest to that.

        • Timmr

          …Or promote sadistic torture of fellow citizens. Good points. I agree, an unwitting neglect or even misplaced love is more forgivable than getting pleasure out of an animal’s suffering, or anyone’s suffering for that matter.

    • Timmr

      Looking at those pictures it’s clear this woman is a sadist. If this guy didn’t live nearby, she would find another to use as an excuse to indulge in her sadistic fantasies.

    • Notgivingup

      Yes I looked at the site, really think this lady started this. But yet RCs are supposed to turn the other cheek, one day someone will not turn the other cheek. This is what gets people killed, you finally push someone to the breaking point, hope it does not happen but you never know.

  2. Rick

    It would be awesome if the guys mom put an ad in the paper for a known murderer, or known assaulter to move in or buy the house, I wonder if she would put the sign up then?

    • Timmr

      Bullies attack those who can’t fight back. No.

    • Harry

      The RC’s mom needs do a background check this nut and then by big sign and list ALL her sins on it, including how many boy friends she has and how she is milking the welfare system.

  3. Renny

    Well…… the offender is not seemingly like someone who was a pillar of society before his sex crime. He lost my sympathy with the animal neglect, which I find far more disgusting than giving a 15 year old an orgasm.

    But, if I could give him some advice, it would be for him to pose in front of the billboard and smile broadly for some photos that his mommy can spread around on social media. Embrace the sign.

    And shut up. Do not look at, speak to nor lend a hand to your neighbors, EVER. (specifically him, not the rest of us), there is no way this will end well if he speaks to them or even looks at them.

    Then do some digging and get the dirt on her and make your own sign.

  4. Rick

    You know I get it, you have to care about something, but animal rights. Do you know what animals do to other animals? They are the cruelest creatures imaginable, including murder. Yea, you can get really close to an animal, even more than a human, what does that tell you? Then one day that animal kills your child, maybe you. Animals are animals for a reason, they are killers.

    I guess killing them for sport, and killing them for food isn’t cruelty, let’s ask one, lol. My goodness, we’re talking about a sadistic woman ruining human lives and yet we care about animal rights. I don’t care about animal rights, you treat your animal they way you see fit, but if it harms me or my kids, it’s dead, simple, it’s an animal with instincts for killing. The odd thing is animals like humans typically respond to abuse and generally become abusive when they are abused, and some are ridiculously jealous by nature, but there are exceptions. So I guess that tells you why a lot of people commit crimes, they’ve been abused.

    Cruel is putting down millions of animals every year we can’t take care of. Cruelty is an idiot with a wild animal who allows it around hisher kids, like snakes, ferrets, big dogs, bears, etc. Wow, this society is totally lost. The irony is, it was the animal rights groups that led to a lot of the rights humans have today, lol. What does that say about people in general. Oh man, what a world. Truth can be such a burden.

  5. Eric Knight

    Breaking: Martin’s House suffered a major fire. It is suspicious as it started on the back porch.

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