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AirBnB sent me an email today notifying me that – as the result of something they found while running a background check – they have permanently disabled my AirBnB account. Interesting. I’ve been an active member for two years with no problem.
(If I’m such a scary bad dude, I wonder if they apologized to all the people I rented from for putting them “at risk”?)
What next…some government putz putting a unique identifier on my passport?
** Frustrated. When does this sh!t end?**

exactly people it’s coming man….where is the evidence to justify all these laws including the entire registration scheme….watch it’s coming and its soooooo long over due….

this decision needs it’s own thread…after reading this i am ecstatic how perfectly aligned this is with what I’ve been saying forever now….justification, empirical evidence, facts man…there are zero facts to support a registry in any…good luck government on producing such evidence or even finding any expert witnesses to even back up their unsubstantiated claims….this is an incredible decision and articulated perfectly for my motion…god I’m stoked on this and am totally remotivated to continue drafting it…..beautiful….

great job ml for bringing this to us on here and providing the link…this is very encouraging…

“President Obama must immediately revoke the regulatory framework of the Bush-era registry program called National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS), which predominantly targeted Muslim immigrants based on their countries of origin. In the hands of Donald Trump, this program can potentially be used to target, register, and deport Muslims….”*
A Registry? Come on now, what Country would create such a Registry?
*from an email I received

I don’t understand why this great idea hasn’t caught on ….. Register the World, I say! And make everyone complete a form every time they see a movie, drink a coffee, buy a Christmas tree, or fly a kite!

“Two Federal Courts Call BS on Banning Sex Offenders From ‘Child Safety Zones'” by Jacob Sullum, for Reason Magazine.

Reason is a libertarian publication and has done more to bring attention to the injustice we face than any other with the possible exception of The Nation which is leftist.

So it’s that time of year again.

I got the ‘courtesy letter to remind you it’s your duty to register on your birthday and if you don’t we’ll file a criminal complaint against you’ letter last week with the number for the detective in charge to call.

The letter also stated that she only works Mon through Thursday, 7am to 5pm. I work Mon through Thursday 5:30am to 3:30pm but with traffic don’t make it back home until after 5pm. On Fridays I get out at 12:30pm but the detective isn’t there those days.

I called yesterday to make the appointment. Got a voicemail and the message said they only do registrations Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. So now my options are even more limited.

Here’s the kicker… my birthday is on the 25th. That’s a Sunday this year. If we go 5 days back and 5 days forward from that day the only days I could go in would apparently be Dec 20, 21, 26, 27, and 28. Realistically though, what are the odds you think they’ll be available on the 26th the day after Christmas? I don’t think so. So basically I’m thinking I have 4 days to choose from… whatever happened to the 10 day period?

By the way, remember how as a kid you would anxiously wait for your birthday? Parties, gifts, cake! As an adult it’s not the same thing but it’s still special. But now this registration thing turns that on it’s head. I really doubt any of us look forward to our birthdays anymore. How’s that for ‘cruel and unusual’?

My birthday is Christmas day. I don’t much like the holidays anymore.

Los Angeles Sheriff has already harassed me twice this year for “compliance checks.” They also go to my neighbors to ask about me, which I don’t think is appropriate. My neighbors still waive and say “hi.” But they probably think I’m a pervert. You know what? Who cares what they think. It’s been many years since my conviction — and I think that just shows how corrupt the L.A. Sheriff Department is.

Have any of you read that nearly half of the child pornography sites on the internet are run by the FBI? The story is that it is about ensnaring potential pedophiles, but it would appear that it’s useful for blackmail too. There have been reports recently of other nations compromising people in our government in order to get them to do spying for them. It would make sense that our nation or even certain political parties also find something viewed so heinously as useful to either silencing, discrediting, or gaining the cooperation of people they ensnare. Julian Assange founder of Wikileaks released email information that was devastating to Hillary Clinton involving payments to her by the Saudis, and Qatar who are also (with our governments knowledge) also funding ISIS. It is no accident that they had Assange’s internet cut, accused him of working with the Russians, and guess what else was pinned on him… that he’s a pedophile… As we all know, that’s the worse name you can call someone in the world today… So I would suggest to you that it is in the best interest of parts of our government that the whole world outlaw being a sex offender. This is not a right wing / left wing thing. It’s a useful tool to get things done using spook world tactics and methods.