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Sex offender registries discourage rehabilitation (Opinion)

Ten years ago, ____ ____ shared a bottle of vodka and played video games with a fourteen-year-old girl in his basement. The two engaged in sexual activity. When her father’s concern for her whereabouts led him to the home, she told him and the police she had no memory of the incident.

____ was sixteen. He was sentenced to five years, most suspended, and put on probation and the sex offender registry for ten years. Full Article

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Here’s that word again.

“It serves only to tell those like Jeffrey that no matter what you do, it will never be good enough. It removes the goal of rehabilitation from the justice system, leaving its only goal punishment.”

If it’s punishment…and everyone knows it is, then it is unconstitutional.

If you are being locked up and cutoff from family, assaulted by inmates, no source of rehabilitation, clever legislators passing bills that are unconstitutional and are inhumane all because of sexual offense regardless, shouldn’t this be a human rights issue and can it be possible to alert the UN, and get them to be aware of what’s going on hoping they will take action?

Good Question T! Have you called the UN & voiced your opinion? Have you asked them if there’s a way to pursue a challenge to the registry? Look people, I’ve been here longer than some but shorter than most. The most frustrating thing I’ve experienced while being here is everybody talking, whining, bitching, screaming & complaining while sitting on their hands. There’s a lot of voicing concerns & asking questions but no real effort seems to be made. I can’t keep my head buried in the sand. If you expect real change, it’s probably going to require personal involvement. No one’s going to fight for you. You have to recruit those with your view or educate to add to your group. But you’re the one who’s going to have to light that fuse. To come here & ask questions or complain about something is wasting your breath. If every person on here would pick up the phone & call the appropriate source to answer questions or voice concerns & ask for action when at all possible I truly believe things might get accomplished. Noam Chomsky, the great intellectual, said,”What matters is the countless small deeds of unknown people who lay the basis for the significant events that enter history.” & “The way things change is because people are working all of the time, wherever they happen to be, and they’re building up the basis for popular movement which are going to make changes. That’s how everything’s happened in history.” Talk is cheap, stop talking! Start acting!

Here is how to do it.
I remember someone here listed the UN human rights violated by the registry. I wish I had marked that. It would be a good template for an individual complaint.

Thank you, I will bookmark that page. There was another post where someone listed each article the registry violated. I will try to get a copy of the FAC complaint as an inspiration for my complaint.

Americans don’t give a shit about rehabilitation, and haven’t for more than a generation.

“Do we let them know we appreciate they’ve turned their lives around? Do we show our pride in them for overcoming their earlier faults and choosing to go forward as contributing participants of community and society?”

“Or do we slap them down, giving them no incentive for being rehabilitated? Do we tell them, by our words, actions, and judgment that they might as well remain hoodlums, criminals, and sex offenders because they will never be forgiven?”

An excellent question for anyone who glorifies the registry as an asset to the community.

I encourage people to contact the Ocean Community YMCA and complain! This is crazy and wrong:

Complain? The Y is a private non-profit so they can chose who they may or may not allow.. at one time in history there were also separate Ys for color… Private clubs like the Masons can also may or may not allow people also… maybe we need some sort of private cigar lounge group where we can met and pretend to be higher than thou individuals and captains of industry.

For a membership is one thing, but to run a race is entirely another issue. To deny entry into the road race based upon this is sad by the Y.

Augusta National was once a men’s only place, but now lets women in, so the Y can do that same with those have done their time.

The YMCA does not only discriminate against those on the registry, but their roommates and families as well.
As the wife of an RSO, I and my children have been denied membership at the YMCA. The application form states that membership is refused to anyone who shares a residence with someone on the registry.

The same thing happened when I tried to enroll my children in Scouts.

We have been denied membership to many other groups as well.

The most difficult was 3 years ago when our son was in a coma for diabeticketoacidosis at diagnosis. The Ronald McDonald House refused to let us stay there while our son was hospitalized for 9 days. They finally agreed to let me stay, but stated my husband could not come within 500 yards of the property.

When my son was discharged, child protective services were waiting at our home for us when we got there.

I truly don’t understand how it’s legal to discriminate against my children and grandchildren for something their father/grandfather did before they were even born.

My children have very little social contact and no friends. When I step out and try to get them involved in things, the door is closed in our face.

What makes me sick is that my daughter as his victim is continuously punished for choosing to have a family. Her children are discriminated against for the crime committed by their grandfather against their mother.

The only thing I could do would be to leave my husband. I won’t do that. He’s a wonderful father and husband.

He has worked very hard to reunify with our daughter and our other children and myself. Only to watch his wife children and grandchildren be victimized by the police.

Once when the police came to search our house my husband was not home. My 6 year old daughter was in the shower and a male police officer stated he needed to check to see if my husband was with her. That shower had no curtain and I stood in front of the door and told him she was alone. She yelled through the door she was alone. The officer pulled a gun and pointed it in my face and forced the door open. My daughter still has nightmares about me being shot over 12 years later.

I guess that’s my reward for reporting the crime.

We’ll be at the emotional support meeting on the 10th.

I thought with time it would get easier, it’s gotten worse if nothing else.

What an amazing story Rivka. You sound like an amazing wife and mother. I’m confident things will eventually work out well for your family, thanks to you. Merry Christmas!

Wow! An exact reason here why law enforcement should not be let in without a warrant in hand. That exhibited behavior was unwarranted and should be known by the powers to be. Sorry, Rivka, for that experience of you and your family’s. Where was the female officer here and why not called in when the daughter was indisposed? That goes against office protocol. I realize this is well after the fact, e.g. 12 years, but still, this is wrong.

Lock the screen door, talk to them through it and never let them in without a warrant in hand and both genders of officers present.

They didn’t exactly lie when they said they would let us reunify. But I had no idea what I had dragged my family into. I thought it would all be over when “off paper”, but I never really got off paper, and the difficult but rewarding part would be in putting back lives in some lovely form, not continually picking up pieces. We are all together now, all placed into the same virtual concentration camp, making the best of it after making decisions based on what we knew at the time. I don’t think what we have gone through prevented anyone else from committing a crime. That might be a justifiable consolation. Indeed, I think people see what happens to collateral victims and will try to contain the offender themselves. They don’t want the leprosy, but they see the establishment spreading the disease to all, rather than healing.

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