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WA: Former Mesa mayor posts 21,000 sex offender names after long legal battle

This fall, Donna Zink posted a spreadsheet with the names of 21,000 registered sex offenders in Washington, two-thirds of whom had not been previously identified on public registries.

Zink spent three years battling in court to release the information under Washington’s Public Records Act, during which she was frequently vilified as a would-be vigilante.

To date, the Mesa-based public records advocate has received just one phone call, and law enforcement sources say they don’t know of any incidents stemming from convicted offenders whose information was previously treated as confidential. Full Article

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This makes me sick! The WA Supreme Court is GUTLESS!!!!!

In a boondock of a town (Mesa, WA), 489 people as of 2010 census, a former mayor has brought an entire population of 21,000 people, of which tier 1 was not published, to the world of 7 Billion people! A former nurse with psychiatric training no less all because someone she knew was not publically seen in the registry! IF that is not vigilantism at its core, then what is?! She says this is more than just about RCs, but public records for the public to see. The was cold hard revenge! Only one call so far because, surprise!, a grandfather being on the list no one knew of! Were there problems with this other grandfather since he was on the registry? Did not sound like it, so why would you create it now with the full publication? You have worked on your own, dear nurse and former mayor, to create a family problem where it did not exist before! Way to go! Should be so proud of yourself! Did you bother to ask how their holiday went with this new found information? Hope you are satisfied with your records being published all because of someone you knew was on the registry but was not outed to the public since it appeared the law did not have them published for reasons.

I guess all of those in Longview, WA who like vigilante justice against RCs just got fed a huge bonus.

She has been in the Eastern WA desert too long….

May the legislation address this in 2017 about taking them off the public list where Gov Jay Inslee, D, signs it into law.

“A psychiatrc nurse turned mayor did this?!”

Yep: Nurse Ratched!!!

Donna Zink is not a hero for doing this. She is a vigilante who is targeting those the state has deemed unlikely to be any kind of threat. Her Google+ profile page is filled with vindictive comments and posts about registered citizens. It is very clear what her motives for this information was for. Under the FOIA, requests can be denied for being outside the scope of what is acceptable under law. If she writes in what her use of the data is for and then she violates that, she is essentially committing a federal crime.

Officials fulfilling FOIA requests can deny access to records under certain circumstances. Donna Zink better be careful what she does with that information.

BTW, I had a little fun last night: I downloaded everything from her Google Drive account she shared publicly and then flagged the list for hate speech or threats against a group of people. Google immediately remove the post with the attachment, temporarily bringing the data offline.

Karma’s going to be very, very, very bad for Donna Zink. And I hope it is sooner than later.

It does my heart good to hear someone fighting back.

You’ll also be glad to know that Mugshot Extortion websites can no longer get Google Alerts for “sex offender” anymore. This cuts off their ability to easily identify new people to name and shame for profit.

You are welcome to check out one of the websites I help with: We should have some super exciting news everyone shortly.

It looks like it’s still up?

Yeah, i wasn’t expecting it to be permanently down. Maybe 5-10 tops. 🙁

It’s something.

I downloaded everything from her Google Drive account she shared publicly and then flagged the list for hate speech or threats against a group of people.

I did the same…

Please post how this is done so others may follow suit and this effort may be continued of flagging her stuff so it is off the internet.

Donna Zink is on the wall of shame all by herself.

Donna does have a Twitter account. Perhaps she’s like to hear from all of us.

I see I’ve misspelled my own name. Hate tablets.

I think a do unto other’s thing would be to create a website and post vigilante pictures,names photos, places of employment and home addresses on the internet!

Thanks, Robert, very nicely, and almost politely done….excellent in all regards.

Best Wishes, James

Thanks goes to Derek W. Logue of

I have long wanted to see some publication such as a posting board where any of us can write or expose any information about these sad characters as long as it is legal.


We can post all their movements in politics, links to their info ie Facebook, Linkedin and their faces besides family and associates. Updates on their actions as well.

Anyone want to try?

Cyberbullying. Let see if she does that to gang members and murderers…

Well I wrote the following letter to the newspaper who published that story:


I noticed your story on this crazy zealot Donna Zink and felt the need to comment. It is crazy control freaks such as this nut job who will not allow an unneeded and clearly broken system which is is nothing more than continued punishment and public shaming to even include the most repentant and often totally innocent registered citizens who have been deemed as a threat to NO ONE who are now being once again publicly shamed by having their names put on a list which included actual criminals such as rapists, and others who actually could be a threat.

Adding tier 1 individuals does nothing more than “water down” the list and add to confusion as to who really should be watched. It is irresponsible and does more harm than good. She clearly is uneducated as to the mountains of studies which confirm that sex offender lists DO NOT work, cost money, ruin lives of those who have been caught in the system and can never get out. They also provide a false sense of security that all one needs to do is look at a list and send their child out carelessly into the world…just avoid the dots on the map and everything will be fine.

This ruling does nothing but harm people who paid their debt to society but are never allowed to move on or have that famous “second chance” that America used to give those who made mistakes. It also does nothing to protect anyone as the vast majority of sex offenses are perpetrated by persons known to the victim!

This clueless woman woman Donna Zink really should be ashamed that she and her agenda will be harming many many more children than if the entire list did not exist. I don’t think she actually cares about that however. Also those on the list are the least likely of any offense to commit another crime and the list had nothing to do with it. Get educated Zink and while you are at it the court system could benefit from using actual facts rather than emotion when making judgments as well.

Thank you

Hope your letter gets posted and printed, but it is the Tri-City Herald and they don’t like dissention against what they publish. As for Mrs. Zink, as noted here earlier, look at her G+ page on Google if possible to see her history. A little far out for sure.

Unfortunately the editor rejected it and here was the reply with the reason(s):


Your letter does not meet our criteria for publication, because of the tone and the name-calling … “crazy zealot,” “crazy control freak,” “nut job,” “uneducated,” “clueless woman” and “should be ashamed.”

We have no issue with the point you’re trying to make. If you’d like to rewrite it, without the insults, here’s the form to submit:

Jim Van Nostrand
Managing Editor, Digital
Tri-City Herald
509.582.1405 office

Here was my reply to his request for censoring my letter:

Hello Jim,

I am certainly no professional journalist BUT I do think that when “letter’s to the editor” are published that they represent one single individuals viewpoint and/or opinion (in this case mine) and I stand by my words. Normally a disclaimer such as “the views expressed are not necessarily the views of “X” publication” but I am sure that this woman would be perfectly happy to use terms such as pervert, pedo, child rapist, and many other broad generalizations to describe an group of individuals 21,000 in your states case. None of whom I am certain she personally knows…nor the unique set of circumstances that caused their designation as a tier 1 sex offender. There are 21,000 unique stories waiting to be told. So I certainly not concerned with one loud mouth woman such as this Zink person.

Oh and the “tone” is angry. Absolutely. I have not patience with these nut jobs who refuse to check facts and are only out to do harm to others.

Thank you –

way to go tired….it’s good to see someone else hitting back at these so called journalists…

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