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WA: State Dept. of Corrections finds the term ‘offender’ offensive

OLYMPIA —The state Department of Corrections plans to stop referring to the men and women serving time behind bars as “offenders.”

Acting Corrections Secretary Dick Morgan told agency employees in a memo Tuesday the word will be replaced in policies and programs with terms such as “individuals,” “students” or “patients” depending on the circumstances. …

The term won’t disappear completely as registered sex offenders will still be identified in that manner. “That won’t change. They will be known as a registered sex offender,” Barclay said. “That is codified in law.” Full Article

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  1. G4Change

    “The term won’t disappear completely as registered sex offenders will still be identified in that manner.
    “That won’t change. They will be known as a registered sex offender,” Barclay said. “That is codified in law.””

    Small-minded morons!!!!

    • Timmr

      Oh good. All the fracked out helicopter moms trolling registrants with special apts will be happy to know we are still considered monsters, not human beings. Otherwise, they would be considered rightly as nothing but stalkers of fellow citizens. How backward can you get, still calling the people who have the second least reoffense rate, “offenders” even after leaving incarceration.

  2. LM

    The moniker or term “sex offender” (‘registered’ used in front as an enhancer) is an intentionally derogatory pejorative used explicitly to vilify, belittle and demonize those that have completed their sentence. They are subsequently made a spectacle out of and bad mouthed online exclusively to instill fear and control for political furtherance. It’s a reelection campaign mechanism – NOT a “safety” one.

    Personally, I find the word sex offender – just as offensive, if not moreso – as the “N” word.

    Also, “registered” sex offender is code of pervert, predator and pedo in the eyes of the unsuspecting public that has been duped into thinking that knowing where where those listed somehow magically minimizes risk by avoidance and shunning.

    “Rather than use a term that could be offensive or could lead to a stereotype, let’s use a term that can point to a different future for that person who is working to rehabilitate.”

    This is proof positive of the hypocrisy that fully illustrates that “those people” are exempt, immune and insulated from ever getting their lives back, much less being allowed to start over or looked upon as human ever again.

    Until this mindset is successfully challenged, expect the toxic rhetoric to continue and escalate.

  3. LM

    “At the end of the day, they have victimized someone and they have offended someone’s rights. Fairweather said. “Why not call it what it is?”

    I’m going to start referring to those that view Megan’s Law online as “Cowards with Children. ”

    Hey! I’m just calling it what it is!

    • Rick

      “At the end of the day, they have victimized someone and they have offended someone’s rights. Fairweather said. Why not call it what it is?” Well let’s just call a registry what it is, punishment, cruel and unusual punishment, torture, illegal psychological treatment, a state continuum of punishment, slavery, indentured servitude, denationalization, bill of attainder, religious persecution, denial of all fundamental rights, and their right to continue to victimize someone and offend all of their rights.

      Have you ever heard or seen such blatant abuses of so called law. We are not under a law, in my state it is called a duty. A duty to subject yourself to their demands. Is that a lawful contract, JANICE, lol.

  4. Rick

    Hahaha, so Mr. Serial killer we’re gonna call you patient but hey guy who had sex with a teenager your a sex offender. Wow, isn’t that sweet. Who are these people that can just arbitrarily determine what speech and the law is, damn I thought puritans were all dead and gone. I have to admit, those of European ancestry are really messed up people, and hypocrisy can’t describe them anymore. So I guess the terms convict, criminal, etc aren’t codified in law, lmao.

  5. T

    It seems they are doing this just to get clever and to play games on people’s emotions especially when it comes to “registrants”.

  6. Mold and Mildew has crept in....

    This comes from the state of the Green River Killer and where Ted Bundy afflicted pain on people….the wet weather on the west side of the state as gotten into their brains as mold and mildew. They never could go all the way in thinking and do it away with it completely. Their history is to always stop short. They cannot lead their way out of a barn with both ends open and a sign saying go out this way or this way.

    The politician who wants to know what the person who had something perpetrated against them would think? Guess what, they can choose to not be a victim and move on, but the politician needs them to remain a victim to help them get re-elected and feed the victim money machine. Ay yi yi

    To Sen. Pearson, who is from Monroe, and Ms. Fairweather, who is from just west of Monroe, go up the hill to the reformatory above Monroe to tell the population what you think and that they will always be the title you help label them with…..hell, if they will ever escape it and start over. Go to MacNeil Island, Walla Walla or any of the other WA State DoC facilities and do them same. Bet you won’t because you are chicken.

    Careful ’bout them labels, they may come back to bite you, your families and/or your employers……

  7. Cool CA RC

    Wasn’t the “N” word once was ““That is codified in law. ” as well ?

  8. Chris F

    Sounds like another thing to add to an Equal Protection and Bill of Attainder lawsuit to spell out once and for all how legislature has purposefully vilified people with a particular trait of committing an offense with some sexual component (on not sexual in some cases) and subjected them to unequal treatment for an arbitrary length of time (or forever) under a ruse of public protection when no actual protection occurs or need for protection ever existed, and in doing so also violating Substantive and Procedural Due process by circumventing the Judicial System* meant to punish, rehabilitate, and protect the public based on an individual person’s circumstances and not arbitrarily paint everyone with one wide sweeping brush.

    *Federal law requires the district courts to consider the “nature and circumstances of the offense and the history and characteristics of the defendant” when crafting a special condition of supervised release. See 18 U.S.C. §§ 3553(a)(1), 3583(d)(1); cf. United States v. Heidebur, 417 F.3d 1002, 1004-05 (8th Cir. 2005). That inquiry must take place on an individualized basis; a court may not impose a special condition on all those found guilty of a particular offense.

    • Rick

      To Chris F.

      Yea, I used that same analysis in my lawsuit, it’s odd how they can apply blanket registry restrictions without any evidence whatsoever, but they have to when imposing supervised release, which is the same thing in my opinion. Good luck with your lawsuit, getting ready to file mine in small claims court too. I wish us both good luck!

      • Chris F

        I had to give up my fight, but good luck on yours! My appeal would have cost $7500 that I don’t have and not gotten me off the registry until I will get off it anyway here in Texas.

        Mike R is the one forming the big lawsuit, if that is who you were thinking about. I love what he has done. He needs his own “news” category to post revisions or start up some google doc that we can all see at any time. I wish a lawyer could review and provide feedback to him.

        We need a judge to understand that the registry and restrictions actually bypass the judiciary process completely which handles protecting the public and has avenues for appeal which the registry rules do not. It’s a total breach of Due Process.

        • Rick

          To Chris F.

          OK, so it’s Mike R. Who is putting together the lawsuit. Well I have some good advice to give him. 1) keep the lawsuit to no more than two causes of action, because the more you use the easier it is for them to slow it down and it will cost a lot of money in copies and responses when they return an answer.
          2) if he is going to use the bill of attainder there are things he needs to distinguish, especially in regard to issues related to convicts vs communists. They will definitely use that as a reason to deny the petition.
          3) His second cause of action could be about freedom of speech, expression, religion, association and must include cases related to being a walking billboard for the state, west Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnett and state that he is a walking billboard for the state. He must be clear and precise about why and how he is being used to be a symbol of speech and being discriminated by it.
          4) if I were him I would use the 1st amendment for his first cause of action
          5) if I were Mike I would fully expect to be denied by the court, and their answers will be filled with second rate court decisions, and will probably completely ignore his us supreme CT cases like they did mine.
          6) his only real hope is to get to the appellate level, where it’s always possible something decent might happen.

          Just some advice to consider, it’s not about what appeals to you in law, it’s about winning.

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