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L.A.’s proposed ban on single adults near playgrounds is fear-based policy making at its worst

In an attempt to make Los Angeles parks seem super safe, City Councilman Mitch O’Farrell has proposed barring adults unaccompanied by children from entering playgrounds. It’s an effort, he said, to keep city parks “free of creepy activity.” Full Article

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I hope he gets it passed!!! Nothing like getting a bunch of law suits that can help pave the way for RSO’s to challenge such restrictions.

Wow. Just wow. If this guy has been elected to the city council, then obviously people in L.A. must be completely out of their minds. What nut jobs.

Just remember to tell your wife that when she goes jogging in the park…be sure not to stop and rest
near the teeter totter. She might be accused of looking for a little boy over on the slide. Yes, I wouldn’t trust any adult woman in the park by herself. If in a tight pair of sweats, I’d really think that was “Creepy Activity”.
The only thing “Creepy” here is that City Councilman Mitch O’Farrell!

The “creepy” meme as it relates to “pedophiles” is continuously referred to in fantasist circles.

They claim to discern “creepiness” in anyone said to be “pedophile” and, in the following example, in places said to be frequented by “pedophiles”, such as the purely fantastical Comet Pizza conspiracy theory.

I’ve linked to an excellent example of this in the following video from YouTube/Infowars here:

It is remarkably evidence-free but their sense of being “creeped-out” is sufficient to establish guilt. This is exactly how gay-haters were a few decades back.

Don’t use Alex Jones to provide proof of debunking or giving facts. We’ve already established that he’s not trustworthy. I’ve given direction to possible problems with pizzagate dismissals. Did you check any of that out David? Alex was obviously fanning flames but I honestly think there was something to it. It could be nothing or it could be connected to a larger group. Why would it be hard to believe in the first place? Rich and powerful people unafraid of reprisals from a corrupt justice system indulging in things that the rest of us would spend a life term in prison for. Neither one of us have courtroom proof either way nor would we ever probably get it if it were there. Maybe this is the new infidelity to hang over the powerful to persuade. Since divorce and secret lovers isn’t working quite like it used to

This story was carried by Breitbart and I was happy to see the comments all opposed to this rediculous scheme. One person asked if he’d get a credit on his tax bill for not using the park he paid for, while another pointed out that drug dealers could simply rent kids as welfare queens do when applyying to stay on the public dole.

One thing is for certain, Mitch O’F-face has gone full retard, like much of our government.

Of course, remember one of CA RSOL’s first major victory by Janice Bellucci was in fighting this.

Someone should tell the good council-critter that such a law only goes against the grain no matter what party is in charge.

Good! These laws now are coming back to bite the general public! let’s see how much of this everyone will accept

More insanity from politicians. Goodnight Sharon Runner, wherever you are.

– Since I am not able to and don’t have children biologically (or at all actually) in addition don’t have a wife, are you going to profile me as a single white male who likes to visit the spaces I pay taxes on?? Better bring your probable cause, Councilman, because if you or your LEOs misprofile me based upon my race (or any race) and marital status, you and your LEOs are looking at a heck of a lawsuit personally, professionally and the entity you are a part of will need to raise taxes to cover my legal fees and damage winnings. You, Sir, may be the next person who sleeps in one of these places.

Remember, your basic English class, Councilman, and the root of the word “assume” (or are you projecting inner creepy feelings??)

This proposed ban is yet another attempt to protect children that will yield the opposite result. Empirical evidence demonstrates clearly that the real danger to children comes from family members, teachers, coaches, clergy and law enforcement and takes place in private places like homes and schools.

Don’t understand the logic here. I can grant your premise (empirical evidence shows that most [not all] real danger comes from family/teachers/coaches/etc) and it doesn’t support your conclusion (it will have the opposite effect, ie. be more dangerous for kids). How does not allowing adults without kids at playgrounds make kids less safe? At best we should say that it won’t have the desired outcome, but I see no reason to believe it will make kids less safe.

Because laws like this make parents complacent to the real issue of properly teaching and supervising your own children. If a parent thinks this law is protecting their children, then parents will let their guard down and expose their child to the real dangers out there. (As if only people without children molest kids).

The California Sex Offender Management Board has reported that presence restrictions such as this proposed ban make children less safe.

Can you point me specifically to some research documenting this?

Another insane idea.
I would love to see the lawsuits this would bring. This would be discrimination against any person at the park without a child, it infers that they must be a creepy pervert . And since these are “public parks”, anyone who pays taxes should have the right to use them whether they have a child or not.

Does Mr. O’Farrell really think that adults bringing children to the park are any “less” capable of being a creepy pervert? Most child molestation occurs by a family member or friend, the very kind of people who take children to the park.
Educate yourself Mr. O’Farrell before you spout your witch-hunt hatefulness!

Something tells me that Mitch O’Farrell would never submit to the same polygraph given to Former Citizen Detainees and if he did, he would fail.

We all have met his kind… the red-wing blackbird kind of man, who makes tons of noise to draw you away from the nest… I would bet my next three paychecks that he has molested at least one child in the past five years. He fits the profile.

Next, Grandpa walking his dog near the “scare zone” will be labeled a “potential” SO?
It’s really laughable at how mindless our Law Makers have become.
It’s also scary how these idiots keep getting elected into office.
There’s only so much a person can take. Something’s going to give.

This guy seems to be fighting many demons and like the saying goes, misery loves company.

This is a rather disturbing proposal! This is first punishing those who pay their taxes and have every right to visit a park! It will open up a whole new can of worms. People should be outraged! What’s next? You can only visit Chucky Cheese with children? You can’t attend a movie that’s child oriented? You can’t take a bus unless you have a computer chip implanted in you? As most are unaware, a new law was recently passed to protect the homeless? Kick them out of the park? What if the adult is mentally challenged and has the mentality of a 10 year old? I live by a park where the adult basketball court is right next to the playground?

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