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NV: Court ruling gives state authorities trouble with tracking sex offenders

​RENO, Nev. (News 4) — The state is having a hard time keeping track of its most heinous sex offenders because of a new Nevada Supreme Court ruling. Parole and Probation tracks 6,000 sex offenders in the state, with 1,000 on lifetime supervision. Staff make sure they’re registered as required by law — they confirm their address and make sure the offenders have no contact with their victims. Full Article

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This article is all about control. They act as if the only reason registrants don’t reoffend is because they are being watched and held accountable by them. Not a single mention about the facts, it’s all the opinion of the authorities.

Even the very first sentence of the article is contentious.
“The state is having a hard time keeping track of its most heinous sex offenders”
Isn’t that implying that ALL RSO’s are heinous?

It is Very USELESS If a person Is That Dangerous to be on the Streets that person Should be locked up and not see the time of day To put people on a list is Crazy and A waste of Tax payer money Think about it. Really? Think about how a LIST can keep people/Kids Safe. ( It don’t! ) Here is why ! Say tom is on the sex List. OK The cops and you know if you google where Tom live at. And you say OMG Honey! we got a sex offender in our neighbor hood. The first thing you think of is i got to protect my Kids So you tell your kids to stay away from that house there a bad man AKA the Boogie Man So you watch this guys house. Each day the man/woman ( have to add Woman to this cause it could be bias to the woman And GOD knows we don’t need that ) back to- the guy leaves has house so Now Where he Going Is it to a job Or to the store or to his Mothers house. Where is this guy going But you don’t care Cause he not in your Hood So you now can relax or Can you The guy you know is a sex offender out of the hood But he travel to a diff place and you don’t know where he might be molesting a child some where else You Think OMG glad my kids are safe. Really? That Guy in your hood can move around. So can others Move around to your hood And Here is the Topper You Would not Even know this other guy who might get your kid/Kids So you think a Fucking List Make you safe Think about It Don’t Stop the list and put the bad bad bad people in jail Stop that useless list

You got it, man, the list is useless for public safety.

There is a lot of $$$ in the control and enforcement side of the SO business. I’m sure their false concern might have something to do with future budgets being slashed for these unlawful monitoring programs.

The Probation Slave Keeper,

Stated “”We’re not looking to jam them up; we’re looking to keep them honest and hold them accountable,” Zana said.”

Pardon my ignorance, but could someone please enlighten me on the meaning of the term – “jam them up”?

I have a sense that the Slave Keeper Zana was not referring to preparing a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich, but a simple but Evil iLL Will towrds the slaves she keeps and oversees.

man lifetime parole how can that even come close to passing constitutional scrutiny…a group of ex-offenders with a less than one percent reoffend rate and somehow they can justify lifetime supervision and harrasment by the government….and still no lawyers challenge the justification….wowww…

Apparently in Nevada lifetime probation includes officers going to the residence and verifying probationer is living there. My probation ended almost 12 years ago and officers still come to my residence to verify I live here, although in San Diego county they get away with not calling it indefinate probation. As always I am confused why this stuff happens with so many lawyers about.


I suggest installing a video surveillance system. Once you document there illicit harassment of you, your innocent family, friends, associates, and neighbors. You now have all the evidence to convince a attorney to file a law suite on your behalf.

Lorex has very affordable units, in particular they sell a camera that also records audio which most manufacturer do not offer it will inable you to gather overwhelming evidence against the Probation Dept. Slave Keepers.

The facts are that The Slave Keepers have caused and permitted there to be a disturbance of the peace and a nuisance to your peace of mind, other tenants, visitors, and neighbors, simply stated The Slave Keepers were seen by video surveillance trespassing into area that create a Safety & Theft concern.

In addition be sure to post No Trespassing signs.

As Yehovah Lives, so should we

I always hated no trespassing signs, who was I to claim a piece of land created by a greater entity than myself was off bounds to others of good will. But I never thought they would be needed for the police. Now it is a different reality, I have to create a protection zone for myself, family and friends. The established protectors are not to be relied on. I will start with the signs.

If you buy it, you own it and therefore, have the right to do with it as you wish. I don’t know of anyone that would be welcoming to a stranger that walked off the street into their house. I mean literally. People need personal space to call theirs. Somewhere to ‘escape’ to when they’ve had enough for one day. Somewhere to look forward to when you’ve worked a hard day, etc etc. Property rights is essential to living free.

I never felt as free as when I was a kid and had no property other than where my feet touched at any one time. The world was my back and my front yard.

Indeed I did grow up like on of Lenore Skenazy’s Free Range Kids, there were very few fences.

Great story. It brought back memories of my same early life. There were always fences though. As a child we have different perceptions. The world was the same as it is today in many of those ways. The adults knew about fences, 🙂 In the adult world we need property rights and guns to protect what’s in our fences. Cause the bad kids grew up too.


You stated “But I never thought they would be needed for the police.”

The Bureaucratic Probation Dept. Slave Keepers like to Style themselves as “Police” but

Police by definition are those that Keep and Uphold the Policy’s of the Community, State, Country, and most importantly The Most High Creator of the cosmos.

The True purpose of Policy Keepers is identified by their Sworn Oath as Officers of The Peace, to be Keepers of The Peoples Peace.

The Ugly Truth is that these Slave Keepers are treading down the Wrong Path, so much so that they are now Trespassing onto your Peace of Mind and The Good Policies of The Most High Eternal Father in Heaven our Creator in all and every sense!

There is no Nexus between the Policy’s the Wicked Slave Keepers uphold and keep upon you most heavily burdening with Evil (want).
No Nexus with the Policy’s and Institutions of The Constitution of These United States of America blessed and founded by The Eternal Father in Heaven blessed be His Highness for Ever and Ever!

Timmr, I say go hard, prove your self and show them, all these Wicked Servants, you are watching every move they make and you will hold The Evil Slave Keepers accountable by the Saving Grace of Our Father in Heaven.

When The Sons of The Accuser see your 24/7/365 video gear, you will see the change of appearance on their faces, I guarantee they will quickly call to MaxOut their insurance policy’s, those are the policy’s they will for now on be focused on. All the illicit activity committed Under The Color of Authority, They will be weighed and found Wanting of their Peace of Mind, real quick they will be loosing sleep.

But it’s all up to you Timmr to be a “Being” proactive for you, God and Country.

The Eternal Father Most High in Heaven be with you.

As Yehovah Lives, so should we, I speak Truth.

These laws are becoming too culturally accepted to change without some extreme extra-legal actions, protests, civil disobedience and the like. We are becoming like Iran, look, they stone people and publically execute people for adultery and alcohol consuption. It doesn’t do any good, drinking and adultery still happens in great numbers. The punishment just becomes a part of the social contract. Laws follow culture.

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