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ACSOL Members Conclude Early Lobbying Efforts (update from 1/31)

February 1:

After meeting in the offices of all newly elected members of the state legislature as well as members of the Senate Public Safety Committee, more than 35 ACSOL members concluded their early lobbying efforts on January 31.

“We educated the newly elected members and staff regarding the need for a tiered registry based upon empirical evidence as well as the harm that could be caused by prohibiting all registrants from visiting all K-12 schools for all reasons,” stated ACSOL president Janice Bellucci.

The ACSOL members were organized into four teams led by individuals who have considerable lobbying experience. Each team included at least one registrant, one family member and a professional who supports registrants.

“This is the largest number of people to lobby in Sacramento in support of registrant issues,” stated Bellucci. “We thank each and every one of them.”

ACSOL has led lobbying efforts in Sacramento for five years and during that time has successfully defeated many bills that would have harmed registrants and their families. For example, bills were introduced that would have allowed cities and counties to reinstate proximity restrictions. If the bills had passed, they would have prohibited all registrants from visiting public and private places such as parks, beaches, libraries, museums and movie theaters.

Future lobbying efforts will include testimony before committees that consider bills affecting registrants. Although no hearing dates have yet been set, they are expected to begin in early March. ACSOL members will be invited to participate in those hearings as well as to write letters and make phone calls in support of or in opposition to pending legislation. That information will be posted on this website as soon as it is available.

January 31: 

More than 35 people — including registrants, family members and supporters — lobbied newly elected members of the state senate and assembly in Sacramento on January 30.  The messages they carried were opposition to Senate Bill 26 and support for the concept of a tiered registry.

If passed and signed into law, Senate Bill 26 would prohibit all registrants, including parents, from visiting all schools (grades K-12) for all reasons.  The prohibition could prevent some registrants from voting, others from attending church services and many more from working on campus even when students are not present.  A tiered registry bill has not yet been introduced and therefore it has no bill number.  The bill is one of hundreds being finalized in the Office of Legislative Counsel.

“Our voices were heard in the State Capitol on issues of great importance to more than 100,000 families,” stated ACSOL president Janice Bellucci. “For many people, it was the first time they have been heard by elected officials.”

The lobbying effort included four teams, led by experienced lobbyists, that included by scheduled and unscheduled meetings.  Before lobbying, ACSOL trained individuals in basic lobbying techniques.

In addition to meeting in the offices of newly elected members, the lobbying teams met in the offices of members of the Senate Public Safety Committee.  Both Senate Bill 26 and the tiered registry bill will be referred to that committee before consideration by the full Senate and then the Assembly.

The ACSOL lobbying effort will extend to a second day on January 31 and be followed by letters and phone calls.  Committee hearings on the bills are expected to begin in March and the dates of those hearings will be announced both on this website.

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As a member of the lobbying team, I felt good yesterday because we imparted information they did not have previously. Please come join us next time!

My Husband and I wanted to go So Bad and it was crunch time and annuals deadline at work. He is still ILL this early morning as the electric car broke down and had to be towed via CSAA back 60 miles to our dealer.
He wanted to LEARN those lobbying skills and step up to the plate with his big mouth and speak with your groups to these folks. Hitting your goals and reaching out to those who don’t know you all exist, that actually are human and have stop offending years ago, even decades. What you ALL did there (thanks Ms. Garner too), to have that great training and for all of you to stand steadfastness and stand up and educate those in Sacramento to let them know that you DO have rights and deserve to be inclusive as well to our Constitiution even post facto to incarceration and Parole/Probation. They are wanting to affect families that have recommitted to starting over and putting the past behind, to gain new skills for employment and to move forward as the last President stated and so many he had forgiven, …except the Registered Citizens.
Thank each and every one of you including Mrs. Bellucci and ALL into the efforts that were noted. Thanks.

Thank you so much Kathleen. I learned a lot. I respect all your years of hard work and sacrifice. It is an uphill battle and a steep climb. The lobbying was a life changing experience. Next time I will have supply of diet coke for you.

It was great meeting all of the new people who showed up to lobby in Sacramento. The infusion of new ideas is sure to take our cause to the next level!

Once again a fantastic experience bringing truth to myth. Thank you everyone for showing up, standing up and speaking up!

I never thought of myself as a lobbyist, but that too is what I am. I am thankful for Janice all those that showed up, stood up and spoke up. I wasn’t able to attend this event but look forward to it in the future.

Working on things a little behind the scenes. Blessings ALL.

I would have attended, but I am dealing in legal matters relating to an internet thug. Many of you know who I am talking about.

Thank you all for your efforts in our State’s Capitol!

Thank you all for your efforts! We are with you in spirit! I hope everyone that wasn’t able to make it has at least helped contribute donations to the efforts. Keep up the ‘myth-to-truth movement’ everyone!

Thank you for giving our family a venue to talk about how the registry laws have adversely effected us. Thank you to the other parents, children, spouses, and siblings who came out to tell their stories. Thank you to the legislators and staff who made time for us, and thank you to Janice for giving us a voice. I can’t imagine what it was like to be a registrant in any of those meetings, but I think that it was really brave.

I was very pleased with how each person there conveyed their stories, and feel like the messages were well received by many.

For the first time in years, we seem to have bi-partisan support on a concept of a tiered registry. This was an amazing group who decided to show up, stand up and speak up.

I was filled with hope as I saw the positive reception we received at each legislator’s office! We gave them our recommendations, told our personal stories of how the proposed laws would affect us, answered questions, and left them with lots of information. Just 5 years ago, no one was doing that and the anti-RC bills were flooding in. Five years later, only 2 RC bills have been submitted so far this year. Progress! The anti-RC pendulum is slowly swinging in our favor.

If you are an RC feeling depressed and hopeless about the way we RCs are treated, below is an “action prescription” to feel a massive infusion of hope.

If you are a Californian:
* Join us next time we go to the Capitol.
* Write letters when you receive an alert.

All RCs and supporters:
* Sign up for the email action alerts.
* Listen to our phone conferences to stay informed.
* Regularly view this website to stay up on the latest news.
* Donate regularly to help us fight Federal and California legal issues (the more RC-progressive we can make California, the more that will spread across the nation!).

Many many thanks to Janice, Roger and all who are literally working on our behalf to see to it that these chains are loosened. We’re so blessed out here in Cali to have acsol and people who are willing to take the time and stand up for that which is right. Its unfortunate do to my hedkth I cant physically support, however I will donate as I have been. Thank you !!

Two registrant bills and it is only January? At this rate it means we can look forward to 10 more bills to fight this year.

That is just awesome. Thanks to everyone who showed up to lobby, and to Janice for leading the way.

Does anybody know the bill # of the tiered registry bill? Is it on the state assembly site?

The Teired Registry does Not have a bill number, its still in the beginning stages.

The tiered registry bill has not yet been formally introduced. Like hundreds of other bills, it is in the Office of Legislative Counsel for a final review. We will announce the bill’s introduction as soon as it happens. Please see tuned.

Every year I see bill after bill introduced. The ones to lessen or ease restrictions never go anywhere. The voters had no problem voting in that prop that took away internet use. I hate to say it but society needs some one to despise as DESPICABLE NON HUMAN CREATURES”, unfortunately we are an easy target. No one in public sheds a tear if a registered sex offender is murdered. I bet you could put a proposition on the next elections ballot that would call for public castration for offenders and it would win by a huge margin. Its a mob rule mentality we are fighting here. The average citizen is terrified by offenders. The ACLU will not even defend most cases involving a “MONSTER OFFENDER”. Until the public is better educated on the facts and people realize that serious constitutional rights are being stripped away it will not change. We should encourage, not fight against mass registration of all people convicted of Drunk Driving, Animal Abuse, domestic Violence, Drug Dealing and Addicts, Doctors sued for Malpractice and of course Muslims, Mormons, Jews and Christians. Then when every one was registered or knew somebody registered they would realize that it is all based on hate and nothing to do with making the world a safer place. “I say let the entire Nation be labeled and registered”
Just a thought

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