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Utah to add child abusers to registry, or add a separate registry for child abusers.

Some good news…The ACLU has gotten around 19 million in donations in the last few days due to Trump’s ban on immigrants.

It would be nice if that money isn’t specifically earmarked if it could be used to actually get a good case to SCOTUS to hit the Sex Offender registry scheme at its core. I don’t believe the current freedom of speech case is a good victim or well fought case to help, and could greatly hurt our cause.

ya there more concerned with foreigners and the human rights of other countries peoples but screw you’re own fellow citizens…its to bad the entire country is going to pay the price for what the handful of currupt politicians do….

I think the SAG awards were on last night or something like that for giving awards to actors. The show was mostly about how the US is mistreating immigrants. It’s sad that all those protections they want for the immigrants aren’t supported for the citizens being treated without those protections. It’s the same plight for registrants.

Once you’ve done your time, then start anew and become a part of society. How are you a part of society if you’re banned from certain locations, jobs, and travel? Restriction is another word for ban.

Well just completed my annual renewal this morning. As usual the apprehension builds a couple days before hand, But fortunately for me it’s rather painless at least as much as it can be.

Was in and out in less than 10 minutes. No new forms. Broached the topic of international travel and the Detective stated they had an internal form I can fill out. He also gave me his card and said I could email him my information.

Also asked him if he was aware of the proposed toured registry bill which will be introduced shortly in Sacramento. He stated no he was not but he was very happy to hear that was happening. He told me that out of aproximally 100 registrants that he deals with, maybe 15 at most should actually be registering each year. I was pleased to hear that as well since he is likely the individual that I will have to go through in order to start the process of eliminating the requirement of annual registration if the registry bill is passed.

Regardless of how you feel about Trump’s travel ban, it’s great to see so many lawmakers from across the country suddenly embrace scientific research, which states that such a ban wouldn’t have prevented a terrorist attack.

Armed with their newfound respect for scientific research, they can begin to rollback their draconian sex offender laws! Right?

I cannot think of a more permanent and thorough way to destroy someone’s reputation, credibility, future and integrity than to be listed online as “sex offender.”

Make no mistake, Historians will place Megan’s Law in the same column as slavery, the holocaust and segregation. It will be regarded as how 2 parents made a spectacle out of their daughter’s tragedy and subsequently turned it into a selfish imposition and foolhardy crusade.

The Registries are no different from the racist “Jim Crow” laws: Laws intended to single out individuals, at will, and punish them as one wishes.

Just read an article talking about made-up, non-peer-reviewed stats being spewed by authorities. And nope, it’s not about RCs this time:

The liars keep on lying.