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Posted By Lake County

Will he lump all of us in the same category? It would make him look good to to pass laws against all registered citizens in the first 100 days of office.

Trump’s Twitter statement dated Oct. 8, 2012: “Got to do something about these missing chidlren grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents–fast trial, death penalty.”

Not surprising coming from any president, presidential candidate or any politician in general.

To make matters worse, John Walsh will most likely visit Trump soon (probably February) in the White House to brainwash and reprogram him even further.

A well timed petition making him aware of Walsh’s confessed but hypocritically uncharged sex offender status might get a few eyes on. Just saying…

You crazy! You think that the various sex offender reform chapters have any sort of desire to be that organized as to rally all the RSO in every state together and to do something that you don’t even have to leave your house to do…log on and sign a petition?

Nope…not sure why…only reason I can think of is that they make money just like the “save the children fund” doing a job that will never end and they really don’t want it to.

I think we need someone commanding the ship. Someone who thinks outside the box because seems all of us are inside the box!

I just wonder if the Congress that was not happy with Trump’s alleged women issues will actually do something where he is signing the bill in the end. Turning a blind eye perhaps??

Don’t know but bringing his past into the spotlight before he can probably encourage trump to go after us might be beneficial. I doubt he’s going there to play golf.

They wouldn’t care. Trump’s the alpha male in the gorilla nest America has become, and all females young and beautiful are his property, so to speak, to grab at will. Maybe Walsh has earned the status of beta, because of his celebrity and acts of domineering legislation. They both posture as protectors of the harem. The rest of the Republicans are subordinate now and the Democrats are sulking and plotting on the fringes. A few have been so fleeting bold like Mr. Gingrich to challenge him recently, but quickly turn their butts when he thumps his chest. They see he has survived still on top, and will provide the bananas and figs they lust after. That’s what it’s all about.
Their loyalty isn’t to justice, truth and the American way, but to position.

Is Dennis Hastert being protected?

after reading this:

i wanted to write a letter to Dennis Hastert but searched the BOP Inmate locator and received zero results; i even went to the prisons website in MN. where it is reported that he is being held to search for this criminal and still zero results. not sure if i’m doing something wrong or is he being protected

Hi everyone,

Ispoke to Ms Aukerman today from Michigan’s ACLU, and I asked her what was going on with either the Telemoski case,or Does n Snyder.

she e-mailed me back, saying No update. Weare filing our opposition cert. petition in the Supreme Court in a couple of weeks.

I asked her what that means exactly,and she replied, That is actually pretty quick. We will know whether they will take the case sometime this spring. If they take the case it will be another year.

So does any one have any thoughts on what she has said about the case(s)

Keep us updated Bobby! I’m really looking forward to that case. I only see one way that it can turn possibly bad. If scrotus takes it and smacks it down l, other than that, it’s a win. Maybe I’m missing some other potential problem I don’t know.

Bold moves are what we need. This is good news!

A couple of issues.. Using the word “unnecessary” as if there us ever a proper time to take a persons rights, especially while not being punished.

And I’m not sure how or when “public safety” became the pathway to doing it. The individual has unalienable rights that trump the group, not the other way around.

@abolishtheregistry: If “public safety” were a fair and reasonable argument for taking away an individual’s rights, then people would not be allowed to own personal guns. But they are allowed to, so apparently “public safety” is not a satisfactory justification. But isn’t it curious how it remains an acceptable argument to justify sex offender laws and restrictions? 😠 (Sex offenders don’t kill thousands of people each year – but guns do.)

Some people can’t but I get the idea.

Ok, how is this possible? Is this not grounds for a lawsuit based on equal protection? How come he only has to register as a sex offender for the term of his probation, and only if he violated probation will it be for life?

I am angry. There is something we should be able to do to have this work in our favor!!!

No where in the law does it give a judge the leeway to require registration during probation only. Either his lawyer was really stupid, or the paper got the facts wrong.

I believe I remember someone else commenting a while ago that they had the same “deal” but it was not honored when probation ended.

Possibly because he is law enforcement. The same thing happened here in the Bay Area when a cop exposed himself. You’d think they’d hold a higher standard for law enforcement, but they just get a slap on the wrist.
Here is the article:
The article says: “He is eligible to petition the court to rescind the sex offender registration requirement after seven years, contingent on having a perfect probation record.”

I had a similar “deal” agreed to by the prosecutor and the judge. But don’t ever believe any of them: once you’re off probation and still on the registry, no judge will hear your appeal. You’re screwed and with absolutely no legal recourse.

It is advisable for Anyone with a Smart Phone to Realize JUST HOW MUCH The DOJ/ LE/ NSA, etc is up Our Ass.. Get the APP(s) “Wire Tap Removal and Camera Block”.. You will Notice How You cannot remove the Apps Spying on You without an Unlocked and Rooted Phone…. It’s amazing How the apps will switch to get a recording even after You disable the Apps doing it they come Right Back…. There Goes Communication Privacy! This Is a Full Scale Deprivation Of ALL of Our Inalienable Rights….a Psychologist told Me once If Your Not Paranoid Your Not Paying attn. I Believe He Was Correct. Oh and Why do We In Kern County Have NO Support, Meetings, Representative etc. Just Askin’ Because We Are Suffering Here BAD.

We in Kern County Have No representative, No Meetings, No Support Groups, No Nadda.. I will Volunteer to Organize these things If anyone wants to Help Me “in Kern County” Contact Janice for My Information She Knows Who i am I arranged a Meeting Here for RSOL some time ago.. If We Have to I have 2.9 Acres We can set lawn chairs on and Have Outdoor meetings Here Privately there is Parking it is Safe. We Need To Organize and Support each other as much as possible.
Respectfully, Bruce F.

I agree abolish…Kudos for these attorneys having the gonads to actually file such a motion and god speed to them but it is kinda weak in a lot of areas and gives credence to their bogus risk factor determinations…Although it addresses a few of the real issues I hope when it is appealed that they have an enormous amount of data to show the recidivism rates as well as the ineffectiveness of the reg….Not to be a braggart but I believe my pro se motion is at the least comparable to this motion if not exceeding it…link to the updated version…

Mike R, this is so filled with facts and references I can’t wait to see it filed. Truly amazing job.

You may want to add links to EEOC mentioning us and the Housing benefits we are denied.

What if 1000 people took Mike’s complaint, inserted their names and flooded the courts with it? Is that possible?

I am in. How could we do this?

another cops that does no jail or have to register

Is the boy really a victim here if he knows what he is doing through blackmail? Shouldn’t he face charges too for his felonious act? The boy has a sheet of previous crimes, so he knew what he was doing. Is she a victim maybe of a con artist? Will she get her money back with interest?

Tonights phone in was a little interesting 🙂 Hope my voice helped SMUT UP Parole .. The SOB’s are there just for the $$ (well the compliance checks are anyways !) on ANY LOCKED Doors in your house BUY and put a SIGN on the door that says 24 HR CCTV In USE. They wont even ASK to unlock the door (If you do happen to have a key hidden!) and IF you have a WIFI network and are NOT supposed to be on the internet MAKE YOUR WIFI NAME HIDDEN !!!
’cause they like to make ASSUMPTIONS !

So a 26 year old POLICE OFFICER has sex with a 12 year old for 6-8 months, and the DA doesn’t file “Continuous Sexual Abuse” charges? And no enhancement for being over 10 years older than the victim? And he doesn’t have to register for life???


thanks Chris its good to hear any feedback .Steve, that is exactly my point and why I will make it available to anyone online to use as a boilerplate motion where all they will have to do is substitute their information…I am not finished with it yet, I spent another approx 10 hours on it last night intertwining a lot of the best and most useful information off of the new law suit in NC. it is getting much stronger by the day. stay tuned and keep up the comments and support, I will make it happen. I will provide the link again when I believe I have made enough changes to be worthy of new inspections….

its my opinion and belief that it’s an extreme fallacy to not not bombard the courts with as much evidence as humanly possible debunking assertions the government can throw at us. just look at the extensive record and compilation of evidence that the Court required and had in the winning Taylor case.and that was just for that one issue of residency restrictions…we cant assume anything except that the courts will deny us anyway they can so we need to be sure there is no ambiguities and no way for the government or the courts to debunk any of our claims with some kind of falsehoods…

I like what you wrote mikeriscensored on your site. Kick butt and take names!

Wow…just wow…

On the plus side, if Sex Offenders can’t get a precedent set in our court system that declares a government shaming “list” unconstitutional, maybe some immigrants can and we can turn around and use that to our advantage. On the other hand, I am sure they’ll separate them from us by pointing out we are not a protected class and do not count.

Donald Trump is doing this tinpot dictatorship thing all wrong. If he put all registrants in camps, even a majority of the pussy hats would pause. Indeed, it may be an olive branch he needs.

He said he was going to do certain things and he is following up on it. He won the presidency whether you like it or not. I don’t like some of his rhetoric but I admire his follow through.

I’ll wait to see if it’s as gloom and doom as it’s being promoted.

Mike R, or anyone with good research skills,

Do we have a way to show how ridiculous the number of incarcerations are for Sex Offenders violating S.O. conditions or failure to register? The actual numbers would go a long way to showing the lack of equal protection sex offenders get VS any other criminal.

For example, in California, I believe I’ve seen the numbers of how many sex offenders have been sent back to jail for a new sex crime and it demonstrates low recidivism, but, how many are sent back to jail/prison for breaking one of the hundreds of rules that only apply to sex offenders during probation/parole/time on registry VS how many other previous convicts are sent back to jail/prison for violating rules/conditions of probation/parole?

Showing this disparity between S.O and non S.O convicts would be important in any equal protection/bill of attainder/cruel and unusual punishment type challenges.

Another important statistic would be how much the government actually uses registration information to solve or prevent future crimes in order to show that the registration is just a punishment and not actually used for its intended purpose.

man i got 5.4 years and life on the list for a single incident where I never even had physical contact with anyone and where there wasn’t even any sexually explicit language or images exchanged but was simply inferred of a sexual nature….5 1/2 years life on the list non contact and this guy gets probation and off the list after pursuing and having multiple sexual encounters with a twelve year old…we need a list of all these cases where the courts show leniency like this to use to our advantage some how…

…and the guy who got 1500 years for incest. Yeah it does sound more disgusting by some measure, but they both were in positions of authority and trust, both hispanic, why probation in one case and a millenia and a half for the other. Maybe ’cause one wore a badge and the other didn’t. I think in most cases, a swift but moderate punishment is all that is needed, expecially with sex crimes where the recidivism is low. We got the message. Okay? More punishment is overrated as a solution to crime, and downright unhealthy as an ongoing policy. European countries function just fine with lower incarceration terms. What punishment in the U.S. serves to do is not to symbolically enshrine which crimes we dislike more than others, but which types of people we value and can therefore forgive more than others.

Want to know what Interpol is doing about sex offenders?
Want to know what these “Green Notices” that the USA sends to other countries when you travel?

Here is the link for you:

Nothing new really but some of you have no idea about this so it is essential to read it directly from the source.

“Likely to commit a crime?” Based on what? I have not seen any explanation how such an unfounded, yet profound statement with serious implications can be issued. Why were these notices not challenged? This is total and complete BS.

Both excellent points Chris. I don’t know why but every time I ask for help finding a list of cities and municipalities that are still enforcing residency and presence laws here in Cali or a list of cases such as the one just mentioned my post get deleted….Well I have revised my motion to near completion I believe at this point unless someone else wants to add a rock solid argument or at least a good jumping off point for any other issue..feel free to voice whatever opinions any of you have …. thanks………I dont know why but the numbering is wrong on my site but is proper in my motion….

In response to tired of hiding:

Taken from the site in the link ” Green Notice is issued to provide warnings and criminal intelligence about persons who have committed criminal offences and are likely to repeat these crimes in other countries.”

How exactly are most of us likely to repeat our crimes in other countries? Especially when a great deal of us haven’t even repeated the crime here. That makes no sense and is so unfairly inacted upon us. What type of measures have they taken to determine that we are likely to repeat our offense or are they just painting us to be people who can’t control ourselves? If they’re really trying to target people who are likely to travel to repeat our respective offenses then shouldn’t they at least start with only those that have actually relected it in the first place? How can this even fly as being legal?

Sounds like a grounds for libel, considering the several research work reflecting that registrants are among the lowest recidivism rates of all convicts.

I posed this same question in another thread. That is a big leap to predict that a person is likely to commit another crime. I question as to how such a statement is legal and why there has not been a legal challenge to this specific act yet.

A California “sex offender” is apparently the first one targeted under Trump’s plan to deport who knows how many, he says millions.

A contingent of ICE agents swooped into a San Francisco nonprofit that provides services to poor people Thursday, Jan. 28, after a single “sex offender.” Not clear in the Los Angeles Times story, which is full of lack of information, but it appears the guy was staying there in the housing unit as homeless.

It also is not clear whether this “sex offender” was even a registrant, the story does not say, so it could have been an offense that doesn’t even require registration, like lewd conduct, but I suspect he was a registrant. The story only says it was the last address they had for the guy — but “last” might have been from registration the day before, again, the Times story is vague.

It does not say whether this guy was covered under the waiver Obama gave for people brought here as children and who have grown up here. But since Obama was deporting any felons regardless of whether they were brought here as children, I have to think this guy is a mere misdemeanant or Obama would have deported him already! A misdemeanant registrant who is so low level an offense he should not even be registering – and the feds do not require it for misdemeanors, but we won’t even raise that issue in conjunction with the tiers proposal, to conform to federal and eliminate registration for offenses for which the US does not require it. If this guy were not registering, ICE probably would never even had known of him.

This action only gives us more ammunition – but we won’t use it. With our politicians, and so many Latinos, all falling over themselves to go to extremes to block any deportations, they MUST stop registration at least for the offenses for which the US does not require it as that is the state handing over the location of people they supposedly are trying to protect.

In fact, since we might very well be losing the federal money anyway, which has been the power that forces the state to have any registration, we now have the argument that there is nothing to lose by ending registration for all offenses! We likely will lose it, as the primary defense against that loss seems to be that Trump can’t do it as it is a matter that requires legislation. Well, the GOP is likely to pass that legislation, and with that, goodbye money. So, there will be nothing to lose by ending all registration, and we won’t be able to afford registration anyway.

I have to note the irony here. The US is locking all registrants into this country, taking action to block us from crossing the border to another country. And now at the same time, it is forcing sex offenders to go to another country! Can the US please make up its mind, can we leave the US or not!

Here is a good question, if we are ‘kicked out’, what country would take us.?Do we float around in international waters or are there some counties with policies that accept countryless person? It would kind of be the same problem detainees cleared for release from Guantanamo have. Hard to find countries for those the US had marked as dangerous, even if shown innocent later.
Kicking us out would have to include, I guess, taking away our citizenship. The Supreme Court has ruled against that, even for treason. You can take away somone’s life before you can do that.

Trump is proving to be exactly what we need here. The population of the USA allowed politicians to f with us for years with never a thought it since we are just trash in their eyes.

NOW everyone is suspect. Countries are being banned. Citizens with green cards are not guaranteed re entry into the country. Families are being torn apart. Families are worried about others being broken up…

Well guess what – Welcome to my world! This is exactly why I voted for Trump. I want these people who have not given a rat’s ass about me to see how it feels to be questioned, to be uncertain of travel, to be profiled and all of the things I have experienced and not be forgiven for.

Suffer and enjoy it like I have had to do! Welcome to my world! Enjoy yourself there…

Citizens with green cards that are felons? Countries being banned? Oh, you mean from countries we’re bombing? Yeah, I saw that. Good news and finally someone doing something to protect our borders. Granted, we wouldn’t be under threat, if we had left them alone. Here we are though, so it’s silly not to do what he has done.

Even Jimmy carter did the same thing when we had issues with Iran. That issue was of our on making too. We assassinated their elected leader and replaced him with one of our puppets but they figured it out and took the embassy.

Jimmy was the last sane democrat unfortunately.


Okay this is just getting ridiculous. A man kills a cat and he has to register as a sex offender?

Because they think he had sex with the cat, not for killing it. It’s in the article.

This whack job did not allegedly kill “a cat,” but 21 cats and was found sleeping in a car with a dead feline which may have died as a result of some rather twisted perversions. So, yea, if I’m qualified to be an RSO, this guy, if convicted, most certainly is, too. I sure as S wouldn’t want him living next to me and my family.

New Topic: Yesterday, a federal judge slapped an injunction on Donald Trump’s executive order disallowing people with approved visas to enter the U.S. from entering if they were from certain countries. From what I see on the news, the judge gave the injunction on the basis that it would could cause these people irreparable harm. I would think that this opens the door for us to complain that the Adam Walsh Act’s restriction on our spouses entering the U.S. causes us U.S. citizens “irreparable harm”. Granted that we don’t have the support of the left that Muslim immigrants have, but is there any room here for us? Could the fact that IML and AWA does cause us provable harm by interfering in our marriages be used as a basis for change given that a federal judge has done this — supposing that the injunction holds up?

More so, it could help the IML cause.

1. It probably won’t hold. I’m not 100% sure but I believe, as commander in chief, he has authority to do so, just as Obama opened up the borders.

2. If it does stand somehow, you’d be right I think. It might be usable in the way you’ve mentioned.

Well, had a compliance check on Thursday. This is the 18th straight year.
Harassment (/həˈræsmənt/ or /ˈhærəsmənt/) covers a wide range of behaviours of an offensive nature. It is commonly understood as behaviour which disturbs or upsets, and it is characteristically repetitive. In the legal sense, it is behaviour which appears to be disturbing or threatening.
Is there any recourse?

I hope there will one day be a challenge against compliance checks. Those compliance checks are unnecessary and I don’t know if they are even legal. Where in the Penal Code does it give law enforcement the right to conduct sex offender compliance checks?

As I and many others have stated several times in the past. Compliance checks can only be forced upon you if you are on Parole or Probation. If not, then you do not have to cooperate or even open your door. They have a right to knock on your door just as much as anyone else is allowed to if you have public access to your door. I’ve never heard of a Registered Citizen being arrested for not complying with a compliance check while not on Parole or Probation. Until someone is actually arrested for non-compliance, we will not have standing to file a suit on this issue. If you don’t want compliance checks, you should first send a letter to your local law enforcement requesting that they stay off your property. Then if they violate your request without cause, you might have standing to file suit.

The can do compliance checks because they have not broken any law or arrested anyone for non-compliance.

They don’t do them here, not that I’m aware of. What they do is a “wellness check”. I’ve simply told them, if I need you, I’ll call so don’t do anymore. They’ve tried it twice already.

Get a camera system and don’t answer the door!

Law enforcement is saying there are arrests during ‘compliance audits’. Just look at the San Diego SAFE Task Force web site.

Maybe you didn’t understand what I was saying? What I said was that we know of no cases (under CA law) where someone who is NOT on probation or parole has been actually arrested and charged for not allowing a compliance check. Of course if you cooperate with a compliance check request and they find you are not in compliance with ANY laws, you would be subject to arrest. That’s why if you are not on probation or parole, you should just not answer your door and especially never let them in your home.

If you are on probation or parole, you MUST cooperate with compliance checks and searches.

Yes, I agree with that. But that is not what I see addressing Tobin’s Tools concerns or mine. I see it the same as a highway patrol scanning your license and stopping you merely for having once got a traffic ticket. That may not bother some. And doing that again and again for the same past offense. That would be very abrasive to many. There is no reason for it, unless there is a present incident to suspect you, like a tail light being out. Similarly I have no problem if the officers wish to view me qietly from the public easement, waste away our tax money at will public servants, but no, it is their attempt to detain and question me under no authorization. That is problematic and disruptive. Like Hookscar pointed out, there are in cases loved ones in the household who have had such bad experiences with it all, officials and therapists and maybe made to feel responsible for a crime they had no part in besides being too close to the offender. For them, even the site of the police again at the door brings on frightening memories. There is something called abuse of power or downright criminal insensitivity, without a warrant there is no reason for the officer to attempt to detain you to ask you questions or to verify something you are only required to verify under the terms of PC 290. Lacking that, there is no other reason for it but to harrass. If there was something in the penal code that authorized it, then we maybe are talking something different.

When do they come to your house? They’ve always hit my place during the day and I only realized that when I was working from home a few years ago, otherwise I’d be at work and completely oblivious to their visit.

My recourse: Don’t be there when they are there.

Always 7:30 in the morning. Always on a Thursday and when I take my son to school. Every year. What really is a kicker is that my fiancé has PTSD. Severe enough that she sees a psychiatrist and will be declared disabled.(She has had a rough time in life) Known her for 35 years. She wants them to 🛑.


I would suggest purchasing and installing a “Video Surveillance System” in order to document any Breaches to yours, your family members, guest, neighbors “Rights & Titles” to enjoy the “Peace of the Community” by any Government Officials who have Caused and Permitted there to be a Disturbance & Nuisance for You , Your Guest, Visitors, & Neighbors.

By the way, Lorex makes a camera which also records audio, that should enable you to gather overwhelming evidence against The Wicked Servants who Covet and Desire to Steal your person and make a Merchandise of you!

Furthermore: Placing “No Trespassing” signs is needed regardless if you own or rent the domicile where you live.

Be Proactive in protecting your Rights & Titles which will also protect those around you, who you Love.

The Most High Father in Heaven be with you and yours

As Yehovah lives, so should we

Utah to add child abusers to registry, or add a separate registry for child abusers.

Some good news…The ACLU has gotten around 19 million in donations in the last few days due to Trump’s ban on immigrants.

It would be nice if that money isn’t specifically earmarked if it could be used to actually get a good case to SCOTUS to hit the Sex Offender registry scheme at its core. I don’t believe the current freedom of speech case is a good victim or well fought case to help, and could greatly hurt our cause.

Yeah, that would be nice, but if it was found out that they used it for something other than immigrants… It would look bad for their organization.

If they could somehow work them together, that WOULD be great.

ya there more concerned with foreigners and the human rights of other countries peoples but screw you’re own fellow citizens…its to bad the entire country is going to pay the price for what the handful of currupt politicians do….

I think the SAG awards were on last night or something like that for giving awards to actors. The show was mostly about how the US is mistreating immigrants. It’s sad that all those protections they want for the immigrants aren’t supported for the citizens being treated without those protections. It’s the same plight for registrants.

Once you’ve done your time, then start anew and become a part of society. How are you a part of society if you’re banned from certain locations, jobs, and travel? Restriction is another word for ban.

Containment is the word from CASOMB. It’s more scientific sounding than the word ban. The operant presumption is we have no will of our own, but instead we are studied and defined in term of properties, like a radioactive element. Their Geiger counter of choice is the Static assessment tool. They apparently believe we all have no choice in the matter. They have taken ‘way your name and given you a number. What’s yours?

Sexofendium lol. You crack me up.

Containment… internment camps… it’s all word play to disguise the fact it’s banishment, which is a form of punishment. A lifetime restriction is another word for banishment. ha ha ha

btw, kudos on the radioactivity! And just like the properties of being radioactivity is the time of decay. I see what you did there!

Terms are important, I assume, legally. They use the term containment and not banishment because banishment clearly means punishment, but containment sounds only like it is limited to regulation. One term means restriction within a border the other exclusion to outside the border, but they both in effect deny you access to the commons, more or less. That benefit of the commons is enjoyed by other citizens, whether it is physical property, a park or school or services provided by the commons, like affordable housing.

Well just completed my annual renewal this morning. As usual the apprehension builds a couple days before hand, But fortunately for me it’s rather painless at least as much as it can be.

Was in and out in less than 10 minutes. No new forms. Broached the topic of international travel and the Detective stated they had an internal form I can fill out. He also gave me his card and said I could email him my information.

Also asked him if he was aware of the proposed toured registry bill which will be introduced shortly in Sacramento. He stated no he was not but he was very happy to hear that was happening. He told me that out of aproximally 100 registrants that he deals with, maybe 15 at most should actually be registering each year. I was pleased to hear that as well since he is likely the individual that I will have to go through in order to start the process of eliminating the requirement of annual registration if the registry bill is passed.

Regardless of how you feel about Trump’s travel ban, it’s great to see so many lawmakers from across the country suddenly embrace scientific research, which states that such a ban wouldn’t have prevented a terrorist attack.

Armed with their newfound respect for scientific research, they can begin to rollback their draconian sex offender laws! Right?

There is research, some 25 years long, that refute the original sin – “frightening and high” falsehood information present in the 2003 decision and continuing on right now in the oral arguments against NC first amendment case soon to be heard at the SCOTUS level.

Please note that the “frightening and high” falsehood information is being presented as actual fact that was never substantiated as founded by Dr. Ellman.

So until the SCOTUS admits the err of their ways and admits the new studies are the correct results, then we registrants will always be abused by the government, treated like secondary citizens – not equal.

You are correct on that.

Facts be damned…”if it saves one child” blah blah blah

That is the ONLY “fact” they consider…

I cannot think of a more permanent and thorough way to destroy someone’s reputation, credibility, future and integrity than to be listed online as “sex offender.”

Make no mistake, Historians will place Megan’s Law in the same column as slavery, the holocaust and segregation. It will be regarded as how 2 parents made a spectacle out of their daughter’s tragedy and subsequently turned it into a selfish imposition and foolhardy crusade.


I would posit the term “American Apartheid”

Which is a form of practicing the “Conquest Ethic” the fruit or produce of these trees is a

“Counterfeit Justice” a “Coliseum Justice” for the Masses to Consume.


noun: apartheid

(in South Africa) a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race.
segregation on grounds other than race. “sexual apartheid”

1940s: Afrikaans, literally ‘separateness,’ from Dutch apart ‘separate’ + -heid (equivalent of -hood).

I continue to PRAYER FOR RELIEF in the Court of the Most High (EL Elyon) Yehovah Possessor of Heaven & Earth and call on these two witness to bear witness to the Wicked Servants Usurping Trespassing Ways:

How they have created Bondmen of the people Yehovah He His Highness Himself freed, How they have Created a Commodity of their fellows, I charge:
How they have Formed a Daily Bread of those who have repented.

As Yehovah מלך Lives, I speak Truth

The Registries are no different from the racist “Jim Crow” laws: Laws intended to single out individuals, at will, and punish them as one wishes.

Just read an article talking about made-up, non-peer-reviewed stats being spewed by authorities. And nope, it’s not about RCs this time:

The liars keep on lying.