MS: Sex offenders could pay for trooper school under new bill

JACKSON, MISS– One of the main talking points of this legislative session is the incredible shortage of state troopers. Representative Tom Miles told News Mississippi just how critical the shortage is Monday, outlining that only 489 highway patrolmen are on the roadways, and 189 of those are ready to retire.

The state needs an ongoing school for state troopers, and the idea has pitched to the state legislature before. The problem has always been how to fund it. Representative Andy Gipson has a solution, at least a long term one.

Tuesday, House Bill 505 was filed to increase sex offender registration fees and put the difference toward funding a trooper school. “Right now, sex offenders are paying $25 (annually),” said Rep. Gipson. “We could up that to $100 dollars, which frankly, is a lot lower than surrounding states.” Full Article

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Jeez maybe we should be buying them lunch and putting gas in their cars as swell. I could definitely see our legislature charging us to register to cover their unfunded tiered mandate.

We know that the SORs are not for “public safety”, “protecting children”, or those other lies. They are for harassment. No American supports them.

Because of that, if anyone who is listed on an SOR has to pay any amount of money for it, that person should do anything legally possible to ensure that he/she costs the criminal regime that collected the money an amount that is much higher. Personally, I like to use a factor of 12, meaning that for any amount that a criminal regime costs me, I cost them 12X (2X to cover the actual cost and 10X for punishment). So if a criminal regime costs me $100, I cost them $1,200 in exchange. I’ve been doing it for decades and there are ways to do it legally and well.

SORs – Neutralize them. Do anything legal to retaliate for them.

I thought paying a fee for this type of registration was illegal.

WOW, I’m glad I don’t live in Mississippi ! Just when I thought I’ve heard every thing, here they go again,trying to pass, an even more outrageous bill than the last one! I wonder if Rep. Gipson realizes how ignorant his “solution” sounds, he has clearly lost touch with reality! Seems like all the legislators, especially in the southern states, think they can pass any BS law they want as long as it’s against one of us! Talk about kicking someone when their down! This A-hole probably hasn’t drafted, let alone passed a bill in his whole career, so he’s trying to pass this law on the backs of registered citizens! You’re a true American hero Rep Gipson!

Wow, just wow. What a complete ass this Gipson. I know I’m not the first to say this, but it really is just like billing the family of the executed man for the bullet. Talk about insult to injury.

Why doesn’t this hayseed just enslave registered citizens and force them to build the new trooper school?

Missippipi’s education (I wonder if he can spell his state’s name?) system ranks toward the bottom at 46. Perhaps this guy’s efforts would be better applied elsewhere.

If the fees are being used to cover registration, some courts have found it to be a fee, and thus not punishment. However, if the fee is used for other means, such as revenue, as is the case here – it is seen as a fine. It could also been seen as a tax, a disproportionate tax, but courts cases in that realm have never been successful. Fines after the fact are punishment and expost facto.

If anyone can prove the fees they pay when they register actually goes to the registry and administrative costs related it, I would like to see it, e.g. a law directing registry fees usage. I say this because once money goes to the registry office, unless the law says what they have to use the money for, I don’t believe they have a set course to use it beyond what the registering office feels is appropriate. I know we all believe what it is supposed to be used for, e.g. registry and associated admin costs related to it, based upon what has been said previously. You could ask for the annual financial report of the legal entity as a matter of public record and see what it says without getting into personnel details.

unFREAKING believable! Let’s up it to $200 and pay for lunches and dinners too. Maybe next session they can up it to $300, then, when they can’t pay it, they go back to jail. Because it’s just like Price Club…if Price Club was in hell.

Talk about DISCRIMINATION! Making the last group of people that society deems it’s OK to discriminate against, now, pay for state trooper training by increasing a registration fee that they shouldn’t have to pay to begin with. How ridiculous and utterly disgusting.
These kinds of politicians make me sick!

Isn’t that grand? We’ll beat you down, kick you, spit on you, curse you, AND steal your wallet! 😠

If I lived there I would refuse to pay it, sit in jail for a month or so and let them spend way more than 100 dollars on my keep. This is total BS and to go along with this is the reason they keep getting away with it. Once these lawmakers have to pay a price for their actions this will all stop.

Servitude: service (or work)

Indentured Servitude: Historical aspect – Immigrants who traveled to America arrived as indentured servants. Servants typically worked four to seven years in exchange for passage, room, board, logging, and freedom dues. In 1917, this was abolished to hold debt for transportation. Key phrase: “freedom dues”.

Involuntary Servitude: Compelled to service against one’s will. For example, you sign up for a job. You don’t like the job after a month. You decide to quit, but your employer won’t let you quit. In the USA, this is prohibited unless to punish a crime. That would make such an act punitive.

In Cali, we don’t pay for registering. But paying for registering seems a bit off. Technically, you are working to generate said funds. Then you take your hard work’s fund and pay that to the state for registration fees. Basic math principle of transitive property: if A goes to B and B goes to C, then A goes to C.

Thus, you are actually working for the state – except you are not paying for your freedom as this payment is part of your crime.

Well, if you’re paying for your cost, then this becomes indentured servitude. Paying for restitution is considered punishment. Well, if you’re no longer under custody and have paid off your restitution, but are still paying the state yearly, then you’re an indentured servant to the state as payment for being placed on the registry???

By transitive property, you’re working for the state. Who cares if it is $20 or $100 or $1000. This fee is not part of restitution, but to the state. It can be viewed cynically as “freedom dues”. Why “freedom dues”? Because if you’re in jail, you don’t have to register. If you don’t have to register, then you don’t have to pay. If you’re out of jail, then you have the freedom to pay to register. Note, I reiterate, this fee is not part of restitution.

Oh my, this thought process is truly dark and nightmarish. This is indentured servitude – especially since this registration is not punishment.

Registration, since it is not punishment, is the modern day version of involuntary servitude (forced to service as a free person) and indentured servitude (forced to pay for freedom).

With punishment, there exists scrutiny of the levels of punishment. Because registration is considered regulatory, there exists no scrutiny of levied regulations such as having a LIFETIME regulation with no relief – despite it not being a punishment.

I’m sorry, but the invention of involuntary servitude was a way around slavery. Registrants who pay the “freedom dues” seem like they are indentured servants, but indentured servants volunteer for a set term contract. Registrants are forced to do this from 10 years to life. Either way, all three are prohibited.

News like this baffle me. I don’t see a registration for any other group of convicts plastered everywhere to where they have to register in every state nor divulge info to another country. DUI’s don’t do this.

News like this depress me as we’re viewed not as equal citizens after we’ve completed our time. In cases like this for Mississippians, it’s like they’re slaves making money for the state. Hey, let’s make them make more money for the state plantation. So you see any other convicts forced to pay outside of restitution for life? Woo whoo… anyone else see the slavery comparison where it’s only from one group to exploit?

Looks like MS offenders should consider moving to a state where there is no annual fine.

Although it may be terrible for those directly impacted, I am truly hoping this bill will pass. Because it will totally underscore the punitive nature of these laws.

Again, real slow….

1. A FEE is monies paid voluntarily for a benefit or permission to do something. Like a driver’s license, a wedding license, a contractor’s license, a building permit. Don’t want to pay these fees? Elect not to operate a motor vehicle, don’t get married, don’t work as a contractor or don’t remodel your home.

2. A FINE is monies ordered to pay as a result of a criminal conviction. Like the fine I have to pay for my speeding ticket. Failure to do so is a criminal offense.

3. Fines imposed after sentencing are EX POST FACTO punishments.

4.Ex Post Facto punishment is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

’nuff said.

How is this legal? How can someone be charged money retroactively like this?
This needs to be fought.

All those bills proposed to make the badge holders into a Super Citizens, but not ONE bill filed to hold them to a higher standard in the event they commit a crime.

I propose that if assaulting a badge holder is a hate crime, that makes the badge holder a Super Citizen. As a Super Citizen being paid to enforce the law, that Super Citizen should be held to the following if convicted of a felony:

1. If convicted, the offender should be made to pay back all wages, cost of benefits and perks of the position starting from the date of the commission of the crime.
2. Assets shall be seized if needed to pay these fine. Just like with sex offenders, the status of the police offender’s family is irrelevant, let them starve.
3. If convicted of a felony, all police offenders shall have a mandatory minimum sentence of 3x over normal citizens.
4. One felony conviction counts as TWO strikes if the felony was committed while on duty.
5. Mandatory life sentence in solitary for a third strike committed by a police offender.
6. Police offenders shall be stripped of all awards, commendations, benefits, pensions and all record of them performing any good deeds shall be deleted from the official record.
7. Police offenders shall not be allowed to live within 2500 feet of any shooting range or store that sells guns or ammo.
8. Police offenders must register for life and be visible on a public website. Regular citizens must be allowed to protect themselves from these dangerous people who have specialized lethal tactics training, emotional manipulation training and other specialized skills that make them extremely dangerous criminals.
9. Police offenders shall not be permitted to enter into intimate or platonic relationships with ANY law enforcement officer or other sworn officer of the court, county or state.
10. If the police offender committed a violent sex crime against a minor under 13 years of age while on duty, the mandatory sentence is death. No appeals permitted.

If society wishes to create Super Citizens with enhanced protections above regular citizens, then those Super Citizens must also be held to a far higher standard.

What if you can’t pay for the service you don’t want? Debtor’s prison?
These wonderful fools are insane.
Still most of us lose still greater than $100 annually due to lost employment opportunities due to public registration. How much on average does a person’s wealth go down after being put on the registry? Must be tens of thousands annually.
These brilliant leaders turn us into commodities and then develop a politically correct public works program to pay for services. Yet in the long run they loose the taxes we would have paid that could keep their troopers in school if we had better paying work. It is no wonder the state is poverty stricken, but come to think of it, the whole country is on the way to bankrupting itself and it’s human economic potential to support the police state, just like former East Germany.

the implication of this proposed law is that no law enforcement resources used in the apprehension of murderers, car-jackers and those who have made millions of dollars in their crime sprees is worth recovery through such a process.

As long as there are great thinkers like the idiot that proposed this law, there will be no chance that sanity will play a part in the legislative process, just raw emotion baby! A politicians dream and a human rights disaster packaged into one neat little bill.

Wow! I never knew this existed! People are banned from certain jobs, prohibited from living in certain areas and now released after paying their debt to society and required to pay for registration? What if they are homeless or jobless? What about the gang members, drug dealers, prostititutes, wife beaters, drunk drivers, drug users, released murderers or thousands of paroles? If this isn’t continued punishment, I don’t know what is? I can maybe see someone required to pay retribution etc, but this requires a lawsuit!