Solving a sex-offender problem that’s already been solved

Politicians have a knack for taking on problems that aren’t really problems, proposing solutions that won’t really do anything and then exaggerating the significance of what they’ve just done.

The latest Inland politician to do this is Sen. Connie Leyva, D-Chino, who has introduced the “Keep Kids Safe at School Act,” touted by Leyva and her staff as “important legislation to protect school children from dangerous sex offenders.” Full Article

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Instead of our current system of protecting our children from sex offenders by grouping them all into a “list” and removing most of their constitutional rights for an arbitrary length of time (or forever) regardless of thier dangerousness, I have a proposal that will cost significantly less, and actually protect children better without the need to relinquish more constitutional rights than necessary:

For the accused of “sex crimes”, lets create a system where the state and accused are both represented by “lawyers”. Wait…that term is already taken. Let’s call them “sex crime lawyers”.

Next, we will take the best from the legal profession and elect or appoint them into positions we’ll call “sex crime judges”. It will be their job,o r with the assistance of a qualified 12 person civilian “sex crime jury” to objectively look at all the evidence and decide the guilt or innocence of the accused.

If guilt is determined then it will be the judges and/or jury’s decision to assign an appropriate punishment and any restrictions that are tailored to the individual and crime to protect the public or rehabilitate the guilty part as well as the duration. Any restrictions that impact constitutional rights would be limited to the least restrictive to accomplish the goals.

Next, to ensure fairness, we’ll create a method of appealing and reviewing these decisions by even more qualified “sex crime judges”. We’ll call this the “Sex Crime Appeals Court”.

After the jail time is server, or immediately in case of probation, we’ll have another group take over that works with the Sex Crime Judges. We’ll call this group the “Sex Crime Probation/Parole Department”. It will be their job for the fiar duration of time determined by the sex crime court to monitor the Sex Offender, ensure compliance with appropriate restrictions, and grant relief from restrictions as appropriate. Any perceived unfairness on restricting constitutional rights could always be referred to the Sex Crime Judges and the avenue of the Sex Crime Appeals court could be called on at any time. These Sex Crime Judges and Sex Crime Probation/parole Department would oversee restrictions like where the S.O. could go, with whom he may associate, and what professions he is temporarily excluded from working in as long as they are specifically tailored o the individual and his dangerousness.

At the conclusion of Sex Crime Probation/Parole, he would be free of all burdens and restrictions and return to being a productive member of society, as that is the “carrot” and key incentive for anyone that has committed a crime in order for the best chance of rehabilitation.

How does that sound for a viable and fair solution???

Or…we could just ditch the entire “Sex Offender” and “Sex Crime” designation and just use our previously existing judicial system that was designed to do all this already!!!!!!

The more laws about sex offender registry such as the IML that are being passed that don’t make sense and do no good, the more difficulties a registrant will have, after he has paid his debt to society. Fear mongering media and propaganda of sexual crimes has twisted the minds of families to get them to support the passing of tough laws thinking it will provide full protection for their love ones and children, but don’t care to realize the negative effects it will have not only for registrants but also friends and families too.

Saw this when I was looking at the site.
“As tempting a solution as incarceration is, we have to keep in mind that incarceration is a costly venture that generally fails to bring long-lasting benefits.

Despite a budget greater than $10 billion, the state’s correction system has generally failed to “correct.”

We’ve experimented enough with mass incarceration for more than enough time to learn that longer-term investments in crime prevention and rehabilitation are needed.”

Ponderous…this woman is an ignorant pandering *****! Oh well, I mean she is a typical politician.

Can we have the fontana school board make sure that they “keep every kid educated”!
That should also mean keeping them safe from ignorance and bigotry (or is it?)
Disclaimer: “This might actually involve telling the truth.”

If they did, the sham they are trying to turn into a law would reveal itself as a gross violation of constitutional rights in many aspects. how did such a cabal of ignorant and arrogant jackasses ever seize control of a school district and attempt to usurp existing law and deny inherent rights under the auspices of hate, fear and hysteria? does anyone remember the hesperia drama? How’s that stadium going BTW?

Are these the lessons this group is trying to teach our children about being Americans?
No, instead they run away from the inconvenient truths that would dispel the myths, distortions
and stereotypes their approach is based on. That is a sad state of affairs unto itself.

Then there’s connee, spurring them on trying to turn that misguided bundle of hatred and ignorance into laws that violate the constitutional right of american citizens, registrants and their families included.
She should have been made to take a competency test prior to being sworn in, well too late for that !

This is a policy that is defined and ruled by through ignorance, class warfare
and fear mongering fostered by distortions and obfuscation of research and statistics.

Should we wait until connee can educate the school board about her plan to acknowledge and obey existing law which prohibits discrimination and denial of services to registrants? Should we wait until connee attempts to understand the notion of ex post faco punishment? Should we wait until connee and the fontana school board decides that no child left behind means that these vigilante notions should
not come above a child’s right to have their parent included in their education?

If these poor excuses for human beings would throw the children of registrants under the bus,
should you really wonder what level of hateful, ignorant and selfish excuses for human beings we are dealing with. Do they need a taste of their own medicine ?

connee, do everyone a favor and resign your post until you have read the constitution and fulfill
your oath to honor it. Should we wait for connee to do this?

As connee uses ignorance and hatred to craft legislation , she has proven herself to be one of the poster children for this sick distortion of American values. She must must grow past adolescence in order to do this. Should we wait for this?

if she will betray the tenets of a America, the constitution and impose punishment beyond existing statute,
don’t wait for a coming of age. thus she joins the ranks of the demagogues by her own selfish, hateful and myopic approach to whatever it is she calls herself. Certainly not worthy of any title that she somehow managed to obtain; living proof a person just has to merely get elected. She needs to earn it by acting like a real American… should we wait for that ?!

Considering most kids are abused by family members, how does any registry [or amendment to any SOR law] protect any child?

You would think connie would be more concerned about the San Bern Child Services department. A simple google search will reveal how the entire department is essentially complicit in killing children through incompetence.

I think if you ask anyone if they would rather a child have an orgasm or be drowned in bleach, at least 5% of Americans would say orgasm. Naturally the average American would much rather see a child horribly killed than molested, but that’s just how Americans are nowadays.