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The government made me a sex offender

I stood silently as the customs official swiped my passport through the card reader at his station. He swiped it again then lifted his head and stared at me judgmentally. Turning to his terminal, he began typing frantically. “Is something wrong?” I asked, knowing that something indeed was wrong. “Is it the magnetic strip?”

“No,” he stated tersely. “The computer has flagged you as a sex offender.” He called out something like, “I need an assist,” and a rather large agent quickly approached. “Sir, you need to go to secondary. Follow me.” I did. His imposing size left few options. Plus, where was I to go?

As we walked to a room off the main inspection area — “secondary,” I assumed — I saw a Latino man, perhaps Mexican, tackled to the floor by two or three other agents. I watched as a pair of legs and arms struggled beneath blue jackets. I believe “runner” was the term bantered about.

I should probably make clear at this point that I am not a sex offender. I have never been accused of, tried for, plead to, or convicted of any criminal offense (a few speeding tickets aside), much less a sex offense. What, then, was happening? Perhaps I would find out in the small backroom called “secondary,” a room littered with occupied, plastic chairs, fluorescent lamps and flanked at one end by a raised platform, a dais, manned by several agents, each either flipping through a file; typing, eyes fixed on a terminal; or phone in hand, on hold, waiting to speak with some unseen, unnamed superior, whose word was likely final. In the back, I noticed two other rooms, interview rooms, with their doors cracked. A crying woman sat in one. In the other, an agent walked past the door before pushing it closed. Full Article

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  1. Nicholas Maietta

    The Commodore 64 or TRS-80 model computers are far more intelligent than the morons who pushed and passed IML. Now it is effectively restricting the movement of non-registrant citizens.

    • Even less processing power is more

      Heck, even the Commodore Vic-20 with tape drive and the TI desk computers of the day are vastly superior to the workers who are merely cogs in the machine……

  2. T

    Wow this is the effects of the IML that’s was signed into law in secret that no one knows about. It’s sounds like this was a case of mistaken identity, not only does the IML effect all registrants but also innocent people in general, and this can prove Janice’s point about how punitive and unconstitutional the IML is correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Great case in point and possible lawsuit add-ons?

      Agree with you and is a great case in point of the entire system in general for Janice, et al, to use when challenging it.

      Is contacting those who are impacted by this and aren’t Registered Citizens for their willingness to join the lawsuit possibly helpful? Heck, the writer may even learn a few things and be willing to write a larger story about IML, RC’s, etc. Just something to consider…

  3. New Person

    What I find odd about this is the author’s perspective. He knows he’s not a registrant, but denotes every experience related to a registrant and says, “Can you imagine what it’s like to have to deal with this?” He can prove he isn’t a registrant afterwards.

    Also, he has no way off of the registry.

    The author isn’t cognizant this is the harsh reality of a registrant or that a registrant has varying degrees of offenses as he depicted smuggling little children in from Mexico in his car. What he recounted is great and detailed.

    This recounting of events reveals the right to travel freely unmolested isn’t so. It also shows how invasive it is in everyday living as he was “banned” from the YMCA. I hope this is just the start for the author as he is just a the tip of the ice berg – and with an ice berg, the bulk of it cannot be seen above the water.

    This brings me back to the “dissemination of information” or the “giving away of privacy”. If the author is a resident of California, then maybe he should institute the use of the California Constitution: Article 1, Section 1 –

    SECTION 1. All people are by nature free and independent and have
    inalienable rights. Among these are enjoying and defending life and
    liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and pursuing
    and obtaining safety, happiness, and privacy.

    There it is. “… inalienable rights… pursuing and obtaining privacy.” Hopefully, that will force the state from recognizing he’s not a registrant. Also, it would be a great test to be removed from the IML. But seeing how he is incapable of being removed from the IML as a free person, then maybe this experience can be used in Janice’s case against the IML, or at least bring about a second case. We do not know what exactly does happen to a registrant after being detained, though. Yet, recounting of events and similar occurrences with other ‘same name and same birth date’ should prompt the recklessness of the government’s employment of the IML or any registry, for that matter.

  4. Eric Knight

    Why is the real offender’s picture on the article? If he is a California offender, then Megan’s Law is being broken, last I heard. Any time a picture on Megan’s law list is published without official authorization, it is a misdemeanor. It matters not if it is a blog or major news organization.

    • Timmr

      What section of the law is that, and who can I contact to report this to? Any suggestions? This really bothers me, also.


      Can you please quote the law that states you must have permission to re-post a RC’s photo. I have never heard this.

      • steve

        This is thee only disclaimer that discourages reproduction of the information. I belief it use to say there is no reproduction at all.

        “Legal and Illegal Uses. The information on this website is made available solely to protect the public. Anyone who uses this information to commit a crime or to harass an offender or his or her family is subject to criminal prosecution and civil liability.”

        • Timmr

          The picture in this article is there to neither, ostensibly, harass the registrant, nor it it there to warn the public. The only solid thing to be said is that it sells the story. Hee, hee, which one is the monster? Take a guess. Funny. The registrants image can be copied without the owner’s permission, because registrants’ personal features are now public domain caused by indifference to the person who breaths behind the pixels; if not explicitly stated as such by law, it is by advese possession of our living details by perscriptive use and reuse without recourse to legal challenge that our image serves not us but the masses. In other words our humanity itself is null, we are commodities with no copyright. In order to use the image of a can of soup you must seek permission of the manufacturer, but the image we have inherited and cultivate throughout life is part of the commons and we are not allowed to post a ‘no trespassing’ sign on its borders. The public, who now owns our images puts us in a type of bondage and involuntary servitude so we must update them regularly upon threat of more pain from the ‘masters’. Every new scar or wrinke is documented in title. We can not even put ‘no longer an offender’ or ‘rehabilitated’ under the image. Everone is guaranteed the right to own property, but the most salient expression of what we own, our own bodies is taken away with one set of laws, called PC 290 in California, and generally Megans laws throughout this confused nation. And there is no compensation for that taking, making it theft. If there is any law that gives us back our most personal property our image after we have supposedly paid our dues, I would like to know.

        • 4sensiblepolicies

          That’s profound. Even with my intense hatred for the registry and what it really stands for, I hadn’t even looked at it that way before. A can of soup has more rights than a registered citizen. Makes me pretty mad to ponder that. This has to change. It has to. It will – but when?


      What does “official authorization” mean? Where is the law you’re referring to?

  5. ab

    This is how to prove the overall ineffectiveness and overreach of any type of registry. A system can’t be allowed to exist with so much room for error. Let’s imagine someone had to register for X number of years and then they don’t need to any longer. What happens if the data is not updated? Probably the exact situations faced by the man here and for everyone who has the same name and birthday. Worse yet someone currently registered runs into being flagged but some information about them is incorrect. It is unlikely that they could get the info fixed.

  6. T

    Keeping someone on the registry deliberately whether they are a registrant or not for life is a waste of that person’s life, their time, and effort to live normal lives and it is cruel.

    • jo

      Nahhhhh, it’s just like a membership at Price Club.

    • Tired Of Hiding

      Yes, it IS cruel and the United States government and Obama should be considered a terrorist organization against nearly 1 million of their citizens by giving them a lifetime designation which causes them to be discriminated against, hated, and even hunted down and murdered.

      This is no different that Nazi Germany giving the same sort of designation and making them second class citizens which ultimately led to discrimination, abuse, and finally mass murder.

      This must be stopped before it is too late. The police state must be held accountable and the politicians who have made these discriminatory “laws” must be punished and shown for the evil than motivates them.


      • FRegistryTerrorists

        Amen. Declare war on anyone who supports the Registries. They are not Americans.

  7. Tired Of Hiding

    The government has made us all sex offenders. If they had any motives other than creating an underclass of people used to scare the masses then sex offenses would be handled like any other crime.

    Pay your time…Pay your debt to society…be allowed to move on with your life.

    But this is America…land of the “free” which is strange because no one is free here.

    This article really only shows that the government is f*cked up and I am glad to see that others are being abused by the government. Perhaps they will that to someone who have the power to actually do something about it AND actually cares about justice. Of course, that person doesn’t exist it seems.

    SO thanks Obama for f*cking us over as one of his final acts after 8 years with IML.

  8. jo

    This is nothing buddy, wait until you are denied entry into the majority of countries…

  9. G4Change

    I’m glad this has happened to this guy, and I hope it keeps happening to him. I hope it happens to more and more people. He keeps whining about a solution. The solution is to get rid of these registries. Period!
    Until people like him can comprehend this, I will smile bigger and longer each time I read and article like this!!!

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