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WI: ‘Modern-Day Leper’

A “modern-day leper.”

Those are his words, not ours. Ventae Parrow is branded by the state of Wisconsin as a “homeless sex offender” and, by many in society, an outcast to be feared, warned about, and shunned. He’d have more rights to move freely if he’d killed someone. He’s served his prison sentence (again), but the elaborate network of Milwaukee city ordinances places almost insurmountable restrictions on how and where he can live. Milwaukee sex offenders who fall under new ordinances pretty much can’t live anywhere, except – the map shows anyway – Jones Island wastewater treatment plant, and a few other places that are tiny dots on the map.Full Article

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This is your registry, tiered or not. This could be any of us, even me. I saw the possibility early on and did something about it but it could still be my future or any of ours, under any form of registry. Don’t kid yourself.

The authorities and lawmakers claim that “Megan’s Law” (community notification) is not considered custody or confinement, but it is CONTAINMENT under human subjugation – which is actually worse because freedom without reasonable expectation of privacy is intrusion.

They know it’s punishment. It’s a soft conspiracy formed out of the mindset of protecting “just one kid” and protecting their jobs.

Is there any other portion of society that is forced to live like this?
This guy works, obviously pays taxes, society can’t just “exclude” whoever they want, it’s unjust.
We did away with “witch-hunting” and “leper colonies” a long time ago, it’s time to get rid of the “sex offender” label and the stigma that goes with it. No one questions where the murderers and thieves live. They did their time, they get to move on, live without zones. Time for more lawsuits so the offender population can take back their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

Unfortunately, we’ve seen time and time again that judges will use any excuse given by the state to avoid calling the Sex Offender label or laws unconstitutional even though they clearly are. They are mostly elected judges, and their opposition merely has to Tweet that they were soft on Sex Offenders and their careers are over. We live in a Twitter world where the logic of backing Sex Offender reform doesn’t fit in a 160 character tweet.

Our founding fathers had this covered though, but their plan has been watered down and hardly used in modern times. It’s called Bill Of Attainder.

The only way to abolish all attempts at registries for any reason will be a successful Bill Of Attainder challenge all the way to SCOTUS before Trump puts in Justices that will simply ignore the constitution.

To do this, the case cannot rely on just one unconstitutional factor, but muse point them all out. The clients cannot be ones that can win for a mere “ex-post-facto” challenge or the justices will ignore everything else “till another day” and let off just a few old sex offenders. The challenge must overwhelm with statistics by government and private reports.

The challenge must include how the laws were created by victims parents filled with rage and hate to create laws that wouldn’t actually have protected their children.

The challenge must also point out how creating sex offender laws to stop them from breaking existing laws is absurd, because that only puts a burden on law abiding previous offenders as those who are going to break the law anyway won’t care about IML compliance, providing the Internet Identifiers they use, or avoid places where children gather. That’s like creating a law to require car thieves to list every licence plate of a car they get into so it can be cross referenced with stolen cars and bust them again. The car thief isn’t going to comply, only the ex car thieves that weren’t a threat now anyway.

The challenge must show that creating lepers out of people that have done their time puts more kids in danger than it could ever help. With 95% of sex crimes committed by family and friends, it makes it more likely offenders won’t be turned in due to the horrible consequences of no housing, and no job for who was the primary bread winner and their family. This leads to obvious chances of more victims because the offender never got “caught” and helped through treatment. It makes it so people won’t take “deals” that involve registration and either get off free to offend again, plea to lesser charges and don’t get help, or cost the state lots of money and time to put them away for longer than they need to be. It means that a person is more likely to KILL their victim than leave a witness that can put them in registration forever.

Until the root of the problem (registries) can be addressed head on, this game of whack-a-mole will continue indefinitely. Any “registry” that bypasses the existing criminal justice system and doesn’t allow a punishment and restrictions tailored to an individual person with a proper appeal system is unconstitutional…period.

I wish I had the money to help the cause, but I’ve already been financially broken by the system and my remaining time on the registry won’t be enough to get a case to court. I’ll be glad to help as I can, even if it’s just ramblings like this.

Personally I think the real victories will come from attacking the title “Sex offender”.
It’s such a mental road block for any and all.
That title fades away and everything else born of it will follow.

I wanted to put this in general comments but couldn’t find it… Illinois has new laws going into affect starting Jan 1st this one caught my eye. ShareTweetComments0
More than 200 new Illinois laws scheduled to take effect on Jan. 1. Here are the new laws governing Crime, Courts, Corrections and Law Enforcement:
Provides that if the defendant pleads guilty the plea shall not be accepted until the court explains maximum and minimum penalty provided by law, any possible increased sentence for prior conviction or future conviction and any possibility of consecutive sentences, any registration requirement that accompanies the plea and the restrictions associated with the registration, and the consequences of the plea on a defendant’s ability to apply for housing/obtain a job/obtain a driver’s license/possess a firearm. Thought the registration part was interesting I wish it had been explained to me as well as that it could change at any time for the worse.

I wish the “registration part” was explained to me as well, and the fact that they could actually change the registration time requirement from 10 years to life- after the fact. I would have never ever plead to the misdemeanor that I was convicted of, knowing that “oh 7 years later” they can summarily change the plea agreement, which included the registration agreement. I only received probation, but still treated the same as alllll the other sex offenders. Of course Sex Trafficking and Child Sex Tourism is my goal in life ……

lawmakers, law enforcement and the justice system does not own me or this planet or universe, they might think they do, but they don’t. It all about keeping those nice cushy useless goverment jobs. I did something which they believe is wrong ( 4 naked pictures of a sixteen year old) ok I admitted I did, went to jail for three months paid thousands in legal fees and they think they control my life forever, not anymore. I did not rape, murder, rob or abuse anyone I just had a thought, today Adam and Eve, Elvis, John Walsh to name a few would be a RC, screw them, I am not a RC I am a human being with family, friends, goals, accoplishments and hobbies.

California’s sex offender management board just posted statistics than can be used as appeal to US Supreme Court for proper usage of statistics in reprimand for original usage of statistics as well as the further developments after their position.

“he must figure out where he is going to lay his head for the night. ”

Having that alone would have been a dream while I was on parole. Not only was I forced to be homeless and kept away from my wife and kid(paroled to another county in spite of the fact that the law required me to be released to the county of my last known residence AND had parole terms which prohibited any contact with them….and no, neither were my alleged “victim,” which was a fictitious victim in the first place), I had to stay where my parole agent assigned me to stay and just hope the police didn’t bother me, which they did from time to time since my homeless status put me in violation of city ordinances. Just the fact that he had friends who could let him stay the night is a huge advantage over how it was for me and hundreds more made to live on the street.

That’s rough. I count my blessings to have had the path I’ve had so far. I hope one day the courts will see the mess they’ve allowed as it is and change it. I really don’t think people are going to continue to take it, without lashing out, for much longer.

Amendment XIV (1868); Section 1. … No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

That may be over simplfying the basic fact…

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