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In-depth: California lawmakers consider bill that ends lifetime registration for certain sex offenders

California lawmakers are considering a controversial bill that would end lifetime registration for certain sex offenders.

Proponents of the bill say it would allow law enforcement to concentrate on high-risk offenders. Full Article


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These guys are thugs! I was appalled the mom let them in? People pay their debt to society and I truly think the cops get off by putting these guys down! Total thugs!

“The mother of 10-year-old Christopher Meyer, who was kidnapped and killed by a convicted sex offender” Of course, the media throws in this ‘drop in the ocean’ incident to fan fear, as if it is the typical.

Just a little thought experiment here… if this woman’s kid was killed by a registered SO, couldn’t she sue the state for not protecting her kid? After all, isn’t that the purpose of the list? Or is there language in the 290 law that shields police/the state from that?

Or… if we say that the list is for parents to educate themselves about risks to their kids… (again, thought experiment, devil’s advocate here) couldn’t it be said that it’s this woman’s own fault for what happened to her kid? There’s a list, the guy is on it, she didn’t do her duty.

Basically I’m just trying to expose the fallacy that the list makes people safe. I mean, if people are on the list and still do bad things, and people not on the list do bad things, then what’s the point of the list?

The point is to absolve the public and their elected officials from taking any responsibility for thoughtful policy. That’s why the government says, here’s the list, protect thyself or whatever. We don’t know if it will help you, but it is what you wanted, the right to know. Here’s is the list of known bad men and what is worse that illegal sex? You said it. Nothing. This is about 10%, though. Who knows where the rest are. They should bring back hanging and quartering for these guys, because they are just irredeemable. But you didn’t hear us say that. It’s just out there. Collective subconscious knowledge or something. And by the way, don’t harm them outright. It is a rule we ought to mention. Not really regularly enforced, but still a no no. The other 90 % of the offenders are people you know — enjoy your right to know what you don’t know. And the public whines back, ah, but you said you would protect us, baby wants protection, now. From you Mr. Politician. Now we know that all the sex offenders are living around us, 100’s, 1000’s, we feel even more scared. And that is only 10% whaa! Make them go away. Make them stay away from the parks. Make them stay away from the schools, the bus stops, the libraries. Just make them. Shackle them. Make them invisible. Imprison them. Do it so we don’t have to think of it anymore.

Wow, a positive article on something like this from a local news agency is surprising. I completely expected the article to be about how bad of an idea it is and how SO’s are more likely to reoffend than Trump going on a tweeter rant.

News pieces like this are preparing and conditioning the public for the inevitability of a tiered registry that will result in relief of ex offenders duty to register at some point. I don’t think they are fanning fear by including the mother of the 10 yr old. In fact quite the opposite. People like her would be the most vehemently opposed to such a bill ( as we’ve already seen at the first hearing on this bill) , but even she admits the registry is comprised of people who shouldn’t still be on it. By splicing her opinion in there, flanked by the “expert” outlining the benefits to the community of a tiered registry, they manage to neutralize fear. When they say things like ” controversial bill” and ” moving through the legislature carefully” – they are assuring the public that they looking out for their safety first and foremost.

All mainstream news is propaganda to manipulate the public opinion in a certain direction. This one indicates a new direction for us.

Did you see the articles they put out for the two days prior? This was a build-up hit. KRON4 is not helping.

The mainstream media will always control the dialectic. There is no real or authentic mainstream investigative journalism anymore, so when you see the 6 o’clock news putting out a pro- tiered registry segment, it is telling . The truth behind agendas will never be told especially by the likes of District Attorney O’Malley but, that they are actually advocating for a tiered registry and programming people to accept now, is significant.

This gives me more reason to think this bill is going to pass. How it reads after many likely modifications take place, is the mystery part, but if it inspires real hope to a significant number of registrants who had no hope before, it will be a good thing.

how many of you think this tiered bill is going anywhere and that if it does what kind of bs laws are going to be passed targeting those left on the registry..I am very concerned because as many may not realize is Jessica’s law is still on the books in CA it just isn’t being enforced because they know it couldn’t stand constitutional scrutiny because it isn’t narrowly tailored enough. that law lifetime GPS monitoring and residency restrictions in it just to name a what’s going to happen if they create this tiered registry? Who knows but I want to be prepared even though I’m not a high risk offender if they were to try and slap a GPS back on my leg and I can’t stop it through the courts before it happened the innocent people of this state would have a serious problem on their hands. I will never let them strap a shackle on me again. NEVER. and I will nit go back to prison for not answering to the regime and for not complying with anything and everything they want to throw against the wall to see if it sticks. it’s time we stop with just taking what the government offers us and being complacent about our situation. We need real change and a real challenge in the courts. check out my post in the shackled for life forum and lets see how many people are willing to put their money where their mouths are and are tired of hearing it’s impossible and we have to take bably steps. brown v. board of education wasn’t a baby step, miranda v. Arizona wasn’t a baby step, roe v. wade, obergrfell v. hodges, gideon v. wainwright, and on and on. the courtroom is where real change occurs, not because of public opinion or perceptions but because words have power when it comes to the constitution and the right words in the right order can change the country…check my post in shackles for life….together we can bring real change.

Ok Mike R, I understand your concern but if you recall, the residency requirements of Jessica’s law are unconstitutional. They may only be applied on a case by case basis. Secondly, as I’m sure Janice will confirm, the GPS section clearly states that any offender sentenced to time in the CDCR is required to wear an ankle bracelet for life. I don’t see how the tiered registry would affect these laws in terms of enforcement other than a compliance check. They also cannot be changed by the legislature given the fact that they were imposed via a statewide ballot initiative in 2006. I think you’ll be ok.

This is precisely the reason to why Nancy O’Malley is not to be trusted. She is turning the tide on (and villainizing) so called “high risk” offenders. No mention of the SARATSO and Static 99 “science” behind it. Makes me wonder whether O’Malley invited the KRON crew to peddle her agenda. Surely the recent stories are aimed to legitimize the ‘high risk’ label, and legitimize the registry itself.

Further evidence that CASOMB and O’Malley ought not to be trusted! “High risk” label based on fake Static 99 ‘science.’

“’Those individuals will stay lifetime registrants and there is no possibility for them to get off,’ O’Malley said.”

She probably should’ve chosen another way to say they won’t be removed from the registry.

“[The bill is] now being pushed ahead by State Senator Scott Wiener of San Francisco and is making its way through the legislature.”

Please, please, please do NOT let it be called the Wiener Law.


“’Those individuals will stay lifetime registrants and there is no possibility for them to get off,’ O’Malley said.”

Again, I will re-iterate that registration is all about privacy. The California Constitution protects the right to pursue and obtain privacy. O’Malley is breaking the law by openly stating this.

Also, statements like this implies there is review on whether penalties like this are cruel and unusual. This is tyrannical action. There is no actual scientific proof for requiring a lifetime supervision. cray, cray!

Registration would be extended to those who fail register under the bill. That is incentive to remain complaint. With life registration there isn’t much to lose.

What I don’t understand is why they feel they have to monitor every last former offender on the list. There is nothing in the law that mandates the compliance checks. They have the leeway to chose where to spend their resources. The idea behind Megan’s law was to provide information to the public, so they could make the choice to watch out for those on the list or not, as they saw fit, and that would solve the perceived problem of invisible offenders, making up for the fact the registrants were no longer under the supervision of the state after completed their sentences. Listing someone’s name AND putting them under police supervision seems to cross the line SCOTUS drew to divide punishment from regulation. So, apparently they want this law to allow them to continue to violate Smith v. Doe. I also do not understand why, since they have all the former offenders crimes in their databases and any SARATSO scores, the couldn’t just tier their compliance checks administratively so they are checking those with the higher offenses more often and tier one offenses not at all. Sorry this particular argument for SB 421 has some real cognitive dissonance problems.

1) As someone else has pointed out, there’s all sorts of overtime/grant money from the Feds to do this stuff. So of course the departments are going to spend “someone else’s money”, regardless the futility of it. It looks good in the papers and on TV, too.
2) LE as a whole in this country seems to believe they can (and must!) stop every single instance of every single crime. Heaven forbid they do risk-based policing, because if they miss just one, the media, legislators, etc. will be all over them. They’re just one more element of the “perfectionist society” in which we now live. We seem to have forgotten the Pareto, or 80/20, Principle ( applies to almost everything in life, including medicine, engineering, land ownership, labor-management relations, and yes, risk management. It also means that attaining that last 20% becomes geometrically (read: prohibitively) more expensive (money, effort, etc.) to achieve.

As a side note, I recently read an article where an interesting point and rhetorical question was raised. When, exactly, did police stop being “peace officers” and instead became “law enforcement officers”? There’s a big difference between the two. Food for thought.


The problem is on this fad of preventive policing. The police need to go back to simply catching people after a crime is committed. That is or was their function. If that is done well and non descriminatingly then the certainty of being caught reinforces the deterent effect of punishment. Now they are trying to modify social and physical environments to prevent crime, like you said to reach this perfect state of safety, which will never exist, except in the fantasy of the totalitarian. They are now functioning more like the Pinkertons of the 19th century factory towns, operating under a utilitarian mandate to keep people in their place. I am not against prevention, but that should be done moderately and democratically by social and economic elements of society that reward lawful behavior, create opportunity and treat mental illness.

Prior to the mid 19th century, there were no organized police forces. They emerged at the will of the wealthy ruling class that controlled municipal governments to “protect and serve” the elite capitalists from the working class.
And they’ve continued to play that role ever since.

As far as the California registry goes, there is already an internal tier system in place . 20 years ago, a desk seargent told my husband what tier he was in (in that precise language) There is low/serious/high risk . Back then it was based on penal code conviction AND prior arrest record ( even minor arrests for smoking pot that didn’t result in convictions)
So yes, they already have registrants categorized but must all be treated as an aggregate because I think it has nothing to do with dangerousness, and everything to do with compliance for the sake of compliance and obedience. Even at my own place of employment we now have a ” compliance officer” , and everything has to do with ” compliance”. It’s a very strange development, but I just see it as a microcosm of the entire system we are all under.

It is one of those positive feedback loops that really got going after 911. Everyone wants to check on everyone else to make sure they are valid and safe and following the rules. God forbid you let a sex offender prune your roses. A whole service sector has evolved out of it. I have to pass a compliance test to accept credit cards and submit to background checks to advertise with a lead generation company. The BBB is always verifying that I am using their right logo on my web site, and following their rules. Then there is to payroll service that wants to charge me $1500 to develop an employee handbook for my one and only, and part time, employee, my son. They will scare you with penalties and disabilities if you don’t keep up, but how can one pay or have time to comply with all these rules and still do your job and have something for yourself? Not if you are a sole owner.
We have got to be the most validated population in the history of the world. In order to compete you have to look more perfect than the next guy. The only ones that can do this are large corporations that can hire lawyers, accountants, lobbyists, pr men and women, politicians, whoever to get the field leveled to their advantage.

Actually, the first modern major urban police force was the London Metropolitan Police which was formed as a response to the massive migration to the city during the Industrial Revolution and, some would argue, to a lesser extent, the greatly increased availability of hard liquor. mo’ people, mo’ problems. The big change was the “loosening”of criminal penalties later. Death mutilation or banishment/transportation we no longer the only option.

reward for good behavior ? that was how I got out of prison , and off prole , but then years later they said just kidding , your a monster , and your family and friends are too, if we are lucky enough to have them , will also be under threat from witch hunters for life , all we can do my friend is have each others backs when ever we can , and stand up in any way we can in a positive way , make the picture they paint of us a lie at every turn , and every chance you have to laugh ,love , and have good fun do it as long as we can , we should set up BBQ’s state wide and share good times and food , music lol oh well I can dream it makes me smile

Why not? Get together. They want us isolated, because that makes us even more powerless. So why not get together and become plaitiffs in a suit against all this like those did in Iowa. Hmm, I thought California was the leader. Provincial me for thinking that.

good ole Timmr ! your right we should be taking point , we should all be getting together every chance we get , BBQ’s are great way to start having some fun , everyone bring a little something they want to cook , or what ever . free camp grounds all over the state , if people cant make to one place for what ever reason , catch one somewhere else in the state , know one ever wants to come to Kern Co , so everything is like a long way for me and my family ,lol , I just want people to know we are hear and would love to see some people , make some friends have some good food , camping is great if you know where to go , just an idea , we are open to ideas . but a little fun among friends go’s a long way when it comes to people pulling together , good to here from you timmr

I don’t mind Kern county, especially the Sierras. If a group would want to hike from Mineral King to Horseshoe Meadow on Inyo, I am up for it. But it can be an outing. That’s good too. And like you said it is living cheap, but living in the luxury of nature. Every second counts, so take advantage of what we have here. Anything like that reminds you there is no such thing as a registrant. Rain and snow and sun falls on registrant and non registrant without prejudice. You look at 2000 year old trees and see in comparison how petty and short sighted man’s laws can be.

Timmr we have never been over mineral king before , I just looked at it and looks really nice , most of the time we go to kern river , or out in the Mojave and hall our water , we become old hands at hanging out there , and your only 10 min from a small town , plus not everyone wants to go there lol ,, but your just a few min from red rock , dirt bikers every where , lol . ghost towns not far ! UFO filled night sky’s lol , I am down for getting everyone we can to pull together have some fun , good clean cheap fun , we don’t want to stop living and enjoying our self’s just because of some witch hunting web site and crappy laws , lets all hang out people ! we are the victims now , but we can choose to try to move on from victim at every turn we can create our selfs , because these unjust laws are not going to go away over night , so in the mean time lets get on with doing some living , I am sick of being a victim and living like one ,

Sounds good to me. Not all get togethers have to be in dim buildings discussing registries. Time is short and there is a lot of beauty to see, and companionship to be had.

Is this proposed law and the provisions to allow people to petition to be removed after a time certain exclusively for persons convicted California or will they apply to all registrants? If it does apply to ou of stater, what evaluation/tier assignment standards will it use? That is a problem in a few states that have otherwise semi-reasonable laws regarding removal from the registry or the website. You see the “whichever is greater” line in their statutes or they accept the classification from your home state, even if life’s the only option. I was told that by Maine, Connecticut and a couple others. Ohio has been doing end run around their own laws and court decisions using that little offense classification theory. IIRC, that is what happened to Derrick Logue from Once Fallen.

well I know what the cops do when an rso is in danger of there life . they wait tell we are dead , do a little asking around , if someone points out the guy that kills the rso , they go get the guy and lock him up , but they just wait for a body to happen , and if things keep going the way they are the state will hand out awards to thugs , rather than helping us get off this witch hunters list , go back to where to only the cops knowing where we live , and be able to get off that after so many years , its long over do , I have to say this I am sick to death of cheating soccer moms , and under age hooker chasing dads looking down dang nose’s at me , sorry I just had to get that out , I feel better now ! I wish no harm on anyone , so I will leave with this love every breath of life you have , one more thing , Watch Out For Hammers !!! baseball bats ! and Fools !!!

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