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Weiner will bear weight of sex offender laws he helped pass

… Do you remember those committee hearings you attended on the Adam Walsh Act (a failed attempt to standardize the complexities of sex offender registration)? Hopefully you paid attention, because sex offender registration laws and compliance with such laws are far more complex than simply avoiding sending nude pics via the wrong phone app. You helped make sure that, over the past decade, registration laws became some of the most draconian laws known to man. Full Article


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Great article. As we are learning, those politicians who push hardest for stricter laws are often the ones with something to hide. Guilt is a powerful motivator.

@Follow the $
You mean like former Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL), who helped push the AWA through Congress before having to resign? (


every NY registrant needs to get this out wherever he/she can

just throw it out all over and show how hypocritical these NY lawmakers like Skelos etc are

leave me a message if you are a NY registrant and want to form a group

Revenge tastes sweet? I can’t help but laugh at this moron for pushing laws like this and getting screwed by them, well deserved. Now if only more of these lawmakers can end up on the registry since that’s where they belong (since they aren’t perfect angels), then we could have more media attention on this matter.

I don’t say oh good we have revenge on this politician. No one deserves our punishment. I look at this as someone that has knowledge and can advocate for changes that could help all of us. He will now see that we are all lumped together in a never ending cycle of punishment. We should reach out to him, educate him and get him to help advocate for changes to the laws.

He also co sponsored “Katie’s Law” to authorize taking your DNA sample upon arrest.

“Unlike other criminals, sex offenders pose a unique challenge to law enforcement and communities due to high recidivism rates.”
– Representative Anthony D. Weiner NY ( March 2009)

Ok, well now he is officially no longer human, but something like radioactive waste, and should be kept away from children’s play areas, virtual and physical, to avoid toxic contact. What half life (tier) will they assign him?

It’s federal, so probably Tier 2 for 25 years for the win, Alex. Oh, and unless things have changed recently, the Feds don’t do “straight”probation sentences like what I received, so he will spend some time at Club Fed at a minimum.

I see him as a rather crafty narcissistic buffoon with a deep need for attention and admiration, so he may not go away into obscurity like we’d expect. In fact ( considering his relatively young age) , his radioactivity might dissipate rather quickly if they can use him for their agenda.
My guess would be minimal prison time ( if any at all) , an ankle monitor, tier 1, social media ban, an accelerated sex offender program, interviews , extreme public display of contrition, being completely “cured” in a few years time and some form of clemency ( it may already be part of some backroom deal) in his future.
He might even go on the talk show circuit saying how sex offender laws should be strengthened ( but as his addictions have been dealt with , he’s not really one of them) .

Anything is possible.

“minimal prison time ( if any at all)”
The plea agreement lays out the details. His offense score (33 out of a possible 43) suggests 135-168 months of prison, but the statute limits that to “only” 120 months. Neither prosecution nor defense are asking for departure or adjustment. Prosecution feels 21-27 months in prison appropriate. He further agrees not to seek a sentence adjustment outside or below the 21-27 month range. Fines range from $35k to $350k, and he will not appeal any fine less than or equal to $350k.

“some form of clemency ”
I wish him good luck on this idea. Since he pleaded to Federal charges, any clemency would have to come from the President. Were they State charges, the Governor would be the person–and I would agree more with there being a back-room deal. His plea deal also says that if the charge for which he’s pleading guilty is vacated in any manner, the other charges that are not time-limited can be raised against him. One of the dropped charges was receipt of sexually explicit material from a minor under the age of 16. Enticement of a minor, etc., are also in there. IDK what the statute of limitations on those are for the Feds, but I gotta think it’s a good 10 years or more. So again, I wish him luck on any clemency.


His score is “33” . I didn’t know this and it is very interesting.
He holds a dual Israeli/US citizenship. He can always Ex-patriate when done with his sentence.

juts look at the plea deal it’s spelled out in Justice Dept lingo it’s obvious he can move to Palestine as his marriage will be recognized there but he can go to Jerusalem and wail like Trump at the Wall(Trump was thinking how can I build a wall like this one) need to get them Mexican contractors who built this ol wall

Yeah, I don’t want him for my spokesman, I don’t think. He is no Josh Gravens. Maybe he’ll change, though.
I don’t like the whole celebrity spokesman thing, anyways. We need more regular guys and gals speaking up. Not some gossip magnet. It looks more honest that way.

While I am sorry that the innocent members of his family will suffer, I’m glad that HE will get a good taste of his own medicine. As I have always said, it’s those who beat this drum the loudest who are probably wrestling with their own demons. So, by demonizing others, in their own minds, they are absolved of what they loathe the most about themselves. Am I wrong??? John Walsh is essentially an admitted sex offender. Mark Lunsford’s son should probably be on the list and maybe even Mark himself based on what was supposedly found on his computer. Governor Terminator, who gladly made the list public on the internet in California, couldn’t keep it in his pants and made the maid several times until he knocked her up. And, then, of course, there’s Bill Clinton. But I digress…
I wonder what Marc Klaas is hiding? I sure hope we get to find out someday.

BWAH, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!!!! I’m sorry. Was I being unsympathetic to the plight of one of our fellow registrants? Schadenfreude party at my house!!!!!! 😉


the only thing I know for a fact is that he will have much time to reflect . I feel bad for his family , and him when it all sinks in , I don’t see any of this as funny . I feel for anyone that has to live a day in our shoes . that being said , I hope he joins our fight for freedom along with his family .

I dont feel a damn bit sorry for Weiners family. He sure didnt give a rats ass about mine

this is the problem . we do need to care , the hate needs to stop , inform to reform

Some random (and belated) thoughts…

If the topic of Mr. Weiner’s conversations with this “child” had involved blowing up a bridge or a courthouse, and if the images he transmitted had been a bomb-building diagram, the “child” would have been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, quite possibly as an adult.

In 2002 Mr. Weiner voted for the Iraq Resolution authorizing military force in that country. Mr. Weiner is *directly* responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands and injury to hundreds of thousands of children, as well as the traumatization of a whole generation.

Yet he will always be remembered as the guy who talked dirty on the internet and sent a photo of his genitals to a person less than 365 days away (in most states and federally) from being able to legally insert said genitals into any orifice of her body.

Carlos Danger Out.

As we’re all too often reminded, life is tragically unfair.

Prison fits Weiner’s sex crime on teen victim, prosecutors say

Monday, people, Monday he will find out what happens in his case using laws he helped to pass…

All New York City RSOs should show up. Be there maybe 2 hours ahead. Doors open at 9.50am Room 15B
500 Pearl Street. Monday 25th September

I remember when he stood on the steps of Congress and gave his speech how all RSOs were a huge danger to society. He’s doing Federal which is a real pity because New York State jails are MURDER. He should get Tier 3 which will make his life HELL as we know. If he gets less than Tier 3 we’ll know how fixed the system is.

PLEASE add comments to this thread.

Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months in sexting case

Foley, Hastert and Weiner at work for YOU in the halls of Congress

Yeah. They always use the ones they have the most dirt on to push for the ridiculously oppressive laws. It strengthens the curse, and unless these politicians want their transgressions made public, they do as they’re told. Because of this , I feel pity for this guy. His wife “belonged” to someone else and their marriage may have been arranged. Lonely narcissists do strange things for attention.
The comments on the USAtoday article are what strike me the most. People in this country don’t even know what a pedophile is anymore because of the tripe that has been downloaded into their brains. Dalliances with 15 yr olds, while certainly illegal is not pedophilia.

Poor Weiner. He sold his soul and the rewards were short lived.

It seems so strange that there are different rules for different tiers of people. Lower tiers go directly to jail. Upper echelon is trusted to show up in a month or two, even though they have been convicted. I don’t believe predators can be trusted even when the law says they cannot be trusted. So let’s give all predators a couple of months to adjust. That’s very trusting and sad.

It depends on the persons situation and whether or not the court believes they’re a flight risk. This is often measured by the persons past criminal history as well as their standing within a community. A person that’a a habitual law breaker who’s currently unemployed and has no real roots in the community such as family and a mortgage, is a lot more likely to run than someone who has a family, a house, and a stead job for several years. The court doesn’t always get this right and sometimes they do deny this courtesy even to the richest among us, but in general this is the criteria they use when determining whether or not to remand the person in court.

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