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Airbnb uses background checks to weed out sex offenders

… With so many guests coming in and out of neighborhoods there are concerns about criminals, including sex offenders renting homes next to families who do not know the sex offender is there.

Tennessee law requires sex offenders to register with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office within 48 hours of “establishing a physical presence at a particular location.” If that person is only in town for 24 hours, they could fly under the radar. Full Article

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Even though this is not a law, the fact that more and more private companies are discriminating against RC’s puts more and more holes in the 2003 ruling that “there’s no evidence that RC’s have more difficulties living than any other citizen would otherwise”. All these things should and will be considered next time things roll back around to SCOTUS.

“News 2 checked with Airbnb to find out what their website does to insure sex offenders are not booking rooms and homes.” The sky is falling!!! Someone who committed a crime years ago, and in my case, there was no victim, can not rent a room or home, even if I am with another adult. lol… Oh my God, the 19 yr old who had sex with his 16 yr girlfriend and caught got (20 years ago) – we can’t rent a room or home to this hypothetical person. To be on the safe side, whenever I stay at a… Read more »

Our legal standing to sue isn’t at the individual businesses or people, but to sue our own government. The businesses have a right to protect their clients from anything that could be harmful, and could theoretically be sued for negligence if they let something bad happen that could be prevented. Our own government is at fault for creating this “scarlet letter” list disguised as just valid public record. Though initially found constitutional for not being anything but a public record, it has morphed a thousand times over into being used as a list of people that MUST be assumed dangerous.… Read more »

Best Value Inn does the same thing and they are a major hotel chain. I agree the argument that registry is punishment and is beyond regulatory is mounting. How is it regulatory for hotels, etc to deny services to those who have completed their time, etc? I don’t see it.

The article is about Tennessee, but I’m going to presume Airbnb uses uniform policies in every state.

If so, in because the 290 statute says that registration information may not be used to deny housing (is lodging the same as housing?), it SEEMS to me that this policy is in direct conflict with California statute law.

But maybe I’m wrong.

Excellent point and just cause for a lawsuit. Janice?

This is one thing that I do not understand. 🤔 Why is it only Frank gets all the fun? I want to be listed as a Doe, but I will use my real name also. I have all the time in the world. Disabled, so I don’t work. Live in San Diego. On another note. Senator Joel Anderson is having a town hall meeting, Community Coffee, on the 25th of July. A Tuesday at 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. VFW Post 5867 1250 Lindo Lane Lakeside, Ca. 92040 Who drinks coffee at that late an hour? Lol. I have issues… Read more »

There may well be a case for those in CA. Synonyms for lodging: apartment, hostel, hotel, inn, lodge, motel, resort, shelter abode, address, camp, castle, chambers, cover, domicile, dorm, dwelling, habitation, harbor, home. lodgment, palace, place, port, protection, quarters, residence, roof, room, bed and breakfast, boarding house, pied-à-terre, room and board, rooming house. (

For two years, I was an active member of AirBnB, booking rental stays in U.S. and European cities, before AirBnB sent me an email cancelling my membership. *Annoyed* 😡

Apparently I didn’t notice any disclaimer on airbnb’s website when I signed up more than a year ago and booked a stay when my partner and I traveled to visit my mother who is in an Alzheimer’s care facility. That host gave me a five star rating, so this afternoon we booked an overnight stay with another host in two days time to visit Mom. The new host approved my two small dogs and even offered to drop the extra normal cleaning charge so I booked the room and went off to my part-time minimum wage job assuming my plans… Read more »

I’m trying to figure out how to get around their prohibition on being an AirBnB HOST, as well. I believe that I have figured that out although I’m not going to publicize it. Yes, it is maddening to see how thoroughly integrated into society the Registry has become at the expense of our dis-integration from society. I’m sorry to hear about your mother. I went through the same thing until she died earlier this year. It’s pretty awful to see them gradually disappearing behind an ever-growing incomprehension.

I’m not sure how they even check. I actually still have my account and have used it every time I’ve gone to stay somewhere. I though they were just doing it for people who host air bnb. Anyway to avoid this just have the wife book instead or if you get lucky just book one night and pay the rest in cash. I did this in Korea when I was there. Found a lot of places I could stay for free so long as I worked the front desk for 3-4 hours a day

They ping the DOJ with user info, and if there’s a match, the DOJ tells them of the RC. It’s plainly and clearly in AWA, though I don’t have it at hand.

“Airbnb, Inc. has made the determination to permanently deactivate your account due, at least in part, to the following information contained in that consumer report: – Registered Sex Offender Match…”

This information is actually contained in a Consumer Report like TransUnion?

They rent rooms to murders, r they not considered dangerous? Yet there r no restrictions r registry for them so why is it for sex offenders? What about armed robbers? Kidnappers? Only sex offenders r dangerous?!?

RCs are not the only ones who are discriminated against when it comes to AirBnb post-debt paid to society. I found this tonight online. It discusses the continued discrimination people suffer long after they have paid their debt to society (this author did armed robbery). For formerly incarcerated, little room in Airbnb’s sharing economy “This policy is not just morally wrong, it also conflicts with an April 2016 federal guidance of the Fair Housing Act, which articulates that a housing provider violates the FHA if its policy “imposes a blanket prohibition on any person with any conviction record —… Read more »

I received an email a couple years ago kicking me off of Airbnb membership because of my background conviction. Is that enough to file a lawsuit?

Ask a lawyer to confirm but it would probably need to be after the FHA guidance was published and you still have the email/letter as proof. Again, ask a lawyer.

My gf and I stumbled across AirBnB for the first time when we were in Hawaii in 2012. We booked a room with a single lady for a few days. She was very nice and even invited us to attend a Halloween party with her and her friends. The next evening I got an email from AirBnB saying that my membership had been revoked due to determining that I was a sex offedner, and that I was to leave the property IMMEDIATELY, no refund. Feeling rather embarrassed, my gf and I approached the host, and told her about the email.… Read more »

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