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Has anyone done research on the best states to live as a RSO? I’m curious to which states have the most lax restrictions.

I found out that my misdemeanor conviction of 647.6 isn’t even a crime in any other state, but since most states require you to register if you have to register in the convicting state, I’m mostly screwed. I did find that New York won’t require me to register if the crime isn’t a New York crime and is not an out-of-state felony. So my best bet is to move to new York. Has anyone else found another state like that?

“The Roberts Court Has Been a Free Speech Champion”:

It seems that under Roberts, SCOTUS is staunchly defending the First Amendment, clawing back overreach by the Legislative and Executive branches. That would certainly help people suffering from freedom of assembly restraints such as, oh I don’t know, residency and presence restrictions.

As the article notes, the addition of Gorsuch is probably a boon to First Amendment freedoms.

I am getting rid of every mention of the CA constitution since the federal courts do not even consider state constitutions when making decisions..AJ, Chris, This is correct right????

But the federal courts can determine state laws unconstitutional and order injunctions nullifying state laws based on US constitutional violations. I am correct as far as I know. correct me if I’m wrong.

What someone stated recently that ” I received a call two weeks before departure and was notified that I was cleared to go with the same warnings. “Stay away from the teen areas, etc… ”
is a major factor. Supervision, permission. Exactly what the justices in smith were saying didn’t exist in that case. There are several issues that smith stated that they relied upon to make their decision that are now indisputably present in this current era of super registration schemes. It is very encouraging that appeal case was for the ninth. I just reread the opinion and it is completely in my favor. It barely passed muster in that case with basically a split decision and two of the justices concurring only with the judgment, not the reasoning behind their conclusions.

❎ A suggestion to all: Words matter. Please consider referring to the list as “Sex Offense Registry”, not Sex OffenDER Registry. Don’t buy into their oppressive syntax of ostracisation and vilification!!

For most of us, it was a bad decision, a foolish/reckless /wrong action, but it was years ago, not yesterday. I am not their reviled present-tense “sex offender” – I was convicted of a sexual offense two decades ago – not today and not yesterday, but 7,000 yesterdays ago, so their present-tense is inaccurate and inappropriate.
[If you stole a candy bar as a 10 year old, should you forever be identified first and foremost as a thief?? No, of course not. Same notion here.] ❎

I hear you David, its like we are reminded of what happened everyday of our lives just because we know we are on that list and subject to any type of harassment from state actors, as well as from the general public. I kick myself everyday for going to trial and not defending myself. I am constantly aware that I am subject to this crap…I notice the first time I become complacent and relax completely something happens to disrupt it. That’s OK though because t’s coming, the registry is going to take a dive, or freedoms in this country is gone as we know it, if it isn’t already. This will just mean the constitution doesn’t mean anything anymore, just like the “left wing radicals” that hate our founding fathers want…I had to throw that in there..Keep reading that motion David and let me know what you think….

Yep, April 5, 2004 for me. approx. 4,925 days here. Damn David 28 years man, how ridiculous. You must of killed someone (sarcasm), I know people that have straight killed people and only did 15 (now free from any supervision like a registry).This crap is insane……….See, people like you, I don’t care what you did, are no brainier winners with a motion like the one I sent you. Frank Lindsey would of been a prime candidate also….Oh well, now we have myself only been on the list from Oct. 2008, so not even ten years on the registry, even though the offense was almost 14 years ago.

where can I find out what tier I’m in? I have felony 261.5d and score a 3 on the static

Agreed David. and also I have tried everywhere and everyone that I think could possibly be interested in helping me in any way. No one will touch it, not ACLU, RSOL both local or national, W.A.R., Sosen-although Will and Robert and Derek have been inadvertently instrumental in the creation of some of my arguments in my motion, law libraries, law schools, both private and public defenders and attorneys, all these people that are creating and writing all the studies, man I could go on but I think you get my drift. And there is no way that they are simply not willing to help because I have some horrendous charges or are considered exceptionally dangerous, or dangerous at all, so its not discriminating. “WHEN” I win my case , I might do a minor in law and just start some kind of clinic or legal support such as a paralegal where I will not be subject to state bar, or practicing law without a license. I do not where this might go, if anywhere beyond my case.

Pollution is the biggest threat against the safety, health, welfare and future of children, NOT sex offenders!

The threat of pollution is real: It’s imminent, ongoing, escalating and evolving.

The FCRA requires employers to get an employee’s written permission before asking a consumer reporting agency to conduct a background check on that person. Employers must also notify the employee in writing–in a letter that contains only this information–that a background check may be made and may be used for employment purposes.

So not only is it difficult to get criminal records we also have to give permission it appears. I am digging deeper into this….

Was just reading an article about Mynamar and their assault on the Muslim sect there. Tillerson calls it genocide with this description of it

“The crime of genocide involves the commission of certain acts with the intent to destroy a group of people, or part of it, on the basis of their ethnicity, religion, race, or nationality. Those acts include murder, causing serious bodily or mental harm, and creating conditions of life calculated to be destructive.”

Add sex registrant to that list of groups. Feels about right.

Since it is close to halloween, I just had my compliant check yesterday, officer knocked and asked questions if any things has changed or if I am still on parole or probation. And that was it. Last compliant check, a different police asked for all the names and ages of all the people live in the household.

More shots fired on the Constitution:

First Amendment:
Apparently while it’s okay for Members of Congress to say anything, about anyone, at anytime, it’s a problem when a citizen continually exercises his right to petition his Government.
Fourth Amendment:
I’m curious what exigent exception ICE will claim on this one. That they believed nobody lived in the house is of no consequence. Private property is private property.

I went in for my annual today. The officer was polite and professional as usual. One thing I noticed in this years paperwork is a statement that I must notify them if I travel “out of state” or internationally. There was no mention about how much advanced notice I must provide. There was also no mention of what law code requires this notification. All the many other rules they gave me quoted the law code. I asked him about this and he stated the form came directly from DOJ in Sacramento. If I remember correctly, the ML website also states we must give notification for out of state travel. No where in the 290 rules does it say we must notify anyone to travel out of state.

I live in California. I will be visiting relatives for 6 days in San Diego in December. My question is, do I have to register there? Any help is appreciated

I agree no! I would not risk going to prison and being subjected to the extremely draconian parole rules. If you’re willing to take that chance go for it, but you’d be taking an extreme risk….just leave after 4 days, or stay at a hotel out of the jurisdiction for the last night, or something like that in which you can use in court if they decide to arrest you.

does anyone know what tier would be a person with 288 (a) from deadline NBC with no other history base on the new law in california, please? Thank you

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