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OH: Overhaul could drop thousands from sex offender registry

Two decades after Ohio began labeling sex offenders on a public database and setting restrictions on where they can live, a major overhaul to the law is being proposed that could drop thousands of lower-level offenders off the list

Some critics are even calling for doing away with the registry entirely, saying it’s been an expensive effort with little benefit to the public. Full Article

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  1. Registry Rage

    I see the “tattoo it on their foreheads” people are present and accounted for in the comment section! Typical and predictable.

  2. Joe123

    More states should follow Ohio’s progressive thinking on these laws. Great to see this. Ohio citizens need to push their lawmakers to make these changes.

    • David

      Wow! Ohio = progressive?? California, you should be ashamed of having lost your mantle of progressiveness to a midwestern State!

    • Advocate

      I totally agree! It has caused more problems then solutions, like children on the registry! It was never supposed for children. I say 99% of teen agers are sexually active by the age of 13. The lawmaker hand out felonies for sexual assault like candy on halloween even when everyone involed said they gave conset, but they wrote the law to say a 14 and under cannot legally consent even when they do, but they face no consequences. Neither do the females who lie about their age for real, no consequences, they instigate situations, no consequences they should have consequences then things would change perhaps. It’s about time they realize some of these young men should not have been charged in the first place, not only will no one rent to them, you now have homeless people on the rise in cities across our nation, they cannot pay taxes or support their families because its rare they find jobs, and they the lawmakers have now eliminated highly skilled people from the workforce, I am happy as crap to read this.

  3. Timmr

    “Should we have a registry at all?”
    No. Should we bring back stocks and branding? Same purposes, to shame and provide an indelible label.

  4. New Person

    Here’s one of their ideas:
    Ability to deregister

    Another change would allow sex offenders the ability to petition to get off the registry after a certain amount of time.

    The petition could be filed after five years for Tier I offenders, 10 years for Tier II and 15 years for Tier III.
    =============================/End Quote
    Sure seems to fit Dr. Hanson’s max supervision of 17 years. Why can’t this be proposed here in California?

    The article also fights back at the “misleading statistic”:
    A comprehensive Department of Justice study from the late 1990s found that within three years of prison release, 5.3 percent of sex offenders were rearrested for another sex crime, a higher percentage than the 1.3 percent for non-sex offenders.

    But sex offenders were less likely than non-sex offenders to be rearrested for any offense — 43 percent of sex offenders versus 68 percent of non-sex offenders, according to the DOJ report.

    Registration opponents say many of the sex offender arrests are for non-sex crimes, including failure to register.
    =============================/End Quote

    Remember, CASOMB counted failure to register as a re-offense when it is not. When CASOMB re-classified only sex offense as a re-offense, then the recidivism rate dropped to under 1%. It’s been like that for the past two years.

    • Timmr

      Maybe Ohio’s the lead on this one. We (California) are just trying to catch up with tiers.

  5. kind of living

    what ever , they need to be talking about at the very least just the cops knowing where so’s are at , but even that should be gone , did your time and paper you should be free , if people want to mark other people let them mark them selfs , if someone kills a couple people he gets time and paper most of the time and he is free , Same thing in CA , what a waist of time and money making people file to get off of this wall of shame ,that most people are using for fun , fun making RC life’s crap , many that have years and years of clean time , how is that a good deal ? and what about those of us that took plea’s ? is not the states word even worth listing to ? agreement was years in prison and paper ,not more punishment just because someone new did a crime , why should people that have lived nightmares of this wall O shame have to have more punishment ? so why should anyone have to pay and file to get off what was a big mistake of a law to begin with ? or is everyone missing the big pile of chicken crap that take a oath to up hold the constitution that is plain as day not being up held ? I aint asking for anything that we as RC’s not Earned or was our right to begin with , we did ours now let us go !

    • David

      Sadly, since it costs less to purchase a background check than a cup of coffee, it’s still going to be difficult for ex-offenders to find good employment.

      • kind of living

        @David ,,, that is very true sadly , but maybe once people are weaned off this Registry thing many people will care less than they do now , maybe a union for SO’s is the ticket , not my idea , but it sounds good

    • Advocate

      Not to mention if you got probation it is not ever expungeable, marked for life even if you get off the reg! Lifetime punishment was not part of the deal!

      • kind of living

        @ Advocate ,,, hear you loud and clear, there are many people that took deals in the court and got some years in prison , and others that took deals for paper , all the same to me a deal with the court should be just that “a deal” a deal that should be honored and up held in all courts of the land , “and is not being honored” that’s like getting a speeding ticket going to court and receiving a fine , then later on the court says well we are having a budget problem so lets pull all these speeders back in and give them a new fine that we can bill them each month for life , and post them on a web site making the crime of speeding look like they killed someone and laughed in the face some injured Child as they where being loaded in the ambulance , so the speeder would be shamed for life , when the fact is that it was just a ticket , or at the worst an accident as a result of speeding , the speeder would feel bad and go to a safe driving school in hopes of never inflicting any further injury , and move on in their life , only to be snagged up and put on the shaming list and allow the public to punish them , doing the dirty work of the chicken crap courts that claim to be constitutional , saying that its just a regulation claiming it cause’s less accidents makes people safer , yet that not being the truth , to heck with the truth they say in their privet circle jerk its about grand standing / votes / money , pubic entertainment / fearmongering . grand masters of butchering the constitution to better suits the tyrannical Gov’t always using some one that is easy to use propaganda to enslave a portion of its citizens for all to scoff at ,,,its is imbedded in history , yet here we are in the supposed free world of the USA being duped in the very same way as in history , we can see these laws spreading exponentially and the only way to stop this is to fight back , “if it just saves one” we have done our job , as we can see that people like attorneys like Janice are few , but all the same our generals that should be respected as such , but all generals need soldier’s and we fit that bill , we need to unit in any way we can to better help each other but Janice and all attorneys that are on the same page as the constitution , and I “think” that unity in every way we can will help the most , I said “think” because that means I am open and not closing the door on any ideas that may be better , but I “think” as many of us that can put communities together to better help manage the best practice of organized protest , as well as educate one another , “and security” the organized protest should be a regular job , in practicing what we preach , its a big job , we have a legal team , we need to gather together as RC’s and family ‘s and push these law makers back where they belong , to the unemployment line ! we need to make some stink happen that its not the same old propaganda we get in the news , I “think” we would at least be able to better manage the slanted propaganda as well as call these coward witch hunters out in well informed and well practiced demonstration’s , I know we have some barriers in our way but I “think” this can be done ,, and “can spread” , its not even so much for “us” its for our offspring and there future . a positive place in history . money is an issue but once started and the ball rolling we might be surprised how many will contribute , go ahead call me a dreamer that’s cool , but all the best things that the starry eyed people that came to this country were the dreams of being free , “I think”

  6. Joe

    One of the problems that we have seen in Ohio is that even though people convicted IN OHIO prior to the date the AWA complaint law was passed are mostly only subject to 10 years registration as a “sexually oriented offender” people coming from other states are classified based not on their offense, but on their state of conviction’s particular registration scheme.That means if you come from Florida, California, Alabama, etc where ALL sex offenders are subject to some form of lifetime registration, you are automatically classified as a Tier III offender in Ohio no matter the nature of your offense. That is a problem that Derek Logue of the Once Fallen website told me that he ran into when he moved fromAlabama to Ohio and as far as i can tell, he still faces that problem even after the courts in Ohio struck down retractive application of the AWA statutes to “domestic” registrants. The infamous “whichever is greater” provision in the statues is a problem in a number of states that on the surface, seem to have more reasonable laws.

  7. kat

    If they can’t do away with the registry, at least ALL states should be on the same page.
    1,000 ft residency restriction here, 2,000 ft, somewhere else, it’s ridiculous.
    Does someone Really think 1,000 ft is going to make a difference in anything?
    Registrants are expected to know all the rules and regulations for ANY state they go thru on their way to someplace else, that’s crazy considering law enforcement and government officials don’t know the laws in their own state half the time.
    Either do away with the registry entirely, or, make it a National Tiered Registry that allows people to get off of it after a sane amount of time, and then be able to move anywhere they want Without having to register again because they’ve crossed a state line and are now under new rule.
    The insanity needs to end.

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