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OR: New law means life sentences for second-strike sex offenders

Repeat rapists and certain sex offenders can now be given a “two strikes and you’re out” ticket to life in prison under a bill recently passed by the Oregon Legislature.

Senate Bill 1050 imposes presumptive sentences for those convicted of first-degree rape, first-degree sodomy or first-degree unlawful sexual penetration if the defendant has been previously convicted of those crimes or an equivalent federal offense. Full Article

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  1. American Detained in America

    So, one of the most liberal states in the country passed this. To my fellow RCs, we need to wise up! I’ve seen so many here be quick to talk about Republicans/conservatives as if they were the problem. This should tell you that both sides of the aisle are against us if they think they can use us for their own benefit.

  2. Bruce H.

    Trump would throw any one of us under the bus for his benefit. As for Republican states, they tend to have the most harsh SO laws: AL, FL, NV, SC, TX for example. I mean just look at the politicians who spoke out against SB 421, mostly Republicans in a blue state. Democrats are neither our friends. But Democrats tend to be the lesser of two evil. Just look at Smith v. Doe as example. Ginsburg, Breyer, and Stevens were the only three that wrote dissent. Ginsburg, Breyer, and Stevens also happen to be ‘liberal.’

    • TRUMP is #1

      Take a look at the Republicans who made the 6th circuit ruling. Trump throwing us all under the bus is pure speculation

      • kind of living

        Jerry Brown , And Trump love us , because they can always point can the finger at us to get them selfs off the hook , don’t ever play horse shoes with those guys ,lol and Jerry is a well known back stabber ,

        • Harry

          If the RCs, in California, can put dues paying union together, Brown would do anything for us.

        • kind of living

          @ Harry,, there is much truth in what you say

        • Jtc

          Yeah sure, thats why Uncle Jerry has NEVER did a Pardon on ANY 290. Oh, isnt this supposes to be about 2nd Strike bill for Oregon? Cali has a 3rd Strike and its not just for Murders, Gang Activity and Guns in a Felony action. It includes 290 offenses that are or will be increased to a Felony.

        • Timmr

          Jerry, like every other Governor, does not want to go down in history as coddling the sex offender.
          Also, California has a one strike law for some sex crimes. Oregon, infiltrated by Californians escaping the mess they made here and rising temperatures and fleeing those darker people from the south, bringing their white suburban laws with them. About a decade ago, Oregon would let most registrants have a life off the list after ten years.
          Oregon’s a little conflicted recently. A woman can still skateboard around Seaside village in the nude, every day, children and all looking, and it is free expression, but a guy who exposes his stuff twice risks life in prison.

        • AJ

          I think every Governor learned from the Michael Dukakis/Willie Horton campaign issue in the 80’s. They’re all scared to death of being the one who let out the next Ted Bundy.

        • kind of living

          back years ago old jerry backed unions to the hilt , but that was when he was a young man , seems that he has changed in many ways

      • hmmm...

        If you are referring to the 6th Circuit Doe v. Snyder opinion, there was actually only one Republican of the three judges that decided in favor of Snyder. Batchelder was appointed by Bush. Meanwhile, the two other judges — Donald and Merritt — were appointed by Clinton and Jimmy Carter, respectively.

        Of course, Doe v. Snyder would have never been necessary had SCOTUS correctly decided Smith v. Doe in the first place. And whether or not you want to admit how clear it is, the only justices who decided Smith v. Doe correctly were Ginsberg, Breyer, and John Paul Stevens. Ginsberg, Breyer, and Stevens were the most liberal justices at the time of the Smith v. Doe decision.

        • Timmr

          Let us not forget the chart produced by our eminent activist Mr. Kennerly. That cart showed a slight tilt towards Democratic justices as far as favorableness to registrants goes. And there is that study that showed that Democrats lean more to be tolerant of differences in others, whereas Republicans more suspicious. On the other hand Republicans tend to be more suspicious of government and repectful of individual rights. Thing is, you really can’t change a person’s predisposition, but one can find out what’s important to them and work with that.

    • A Nevadan

      Bruce H, I live i Nevada and I find being on the registry here much easier. I have no restrictions what so ever, and just a grainy B&W low resolution photo on a web site that is hard to use and often down.

      I have never experienced anything but professionalism when dealing with the police here, I don’t see myself ever going back to California.

  3. ma.concerned.citizen

    I actually don’t have a problem with this type of law. For certain types of repeat rapists, etc., why wouldn’t you want harsh sentences?

    I’m all for getting rid of the registry, all ex-pose-facto laws, etc. It’s obviously unconstitutional. But, I think sometimes on this board we play the victim too much. Someone who repeatably rapes a child should not be roaming the streets. He (or she) has proven they cannot function in society. They need to be put away. That has nothing to do with being on a registry. There are bad people who do bad things, and they need to be punished.

    That’s been my line of thinking all along. If a person did something vile enough, don’t put them on a registry that does nothing to actually protect anyone. Lock them up.

    • Timmr

      These types of laws (mandatory minimums) are meant to take away judicial discretion. In that sense, I don’t know if they prevent crime or merely fill up the prisons and call it preventing crime.

    • kind of living

      one of the things I don’t like about this law is the fact that most people have know idea how easy it is to get a second charge once someone is marked, judges and pretenders needing votes , to pissed off people , to people looking for victims comp , I love it people are willing to spend any amount of money to store people , and not treatment centers that work for offenders and not the state , that way it is private ,so when people go in to get help they feel ok talking to the doctors and therapist rather than feeling like if they say the wrong thing that the damn cops are going to show up , and don’t give the places a name that has anything to do with sex offenders so you don’t have people coming around just to see who go’s in and out , I mean if it just saves one , two three seven ten strikes will just house people and not change the fact that in the real world people are going to make mistakes , some people are sick , but sick in no way means criminal , why is the first thing people want to grab for is more and tougher laws , and wall o shame , that’s it ? that’s funny these things are still going on , it has not changed any thing , only punished people that for the most part want to move on and become part of the solution , 2 strikes ? this aint some baseball game , this is peoples lifes , if you want to talk about the worst of the worst we can do that when our US and many other country’s stop dropping bombs thats murdering kids as well as there familys , come on if it just saves one ? the fact remains that states are making a ton of money off of prisons and its high time they spread there hustle ,one of my deals is that if you did not murder someone they have no biz giving a life term !

      • Timmr

        I think Oregon is going to find out what California and a lot of tbe nation is finding out, what a lot of coutries in Europe found out a while ago, you keep on this prison arms race with more and more automatic prison sentences, you have the prisons packed, the schools underfunded and the programs that help people give back to the system scrapped to give a few prison guards and administrators a living. Then both the worst of the worst and also the not so bad all find their rights crushed in overcrowded buildings, and rehabilitation of any inmate is a low priority to simply finding a place to house and feed a body.

        • kind of living

          @Timmr ,,, your right , already very little time or money is spent on rehabilitation , in overcrowded crap holes where violent creeps run amuck along with CO’s that in many cases are sicker than most that are placed there unchecked , in some cases the CO’s even paying inmates to attack SO’s, its no wonder there are so many that come out of prison to kill or attack SO’s acting like they are some kind of rock star , the truth being that they were the ones that never even tried to rehabilitate , no they were reworded for bad behaver , so the SO in many cases live in lock down PC , walk the main line you end up stabbed , and if you retaliate you go to the hole , same thing they will PC you up , but since your were in an altercation< guess what? you lose some of your good time , same thing for those that PC up , because your not working or what ever it is they need you to do to get your good time , yet the violent a$$ mites are having the time of there life and doing there little rake the dirt yard and sit on there a$$ , or eat like kings working in the kitchen , going out to pump iron , getting packages from home and visits , heck no to all that !!! we have to work ten times as hard to earn our freedom , while violent turds are out doing there jobs , or going to school , pumping iron , running the track , drinking coffee doing drugs , life on the instalment plan , we just get life period !!!!

    • kind of living

      wow how about a hospital that will truly try to help ? there needs to be a line between murder and touching ,or rape , why just prison for repeat offenders ,? yes some people are bad , but many of them change every day, most people that have killed are better received than people that did some little crap that in many cases blown way out , some not , but all the same they can be helped , look I have a bunch of kids and they are grown , but any time that something happed to them and they still get a boo boo lol I always said thank god they are alive because I knew that as long as they are alive we would have each other and we would work together to make things better , many RC’s were victims in early life , only to end up yet still a victim because of punishment , at what point is it that an RC can feel that there being helped rather than just going through the motions so the punishment stops , if you want to play baseball then level the playing field , helping all of the victims , to further punish a victim of any kind only makes things worse , and as far as to many of us on here “playing” victim is harsh , why because you cant see the wound ? yet there are many kinds of victims that don’t show a wound , its not like we hit our selfs with a hammer , but victims all the same , I don’t pretend to know what ones are or are not , but I do know there are many that have been feeling the pain and never get the chance to truly air there pain because they are to biz trying to fight off punishers ,the thinking on these matters need to change if we don’t start somewhere , like this ,,, a man teacher gets cot messing with his students everyone in the room is ready to go get there ropes and hang them , but if a good looking women gets cot everyone is ready to high5 the kids and give her a job as a there house keeper , I mean Really ? and on and on and ,on . no one needs to pay for ever , two strikes just so someone else can come along and do the same thing , no way man , its going to take real change in how we think as a people , maybe start with opening our minds offering openings
      rather than walls ,

      • ma.concerned.citizen

        Of course everyone makes mistakes! Everyone deserves a second change. I’m not disagreeing with that argument. I deserve my second chance as well.

        Every example you provided is a “first time” example. If any of those examples were repeat offenders, would you think any differently? What if someone murdered someone, and got 10 years in prison. He gets out, and murders again. Come on, life in prison doesn’t sound like an option? Let’s rehabilitate him?? Nope, he’s proven he’ll murder again, by murdering again.

        We’re also not talking about minor “mistakes”. I said for certain types of repeat offender, for forcible child rape or something else as heinous. Sorry, I’m a RC, and I still think that person deserves life. I’m not talking about 2 counts of Romeo and Juliet, or possession of child porn. Just like capital murder, there are certain sex crimes that require maximum punishment. Why is this so hard to fathom?

        Some people do need to pay forever. Sorry, but your ranting reply to me reads just like the victim mentality I was alluding to earlier.

        • kind of living

          well other people may feel that what ever you were charged with needs to be for ever , don’t try to sell me on what you think is the worst of the worst is , and as far as murder go’s there are countless people that have killed more than once that are walking the street today , another thing is you are looking at it like the cops And many DA’s dont try to trump up charges to fit RC’s last crime , , its much more likely that there will be a conviction on a second charge because the jury will know about the first one , in less you don’t take the stand in your own defense , and of course the jury has read the news paper , there are many tricks that have been used , one of them being that they can even have other RC’s pointing the finger at other ones with this lev1, 2 . 3 bull crap , whats next ? Thought Crime ? I have over 30 years clean and I did real time so don’t tell me about victims , many of us are victims of many kinds , old wounds as well as many others , as well as victims of the system , you can sit a act like your better than others all you like , that don’t make you right , rapped by the system , rapped in prison , rapped of our freedom , people burning our houses , messing our cars up , and dang it our familys fearing for there life , our kids coming up in this world being beat up in the schools and some teachers acting like its ok , Victim of crime after crime by so called humans and I am not seeing anyone pushing a bill to protect us trying to move on in life that have did our time , and your not going to see one , so don’t point your finger at many RC’s that did make mistake or mistakes early in life , really I don’t care if you think some are playing the victim card to much , fact is that many are , and that is not going to change , so why would I want to see a bill pass that is just going to put people in prison at a faster rate ? maybe look up what forcible rape is and all the ways that can be used , its not just what you think , its much more complex that you think , the law its self is much than complex than just passing a bill like 2 frigging strikes and your out , what next that law reto? we don’t need any more moron laws to deal with crime , its plain to see they are not working , and there are plenty of laws already on the books to deal with crime , 2 strikes your out is grand standing , of course the state of OR along with states like MO would think this was great tell its one of there own family , how much time did you do , and how many times did you feel you were victimized ? how many years do you have clean ? how many jobs have you lost ? how many time were you rapped in prison or beat by cops ? when you were waiting to go to court for your trial did the cops beat you ? did you need meds and was unable to get them ? or where a dirty jump suit to trial ? if so would that be getting a fair trial ? I think not ! you don’t sound like anyone that has lived the real hard ships of being an RC , I respect what your trying to say , a means to an end and all , but your playing baseball , and I am not playing any game at all , but you go on acting like you really know something about how the state plays the game . but most of us in the real life of being an RC know how dirty the cops, courts, jails , and prisons can truly be , you know the System ? the state ? and really I don’t care if you see the victim in many RC’s or not , its not on me to see all the victims issues that many of us went to prison for , of course I feel for them , but our backs are against the wall as well as our familys , friends , our very lives are at stake , its funny the only time anyone refer to us as victims is when someone murders one of us ,

        • Jtc

          Well said, others that did no time except maybe County. Welcome to the Real World. Now my Husband has to go register…again. It’s his birthday. Def. Sounds if “Kind of Living” has been there and still doing time…out of Prison.

        • kind of living

          @Jtc,,, thank you for listening , it is true like many of us its very hard to see past where I have been , what we have to still live in many ways , but I have my family that I love more than life its self , but I also understand what many of my brother and sister RC’s are living and have been living for a long time in many cases , that also have familys they have to protect as well as see what there familys must live , I am not going soft or anything I just feel the pain is all , and at times I cant help but feel powerless because how much has been leaved against us , and I truly get it that I am not the only one that had really bad things happen to me in this system , so I feel like someone needs to have there back that really understand , it cant all be about the victim we go to prison over , because there are unlimited ways for them to get help and move on in life , for the RC we are not afforded that choice , we get the courts turning a blind eye to the fact that we are being punished years after our crime or crimes as well as the time and paper , we have no choice to move along and strive for happiness , enough is enough , we are being punished by people that don’t even know us and we have very little that we can do about it , the hating needs to stop , and look for ways to open doors for those that need and wish to get help or need jobs , housing for us and our familys , get these people out from under the bridges and help them rather than demonize them and give them a fair shot at what ever it is they need to do to seek out happiness , there is plenty of room in this world for more happiness , it don’t come easy , matter of fact it seems much to easy to attain hate and pain , tougher laws are plainly not the fix , our rights are not for sale at any price , and fun parks like Disney land/world as well as any other thing like that and send a clear message that if they don’t uphold our rights , then we will do anything we have too even smut dog them with old articles that don’t depict them so sweet , stuff they what to sweep under the carpet , covert stuff , blogs out of no where , anything that’s pushing hate fear for safety , I know if I get hit in the wallet it smarts , lol well just an idea I am sure others have better ideas , grabbing at straw at this point ,

        • kind of living

          Sorry your husband has to live this , wall O Shame , but all the same happy birthday to him , good luck to the both of you

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