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CA Action alert: Join us at CDCR Hearing on Sept 1 on Prop 57 to help our incarcerated brothers


Petition and Complaint

Regulations – July 2017

The CA Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) will conduct a hearing on Friday, September 1, during which the public has an opportunity to comment on proposed regulations which attempt to implement Prop. 57.

The hearing is scheduled to be held:
9 a.m. to noon
1416 Ninth Street
Dept. of Water Resources Building Auditorium

“The proposed regulations issued by CDCR are unlawful because they prohibit registrants and others from the benefits of Prop. 57,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.

Prop. 57, which was recently passed by the public, provides the possibility of shorter prison time for those convicted of non-violent offenses. The proposition did not exclude those convicted of sex offenses, third strikers or any other group of individuals.

Individuals opposed to the proposed regulations may also provide written comments via U.S. mail, FAX or E-mail no later than September 1 at 5 p.m. Comments must be submitted to:

CDCR Regulation and Policy Management Branch

By Mail:

P.O. Box 942883
Sacramento, CA 94283-0001

or by FAX: (916) 324-6075

or E-mail:

CDCR previously issued emergency regulations which also created exceptions for registrants and others. The Alliance filed a lawsuit in Sacramento Superior Court in April 2017 challenging the early regulations. A hearing on that lawsuit is scheduled for October 2017.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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  1. Gwen

    Janice – Is there a possibility of a date change or is this date set for this hearing?

  2. Patsy

    I hope this bill passes. I will do my part to help. I want to know if it does pass, would it have any effect on people who already served too long for a non violent crime (cp, 1 count Fed) with shortening their parole? Thank you for all you do, and please is there an answer to this question?

  3. kind of living

    I already seen on main vain news that this bill will not help anyone that the CDC deem a threat ,,, like most sex offenders in the view of DOC , but yet many drug dealers use violence for many reasons that the court never even find out about , but yet when they were banging the drum about how we needed tougher laws on drug dealers as well as users , the states all the time talking about the cycle of violence in valued with drugs , now they try to act like its all a bunch of hippies busted for smoking pot or something . now the only time they say anything about the violence in the drug trade is when they are talking about cartels , yet everyone knows its our kids that are getting hooked up on drug are the same ones that in many cases get cot up in human slave traffic , in my time living in this part of CA there have been at least 4 cases of someone being stabbed over as little as 5 bucks ! and countless under age sex trade girls cot up in the revaluing doors of our system , or you just don’t ever see them again . while some good LEO’s try to help these youngsters , others are not much help at all using the same youngsters as game pieces that end up swept under the carpet as they fight the so called WAR on drugs , now of course not all people that sell drugs are knowingly a part of this actively , I don’t mean to imply that all people in the drug trade are the same , but yet in many cases are part of it unknowingly , like RC’s sometimes don’t see that in many cases are “victimless” cases play a small roll in the on going problems by say what they might buy on line , now please before you get mad at me note I am just pointing out that we all must take responsibility enough to note the imprint we leave behind as we move on in life , its not about so much about blame as it is about seeing the imprint and being responsible in ones effect on others that could be effected in how ever small way it may seem , that don’t mean its ok to beef up our laws and put people in prison longer or anything or unjust registry’s , it don’t even make a person bad , it can be something as simple as over sight , education in how things things really work and being willing to be part of real solution in a positive manner rather than the negative way that is given by laws that are trying to put a band aid on with a hammer , no one is being helped with this manner of correction , so leaving people behind in prison while others get out early is not a positive , because some one is still swinging a hammer of guilt sin and blame at someone left to be a wiping post negative in this wind of punishment blowing around as if that should be the norm . even the forgiving people are being cot up in this wind storm of thinking created by bad laws and less understanding , hell you need a law degree to understand most laws even at face value , the only ones being helped are the ones that push bad laws like some kind of dope to people are the ones that are helping themselves to the money they stuff in there pockets , they don’t care about being responsible that the band aid of Justus is not working , “the fed miss placed ” 9 trillion , well its no wonder we don’t have much needed programs to help everyone that are being affected by the negative affect of not making higher education as well as basic education a much higher priority , rather than building larger prisons and blowing money on uninformed law making , passing laws and pushing ideals that just fill prisons built for us at a much faster rate , truly farming us just so they can through more money at it , rather than creating jobs because a much higher percentage should have access to higher education and could better compete with the new would we live in , we should be creating new things to compete, and creative in opening much needed openings for meaningful jobs so we have a balance in life rather than an unbalanced Justus system that’s clearly not working or correcting anything except the level of money in off shore bank accounts of elites , I don’t see how this guilt sin blame and punishment model can work , with out a major brake down in the system that we are all ready beginning to see on a epic scale

  4. Warren H.

    Where do you stand on this extended parole terms ? When I signed my deal I signed for 4 years now their papers read 5 years. And why can’t we get early release from parole? Do you have someone in San Diego county the wife an I can talk to? Prisoner’s hand books detail the possible early release…

  5. Richard

    Does anybody know the parking situation there?

  6. Mateo Nagassi


    I’m looking for the “template” for guidance as I prepare my comments for the September 1st hearing on prop 57.

    I was told there was one online.

    Much appreciated and onward!

  7. Ginny Jaramillo

    I plan on being there with eight people (friends and family members! If there is a change in dates or locations I’d appreciate a note, but if I don’t hear from anyone, I’ll assume we’re “on” for 9 to noon on September 1st. Thanks for all your work, Janice!!

  8. Barb

    Janice, do you have any idea of how many will be at the hearing tomorrow in support?

  9. julia

    Thanks to everyone who went this morning. I wrote a letter but I wish i could be there. Please keep us posted about the hearing. Thanks!

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