Life as a Registered Sex Offender: What Is It Really Like?

This article is split into three parts: offense and registration; family, friends, and romance; and work and recovery. Part one, with questions on the offense and the registration process, is presented below. Full Article

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For me personally, I feel as though my life is under attack 24/7 because my future, safety, privacy and security has been hijacked and under siege and is being held hostage under a “compliance” or prison ultimatum.

No such thing as moving on or starting over. The smoke never clears. No such thing as damage control. There is no silver lining because you’re constantly being tried in the court of public of opinion 24/7.

As long as the public sentiment is: “I want to know where these people live,” expect nothing to change.

What Is It Really Like? It’s a dead end life.

@ Counting the Days
I have been dealing with this crap since March 12, 1991, n one form or another. There r days that I wish I could just slap someone, there r more days that I’m grateful I didn’t! It does get easier with time. I have learned that I define who I am, not other people. Some people’s opinion I value & listen to, even they do not define me. I have discovered who I am, & who I am not. U have that strength, I can hear it with ur words. Once u have come to terms with what u still have as a human being, hang on to them. Build urself with those good traits & u will b a much stronger person. Believe me, if I can do this, I know u can as well. Just hang n there, give urself a break. Take care of the little things & the big ones will fall n2 place. Almost 27 years of dancing to their tune hasn’t broken me. Because I know who I am & have held true to that. Hold ur head up & look the world n the eye. I wish there had been something like this then!!


I went on a adult chat site I was currently in a relationship with a step child who ment the world to me but I was suffering depression and went on a 18 chat site but someone pretended to be a minor and I went and met them but I didn’t see the minor age they put then my partner contacted me saying wat I had done so I went to the police on my own accord to sort it out I was put in a cell and charged to the appear at court the solicitor said plead guilty as I was in ni fit state o did this iv since lost my partner and step child iv been put on the register for 10 tr and a shpo plus all the other mumbo jumbo I find it very hard to move forward as it went social (fb) over 2000 people seen it and iv list friends family even more depressed now I suffer ailments I walk in to shops to have the staff talk about me and it hurts the only time in life I feel happy is when I’m a sleep and I think that is where suicide comes into this I hate my self for not seeing the minor age and stopping the convo I would never abuse a child in a sexual way as its a wrong thing to do I no by past tense and I ni how it scars probation say it gets easier but every day just seems to be getting harder I list my dad which lede to depression and was let down the help from NHS (gp) and I went to a point where I never wanted to go and now everyone sees me as a monster I have to hide my suicidal thoughts from my family and my probation I get told I mees contact the police every time someone says something to me in the street but I think if they kill me I don’t have take the easy way out so I just keep quiet and hope inside that it gets better

Here is some food for thought

Picture being chased off every job you are fortunate enough to get , refused every job that does illegal background checks (most all) then told by a court due to back child support you will go to jail if you don’t get employment. (The court accepting no excuses other than you being a worthless deadbeat) After 29 years of registration and no further trouble it’s still just like the year I was convicted, might as well have been yesterday. No friends, no relationship, few (labor level) jobs and a court that wants your ass.

As someone who literally had serious mental issues at the time and lost everything because I couldn’t afford a competent attorney to defend me I find the American judicial system a joke. I have in the last few years met true sex offenders and they freak me the hell out. I am an eagle scout, I’ve saved 13 lives in my 49 years on this earth, I defended this country, I worked my ass off without a single handout to be a productive member of society. With 2 emails and 2 texts to an undercover detective, that contacted me not vice versa 2 days after being released from the ICU for my brain shutting down I was convicted and sentenced to a lifetime of suffering. Wow, do the crime, do the time. I didn’t do the crime, however I manned up and did the time. I’m now a fugative officially for 2 years now, I work full time, obey the law, and dream one day I will be so far away from the state of Washington that it isn’t in their financial benefit to extradite me. Until you make it into the “system” you will never see how corrupt it is, until it’s too late and your opinion no longer matters.

I can tell ya. You abide by the rules and regulations you do good and after 7 years in a relationship without trying my gf ended up pregnant. After our daughter was born we separated. We pretty much just lived in different houses but i still got to see and watch my daughter grow. Now I find out that due to my background I am not allowed to be around my daughter. She is 16 months old and she is my world. Im told I cannot see my daughter, I cannot have any child related material in my house and I cant have any photos. You get out and they tell you to do good and build your life and when you do there is a bulldozer waiting to destroy everything you built. I have never been so heart broken in my life and at the same time so angry that I pull off the road. Five hours later my heart is gone, im beyond my breaking pointe but I was able to get back home where I completly lost it. so stand up do good so thry can put you in the ground.