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Parents protest changes to sex offender residency restrictions

TWENTYNINE PALMS — The City Council on Tuesday deferred a vote repealing local restrictions on where sex offenders can live and opted instead to hold a public hearing and return to the matter at a future date to be announced. Full Article

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  1. AlexO

    So many misguided people. They all think an RC is the drooling pedo of Hollywood. “We have to protect our children! It’s all about the children!” What about the million of children who are adversely effected by these laws both because their relative is an RC and, in some cases, they themselves have been subject to all of this, some as young as 8?

    You can’t reason with a mob. I’m very happy with have people like Janice in our corner who cut through all the BS and actually do what is right instead of what will get them reelected.

    • Registry Rage

      What I found really pathetic is how the local Sheriff and council members tried to assuage the fears by reading the laundry list of requirements subjected to SO’s.

      ““We are not saying they have free reign,” Mintz said. “They are not running free in the street. They are still going to be registered.”

      ^Another attempt to placate and appease the worrywart parents. One even went so far to say “I’m losing sleep over this” for Christ’s sake!

      Fear is truly a weapon used for control, profit and political furtherance.

    • Michael

      Facts is facts and the fact is, 90% of kids are abused by someone in their circle, and 68% of abusers are immediate family. Sex offender registries protect no child when the threat comes from within.


  2. Registry Rage

    “Lawyers find loophole and sue cities,” Mintz said. “It is very frustrating.”

    Just imagine how frustrated they’ll get when the SCOTUS finds the registry is PUNITIVE and ineffectual.

    • AlexO

      Seriously. It’s like, “we have to know!” O’rly? So when was the list time you checked the website before you heard of this repeal today? Oh, never? How surprising!

  3. Nondescript

    I don’t know which is more amusing- “Political extortion” or Janice found a loophole. He is actually losing sleep over this. Is it “for the children” thing or the wrath of the mind controlled, demented mob who always vote at reelection time. Oh well, who cares. What city is up next?

    • AlexO

      How about Main Street USA?… And the whole registry!

      • David

        Bravo, AlexO! I fully agree! 👍 (And with regard to the crowd that showed up at their city council meeting, I have to wonder when they will ever acknowledge the fact that 90+% of offenses are committed by relatives/family “friends”/teachers/pastors/coaches/and others who are known to the victims??

    • AJ

      Yeah, I hate when that pesky loophole called the Constitution (whether State or Federal) gets in the way. How dare a pesky lawyer use such an arcane document!

  4. mike r

    pretty pathetic…there’s that right to know statement again. hm I am having a hard time finding such a right outlined in anything..if anyone can find this illusive statute, code or authority that states the public has this “right to know ” feel free to cite it.I would like to know if it really exist. Also what about the preacher? “we need to protect the lil children” from what, no incidents have occurred to justify that statement as usual and hey pastor, so much for repentance huh? think Jesus would’ve wanted to keep punishing us for the rest of our lives? really doubt it..

    • kind of living

      Don’t you guys know? that its really not just the fear that one might move in that is a danger to the children , its that they are afraid that RC’s will move in and have a bunch of other RC’s hanging out in the yard sucking down brews , all wearing orange blood stained jump suits smelling like they have been sleeping in a toilet , like they so often depict RC’s looking pissed off in the News Papers , they are afraid we will give them cooties and a bad since of clothing fashion ,

  5. They need a stats editorial blasted to all parties

    Time for an editorial to the local town crier newspaper with the stats of those who truly commit crimes against children. Meaning the 90-97% of those who are first timers and within the circle of people the child knows already, not anyone else. That would shut them up and make them start suspecting their family, friends and neighbors.

  6. Harry

    I hope they are sued, taken to court and ACSOL cleans out the city’s coffers and use the money to take down the registry.

  7. mike t

    Why do I get the feeling these people would believe they were safe with a “NO TERRORIST BEYOND THIS POINT” sign at the edge of town. It’s curious and rather silly that they’re fighting to keep an ordinance that isn’t, hasn’t, and wont be enforced. But hey… whatever makes them feel cozy, until they get sued; then they’ll be crying “No fair!”.

    • They would feel comfortable with that sign

      Considering 29 Palms is also home to the USMC in the desert, they would feel comfortable with that sign.

  8. T

    Remember when lies have been repeated enough for everyone to believe it it’s true when it’s false? Keep bringing the truth, have strong faith, and work together with perseverance and eventually they’ll all wake up, and realize they’ve been lied to all these years which has destroy many lives and call for change, and hold those maniacs accountable.

  9. Austin

    “Luckino did say during the meeting that if sued on this matter they may have to give a “settlement,” in the case vs. fighting it.”

    Nothing like calling ‘uncle’ in advance. Here ya go….


    • Austin

      In all seriousness…. OMG – they are just begging for a beat down.

      They still have presence restrictions! With a 300′ buffer, to boot!

      It is 2017. Taylor was decided in 2015, Nguyen / Godinez in 2014. Time to get with it! Maybe someone, need not be Janice, can help them and get rich in the process!

      Here is the preamble / purpose statement of their ordinance:

      11.32.010 – Purpose and Intent.
      Sex offenders pose a clear threat to the children residing in or visiting the City of Twentynine Palms.
      Convicted sex offenders are the least likely to be cured and the most likely to reoffend and have a higher
      recidivism rate for their crimes than any other type of violent felon.

      Wow! Like shooting fish in a barrel.

      And this: ““We are not saying they have free reign,” Mintz said. “They are not running free in the street. They are still going to be registered.””

      Oh but they have. Oh but they be. Registration or not.

      One last thing in need of addressing: ““The Sheriff Department goes out and checks at least twice a year,” Barta said even of Sex Offenders who are off probation and parole.”

      • AlexO

        Wow, wow, wow. It should be illegal for a government entity to post such blatant falls information.

    • Then sue them!!

      Shouldn’t wait to sue them, but go ahead and sue them. Get the settlement now while the iron is hot. Could avoid going to trial with a pre-trial settlement and use it as a message to the rest to get in line to avoid forking over more money. Folks can either learn civics the hard way or easy way…how much do they want to pay now or later?

  10. 290 air

    It’s amazing to me that nobody in government ever brings up the recidivism rate of other crimes say like drunk driving. Wouldn’t it be nice to know if your child is going away for the weekend with somebody who had 1,2, or maybe 3 DUI’s? It might be nice to take that into account and I doubt many parents would let there kids go knowing those kinds of details. Yet nobody would ever consider those people having to register even though it’s statistically proven that they have a higher recidivism rate and probably kill many more people, including children, a year than RC’s. Just a thought…

  11. Gralphr

    Why doesn’t the police tell these people the truth concerning Sex Offenders instead of telling them a bunch of lies? I remember long ago, I though I couldn’t live near parks, etc. and when I asked the Cop that did the registry check, he said due to my conviction date, I could live anywhere I want. The thing is when you get out of prison, they don hand you a guide book or anything, we have to rely on the news to figure out how to stay in compliance which only spreads more lies to the population concerning sex offenders rights.

    • AlexO

      One thing that I learned about California RC rules is that most of the restrictions people assume are eternal, are only applied while on supervision. At least by state law. The counties and cities that try to apply their own rules post supervision are being sued by Jannice for overstepping their bounds.

      I just wish restrictions on going into K-12 school didn’t apply post supervision. I hate the idea that I will be missing all the important school events in my nephews life.

    • PK

      What about the poor a******** RSO that never went to prison, and was only sentenced to probation due to a misdemeanor sex offense conviction?

  12. Q

    .”Children can’t protect themselves. I’d have to side with the people. The people are saying it bothers them and they don’t feel safe.”

    Does this wing-nut even realize that the city counsel can’t protect children either? Has he ever considered that they don’t need protecting? Has any of the useful idiots (people that live their) ever looked to see just how many children have been protected and saved by these restrictions? Doubtful – doubtful, and doubtful again.

    Has anyone ever heard of a child being harmed in any way because someone on the registry live too close? I haven’t and I’ll bet it’s because it’s never happened.

    If these people would just tell the truth to the people they wouldn’t writing Janice a check. And that exactly what they will be doing if they don’t conform to the will of all us predators – Mwah ha ha ha ha!.

  13. ExpatRFSO

    “Lawyers find loophole and sue cities,” Mintz said. ” Since when is the constitution of the United States a “loophole.”?

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