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Sex Offender, 81, Jumps Off Joliet Bridge, Drowns: Police

[Joliet Patch]

JOLIET, IL — An 81-year-old man who was a convicted sex offender took his own life on Friday morning by jumping off the downtown Cass Street Bridge, police said. A call came into the Joliet Police Department’s communications center at 6:59 a.m. in reference to someone who jumped into the Des Plaines River. A few officers were in the immediate area. They quickly accessed a police boat and tried to save the man from drowning.

“As the officers observed the man in the water, he attempted to be drowning himself, placing his head in the water and drinking the water,” Deputy Police Chief Ed Gregory said. “The officers said that he was determined to kill himself.”

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Would be interesting to know what was said or done to him while he was at the police station, unfortunately, we will never know.
This is such a sad commentary on what “might” have been a consequence of having to register, and at 81 no less. So sad.

This article doesn’t really serve anyone who reads it. Why make mention about his being a RC? Given the sketchy details, there is no apparent connection. That he killed himself, and that he did so shortly after registering, doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with his having been a RC. Actually, I’d be more likely to think there’s a connection if he did it while on the way to register or such. Definitely a sad story, but it seems to be a suicide that happened to be a RC, not a RC (rooted) suicide.

Because it does not make much for a story otherwise if it was just an 81yr old gentleman who jumped to his death from the bridge. Have to find some sensational connection to draw readers, which in this case is his being an RC. If I was the family, I would be asking what happened at the cop shop when he registered since he leapt afterward. An RC can be a hero even, but the fact they’re an RC would be included just because they can include it despite being irrelevant to the story. Can you imagine the brewhaha if… Read more »

I’ve thought about this and mentioned it to several people. If a sex offender were to save several people from a burning building, that would be the sensational headline. Not man/woman saves people from would be sex offender saves people from fire. I would even venture to say that ‘grabs’ would be used in place of ‘saves’. Sounds better given the nature of ‘those’ people. Then everyone would freak out because a sex offender was near these people’s fire and there could have been children there. Sounds funny and ridiculous but it’s truth.

Actually, no.

There was a sex offender who did something heroic, but the city didn’t want him a part of the ceremony. The article was something posted here. There was a video attached to that story as well.

“Actually, no.” …what? Sounds like you agreed and/or further proved the point.

Image what you would do if you saw a child drowning and no one was around. Would you dive in and save the child or even go and ask for help. in either case you may end up guilty of something. I am sure everyone would say they would save the child or like to think so. Self preservation, though is quite a strong instinct. Laws that create such moral conundrums are evil.

Interesting scenario you present; when I was going through my sessions after release that was proposed by the counselor to the group of RSO and we all said save the child. The counselor said NO do not save the child as you will be arrested and charged since you should not have been close enough to a child to see them drowning…I would save the child but then I am a person.

What an incredibly sad commentary. In effect, laws would drown the child.

Yeah, many therapists treat us like carbon based robots that had a malfunction and simply need to be reprogrammed. See child. Leave the area immediately. Affirmative.

In my SOT group, one of our members (a parolee) stood on his lot line when he got home from work and watched his child hurt & crying in his garage. His wife was his supervisor, was not home yet, his rules forbade contact with his own children. Even though his kids weren’t his victims. (C P or a sting ). This non action was condoned by his PO— He did a nice job. I am truly glad I was never in that situation.
I also truly hope I never jump off a bridge.

As a human being, I would want to try to save the child but as a registered person, I would completely hesitate and can’t say what I would do. During my time in counseling, I was told if I was in a public restroom, actually peeing at the stall, and a child walks in (meaning we were the only two in there), I should stop and get out immediately. This thinking lends credence to what @mot is saying. I also wouldn’t want that one person to go ape sh*t crazy because how dare a sex offender pee where a child… Read more »

By Good Samaritan laws, you can only call for help and not render it if you don’t want to be liable under Good Samaritan laws because you are not a trained professional to render aid. Sad to be a bystander like that on the phone while others around you would be asking who is going to do what to be a hero and save someone. Of course each state is different under that law.

Exactly. Theres been incidents where sex offenders have won the lottery and it was brought up even though the crime happened decades ago.

wining the lottery would be great ! standing there smiling knowing people would be wondering if I was going to buy the whole dang block where they live on ,lol , or build a place just for RC’s to live happy as close to normal life’s as possible , open a company to help put citizen’s to work , just sayin it would be great to be able to rub haters noses in it all , and they having to watch protest on there street on TV every day! lol i had 7 lotto tickets riding on one lottery that… Read more »

I am pretty sure that people with alcohol and drug related offenses have won the lottery and yet, I never hear about that in the news. Are they more deserving of having the money?

“Would be nice to see a story or two or more like that showing a good thing happening despite the RC label”

That wouldn’t generate clicks or sell newspapers. So I really don’t see that happening anytime soon.

I don’t think that it is an unreasonable assumption that having to register as a sex offender is highly likely to play into one’s decision to kill oneself. As for it being mentioned, it is clearly a good thing from our standpoint as it demonstrates the savagery of sex offender criminal justice in the U.S. It’s also an opportunity for people to read the invariable comments written by blood-thirsty psychopaths cheering these appalling deaths on couched, as they always are, in faux concern for the “victims” as well as to hear, increasingly, from those who are challenging the wisdom of… Read more »

This country is all about labeling everyone: young, old, gay straight, conservative, liberal, etc. That a newspaper would use the term “Sex Offender” in the headline is not a surprise. Better to attract attention to an otherwise sad personal story.

How sad that the first two words in the headline are proven, surefire attention getters: sex offender.
Not Grandfather Commits Suicide
Retiree Leaps to Death
Senior Citizen Drowns
Police Attempt Rescue of Drowning Grandfather.

Communicating the story and informing people has absolutely nothing to do with this article. Everything is about the headline amd getting eyeballs on the page to view the advertisments. Get the click-through rates higher to get your advertising rates higher.
Journalistic integrity, if there ever was such a thing, is dead as the proverbial door nail.

Quite true. thankfully there are emergency response people who don’t ask, “are you a sex offender”, before deciding to save your life. Hopefully they don’t succumb to the general corruption creeping through the civic benefit professions. The 4th estate has always been subject to corruption. Their minions who comment at the end of the article share in that moral impotence.

I think that the steady and unremitting drumbeat of injustice will be the undoing of the whole system and it shows the news media, particularly the sensationalist local t.v. news pseudo-journalists, in a very unflattering light. They’re going for sheer numbers of viewers/readers but they’re also showing themselves to be pandering, sensationalist and unethical. So, I am glad to see them displaying the fruits of their multi-decade campaign of shrieking hysteria. Also, it has to have occurred to the more intelligent folks out there that there has not been a single sex offender who decided to take out a prosecutor,… Read more »

@David Kennerly:
How naive. Don’t you know RCs have no time for revenge because they’re all out cruising near playgrounds in old vans, asking kids if they’ve seen a lost puppy, all the while handing out ice cream–and maybe even candy bars with razor blades in them?

Update on article:

“Police were on hand to rescue the 81 year old man so as to charge him with being within 1200 feet of a public park. Once they recovered the lifeless body of this unfortunate soul they charged him with a Felony and remanded him to the county morgue awaiting a court hearing on said charge. His cadaver will most likely be remanded to the state prison for at least two years for violating the terms and conditions of of his sex offender status.”

New News ,,,,if that ain’t the fact . total truth in how many of the witch hunters thinking of the many stupid comments left on that article , they all ready have issues on where we are to be buried , or nursing homes , why not charge us after death , great ‘comment new news’

My 26 year old friend and roomate took his life last November in my home because he could not stand the thought of spending the rest of his life as a marked man. His crime? 21 year old college kid with a 17 year old girlfriend. Both families approved, the cop who saw them kiss in the park decided his life was worth nothing.

I feel for this man.

Maybe I am being overly sensitive, but the fact is the his status as a registered sex offender was considered not sensitive information, before even his name. they had to get the permission of relatives before they could disclose that information. If he had relatives and I was one of them, I would not now give them permission to disclose his name, now that it is widely know he is a registrant. For what safety reason would the police disclose that fact to the press? What safety concern is there from a dead registrant. No the disclosure is all for… Read more »

So true, Timmer, and the family will need to continue to deal for a while longer under the RC label before it fades, not that he was a loved family member.

Yah, if the sex offense itself didn’t break up the family, the registry will finish the job.

@ Timmr ,,, it kills me how these self serving cop/news monsters stand around popping valiums washing then down with a Perrier , and make these harsh decisions with no thinking of the fact that this was an 81 year old man with family that will have to wear the funk that they spray out of their fat mouth , only thinking about what slant they can put on what was obviously a very tormented citizen that no longer wanted to live , yet they think only of the money spin , or slant things so they look like hero’s… Read more »

He could have had an issue not even related to the registry, but, of coarse the registry does nothing but add maggots to rotten meat. I haven’s yet heard where the registry has even done anything good for anyone, it seems to make victims more afraid and reactionary, offenders destitute and give bigots a free pass to be obnoxious. It does seem to be a boon for politicians and their whores in the news media, though.

@Timmer. Well put.

I wonder are there any statistics on suicide by RC’s? I am sure that the rate must be very high.

@Stephen ,,, , that was a great link , its even easy to leave comments , anyone that that’s sad or in a pissed off mood don’t go here because it will wreck your day , its very sad but there is a ton of info on there , lots of stuff to pick from it left me with the regulation my a$$ , punishment

That’s a very good question. I’d like to know the number of suicides as well. Then maybe do a comparison to other sets of convicts. Very curious about it.

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