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CA: City Council repeals sex offender residency ordinance

Facing the threat of another costly lawsuit the Highland City Council voted 3-2 to repeal a city ordinance prohibiting registered sex offenders from residing within 2,000 feet of schools, parks and other locations identified for children’s use, Nov. 14. Full Article

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  1. CR

    This is good news. The town’s projected cost of fighting a threatened suit from Janice concerning their residency restrictions that they know they are likely to lose was enough to get them to repeal them.

  2. TS

    Maybe your voters ought to learn civics and the constitution about those laws they are trying to vote in before actually voting on them. If they knew what the costs could be on the backside, then maybe they would rethink them…or not if they are merely emotional about things without engaging their brains.

    • David

      Let’s just start with the actual politicians reading the Constitution!!!
      👍👍👍 Another victory for Janice, ACSOL, and – thanks to their efforts – good news for all us Registered Citizens!
      Many, many thanks, Janice!!! 😁

  3. AlexO

    “In discussion Lilburn, McCallon and Timmer each expressed frustration of seeing that Sacramento judges and attorneys have more influence than voters leaving local government little control.

    “This makes me sick,” Lilburn said. “Why should have to fight the fight when our voters already have.”‘

    Because mob rule isn’t always correct. If it was always up to the voters and nothing else, we’d still be drinking from separate water fountains and jailing people for marrying outside of their skin-tone.

    • Nicholas Maietta

      These are the same people that probably agree with this statement: “Harming and killing sex offenders is okay because it protects children.”

  4. Jack

    He said “this makes me sick, why should we have to fight the fight when the voters already have?” Maybe because not even the voters have the ability to willfully violate their own constitution. What a moron. Give em hell Janice.

  5. J

    Lilburn and Timmer are jackasses that won’t even listen to their own attorney. LOL. Does that tell you a little bit about the(VOTERS) in that area who voted them two morons in?? No Sensible Judge will allow a disregard of what’s fact even with your pathetic failed attempt at fear mongering. Nonetheless you two lost and can now consider yourselves losers. Your faces can also be connected to a failed ordinance. To bad you two weren’t part of the majority with your no vote, then we could have connected a nice million dollar lawsuit to you as well. See why judges shouldn’t always listen to voters, look in the mirror. Nice try BUFOONS….

    • TS


      Two thoughts –

      Actually, that’s a brilliant political move if they knew it was going to be repealed regardless of their votes. Their vote against not repealing will look good in the eyes of the voters for the fought for what the voters voted in regardless of course what the court said. Good for next election.

      However, dangerous, too, because it showed their willful disregard for the court and ignorance of the Constitution, which voters should note also.

      Cake and eat it too? 🤔

  6. James

    Janice and team wins again! Great job! Although I have no sympathy for two no voters, they are just giving lip service to their constituents so they can stay in office for the next term. I thought the article was more balanced than some of the other journalists have written: here’s what the voters voted for and this is how our courts of justice decided on this issue. Just comes to show how laws like Prop 83, thanks to fear mongerers and career politicians like George (now in Board of Equalization) and Sharon Runner (deceased?), are costing both the state as well as municipalities and the taxpayers in terms of lawsuits. I remember the LAO’s analysis of this bill and the constitutional questions it raised should it become law. Now, reality is finally sinking in much to the chagrin of these fear mongerers.

  7. G4Change

    |”This makes me sick,” Lilburn said.
    Actually you make ME sick, Mayor Lilburn.

    |”Why should have to fight the fight when our voters already have.”
    It’s called The Constitution. You should try reading it sometime!

  8. Marty

    Another ultra-restrictive un-constitutional law falls. Thank you Janice for all your hard work to right the wrongs of a witch hunt minded society!

  9. New Person

    These residency restrictions being won identifies parts of the registry that are unconstitutional. That is beyond penalty and disability.

    Again, if you earned the 1203.4, then a person is released from all penalties and disabilities from the conviction. Yes, the residency has been ruled unconstitutional now, but it was before. The judges ruled that the registry posed no civil nor criminal penalty or disability before, but here we now have proof it was unconstitutional. Therefore it holds that 1203.4 should have relieved any registrant who earned it b/c the residency restriction was ruled unconstitutional, which was part of the registry.

    Ca Const, Art 1, Sec 7b is the equal protections immunity statute. The judges who stated that the registry posed no disability are now being disproven as a part of the registry is now deemed unconstitutional. The other part was presence restrictions. These unconstitutional laws were part of the registry and something that 1203.4 would have released you from should you have earned it b/c it’s beyond a penalty or disability… it was unconstitutional.

    • AlexO

      That’s something that can be argued in the future, but for now 1203.4 has an asterisk that specifically excludes the 290 portion. So it doesn’t really matter what the code or the constitution states. Remember, the 13th US Amendment is also being ignored as our registration isn’t “punitive”. The cracks are widening, but the wall is still great.

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