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IN: Sex offender faces felony over old ID card

A Blackford County sex offender faces a felony charge as a result of failing to keep his identification card up to date. Full Article

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  1. America's Most Hated

    The US Costitution refers to felonies as “high crimes.”

    Not putting your current address on your drivers license is a “high crime” apparently. Which is certainly a reasonable way for our detectives and courts and prisons to spend their time and taxdollars.

    Think of this… In which other country would a citizen be locked in a PENITENTIARY for merely having an old address on his government papers? There are 2.2 million Americans in jail. The US population is 4.4% of the world, yet we have almost a quarter of the worlds’s prison population. Am I to believe that Americans are so much more malicious than other peoples? Or is it simply because everything is illegal in the Land of the Free?

    Our laws could be simplified by just listing the things in the US that are legal. The new law book would be about ten pages.

    • Sam

      It’s kinda like in Michigan, if youre going to college and you don’t tell the police you’re not taking summer classes and don’t unenroll from the school it’s a felony as well. They tried to get me on this but I had it dropped to a fine because it was ridiculous to be charged for a felony because I wasn’t taking summer classes and informed them that I was going to resume in the fall

    • Joe

      Almost 80 year old man sentenced to 5 years in prison and lifetime supervision for failing to register for an offense over 30 years old. It is probably a good guess that this man will die behind bars.

      This is some little old lady’s husband and ride to the doctor, someone’s father, grandfather. For the tax payer, this is the equivalent of hiring a mid-level teacher for 5 years, at best. I shudder to think the cost of geriatric prison inmates.

      For not handing in paperwork that a murderer is not required to. This has GOT to stop…

      • James

        Joe, Thanks for the link….this is, literally, insane…on an individual justice level, but also as social policy.

        Still, it looks like he’ll be in Federal digs which isn’t supposed to be that bad, (I note a reported trend in Japan of older men purposefully committing offenses so as to have a good place to spend their years of declining health).

        It is stories like these that cause me to be very careful…my society would happily spend a zillion dollars to harm me needlessly. And yet, my duty to myself is to live life as largely and as well as I can…

        But their are traps for sure, as stupid as they might be.

        Good luck, and best wishes, James

    • AJ

      @America’s Most Hated:
      Your posting reminds me of this story (and the associated book) from a few years back: According to the author of the book, there are so many laws in this country, the average person commits 3 felonies *per day*! Nobody even knows how many Federal criminal laws there are. Estimates of US Code crimes are about 4,500, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. “Meanwhile, according to recent congressional testimony, the number of federal regulations (enacted by administrative agencies under loose authority from Congress) carrying criminal penalties may be as many as 300,000.” (

      “The more corrupt that state, the more numerous the laws.” — Publius Cornelius Tacitus (55-120 AD), Roman senator and historian.
      To the article, the punishment does seem excessive to the offense. I wonder if the court will “show its belly” again and say the legislature knows best, blah, blah, blah, or if it will see it as the excessive penalty it is. Playing against the guy is his having been told a year ago, at his previous registration, that he needed to update his info. To claim one has “not had time” for an entire year is a tough sell to a judge, or any reasonable group of people (read: jury).

      • New Person

        Didn’t a PA court proceeding cover this idea that the penalty for failing to register was punitive for a civil regulation?

        This is supposed to be a civil scheme, but it carries punitive penalties.

        Whatever came of those proceedings?

  2. Ron

    If this ID card issue is of such importance to the state, that is is considered a felony, then why aren’t offenders able to update their ID cards while registering at the sheriff’s office? The government says these laws are in place to protect the public (which is untrue). Therefore a one stop shop should be in place to ensure the public is “protected.”
    These types of laws are designed to ensnare sex offenders. If you make the registration difficult and add additional procedures in different locations, many sex offenders will be unable to complete them.

  3. T

    I bet the sex offender registry laws have made it so hard and difficult for registrants to follow that they would have nothing to live for.

    • America's Most Hated

      I often say the same. The government has been determined to make every SO’s life impossible to live.

      It’s certainly very difficult just surviving by finding a job and shelter. If you’re able to actually overcome those hurdles, there’s still the constant fear that police will come to your door with a felony warrant to imprison you for some piddly infraction. When that’s still not enough, the county mails everyone in your neighborhood a postcard with your photo, address, and vehicle information, so now you also have to live in fear that your neighbors will burn your house with you asleep inside.

      If you want to leave the US to go somewhere where you can vacation in peace, they brand your passports like Nazi Germany. If they despise me so much, then why do they not want me to leave?

      The answer is obviously that the congress celebrates every time another one of us hangs ourself. They aren’t content just to leave us be in our current destroyed lives and be miserable and shamed every day. They wish us all in complete dispair so that we just give up and clock out.

      • David Kennerly, Untermensch With An Attitude

        The country is in thrall to a pseudo-science that assures it that we are best dealt with harshly and indiscriminately and that it comprehends our capacity for damage and can accurately assess the harm we are said to have caused, none of which is true. Further, its citizens are encouraged to take out all of their accumulated hatred and frustrations on us, alone, unique among minorities. So, what might once have been a simple banishment under colonial standards, is now seen as unacceptably charitable in that it allows the individual to escape total destruction. It is now a virtue to permanently incapacitate us and irresponsible to fail to do so. The world, as a whole, is now a jurisdiction of the U.S.

        • David Kennerly's Spectral Evidence

          Addendum: And we, wherever we might go, are its property.

  4. Matthew

    The constitution states the law must be equal to all. To point out and only enforce on some will lead to bigger issues. Come on attorneys step up

  5. mike r

    Very well stated David. I think I will have that in my opening speech it is so well articulated. As far as any lawyers stepping up. HA!!!! That’s like wishing in one hand and you know what in the other to see which one fills up faster. Even almost everyone of them that do are so incompetent or corrupt that they due the bare minimum just to get paid and not get barred from the state bar. All the well articulated cases like Packingham, Colorado, Taylor, have all been extremely successful.

  6. USA


    This is a rather disturbing article. The reason for his arrest is plain and simple. He is considered high risk and he has multiple convictions! We don’t know the entire story. I’m not saying it’s fair, but it’s clearly the reason. So, everyone doesn’t need to generalize. I doubt he will get convicted with anything/they are rattling his cage!

    The one thing I did notice is some of you have stated some intriguing things! You stated past cases: Colorado? Packingham? I often wonder.

    I live a normal life, don’t break any laws and yet many of you seem almost obsessed with case law etc? Multiple convictions? Think your smarter then everyone? Some of you guys literally write books with your responses/comments citing case law etc? Are you breaking the law again? It’s troubling.

    I simply read this for entertainment. Yet, some of you live on here? Very intriguing.

    • Sam

      We seem to live on here because unlike you we are not allowed to live normal lives. I have one case from 10 years ago and haven’t committed another crime since but as the laws are constantly changing they affect a vast majority of us and could bring further charges if not followed to the tee.

      So although it may be no big deal for you and trolling gives you entertainment. To others on here these situations can affect us in a very negative or positive way as we would like to to keep our humanity and the ability to try and live a normal life like you.

      The little glimmer of hope that this case law provides is part of the thin line that keeps many of us breathing as it could either enable us to finally be able to become productive members of society or pariahs on the brink of suicide.

      So that’s why things seem more important to a good majority of people on here.

      What I found from reading was that although IML says that the covered offenders are those who have crimes against children (anyone under 18) the definition listed as covered offender is anyone who has to register in any jurisdiction. Not just those whose crime is against a minor. So that vagueness in the law could possibly in turn come to bite you eventually since you’re still registered as a level 1

    • FRegistryTerrorists


      I find your response rather bizarre. You almost seem like you might think the ID requirement is somewhat acceptable. It’s not. Further, it is not a trivial thing to be arrested and this person should not accept that at all. He should do anything and everything that is legal to very seriously retaliate for it. He should work to cost that criminal regime a fortune. People who are subject to this harassment need to attack. Every day.

      And why would you even dream that someone is “breaking the law” because he/she is interested in case law and wants to write about it? I don’t find that stuff particularly interesting myself but I don’t question how people want to fight the criminal regimes. There are thousands of approaches and people should follow the path they like.

    • AJ

      Part of your “normal life” is hanging out on ACSOL? I would guess most people would find that an abnormality. If it’s so normal, “fly, be free!” Go, enjoy registering. Go, enjoy compliance checks. Go, enjoy that normal life. Or, perhaps it’s not so normal, and your vitriol on here is misdirected.
      “I simply read this for entertainment.”
      Really? How sad and pitiful. If I came here for entertainment, I would do a serious analysis of the voids in and emptiness of my life.
      Troll, troll, trolling posts
      Routinely on the ‘net
      Warily, warily, warily, warily
      I read yours with regret.

      Henceforth, for me on here USA = Useless Statements Again.

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