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NC: Fayetteville police captain charged with failure to report sex offender noncompliance

FAYETTEVILLE, North Carolina (WTVD) — The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office has charged Fayetteville Police Captain ____ ____ with failure to report sex offender non-compliance.

According to an arrest warrant, ____’s husband ____ ____, who is a registered sex offender, was with her at events with children present – which is a violation of his sex offender registry restrictions. Full Article

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  1. Harry

    NC, this Baptist State, are picking and choosing sins that are forgivable.

  2. AlexO

    I’m glad he was arrested. How dare he not offend against anyone and practice non-criminal activity?

    (Pretty much 100% of the comments in the article are atrocious, misinformed, and racist; at least half talking about affirmative action)

    • Eric Knight

      Although the registrant may have, and probably was, charged for his registration rules violations, the article is actually highlighting the police chief’s crime, which is “failure to report sex offender noncompliance.” As the chief law enforcement officer, she should have been very aware of the laws she obviously makes sure that her officers enforce on registrants with very harsh methods, based upon the amount of registration violations that show up routinely on the Fayetteville blotter.

    • Will Allen

      There are a lot more comments there now.

      Let’s overwhelm the harassers with factual comments.

  3. Lovecraft

    NCRSOL was made aware of this yesterday and has forwarded this to an attourney who has done some good work for us in the past. I think a case like this may bolster our lawsuit. People are keeping a close eye on this one.

    WRAL, another local media station also did an article….i didnt care much for how they titled it.

    Those damn sex offender husbands…..what are you going to do?

    What I really dont like is its stories like these that further seperate us from having a normal life. Especially with a wife that is a public figure. Its litterly impossible for any woman involved with a registrant to have or keep a job like that because we toxify any aspect of anyones lives that associate with us. There is close to zero normalcy and what I hate most of all is that this was completely innocent behavior. How dare he leave the house or try to function as a married couple, which sometimes involves incidental contact with minors. These @%&* premise laws have to go. My heart really goes out to them. Im sure this puts her in an impossible position…..we cant help who we love and no one should be penalized or posterized for that. I am willing to donate funds to attack this, I am just waiting for the call.

  4. 'Don't feel bad.

    She (the police chief) is part of the criminal-law enforcement industry that is constantly harassing us with compliance checks, etc., so I don’t feel the least bit bad for her. I hope she suffers all the negative consequences coming to her …… but that won’t happen – she’ll be allowed off light because she’s LE.
    Of course, for not following the laws, he will probably be charged with new S.O. felonies. Will she now be charged as a sex offender for willingly violating those same registrant laws??

    • America's Most Hated

      I believe you’d find many police that disagree with these laws. And you can be certain that being married to a S.O. that this Captain understands the hardships of the registry.

      I wouldn’t be happy that the State can lock you in prison and ruin your life because you let your husband have family day with you and his children.

      How absurd. It’s as if we’re all living in the wrong Korea.

  5. totally against public registry

    No one should suffer the consequences of these absurd registry laws of our country. When did hatred become the IN thing in our society? This is another reason why the registry should be ousted!!

    • kind of living

      I “think” the government is the fan , and the people are used to create hate , all one can do is never hate , angary ? that’s cool , the hate will just turn us in to fuel , negative fuel

  6. ool CA

    I m wondering if she wasn’t a Police Captain but higher up such as a State Government would she still get arrested?

  7. Harry

    As I have taken a little more time thinking about this. There something really fishy going with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office. 1) She being ranked officer would of known about the requirement and she would not allow her husband to cross those lines. I believed for him attending these events were non issues. 2) It would of been the duty of the FPD to do an internal affairs investigation of its own, not the sheriff department. 3) The charged players are black. I believe there was someone close these couple, possible church member, has an unrelated burr in their rear end and either works for the sheriff’s department or knows someone that does. Since NC is a current hot bed for black hatred by LE, this is where I am smelling fish frying.

  8. Notgivingup

    Very interesting since I know 2 RCs that are married to LE.I also know a doctor who is a RC and has kept their license, some areas do not have the sex offender madness I guess. I think this man was probably sold out by someone they knew.

    • Harry

      They were, most likely, members of the Village Baptist Church and it is likely a church member and church members are real good about killing their own. The Baptist Church is among the biggest hate groups against RCs

      • lovewillprevail


        I have the same observation here in Texas. I have notice some high profile people here in Texas who attend the Baptist Church are some of the more vocal opponents of registered people.

        This appears to me to contradict the teachings of the religion and the Christian religion as a whole so I do not understand this hatred.

  9. David Kennerly, Observe Bio-Hazard Handling Procedures

    Another unwilling person conscripted into the hysterical war on sex offenders. These mandatory reporting laws force individuals to participate in their mindless obsessions.

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