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Should Cruise Ships Allow Sexual Offenders to Sail?

[Huffington Post]

Should cruise lines permit convicted sex offenders on their ships? Carnival the world’s largest cruise line is very careful, at least according to its website particular about who it will let on- if they are working on the ship as a vendor or crew member. According to Carnival’s website-it runs background checks at a seller expense which includes the following checks:


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  1. Joe123

    Ahh if only someone could write to this ‘lawyer’, or a pathetic excuse for one, and ask him to show statistics of the amount of times a ‘sex offender’ has committed a crime on a cruise ship. His pathetic, desperate attempt at attention by writing this article, would hold no value when the facts are revealed. This country needs a serious mental makeover. When you have supposed Lawyers writing about absolute Bullsh*t, it really makes you wonder. Is there a mass brainwashing campaign? Where we don’t focus on the atrocities being committed by this country, internally through Pharma/food industry, and externally through instigated wars, and instead we place Labels on people like that’s an ADULT thing to do, and brand them for life. You have to be a special kind of ‘dumb’ to label someone as a ‘sex offender’ for a single offense and think that it’s ok to mark them for life based on a single mistake.

    • MCH

      Booked a cruise last week on Carnival with 7 friends, all of them are first time cruisers. This is the three night four day cruise to Catalina, Ensenada, and then back to Long Beach. Checking my booking today and found out that my booking was cancelled and I’m on the “Do Not Book” list. I’m waiting to hear back from them, but I do know exactly why…dammit.

      • Benny

        MCH, sorry to hear your cruise was canceled. To help narrow this down a bit, are you listed on Megan’s web site? If u don’t mind me asking what was your index offence? I’m just wondering bc the wife and I r considering a cruise as well and kinda hesitant for the same reason. I had a 243 F reduced (17b) and dismissed(1203.4) and I am not on the website. Thanks

  2. Sam

    Hey look another fear mongering article. Even references a site meant to help RCs as to better identify RCs and discriminate against them more. 😑 like bruh what is so wrong about wanting to be a human and go on vacation with your family?

    So many people are more dangerous than an RC and they don’t have to register. I’ve known people growing up with kill counts in the double digits including innocent civilians but they had never gone prison because they were following orders or it was “self defense”.

    And when people flip out about “ooh RCs are the worst ever, they all touch babies!” it just shows all the ignorance in the world as most of the people who are continually doing this and ruining lives are the ones who never got caught.

    You don’t see anyone blaming the drug dealers for all the kids that die injecting shit or who kill each other over meth, or all the houses that burn down houses with entire families because they mixed something wrong when they cook the meth.

    You don’t have a registry for people who sexually abused animals (unless that’s a new thing) For all the fcked up crimes people have committed that are worse there is no reciprocation for these crimes or extra punishment. I could have chopped someone up and ate them and somehow I wouldn’t be considered as dangerous. For fcks sake

  3. ab

    If the answer is no for convicted sex offenders then….How about murders? Non convicted sex offenders? Drug dealers? Arsonists? Thieves? Cannibals?

    • PJ

      Or pirates, since we’re at sea.

    • Nicholas Maietta

      Glad you got it. I was quoted on television once when interviewed by ABC Channel 10 in Sacramento while attending the Oakland IML protest and Federal Court proceeding saying something along the lines of:

      “If it was a matter of public safety, we’d have murderers, arsonists, DUI, domestic violence suspects et cetera on a registry as well– it’s not about public safety.”

  4. TS

    He is a cruise ship accident atty so this is a paid advertisement for his business and the cruise line industry when you see he writes articles for HuffPo. That is all this is. He rails against the industry then rails for them (see same sex marriage cruise line). He chases cruise lines instead of ambulances. He cannot even get the passport info correct. You can send comments into HuffPo by using the email address above and to the right of the article.

    And he claims to be a civil rights atty! Hack!

  5. Will Allen

    You can post comments at the article itself.

    • Tim Moore

      Or maybe better submit an opposing opinion. Since this guy has the gal to claim to be a lawyer (even a civil rights attorney), it is best rebutted by a real civil rights attorney. Janice?

  6. MatthewLL

    He is just setting up a case for future litigation. Given the odds, some registered offender will commit a crime at some point on a cruise ship and he will get to say “I told you so” and sue for lots of $$. Pathetic excuse for a human being.

  7. Stay outraged

    “A very bad and dangerous idea.”

    ^I think he just described Megan’s law perfectly!

  8. kind of living

    Hummm lets see I guess I will get on this ship , oh yes this is great , oh what fun ! oops ! Help ! Help ! Help! Someone touched me ! it was so sick ! oh I touched my self that’s all sorry , But it was unwilling ! and I want me convicted ! 🙂

  9. Jan

    My partner who is an RSO and I sailed on Holland America out of Fort Lauderdale with no issues. We had no problems at any of the caribbean and mexican islands we visited. This was December of 2018. I have done alot of online research and it seems Holland and MSC do not do registry checks.

    • Van

      Just confirming that MSC was a go. Just got back and had a wonderful time with my wife and 4 children. Not even a hint that there would be any trouble. I’m really curious as to what other cruise lines will allow us to sail. As a side note, I would advise NOT calling and asking the cruise lines as I believe that puts us a little more under the microscope!!

      • E @ Van

        Did your cruise depart Italy? So you are reporting flying in/out of Italy was no issue? Do you have a marked passport (yet)? Thanks

        • Van

          Closed loop cruise out of Miami to San Juan, St Thomas, St Maarten and Nassau. Did not utilize passports as closed loop cruises generally don’t require them. Passing thru customs was as simple as birth certificates for the kids and state issued photo IDs for my wife and I. A quick glance at the documents and right thru.

    • AJ

      “I have done alot of online research and it seems Holland and MSC do not do registry checks.”
      If Holland America accepts, one would think all Carnival Cruise Lines brands would. I’m not one for cruising, so I have no idea what has been said on here other than some lines don’t accept. MSC is a privately-held Italian cruise line. I suspect “privately held” and “Italian” are both playing in our favor there.

      Here’s a reference for what lines own which brands:

      Based on recent headlines, there may not be ANYone sailing on Carnival’s ships out of US ports. A federal judge is weighing a complete ban on all their ships.

  10. Illinois Contact

    Jan and Van: Can you tell the countries you visited? Any that would not normally admit you (Mexico, for example). It’s my impression that you do not have to go through customs with your passport when disembarking for day’s visit. My wife and I would love to do the Panama Canal itinerary on Holland America, which stops in multiple Mexican ports.

  11. Illinois Contact

    The Holland America website for the Panama Canal cruise itinerary says “passport required” for Puerto Caldera (Puntarenas), Costa Rica, but doesn’t say this for any other country. I’m guessing (hoping) that means there is no passport required, except for Costa Rica.

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