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U.S. Passports of Child Sex Offenders Will Note Their Convictions

[New York Times]

The passports of Americans convicted of sex offenses against a child will soon bear a mark of their crimes.
The State Department announced this week that a sentence noting their conviction would be added to the back inside cover of offenders’ passports.

Once the State Department receives their names from the Department of Homeland Security, it will begin notifying affected sex offenders that their passports were being revoked and reissued with the new language.

Smaller passport cards, which can be used only for very limited international travel, will not be issued to such offenders because they lack room for a similar message. It was not immediately clear how many passport holders would be affected.

The policy, which went into effect on Tuesday, was required under legislation passed in 2016 known as “International Megan’s Law.” It is named for Megan Kanka, a 7-year-old girl from New Jersey whose rape and murder in 1994 inspired a slew of namesake laws that allow neighbors to be notified when a sex offender moves to their community. Her attacker, a neighbor, had previous child sex offense convictions.

The new passport law, which is intended “to protect children and others from sexual abuse and exploitation, including sex trafficking and sex tourism,” has drawn criticism.

The Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws, a nonprofit that fights for the civil rights of registered sex offenders, sued the government last year over the measure, arguing that it violated the constitutional rights of registered sex offenders.

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  1. Jack

    Damn Janice made the New York times. Consider yourself on Trump’s enemy list haha. He’s gonna start tweeting soon. We’ve finally made it to the big time.

    • America's Most Hated

      Yes, congrats!

      I do hope you understand, Janice, how much you mean to all of us and me personally. It takes a person of strong conviction to stand against a lynch mob and to fend for the rights of the few that are beaten down metaphorically by the majority.

      I screwed up. I made a horrible mistake a long time ago. But I never hurt anyone nor had any malice in my heart. Besides for some government hackers, not a sole would have ever known that I clicked on some photos of teenage Russian girls posing naked.

      I lost my professional career, $103,000 a year, my beautiful attorney fiance left me right before our wedding, my friends never spoke to me again, my father is the sheriff back home and we haven’t spoken for years because he told me to kill myself and make the world a better place. He used to be so proud of me.

      I was very well respected in my profession and personal life, and now I have nothing. No friends; I live in a run-down trailer home, no self respect, and nothing that makes me happy at all anymore. Except escaping this hellhole to travel.

      All I live for now is to save every penny from my menial service job and travel to S. America once a year to hike through the green mountains and explore small towns. If the government ruins this small bit of remaining joy like they destroyed everything else in my former happy life, I will finally give up.

      I don’t want to give up. Janice, you give me hope where there would otherwise be none left. Please defeat these tyrants. Almost a million people and their families need you.

      I need you.

      • David Kennerly, Diminishing Shelf-Life

        You need to be angrier than you are. Angry at the government, angry at your father, fiance, and your former friends. It’ll actually help you to survive. Too much contrition and self-loathing is a killer. Anger keeps me going and will certainly keep me from killing myself. Focused and directed anger, not diffuse and indiscriminate anger; that’s for sociopaths. Anger is an underrated emotion.

        • kind of living


        • America's Most Hated

          I certainly stay angry at the government and the self serving politicians that don’t care one iota about “the children.” If they cared about the children, then why do they let dangerous aliens pour in by the millions without vetting?

          But I’m not angry at any specific person. I find it self defeating to carry grudges. When you’re angry and spend your life seething about a person, it only hurts yourself. The other person lives their happy life without knowing or caring.

        • David Kennerly, Enemy Of the State, Untermensch

          Of course, there’s more than one way to be angry. You’re right about self-consuming and, I would say, unexpressed anger. However, I would also say that this fellow should definitely give an earful to his father and ex-fiance, etc. I have known two “sex offenders” who killed themselves. Both internalized all the shame and self-loathing that others placed on them. They would have been far better off hating the system and the people who support that system.

        • NY Level1

          What’s the point of calling yourself an ‘Untermensch’ unless you know something about yourself none us here are aware of?

        • Sam

          He is probably referring to how the world views us because this registry. We are treated as subhumans on a near constant basis without any repercussions to those doing it even though the sites themselves state that they will be prosecuted for using the information listed on the sites in the way that they do.

        • David Kennerly, Enemy Of the State, Untermensch

          Untermensch is a term used to describe those considered either racially or socially inferior. Having been convicted of a sex crime in the U.S. I am clearly an “untermensch” in society as is anyone else on the Registry. Does that help?

          Oh, wait you’re “Level 1.” So you must be morally superior.

        • NY Level1

          Using Nazi language to compare RSO’s is a display of ignorance and debases a carefully thought out intelligent discussion and opposition which is part of the reason most ACLUs and other serious organizations have done little to help.

          Stop with the paranoid ignorant comparisons to the Holocaust and perhaps we will be taken seriously.

          Accusing me of being morally superior is falling right into the trap that all the people we are struggling against claim. We have not reformed nor acknowledged our crimes. Playing the victim plays right into the hands of those
          legislators etc.

          Take your Nazi language and baby anger elsewhere.
          Yes, I am a Level1 and if you would bother to read what I have written over two years you might stop being a childish jealous baby.

        • David Kennerly, Enemy Of the State, Untermensch

          You know what? I don’t care what you think and I am not going to be bullied into accepting your conception of me or anyone else. If you are so dense/self-hating/unable to distinguish between yourself and the rest of us then you are a politically correct ideologue whose ideology is not my own. If you refuse to see what is in front of your eyes, which is that the closest parallel to Nazi Germany’s Jews today are “sex offenders” then you are the one who is obtuse and self-delusional.

          I really couldn’t care less what you’ve written over the last two years. I have no interest in you or your exquisite self-positioning. You think I’m jealous of you? God forbid!

        • 4 Sensible Laws

          I can’t help but see a number of parallels going on between nazi germany and the present climate in American politics. Most obvious being the matter at hand, which is the marking of a citizen’s passport with the obvious intent to restrict travel of a person who is not under any kind of supervision and who poses no actual threat.

          Some, however, have quite a visceral reaction to such comparison. The most common response is that the Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, and so-on in nazi germany hadn’t done anything to ‘deserve’ their treatment.

          I believe the point being made in the nazi comparisons is that a registered citizen who has paid his or her debt to society (whatever the debt was at the time the crime was committed) ought to be treated no differently under the law than any other person. To single such persons out for differing treatment and placing them in a special category for harassment and special restrictions doesn’t seem that far off from what was done in the early stages of the 3rd reich. For sure, it puts a black mark on the moral supremacy that this country claims to possess when it starts going around doing the exact same thing that was done under the nazi regime.

          But true enough, the nazi-like treatment comparisons probably aren’t going to get much sympathy.

          On the other hand. I don’t see how it is wrong to draw strength for the monumental battle that lies ahead to get IML removed by recognizing it is part of a long-line of evils perpetrated against targeted segments of society when emotion, fear, and political ambition overtake fair and rational policy decisions.

          If it is not proper for the registrant community to become angered and demand better treatment – sometimes making comparisons to wrongs done to others – then perhaps our battle is already lost. If we must remain forever subservient because something happened long in the past, or continue to beg for society to throw us crumbs because our human rights were rightfully lost through our ‘guilt’, then our cause is truly lost.

          I have chosen to personally refrain from the nazi comparisons, because they just aren’t going to be effective. But in a (most of the time) friendly forum such as this, I see it as just venting.

        • David Kennerly, Enemy Of the State, Untermensch

          Thank you. Comparing us to Jews in Nazi Germany is not an attempt on my part to garner sympathy, however. It is to resolutely draw parallels which are beyond dispute. The only people who can question them are those for whom this injustice is, in some measure, justifiable and who believe that the entirety of American criminal jurisprudence is justified. Well, all I can say is, they speak for themselves; they do not speak for me. I don’t share that view. I don’t know who they shtupped and under what circumstances and I don’t care. I’m speaking for myself and others like me. We are the untermenschen and our government is now fascist.

        • kind of living

          @NY Level 1 ,,,,, ,, ,, Nazi , Nazi , Nazi ! are you a level 1 or a plea deal away from level 3 ? check your self before you wreck your self , yes we can see the comparison between Nazi and whats going on here in this country , and the Holocaust was a horror , in comparison to what was done to natives here in the USA was romper room , just because your a level 1 don’t mean you get to dictate anything , ignorant ? I think not , the comparison is there plain as the nose you have buried in your back side ,

        • Sam

          We are all stuck in the same damn car on the way to the gas chamber from out personal concentration camps, there is no point in fighting to see who’s dick is bigger.

          Why compare anything to the holocaust? Because the same marking of passports and ostracism happened at that time to another group of people. It doesn’t really matter what group it happened to, just the fact that it happened to begin with is the issue. If the government allows for this to happen to one group it can easily happen to any other when someone gets a stick up their ass.

          Instead of arguing about semantics just focus on the issue at hand. In reality we could care less about one another as people as long as we can unite for the common cause of keeping our freedoms and the right to live a normal human existence.

        • kind of living

          @sam ,,,,, ,, ,, What car? all I see is people jumping from one sinking boat to another , and the ones that are not sinking don’t think we should even have a boat , David kenndery made solid points , and I feel what he is saying in a big way , and he is doing right by voicing what he thinks , it cant all be about people that are standing in a dry boat , while many are standing ankles deep in our own , and pretending we don’t see the whole Nazi thing is dumbing our self down (That’s stupid) . and its not just about pass frigging ports , your right we all should act as if are in the same car , and have each others back for real , and find more like us and become more active , I have talked to many RC’s , and many have gave up , and some think they are getting off and don’t care about fighting against these laws ,

        • Sam

          @kindofliving I know what you mean. My boat sunk long ago and now it seems like the government is giving me cement shoes now.

          BTW side note it wouldn’tet me respond to your latest post.

          But yeah. I fully agree with you and David. I just think “can’t we all just get along? “😂😂😂

          This world is already shitty enough without turning on each other because that’s what they want us to do. kinda like when USA trolls and steals mile r’s moniker. Yes, there are some sick fucks on the registry but if you’re a level 1 or a level 3 the world sees us all as the same pile of poop. Regardless of what we have done.

          In closing. I’m not one for arguing when it does no good. No one is better than anyone else. Etc etc peace on earth and live long and prosper

        • AJ

          The Holocaust was an unimaginably cruel act of humanity, that’s a given. It was, however, only a subset of the Nazis’ methods of dividing and controlling the population, including, Jews (who were particularly singled out), Jehovah’s Witnessess, homosexuals, etc. Indeed, sex offenders were given a pink triangle (, so equating that we RCs are suffering to the Nazis’ system holds a measure of historical accuracy.

          In short, automatically conflating the phrase “Nazi tactics” with “Holocaust” is miswording. Though related and entangled, they are two distinctly different concepts.

        • Sam

          I’m shooting from the top of my head here. Isn’t the registry as a whole in violation to the whole United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights articles 5- pretty much the rest of it? If you read and compare the articles to the registry almost all of our universal rights are violated with the registry and IML

        • Alec

          @Sam – As to whether the IML and the various registries are a violation of the ECHR – they have ruled repeatedly in favor of individuals and families and against almost exclusively Britain in its attempt to persecute SO’s. There’s a reason their registry is NOT PUBLIC. They also would never get away with stamping passports like this.

          This was also a huge reason for Brexit – the ECHR ruled again and again against Britain so one of the arguments that was made was “stop forcing us to treat our prisoners according to foreign laws.”

          I can’t say the very *concept* violates the ECHR, as again, Britain has a registry, but almost the entirety of how they are used in the US would not fly.

          This is one of the reasons the US is not a signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – and is the only developed nation that is not.

        • Sam

          @Alec good to know that the US doesn’t accept Human Rights as the rest of the civilized world does. 😂😂

    • PK

      dont you mean “bigly” ?

  2. Sam

    How does this even work if I don’t live in the country anymore???

    • America's Most Hated

      They have your address? They will mail you a revocation notice.

      If not, they will revoke your passport and you will be stuck in your new country. The State Dept or ICE attache will be notified at the embassy and will notify immigration of the country in which you now reside.

      So don’t play hide and seek. Call the embassy and ask if your passport is ok. If you need a new one, give them your mailing address. You don’t want to be deported.

      The very best of luck. Let us know what happens.

      • Sam

        They have my mailing address and everything. At least they should. Embassy here doesn’t take calls though unless it’s an emergency and to get an appointment takes about a week or two. I’ll have to email the embassy to find out anything

    • Notgivingup

      Sam, your passport will be canceled, it will be reissued with the mark of the beast, what will probably happen is when you go to renew your visa for which ever country you are living in that is when you will find out it has been revoked or if you attempt to travel in any way. We are citizens of no country yet are still forced to pay taxes, no easy answers for this mess. I hope this does not ruin your life again….GOD DAMN AMERICA.

      • Sam

        As long as the government here stays the way it is I’m not super worried about getting my visa renewed as it only should take an hour to do that as long as my passport is valid. Right now just waiting on the embassy to verify my passport status for me. The only thing I can do now is be patient and see what’s going on.

        • Citizens Advocate


          I am able to respond to your query and wholeheartedly understand your concern.

          If the Department of State cancels your passport while you are in a foreign country, regardless of your non-citizen/national status in the foreign country (i.e. tourist visa, business visa, marriage visa, etc.), you will become an illegal alien. A foreigner must possess a valid passport at all times in order be present in a country of non-citizenship. As an illegal alien you will be subject to arrest and deported from that foreign country, and returned to your home country.

          This is probably not the kind of response you wanted to read, but at least now you know what could happen in your particular situation. Hopefully, for your sake, there will be timely court intervention that will prevent it from getting to the point where there is a sweeping revocation of passports for a particular class of people.

          Good luck to you!

        • Sam

          Well hopefully before that happens and ruins my chances of any form of a normal life hopefully something good will happen. Still waiting on the US embassy to get back to me as NPIC had no knowledge of the law or anything that is going on

      • Sam

        This whole situation is actually confusing to me as I’m no longer part of US jurisdiction and here doesn’t have a public registry. I still show on the New York one with my foreign address with no jurisdiction listed because New York just doesn’t remove anyone ever from the registry. But the national registry it’s just got my name and a big blank without a picture or age or anything besides out of country. Had no issues with immigration or anything as of yesterday when I applied for my drivers license here. I just have to wait now and see what the embassy and the NCIC people say I guess.

        • Curious

          I am guessing I won’t get an answer to this question but I have to ask. What country are you in? I would love a list of countries I could go to and leave quietly. I am aware of RTAG but want to hear an answer from someone that is actually doing it.

        • Notgivingup

          I think Sam would be better off not stating where he or she is living, they moved to have a better life after they served their time or punishment, but this crap just keeps following us around no matter how good we are. I wish wherever he or her are at they have a happy life. I lived in another country for 2 years, loved it, had to come back for family health problems and that doomed me. I have never felt free again but I move on even though it has been very difficult at times, I miss my family there but not one thing I can do.

        • Sam

          I must apologize before I begin as this is going to turn into a rant

          The issue here isn’t the country I’m living but the US trying to make me not be able to live anywhere but.

          If making people who have had one and only one crime on their entire record into monsters is the agenda the US is freaking awesome at it, but actually protecting it’s people? They fail completely.

          They are doing all of this is the background of all the terrror attacks because they know that the mindset has changed for so many since everyone has at least 1friend or family member on the list and they have seen how horrible it actually is.

          Honestly parents don’t look at the damn list unless they see someone who is creepy looking to begin with. Or they live in a neighborhood that gives put warnings.

          I remember when I first got put onto the list in Michigan . I had just turned 19, I wasn’t even sentenced yet and my lawyer brought the papers and said “it’s no big deal and won’t change your life” this was my first time ever being in a jail and I had no one except myself. You give a kid who is told he will spend 45 years in prison or sign a paper and get out, he is gonna sign a paper and get out.

          After I was finally out I realized that it was all a lie, my lawyer said to not take it to a jury because “if you’re not white you won’t win” isn’t what a lawyer should give as a choice.

          Anyway soon after I received death threats, was shot at, was shot once, had my car run off the road and completely totaled, had the police harass me where ever I went. (30times in a month), at one point someone broke into my house and tried to set fire to it while I was sleeping inside.

          The worst part is. These weren’t strangers doing it. These were family members and people I grew up with. And if you tried to report it to the police they didn’t care. Because in their eyes you’re now less than human and don’t deserve to be treated like a human.

          Now I talk to no one on my father’s side of the family. And my mother’s side people don’t care because they think the list is a bunch of shit.

          Whoever says this list isn’t a punishment has never lived on the list.

          New York wasn’t as bad and it’s possible to live a normal life there. The only place you’ll feel like a monster is when you have to go to your level determination. They brought in the head prosecutor for the state because they didn’t know how to deal with someone fighting their level designation.

          Apparently to the prosecutor someone who doesn’t drink or do drugs is a raging alcoholic addict because 10years ago they had a drink and smoked a joint once.

          The US is loopy and makes no sense. If you can get away and feel human again it’s a wonderful thing.

        • Gralphr

          With everything that’s going on and is still happening to me, I hate this country with a passion, and I’m someone who served. The American people are nothing but sheep and wouldn’t have a problem with the government passing a new law ordering all people on the registry to report to their local police station to receive a bullet in the back of their head. Now they want to make it where Its hard for us to leave the country? Ive been married to my wife for 8 years now ans she wants our 10th year of marriage to be overseas, and now this leaves things in question. I’m allowed to petition to get off now (10 years out of prison and no probation or parole) but its next to impossible to find out HOW to write the petition. I cant afford to pay a lawyer 5K then he suggested a psychologist for another 5K. Th e cop that comes by my home said hes personally seen a few people get off and that due to my history since getting out (degree, married with children of my own, and always employed) I should have something positive coming, but I’m very pessimistic. Either I’m n American citizen or leave me the hell alone and allow me to leave this country!!!!!

        • David Kennerly, Untermensch With An Attitude

          ” Either I’m an American citizen or leave me the hell alone and allow me to leave this country!!!!!”

          That’s why this regime of sex offender denigration and degradation is so uniquely (within the American experience) pernicious; it is not enough to ruin our lives while we inhabit this newly caste-driven country, they have to prevent us from leaving and, with it, abandon any hope for a better life. It is far worse than the simple acts of banishment which were the rule in Puritan America. No, we may no longer hang witches, instead, we torment them continuously until the day they die. **** Analogies used in this screed: Indian caste system, 17th Century Puritanism. No mention of Nazis this time.

        • Robert

          I was removed from the registry in New York State on 3/16/2016. My name does not appear on the state registry or the Feds anymore. I was also mailed a letter from New York that my name was removed. I have already tested the waters back last Christmas by going to Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam. Had no problem entering those countries and flying back into San Francisco I had absolutely no problem at CBP. No secondary and my passport kiosk printout did not have a big red X through it unlike before which gave the officers a heads up about me. My problem is trying to get into the Philippines to find my children. My wife said goodbye because she cannot come to the US because of that assinine AWA and it has been over 2 years that I have had no contact with her or my two girls that will now be 13 and 11.

        • AlexO

          That’s encouraging to hear that once you’re off you seem to become a regular citizen again.

          I’m sorry to hear about your wife and kids. I wish you the best of luck in locating them and reuniting.

        • Robert

          Alex even though I no longer have to register which is a good thing but you still are never free from the registry. I am constantly on guard for everything. I am afraid to go near anybody especially women for being afraid if they know about you and get pissed at you I don’t need to be threatened by them calling the police saying I touched them. I don’t go near anybody in a grocery store that has kids. I even now get all kinds of spam on my e mail that has to do with sex which has I will not open. My feeling is that the government will do anything to trip me up to put me back on the registry to inflate their egos. I am living still in fear and a hermits life and am all alone. I may not have to register anymore but the sentence is still in my mind. And my crime? Meeting an underage girl in a bar in 1986 and had sex and then I found out about her and wouldn’t have anything to do with her. When I wouldn’t pay extortion money to her on Dec 19 1986 at 11:30 am my life forever changed. And the FBI who ran a child porn site and the agents who downloaded images off that site get a free pass. I wish everyone off the abusive registry. But beware you will learn never be free of it. I am proof

        • Sam

          How did you get them to remove your name? Were you a level 1?

        • Robert

          Yes I was a level 1 and had no designation and was not on the state website at all. If you’re a level 1 and have no designation you are removed after 20 years with a letter from the State mailed to you saying you are relieved from registration and you name removed from the State data base. Then the state contacts the Feds that you have been removed and then you are taken out of the federal data base

        • Sam

          I had tried to get placed as a level 1 from a level 2 with no designation but they brought in the head prosecutor for the state as they said no one had ever fought against it.

          The prosecutor then made me out to be the most dangerous person in America and suggested to make me a level three although I had no prior offenses and none after.

          I hadn’t done drugs or even had a drink and I had brought the statement from the original prosecutor for my case in Michigan stating that the the victim’s statement had been found false as well.

          I had been sentenced in Michigan under a no contest plea because of this. With this the judge in Michigan gave half of the state mandated sentence for probation and time served.

          The court wouldn’t even look at any of my evidence in my favor and just listened to the hearsay of someone who I had never met in my life. (the state prosecutor)

        • PK

          “Had no issues with immigration or anything as of yesterday when I applied for my drivers license here. I just have to wait now and see what the embassy and the NCIC people say I guess”

          I’m confused. Are you living outside of the U.S or have you moved back to the U.S ?
          Out of curiosity, are you, or were you living in Ecuador?

        • Sam

          Outside the US. Not in Ecuador. Also I called NPIC just now to ask about the identifier on the passport. They had no idea what I was talking about. I got passed through 3 different people up to the highest person(theysaid) working and no one heard of international Megan’s law or any change in passports. I’ve gotta get a hold of the US embassy now. But it’s a weekend.

        • PK

          If I were you I wouldn’t alert them to anything. Lay low, and let whatever happen.

          You were saying that you currently live outside of the United States, yet New York is still making you register?

        • Sam

          Yes. No matter where you move, whether inside the country our out New York will keep you on their list unless you somehow can get off of it

        • PK

          @Sam I know of a NY Attorney who is trying to get a group of Plaintiffs together to challenge this issue. Please feel free to email me if you are interested.

        • Sam

          I’d as for your email here but I’m not sure if you would be open to share it.

        • PK

          @Sam, I don’t think they allow posting of emails on here.
          If you were to contact the Moderator via the Contact Tab, they would hopefully be able to pass my information along.

  3. Paul

    Convictions? Not to jump on the “fake news” train, but these people must make this crap up as they go along. Like ALL RC laws, it’s a one-size-fits-all approach. Regardless of “conviction”, the exact same marking applies to all RC’s.

  4. 1984

    I am sure the law makers that write this garbage practice Voodoo in their closets.

    • T

      It seems that these lawmakers, and people that support the IML are doing this as an honor of Megan Kanka because they can’t learn to let things go and move on with their lives, Instead they doing all kinds of cowardly things on someone innocent to make themselves feel better about what happened to the young girl which was terrible, and what they are doing is wrong.

      • David Kennerly, Observe Bio-Hazard Handling Protocols

        They are both cynical and fanatical. It has nothing to do with them getting on with their lives. It has to do with naked power grabs and tormenting people they despise. They just get off on that. And if it can help their career, too that’s just icing on the cake. In the case of politicians, the torment is secondary to the acquisition of power.

        • Harry

          I am calling it abusive government practices or government abuse.

  5. MK

    So, how will this affect those with non child related offenses (expunged battery)? When I’ve travelled, I’ve had issues or been questioned when re-entering! I’ve visited Canada, PI, Costa Rica etc, but not for a while. Please only respond if you know something. Thanks

  6. PK

    “Once the State Department receives their names from the Department of Homeland Security, it will begin notifying affected sex offenders that their passports were being revoked and reissued with the new language.”

    Did the State Department actually issue this edict? Or have they indicated that they are applying the Mark for those newly issued Passports?

    • Sam

      I saw it on the website so I’m pretty sure they did it. And from what I’ve read so far it goes for anyone affected and all the new passports issued with have the mark

      • PK

        @Sam, I know it would be for new Passports issued, but are they planning on sending out Letters to RSO”s to revoke those Passports that aren’t yet expired?

        • Sam

          From what I have read so far the letters going out are to inform that the passport is now revoked(no longer valid) and you would have to come in and apply for a new one so that it will include the marking. Mine is still good for another 7 years so it’s quite irritating. Although I should update it as I look nothing like my picture anymore without my glasses. It’s even more irritating because I just got my visa in March, got my working permit, and I should be getting my local drivers license here within the next month. So if this impacts my life here I will be extremely angry as I finally feel like human again after 10years of dealing with this damn list. If it forces me to go back to the US I can guarantee I will become the biggest political activist of this as at that point I will have nothing left to lose.

    • Davidh

      It’s been a while since I’ve traveled with a passport. Please what is the endorsement page used for and is it certain it will always be looked at?

      • San

        Endorsement pages are for whenever you leave or enter a country. They stamp it with the date you entered and how long you’re allowed to stay

        • Sam

          Just realized I typo’d myself. Anyway anytime you leave or enter a country they will look at your endorsements pages

        • Van


          The way I read Megan’s Law is you do not fall under it if you live in a jurisdiction that currently does not require you to register. So it would seem that SO’s living outside the US do not fall under Megan’s Law. If you still reside in the US then it would apply to you.

          According to 22 US Code 212b (c)(1)(b) the marked passports are only for individuals who: “is currently required to register under the sex offender registration program of any jurisdiction”. Since you do not live in a jurisdiction that requires you to register it does not apply to you.

        • Sam

          I do not live in a jurisdiction that requires me to register but New York still forces me to register with them from outside of the US with my foreign address. So this is the part where I feel that I may be boned in the situation

        • AJ

          Careful with those absolute statements such as, “it does not apply to you.” Nowhere in the text does it say anything about living in a jurisdiction. It just says, “required to register,” which NY and WI (and perhaps other States) compel even former residents–including expat ones–to continue to do.

        • Sam

          Just getting any information out of the US government agencies about this is like pulling teeth. No one give a straight answer and just points at another department. I’m literally one or two more offices before completing the circle of applicable offices. Last resort I will contact DHS and US Marshall services. Which is what it looks like it’s going to come down to.

        • Alec

          Thank you man. Let us know what you find out. It’s ridiculous that nobody actually knows who this list would apply to before implementing the stamp; at least Janice are challenging that as well.

        • AJ

          No, that’s the Visas pages. In my most recent passport (circa Sept 2016), there are three pages at the end of the book specifically labelled Endorsements. Having not (yet) read through the ICAO document about passports, I suspect it’s pretty much a free-form text area for your government to put other notations about you. I know someone who, once married, sent in her passport and got an endorsement that indicated her name had changed, and stated her new name. Apparently this was cheaper than getting a new passport. She did have to send in legal docs showing birth and marriage names, but NBD.

        • Sam

          I’m gonna have another look at my passport when I finish waking up. Thanks for dropping some knowledge on me as I though they were the same.

        • David Kennerly, Enemy Of the State, Untermensch

          In my old passport, when they (immigration officers) ran out of visa pages, they simply spilled onto endorsement pages and filled those up. There were no “endorsements,” as such.

        • David Kennerly, Enemy Of the State, Untermensch

          If you think about it, that’s what they’re going to do, i.e. if the visa pages are completely full and there are endorsement pages which follow that are completely blank then they’re going to stamp those. I just looked at my last two passports and the endorsement pages all have entry/exist and some visa glue-ins (India and Myanmar, for example).

  7. Sam

    Okay so I just got an email back from the US embassy here and the said they couldn’t give me an answer on whether my passport had been revoked and that I had to request it from here

    Which has you request it from the national archives as a privacy act request. And you have to contact them here

    The National Archives and Records Administration maintain records for passport issuances prior to 1925. You may contact them at the following address:

    National Archives and Records Administration
    Archives 1
    Reference Branch 8th & Pennsylvania Ave. NW
    Washington, DC 20408
    Telephone: 1-866-325-7208 or 202-357-5411

    Which is such a pain in the ass. I have gone through 3 government agencies so far. Gonna email the national archives now.

    • America's Most Hated

      The US State Dept issues passports. They can’t tell you if it’s been revoked? It’s on the #+%*¢ computer right in front of them! All they need to do is type in your passport number or name/DOB.

      They’re intentionally making your life more difficult.

      • Sam

        I’ve run out of channels so I broke down and emailed AWC and DHS as they are the only emails I have yet to try and they are the ones listed on the travel.State.Gov website for IML inquiries

  8. Sam

    Okay so I double checked with the US embassy. They told me the only way I could find out if my passport were revoked would be to fill out the request to the national archives. This process could take up to a month.

    So it takes less than a day to revoke something but is a pain to figure out if it has been revoked. 🤔 what a headache.

    • kind of living

      @sam ,,,,, ,, ,, I hope it all works out for you and you have your freedom truly back soon , maybe if I was by some miracle get their you will give me a bunk , or tent in your back yard ! lol

      • Sam

        Forgot this part of the passport record request thing

        The request must be signed and notarized or made under penalty of perjury pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1746. If you are making the request on behalf of another as an authorized representative, you may use DS-4240, the Department’s Certification of Identity form, to provide proof of authorization.

        Please note that privacy act records requests that are not notarized or do not include a copy of the requester’s valid government issued photo ID will be returned. The processing time for copies of passport records generally takes 8 to 12 weeks.

        So by the time you find out if it’s been revoked or not you could already be in violation , if you’re already overseas it’s impossible. Seriously 2-3 months to find out

  9. Sam

    If you could, it’s 85 degrees day and night. Most restaurants are 24 hours and have cable,wifi and cheap food. And it’s super common for people to just hang out and sleep outside. We had a problem with foreign beggars because they were making 2-3 times the average income of locals who work full time.

    The people here are friendly and mind their own business but are willing to help out people who need it. (as long as you’re not Indian or Bengali or a Vietnamese woman.)

  10. Sam

    This is the email I just received from the national archives which basically led me full circle and back to where I started with the NPIC who told me they had no information

    The information that you are looking for is not at the National Archives and Records Administration, but can be found at the the State Department. See the information below:

    The National Archives has passport applications from October 1795 – March 31, 1925; the US Department of State has passport applications from April 1925 to the present. We only have the indexes, however, through 1923. For records after 1925 (or for indexes after 1923), please see the information below about State Department records.


    The State Department Passport Services has passport applications from 1925 to the present. It also has the indexes for 1923-1925.

    Passport Information from the State Department

    We hope this information is helpful.

  11. Sam

    This IML thing is confusing IE this part where it defines covered offenders
    (1) the term “covered sex offender” means an individual who—
    (A) is a sex offender, as defined in section 21503(f) of title 34; and

    (B) is currently required to register under the sex offender registration program of any jurisdiction

    This means it applies to all people on the registry does it not?

    In another passage it says that they will determine it based on who is on the NSOR which it turns out other than the words “out of country.” I am not.

    The Secretary of State, the Secretary of Homeland Security, and the Attorney General, and their agencies, officers, employees, and agents, shall not be liable to any person for any action taken under this section.

    This part got to me to saying that no one is held liable if it goes to shit

  12. David Kennerly, Untermensch With An Attitude

    You’ve aroused my curiosity. It could be one of four or five places, offhand.

    • AJ

      Anyone paying attention some time back would know exactly where he is.

      • David Kennerly, Untermensch With An Attitude

        Well, it looks like I just wasn’t paying attention, doesn’t it? I guess I’m not quite like USA, “coming here for entertainment” and for whom “voids and emptiness” are part of his daily routine. 🙂 Actually, I’d have to say that “voids and emptiness” make up a fair amount of my quotidian life. So what the hell country was it, anyway?

        • AJ

          The one from which Singapore was ejected. 😀

        • David Kennerly, Untermensch With An Attitude

          Ah, that was my top pick! Thanks!

          Lee Kuan Yew, the Founder of S’pore, once said that the greatest invention of the 20th Century was air conditioning. If you’re going to live in S.E. Asia, you’d have to agree.

        • Sam

          Hey now. Don’t come by ruining my country and stuff! We don’t need all you deviants here! 😂😂😂😂kidding. We have a lot worse people here.

        • David Kennerly, Untermensch With An Attitude

          I’m not traveling again for a while, that’s for sure. It’s a lovely country, though. Not so much K.L.

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