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FL: New school program helps first-time sex offenders


Students engaged in consensual sexual activity

Each school year, about three dozen Marion County students on average get kicked out of school after being caught groping or engaged in a consensual sex act on a school bus or on campus.

To reduce the amount of lost instruction time, the School District will launch a new diversion program in January for first-time offenders in hopes of keeping these students in the classroom. Students caught in the act can forgo attending an alternative school if they attend six nights of after-school classes that teach them about making better decisions.

The program is called CLEAN SLATE. “CLEAN” stands for Character Lessons Empowering And Nurturing, while “SLATE” stands for Students Learn Accountability Through Education.

District officials want parents to understand that the program is not a sex education course.

“We want parents to know that there will not be any discussion about the act itself, but the class is about making better decisions,” said Dama Abshier, the school district’s director or alternative learning.

The new program was created after a committee reviewing the student code of conduct asked to discuss the issue. The committee believed that the punishment for first offenders needed to be re-examined.

The program will allow first-time offenders to remain at their base school so they do not lose instruction time. The student must agree to attend all six 90-minute courses.


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Although the school has a second chance program, aren’t they required by law to report the sexual activity? And this will just add more kids to the registry. The 12 year old girl they spoke of is not technically allowed to say if it’s consensual or not because she is underage.

So unless the school can get itself and them immunity they shouldn’t be offering this kind of thing or they would face possible charges of covering up child sexual abuse.

Wow, a reduction of 56 from the prior year 57. Do you think the drug classes had anything to do with that or is it just natural variation?
The state is evolving from bad ass parent substitute to good cop parent substitute. Where are the biological parents whose job it was to guide their progeny?
Lost on opioids maybe?
Progeny is probably a term doomed to be obsolete. Oh ford! they will soon be able to decanter children straight onto the assembly lines of the Governo-corporate infrastructure where psychologists can raise them to be good products.

“…where psychologists can raise them to be good products.”

LOL! That nails it.

Considering the extreme drops in birth rates world-wide the demand for more sexual activity may in time turn the tide on the whole sex criminalization thing. Even postitutes are being replaced by sex dolls. Hmmm wonder what law will be made to outlaw exploitation of a piece of plastic? I’m for starting a revolution in thinking.

That which was once our God given rights are turned into privileges then regulated by law. Example the requirement to have a drivers license violating our right to travel freely. I think after 5 to 10 years of responsible driving a license should not require renewal unless afterwards a person has a DUI or higher level driving violation then back to requiring a driver’s license. Same goes for many fields of work that requires licensing. Freedom to work and travel.

“wonder what law will be made to outlaw exploitation of a piece of plastic?” Off the top of my head, I would assume that, in the U.S., the ever-expanding category of “child sexual abuse material”, formerly known simply as “child porn,” might serve that purpose. That is a very dangerous category of crime in that few people really understand what materials it now expansively proscribes. That’s one of the problems with having a law against something that you cannot legally ‘see’; you don’t know what it might possibly be until you fall afoul of it.

As for “rights” and “privileges,” this is less easy to understand. Our Constitution appears not to make a distinction between the two even though generations of driver’s Ed teachers, as far as I can tell, drummed such a distinction into us by endlessly repeating “driving is not a right but a privilege.” If there is one single factor most responsible for making what may be a false distinction come alive in society, it is, I believe, that. To my mind, driving is also a right but one which may be “regulated,” much like gun ownership which is enshrined as a “right” in our Second Amendment. Plastic dolls don’t do much for me and haven’t since I was about three or so. Curiously, making inanimate objects which resemble humans available as some sort of sexual outlet strikes me as appealing to a sensibility that absolutely objectifies, in this case, children rather than seeing them as people with whom one would have a relationship, which is to say to respect and to love. This is a kind of parody of what is assumed to be our appetites that might be sated through technological artifice. I haven’t seen this discussed yet in the back-and-forth about child sex dolls but it is what comes immediately to my mind and amounts to a (further) debasement of ourselves and others.

To respect and to love, those qualities aren’t considered much. So we are considered without those qualities and therefore we can be treated as sub human. We are viewed as possessing two possibilities, lust or denial. Victims and offenders are objectified, indeed the very words objectify.

It’s crazy they’re saying minors deserve a second chance, but adults are to be harassed and ruined for life. Why not give ALL first time registrants a second chance? Why is being an adult mean you’re unable to change your ways?

In particular since many adult abusers were themselves abused. The cycle continues and instead of stepping in and stopping the cycle, punishment and cruelty are the only answer.

Was it Einstein that said, “One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” Palm, meet face.

I’m appalled! “School administrators want to keep sex offenders on school campuses – with YOUR children!!” (Sarcasm)
Wait, that wasn’t the BleedsLeads Daily headline?? Why not? If one of us gets a parking ticket it makes front page news AND we get charged with a sex-related felony* just because …well, why not, we deserve endless punishment? Right?
*(sarcasm – no one freak out, please)

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