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Janice’s Journal: Why Did Senator Franken Resign?

U.S. Senator Al Franken has announced that he will soon resign.  The public reason he gave for his resignation is that he has been accused of sexual misconduct.  The real reason, however, may be something quite different.

For how does a man, even a U.S. Senator, defend himself after he has been accused of sexual misconduct in a society that assumes guilt rather than innocence when a person has been accused of such an offense?  A society that ignores important safeguards of the Constitution including that we are innocent until proven guilty.

I don’t know what Sen. Franken did or didn’t do.  I don’t know if his accusers are telling the truth.

What I do know is that I am frightened by what I see happening in our society today.  What I see is a rush to judgment in the court of public opinion by a group of U.S. Senators calling for Sen. Franken’s resignation even though he has disputed some accusations against him and has not had the opportunity to face those who have accused him in court.  What I see are elected officials, who swore under oath to protect the Constitution, ignore the  Constitution by choosing a one size fits all path for anyone accused of any type of sexual misconduct .

This rush to judgment and failure to distinguish between accusations and proof is evidence of the legal environment in our country today, which can be compared to past eras  when the protections of the U.S. Constitution were denied to Japanese American citizens and others.  The legal environment in our country today can also be compared to past eras in other countries such as France where people were led to the guillotine because they were born of nobility.

While it is true that no one in the U.S. is being led to the guillotine today, something almost as dangerous is occurring because individuals accused of sexual misconduct are being denied the protections of the U.S. Constitution.  Those individuals have a right to face those who accuse them in a court of law.  They also have the right to be declared innocent until and unless it can be proven that they are guilty of the conduct of which they have been accused.  Finally, if they are found guilty in a court of law, they have the right to be sentenced appropriately by a judge, not by their peers.

It is time for the United States of America to wake up!  It is time for the United States to provide all of its citizens, including those accused of sexual misconduct, with the protections that flow from its Constitution.

— by Janice Bellucci

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Thank you, Janice.

With all that is going on we all have a certain comfort or feeling from all these charges and that is WELCOME TO OUR WORLD

Right on Janice!

Please send a copy of this to the The Justices as well as The President and others of authority. Very well written and eye opening. Thanks.


McCarthyism. No two ways about. This isn’t even synonymous, this is an exact copy of McCarthyism down to the Hollywood actors and Hollywood elites all the way through the entire three branches of government. All I can say is KARMA is a b@#$$@! right? This is nothing but fantastic and a beautiful example of how unconstitutional acts and greed will eventually bite them in the a@#$$. I would be worried like Janice and every American should be, but to me and I bet a majority on the list, who have and are already been or are being subjected to whats… Read more »

I have firm belief that you can open the courts eyes to the abuses the federal and state governments have been guilty of. I have your argument and have tweaked it here and there. I am following what your experiences are in the courts. Is there a way that this can turn into a class action? I would be the first to sign on. I am disabled and my options are slim, but if it can………..

Yes, this is well written. Why is there a sudden spike in sex allegations among hollywood and politicians. Is this really what the public wants to see in their news headlines? Are the news agencies boasting sex-related stories to compete with internet media. On behalf of 4 people. We are uninterested in hearing about the sex accusation on the news. I wish Constitution awareness was taught to the public general assemblies. In schools. In courts. Or even cities would mass mail constitutional material to their citizens. When I was growing up. Nobody ever talked about the constitution. Everyone knew it… Read more »

“For how does a man, even a U.S. Senator, defend himself after he has been accused of sexual misconduct in a society that assumes guilt rather than innocence when a person has been accused of such an offense? A society that ignores important safeguards of the Constitution including that we are innocent until proven guilty.”

A society that assumes guilt rather than innocence is true in all cases of misconduct. Personally, I blame people like wackadoo extraordinaire Nancy Grace, and just plain ignorance on the part of Americans.


How does a man defend himself after paying the price of his crime to always be assumed of sexual misconduct in a society that assumes guilt rather than innocence?

Essentially, this is a mirror for registration. No one cares about facts and constitutionality with it comes to mob rule. This climate is a very dangerous climate. A new sci-fi show depicts such an instance with a satire. The show is called the Orville and the episode is called, “Majority Rule”. Essentially, it’s a world based upon likes and dislikes, not rules of law.

Some people point to the Internet as a reason for why people behave the way they do. We live in a holier-than-thou society. Personally, I think Americans have always been this way. It’s just that before the Internet, there was no way of knowing it was so widespread. Things the United States is certainly not short of are arrogance and hypocrisy.


Well said Janice !

The rash of public offenses and the public reaction has me torn. I see public officials accused of actions far worse than the accusations that resulted in my conviction (with lifelong registration) and wonder if I should wish they suffer the same as I do, or wish I could “suffer” the same as them. If only I could give a public speech and resign my job. Instead, once a year on my birthday I have to attend the merely administrative task of showing my county sherif that my fingerprints did not change in the past year. If registration is only… Read more »

Frankly, I would like to demand that some lawmakers like Chris Smith resign. People like him have been abusing me and fellow registrants with ever more restricting laws all for their own political gain. I feel powerless and don’t trust the system which embolden such men. The politics of the powerful vs. the dispossessed is complex. Sometimes the tables seem to turn. When the system continually fails you, and those in power find ways to thwart your every attempt at justice, you look for other ways. In common misery any opportunity is a blessing. For every action there is an… Read more »

Why did he resign? Either guilty as h@#$$ or he has no gonadssss. I would say both…

I truly believe we’re living in the golden age of victim-hood. And I actually believe it’s peaking right now.

Also, this #metoo thing is NOT helping our plight AT ALL..

I disagree with you, Registry Rage. I think the current sexual harassment hysteria might prove helpful to us. People are starting to think about degrees of offense. Is a hand on a buttocks equivelent to forced penetration? Is the broad-brush, knee-jerk response and the headlong rush to burn everyone at the stake truly appropriate?? I think it is a good thing that the current hysteria is making people think about the degrees and severity of offenses because they may also begin to think about the degrees and severity of punishments and long-term repercussions. And, as the conversation progresses, they may… Read more »

It is quite simple as to why he resigned so suddenly: he is experiencing what we all experience, being vilified publicly, the shame and embarrassment, the finger pointing, the rumormongering, the hate talk, accusations and suspicion lurking at every gathering you attend. Even if he was innocent, he quickly realized this was not a battle he was ready to fight. Being accused of a sex crime is not for the weak, and having a lifetime sentence of the abuse takes some real tenacity.

While I agree with the general thought behind this post, there is a photo of Al Franken being sexually inappropriate.

I don’t know Mr Franken’s thoughts, but he seems basically like an honest guy. Sure the natural reaction for many when accused of something shameful is to minimize the impact to the ego. He might have denied certain parts of the accusations but acknowledged the general wrong doing. His speech seems to suggest this and he is trying to heal wounds or simply to put a halt to further embarrassment, I don’t know. One thing that is perplexing is that while senators are expected to be sexual saints, they can rape and pillage the middle and lower classes through shoving… Read more »

That photo is all that’s needed to kick him out, and I have no pity for him, he along with all the others have put their signature to these registry laws.

Just when you think it couldn’t get any weirder it does, things having become an eerily obsessive phantasmagoria. This must be what it must look like when the whole country suffers a collective nervous breakdown. I’m just waiting for them to administer, what would have to be, the equivalent of electro-shock. The only guilty pleasure still available to me is the very dark satisfaction I take in having called it thirty-five years ago. This was upon the arrival of the pod people to positions of power and influence. “The Invasion Of the Body Snatchers;” mission complete!

Oh, by the way, I have to commend Janice on her beautifully articulated post. I am glad to see her objectiveness when it comes to this subject and not letting emotions get in the way of sound judgement. She does have a very intelligent and observational mind that holds on to reality in times where most people buckle to the emotional hype portrayed by the media and public opinion.
I hope she is praying for my success.

It is a shame that no REAL evidence is needed to convict. The proof of this real problem in our system of blind justice comes in the form of DNA exoneration. The fact that many groups have formed to correct wrongful convictions proves beyond a reasonable doubt that WRONGFUL CONVICTIONS occur in the US on a regular basis. 1. Who, or what groups benefit from WRONGFUL FELONIZATION of innocent men? 2. How has the necessity for “actual evidence” necessary for sound conviction been diminished over time? 3. Once a wrongful conviction has been identified, why is it that so many… Read more »

I fully agree with your sentiments, though somehow credible accusations of sexual impropriety appear to have no weight when it comes to senatorial candidates in Alabama or the current occupant of the White House.

No Hookscar thats exactly the point is that it isn’t a class action but an as applied challenge. Class actions are much easier to dismiss because of the diversity of plantiffs. it’s been one of the biggest problems with cases like the civil commitment suits and It eould be a bad idea even in an IML suit. Many of our circumstances are different and the laws and results will be different if say someone was included in the suit that is high risk or has multiple convictions. I believe as applied challenges have the best chances of success. John that’s… Read more »

I get it now. Had a brain tumor so I am not as sharp as I used to be. Lol!!!! Learning a lot from your posts and eventually I will file my own challenge. Looking to next year to see if I can swing it financially. If you do not mind me asking, how much has this venture hit you monetarily?

The accused need to stand up and straight scream at the top of their lungs so to speak and demand evidence and not be intimidated into submission. They should be suing anyone who makes these accusation without any evidence for defamation. Especially when they start throwing pedophile and child molester and sexual predator out there. 13th shows how that connotation was what people have been called for decades now. Siper predator was what Clinton use. Jumping to another topic, I just watched the documentary called 13th for an assignment for my sociology class and I recommend that everyone should make… Read more »

The “feminist” movement is just one aspect of the globalists Agenda. The movement is funded by George Soros to create division between the sexes, just as other groups are funded to create division between the races. The Clinton/Soros machine is falling apart and people of conscious are waking up to what has been going on. In regards to the tiered registry, I never trusted the motivations of Jackie Lacey or Nancy O’Malley. I always thought they were just tools for the agenda to push a different perspective on lifelong registration to move California in the direction of being 100 percent… Read more »

Super predator. Demagoguery at it’s best.

Superpredator was a term used in the nineties to conjure up images of black urban youth with no morals or conscience who were believed would kill anyone casually for the drug money or simply for the thrill of it. It wasn’t referring to sex criminals. I remember, seemed like every white in the country was afraid to drive through a poor black or Latino neighborhood for fear of being shot. The superpredators were everywhere if one believed the headlines. And they were believed, The news made it seem real. Our fear monger in chief had a role to play in… Read more »

It makes no sense that after Trump’s numerous sexual harassment claims against him, he remains *President* of the United States of America, while Al Franken (who actually has redeeming qualities) steps down. Meanwhile, Ray Moore — who has seemingly done far worse than Franken — is on the verge of winning Alabama’s Senate seat. The Republicans stand by Moore, while the Democrats have just thrown Franken under the bus… even after all the good he’s done over the years. Sort of like how Billy Bush was thrown under that Access Hollywood bus. Billy Bush was fired for laughing at Trump’s… Read more »

I think you have exposed the corruption in the system. The ones who acknowledge their mistakes get shafted while the macho men jerks who hold their ground and deny everything retain their high positions. These women have a point, but the plan of action is at this point more re-actionary than constructive, and may worsen the situation if it is left to be solved by punishment without cooperation, When I was called out, I wanted to be fully open, open it up, difficult as it was, but both my wife and I wish now that we both should have kept… Read more »

Firstly, nice plug, as the STATIC-99R is indeed a scam!! But I will reserve my hostile opinions on the STATIC “assessments” for another day! Second, and as it relates to the Al Franken topic, I view Franken as having resigned as a form of, at least in part, self-sacrifice. Certainly his fellow Senators pressured Franken to resign for the “good of the party,” in hopes that Franken resigning will attract voters who, as Eric Knight says below, may see the Demorats as the more “good party.” Franken gets replaced anyway by a different liberal, and the hope is that by… Read more »

Thank you Janice for this op-ed piece!

I want to believe that if hit with and made aware of all the facts, negatives, victimization, punishments, restrictions, real family accounts, etc. of this unconstitutional registry that these politicians and media members might pay attention to it (knowing they could be subject to it at some point) and see and support the necessary changes for complete reform and/or (hopefully) elimination. Sorry for the run-on sentence. My guess is that they believe they are all invincible and either know very little about this horrible registry, or believe that they are immune to it’s punishment. No one is above it, right… Read more »

Franken’s issue has a basis of truth as there is at least one photograph. And cupping a sleeping woman’s breasts is generally beyond sexual harassment. There are political considerations here as well. The Democratic Party wants to establish themselves as the “good party” so they are making all their candidates resign, as long as they are in venues where they control the person replacing him or her. This is part of a grander scheme in which Roy Moore, conservative candidate from Alabama, is removed from the race so the democrat can win and create a balance of power difference in… Read more »

The only thing is that it is not assured Franken will get replaced in the special election by a Democrat. Minnesota is a purple state, meaning the people could vote for a Democrat or Republican. True, currently both Senators and the Governor are Democrats. But look what happened in Democratic Massachusetts when Ted Kennedy died. The special election put in Scot Brown, Republican, into the seat now held by Elizabeth Warren.

I’m a bit torn about this, for generally the same reasons I’m torn about the Brock Turner case. My opposition to the carceral state and my opposition to elite abuses of privilege and power are at odds here. In lieu of making an argument, which I don’t have time for this morning, I would posit that perhaps people like Franklin and Turner would be more willing to take full (or fuller) responsibility for their actions, wouldn’t rush to take advantage of their positions of privilege and power and instead be willing to make amends to victims, if total social death… Read more »

This was a great article, and should be on the front page of every newspaper nationally. This country really has opened a can of worms that will only get worse if not brought into the light.

They are resigning and retiring because the machine wants them gone or they were easy pickins to be sacrificial lambs for the broader agenda. And when your masters want you gone- you go. ( People who allowed into the elite circles are the most tracked and controlled people on the globe) It seems like most of the allegations against these men in media, entertainment, and politics are for ” inappropriate sexual misconduct” . I really don’t know what that means, but new legislation is already being crafted to criminalize it. Aggressively pursuing someone for a date? Uttering sexual innuendos to… Read more »

Plain indenture! To a state property. In the form of an electronic data base.

Media convictions are killing our country. Once in the light, even acquitted, the accused person is done. This may be over simplified but I think we are over connected and addicted to “what’s next”?
American society feels as it has been pre-programmed in a way that expected reactions to certain inputs are expected. If true, I sure would like to know and show who these group(s) are.

Janice is great.

I think we have evolved to make quick determinations of other people and to temporarily segregate perpetrators of threatening behavior on a moment’s notice. I think for most of our history we have lived in groups of less than a hundred, and the opportunity arrised after a cooling off period to see the offender in a new light having learned a lesson and needs to be reinstated into the community. Now, besides within close knit families, redemption becomes nearly impossible. Once you’re ousted, you are forgotten, you exist as another anonymous monster listed on the web. You are what in… Read more »

This is awesome, Janice!

This rush to judgement on this topic is 100% being led and pushed by the women’s movement. I know I’m not ever allowed to say anything whatsoever against any women or a women’s movement as women can do no wrong, they do not need to exercise any responsibility for their actions or decisions, no repercussions to men or sentence is sufficient, not even death (see other story here about even death not sufficient for a sex offender), but I will speak regardless and just be ridiculed, accused, villianized, and ruined for life. This attitude is not the least bit new… Read more »

Where is this “women’s movement” when it comes to placing women on the registry?

NPS,,,,, ,, friendly fire my friend , I remember many times that horn dog Judges would give probation to the lady’s in many cases because they were good looking , or the reason would be that they had children , but on the same charges men would get prison time and a boot in the ass for life , , and these men had children ,jobs , homes , I cant say that it was like all women’s movements or not , it always seemed to me that it was the double standard movement for a long time , hahaha… Read more »

Please note that Al Fanken has yet to step down. He has only SAID he would.

@ Marie ,,,,, ,, Maybe he will take us all on a fishing trip on his vacation ! hahaha

Let’s hope he doesn’t . Already vulturing the seat is T-Paw, one of the biggest haters of registrants who acts like he has never heard of low registrant re-offense rates. I was hoping #MeToo would have consumed him like Roy Moore but instead he looks to be trying to benefit from it.

It’s a moral tsunami, and I am not talking about the moral tsunami that bible thumpers like to whine about [i.e. a “growing persecution” of the Church]. In this tsunami a person is accused — she said, he said — of something society considers heinous, and people come out of the woodwork to make an accusation [and pile on] which leads to others making similar accusations of some other person. Hard evidence is seldom present, yet people believe every word of it. And when someone such as Matt Damon point out that there is a difference between assault, harassment and… Read more »

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