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MD: Theater cancels ‘A Christmas Carol’ after revelation that Scrooge actor is convicted sex offender

Faced with the revelation that their lead actor was a convicted sex offender and fearing the possibility of protests, the Fells Point Corner Theatre and the Collaborative Theatre Company have canceled their production of “A Christmas Carol,” which was scheduled to open Friday. Full Article

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Well, this is a sad irony that apparently the citizens of this town have missed: A Christmas Carol is a story of forgiveness and redemption for a man that spent most of his life being horrible to everyone.

I bet if the actor was an ex drug user or killed someone, they would’ve given him a reward for turning his life around and giving back to the community.

“… Shriner was arrested in 2003 after driving 60 miles to meet someone he had communicated with through an internet chat room, and who identified himself as a 14-year-old boy. The boy was, in fact, an investigator for the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice.

Shriner was arrested on arrival at the meeting place, and was later convicted on one count each of second-degree attempted sexual assault, third-degree luring or enticing a child, attempted endangering the welfare of a child, fourth-degree attempted criminal sexual contact and fourth-degree endangering the welfare of a child, according to records. He was sentenced to six years in prison, a conviction that was affirmed on appeal in 2007.”

Let me get this straight, so on top of the “Whispers and Rumors” that led him to resignation and cancelation of the production, there was NO REAL PHYSICAL VICTIM here? How the hell does a person even get sentenced for a crime that they didn’t commit? Jesus Christ, should we be more worried about the Criminals (politicians) that make up these laws or the Spineless citizens that succumb to ‘Whispers and Rumors’ so that a man can’t make a damn decent living?

How many times do I see violence and murder in the news like it’s just another day at the park? No big deal, everyone yawns. God forbid you write the word ‘Sex’ in a headline and suddenly it becomes a ‘heinous crime’ which no Citizen can ever redeem themselves from. It’s pathetic to see how so many people of this country have been so easily brainwashed to accept this as the norm, I guess it’s unpopular to think for yourself and use common sense sometimes huh?

You expressed my thoughts. Thank you. There is forgiveness for everything else…but a sex offense whether it is real or not. There is no forgiveness, no earthly redemption.

All of this should have been police entrapment.

There used to be a line drawn that has been redrawn now for police when dealing with the length they can go to in order to bring charges against someone. It used to be, and still is for other crimes, textbook entrapment when the police create a market for something where the person otherwise may have never done the illegal act. This guy may have never broken any law until out of nowhere a 14 year old boy is suddenly showing interest in him and doing his own type of grooming of the adult. They say someone under the age of consent can’t be the groomer, but this was an adult pretending to be 14, so he certainly has the capacity to groom another adult. It’s like when the government sets up easy access to child porn. Those people they catch may never have gone to the lengths needed when it is hard to find, but hand it out on a silver platter and BOOM…entrap people that may never have done it.

They should of gone on with the play and told the public to kiss their ass.

This socialized ostracizing of a registrant is exactly what the Colorado Judge had stated that the people had made the registry a part of being cruel and unusual punishment.

Here, this guy is doing something non-criminal and trying to be a part of society by being in a play. He may get paid for being a part of a play as well. Nope. He isn’t able to do that and they are using his registration to thwart employment and continue to be stigmatized by his crime of over 14 years.

The people are not using the registry as a form of public safety. They are using it to induce cruel and unusual punishment.

Which also brings into question why only juveniles are the only ones who get depressed by being on the registry and their lives ruined? Here, this man cannot even hold a job in a play… a play a scrupulous person whose ways are changed to see a different light. Oh the irony.

Not only was the man punished, but everyone involved with the production, who devoted their time and talent to stage the play were denied that opportunity, based on nothing more than fear of what the public might think.

I forgot that it did impact the whole production.

Also it wasn’t as if he was given the lead role. He had to be good to earn the lead role.

So what does this say to any registrant? No matter how hard to try to become better, the society will never let you be their equal.

(Well, maybe his fellow actors and production crew will become vocal advocates for ending this public ostracism.)

Man why they got to always have to squeal out that someone is on the registry and create hysteria, are they doing this because they think they want to keep everyone safe or do they just not like the person period that they just want to look him up and boom they know the person is on the registry? This is Crazy! This is why the registry should have never been made for public in the first place.

To many (most?) people, sex offender = monster. The one that hides in the closet, or under the bed. The most feared of all monsters. They should call it the monster registry.

No matter what it’s stated purpose, the registry actually serves the public as a means to inflict near total social ostracism (i.e., banishment) on registrants.

I don’t know what they are afraid of, but maybe the monster they fear is within themselves. I remember someone saying something like why the response to sexual offenses is so visceral is because people recognize the attraction in themselves, and not knowing how to properly address it and still protect the ego from shaming from others if it is revealed, the person creates a Grendel monster outside themselves to subdue. It’s kind of a ritual that is meant to dispell all doubt from your fellows that you are one of the good ones.

I like that, Tim. I suspect there is a great deal of truth to it.

They want to drive registrants into the shadows, which if they ever thought about it, is counter to the original justification for the registry, which was to know where the registrants where. You can’t expect people to tell you where they are when doing that means social death. People register under duress and then options to live a productive life are removed one by one, I am surprised someone hasn’t blown up. I guess mostly we implode and that is why the suicide rate is high.

I agree with you Tim, I always wait to hear on the news if the weekly mass shooter was registered.

I am not so sure a registrant would gun down a bunch of people, I hope not. Most are non violent and do not want to draw attention, at least the ones I have met. The shooters seem to be the ones who expect some sort of privilege above others, and it takes someone telling them they had to earn respect like everyone else, to set the trigger of their rage, then they seek to show the world that doesn’t accept their superiority, that they are powerful.

Only the weak ones “implode” and rage quit life. They think we’re all a bunch of cowards and pushovers. Not true. I live to mouth of at LEOs and tell them exactly how I fell. I always remeind them they have the least important job in building – next to the janitor – twice a year when I register. Seriously. I once even asked them “How can you even believe in what you’re doing..?” I rub their noses in it and get nasty.

THEY are the ones that need to be demoralized and dis-empowered, not us!

Fire needs to start burning up hill. That’s the only thing they seem to understand at this point.

I don’t know, it takes a lot of will power to end one’s life.

Typical of the police… The DA tried to claim I was grooming a 17 1/2 yr old guy….. well lets see you cant GROOM a guy that is GAY and PROMISCUOUS who WANTED sex…

Grooming is when you give someone something to entice them or do something they normally wouldnt do

The DA’s are just as LAME as some of the police if not worse !!!

So, among the professions we cannot hold because of the law. Actor and firefighter are prohibited as well. Exactly what jobs can we obtain?


No where does it say you cannot be an actor or a fireman. Just because the tribal mob in Baltimore and in Harrisburg got their undies in a wad and chased away a theater production and two fireman via media, does not mean they are banned.

In San Bernardino County (a counting in Southern California), a sex offender is now allowed to apply to be a firefighter. I read that in an newspaper that were looking for firefighters and would allow non-violent felons to apply, but sex offenders are excluded.

Have to wonder if he had not been the lead for the play, would there’ve been an issue still because he did found the theater initially, so it was his production. Was it merely because he was the lead in the play with his history or is it something more? Sad state of tribal mob mentality to not just impact him, but all those involved.

I’m so sad to read this. It must have been horrible for Steven Shriner. Poor man, wanted to share his gifts with the audience, wanted to honor his husband’s legacy. Driven from the stage by an anonymous mob. Six years in prison and no victim.

This is a perfect example where many people feel that a registered citizen cannot be allowed to do anything valuable, because rehabilitation = being silent/condoning of sex crimes. The thought police need to get a life. I am a Washington DC native and I have had more than enough experiences where I have been excluded because I am registered.

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