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LifeTimes Magazine: A positive magazine for registrants


When it comes to America’s sex-offense registry regime, there’s a lot to get outraged about. Indignation over its everyday cruelties serves a function when it moves us to action.

But bad news isn’t everything. There’s a lot of good to point to among those living under the system. I learn that every time I meet a registrant or one of their family members who’s running a thriving business, started a support group, or spending every week visiting legislators.

Last month the first issue of a new magazine came out that’s designed to publicize all of those good-news stories in one place. It’s LifeTimes Magazine, a sharply written four-color quarterly, and you should check it out if you haven’t.

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  1. Better day

    Great idea! I’m subscribing today. Given the nearly 900,000 registrants and their extended families, we are a community of three to five million. As we come together, our world can become more positive and our constitution restored to its former glory.

  2. Lake County

    I know I’ll sound cheap, but $8.75 per online issue seems a bit pricey to me. Usually online magazines are cheaper than printed magazines. And so far the sample magazine is only 18 pages. For a magazine to have a good start, everyone should be able to see at least one free full edition. And the price should be as low as possible to jump start readership and to attract relevant advertisers. If (paid and free) subscription numbers were high enough, it would have the potential of being a good advertising location for advocacy groups and individuals wanting to advertise their goods or services to registrants.

    • norman

      Paid advertisers for RSO’s? Besides Lawyers, who would advertise? Anyways mag sounds like a good idea..especially if it gets political. I am subscribing for one year to see where it goes.

    • kontuz

      I’ll give you yet another reason for not subscribing… by collecting names, email addresses, and billing information; they are creating a “pot” of information that someday, some creative Law Enforcement agency might go after.

      If I were doing this, I’d accept Amazon gift cards as payment. That way, the funding sources can’t be traced. I’d also use a self hosted email server for my subscribers; instead of collecting their “real” email addresses.

      • Trish

        I like the way you think ! You help watch over us ! Please don’t stop your input ! …Kontuz
        Sincerely ! Trish

      • Will

        Hello, and thanks for your comment. Since LifeTimes is a print-only publication, it would be impossible to accept subscriptions without gathering names and addresses. The magazine is a lifestyle magazine designed to share ideas about how people can find some joy and happiness in life despite being on the registry. The content is nothing that law enforcement would be interested in. We do not share or distribute subscriber information to anyone.

        Thanks again for your comment!

        Editor in Chief, LifeTimes magazine

    • Will

      Hello, and thanks for your comment. LifeTimes magazine is a print-only magazine. We opted for this because so many of our subscribers (and potential subscribers) either do not have internet access, or they are deeply distrustful of internet-based information (as exemplified by the comments here.) The subscription fee we charge covers the printing and shipping costs, and will eventually allow us to compensate staff and contributors. Currently, all the editors (including myself) are working on a volunteer basis, and all of the submissions we receive are uncompensated. You are correct that once we have a high enough subscription base, we may be able to attract some advertisers. However, we have a long way to go until then. As much as I would love to provide the first issue free of charge, we simply do not have that kind of money. Thanks again for commenting!

      Editor in Chief, LifeTimes magazine

  3. CR

    I wouldn’t trust this. Besides the fact that the cost clearly targets only the affluent registrant (one has to wonder why), I suspect it is just a means concocted by someone who is probably not even a registrant to enrich himself at our expense. Someone has determined that we are a market that can be fleeced.

    Whoever is behind it will learn who we are, and probably sell this information at a profit. Subscription records can be subpoenaed by government agencies also to learn who we are. Of course, government knows who all of us are, but they might be interested in who among us are not quietly subservient, who among us might be inclined to fight them in court.

    Maybe that sounds paranoid, but I fell for a scam like this in the early 2000’s that promised to keep me abreast of “sex offender registration” requirements in all 50 states. It was expensive. The web site disappeared a couple of months after I forked over my money.

    • Tim Moore

      I remember getting a letter from a group claiming to be some kind of registrant advocacy club, through which you can meet other registrant and find dates even. That was some kind of weird hook. They were just trying to sell security cameras.

      • Tim Moore

        …and they wanted a membership fee.

      • Sam

        I had a letter like this from a group someone was trying to start in NY, it had like a 100 dollar yearly membership thing but honestly can’t remember what it was about. You figure if they did get all the people in NY to join that’s like 400k per year in membership fees.

        For $8.75 I can buy at least 23 meals worth of food or like 3 shirts and a pair of shoes here. The cost doesn’t make sense for information that is most likely taken from here and Narsol

      • kind of living

        @Tim Moore ,,,,, ,, Hahaha , dang man , and sounds like good idea too , the dating end of the deal not a very good plan because of all the “Me To” crap that’s going on for profit , so a dating site just allows the “Me To” people as well as just plain haters , a place to hunt RC victims , but the rest of that would be cool , too bad it was just a lame scam ,

        • Tim Moore

          Yeah it sounded like someone who was simply playing on people’s loneliness. I remember sending a message asking for a real person contact I could call, and never got a response.
          I am not that concerned about someone knowing my information, name, email. Guess I should. I don’t wish to live in fear. A group that pulls together and communicates and looks after each other is the best defense. It lets others know we have each other’s back. I really appreciate individuals like David Kennerly, who reaches out to fellow registrants, like he has done in Coalinga. I wouldn’t mind if he did a magazine on the legal and social issues or Janice, Frank, or someone I know does it, and whatever profit there is goes to ACSOL, Oncefallen, SOSEN.

        • kind of living @ Tim Moore hell yes David would do a bang up job on a MAG

          @ Tim Moore , I agree , I also respect David Kennderly . I enjoy his willingness to go against the grain as well . but your right that pulling together is our best bet in everyway we can , safety in numbers is the one that would be great , because that’s an on going thing , once brothers and sisters always brothers and sisters , even if the registry was to tumble down we should always have a place that’s our stomping grounds , check out the organic food Biz out here in Cali lol , and the true medical cannabus biz , their is no way to loose money of the many great products made , that truly help people , which is another thing folks should study up on , I know people that have did really well , I myself have some old natural tricks to growing methods , hahaha ! I also know people that would help for a song and dance ,the newest methods , with some good management , their would be enough money to really help Janice , but most of all build something truly great for RC’s that would grow and keep growing , I would love to see the day we have big outings , big cook outs , you know fun ? oh and yes my friend you should be worried about your E mail and such , where I live I am hanging by a tread , we don’t even like going outside , stuff happens to fast to be able to stay out of trouble , so far we have been really blessed because so many hate us , you sound well balanced younger than myself , and your into a lot of the same stuff I am into , I am way into hiking ,fishing , green thumb , and hell yes a Mag is one of many good ideas , David could make a great Mag ! maybe we should try a fishing mag , so it would grab a wider grope of people , someone handy with a cam , and a few people with different levels of fishing skills would go over nice I think , because its hard these days to find a good fishing/wilderness Mag ,

    • Will

      Hello, and thanks for the comment. My name is Will, and I am the founder and editor in chief of LifeTimes magazine. I have been listed on the registry since 2003, and the majority of our staff and contributors are either on the registry or close to someone on the registry. I totally understand your skepticism, as there have been many scams out there targeting people on the registry. In addition to editing LifeTimes, I am also the Executive Director of Illinois Voices, and advocacy organization in Illinois that is affiliated with NARSOL. If you ask around, you will find that people know me, and they can assure you that I am who I say I am. We do not sell or share contact information of our subscribers. All of our editors (including myself) currently work on a volunteer basis, and we do not currently compensate contributors. Our goals it to eventually be able to have paid staff and contributors, but we are a long ways from that. Thanks again for commenting.

      Editor in Chief, LifeTimes Magazine

      • Tim Moore

        Good, I have no problem giving to Illinois Voices, also. Thank you for coming out and explaining things, Will.

  4. Tim Moore

    Wish they could just give out the first issue as a pdf. I tried reading the sample on my tablet and the text was too small and out of focus, and I couldn’t enlarge it to recognize any words.

    • Lake County

      I wasn’t able to read it on my 19″ computer screen. No option to enlarge it. The sample is dated Winter 2018, but they said the first issue would be January 2018 but it’s now February and no indication that the first issue was made yet. The whole project may just be a pipe dream. Sending them money at this point would be risky unless you can afford to loose it. The money would be better spent giving it to Janice to directly help our fight for freedom.

      • Will

        Hello, and thanks for your comment. Our Winter 2018 issue was mailed out to subscribers on January 2, 2018. We have received tremendous feedback from people who really enjoyed it. We did not posted it on the website as we are a print-only magazine, but we may consider publishing the entire first issue online just so people will know what we are about. I’m sorry you were unable to read it on your computer. If you contact me directly, I will send you a pdf of the first issue that might be easier to read.

        Thanks again.

        Editor in Chief, LifeTimes magazine

    • Will

      Hello, and thanks for the comment. We did not distribute our magazine via pdf because we are a “print only” magazine. We do offer some sample pages on our website. However, if you contact me directly, I would be happy to send you a pdf of our first issue.

      Thanks again for commenting.

      Editor in Chief, LifeTimes Magazine

  5. Facts should matter

    No thanks. I want total and complete annihilation of the label, not indoctrination and “acceptance.”

    • Will

      Hello, and thanks for your comment. We in no way suggest that we should accept the label or the registry. In my capacity as the executive director for an advocacy organization, we fight tirelessly against the registry. LifeTimes magazine is about figuring out how to find joy and happiness in life despite the registry, since the reality is the registry will be around for a while. I don’t think it is a tautology to suggest that we can find ways to be happy despite the registry, while at the same time fighting against the very premise of the registry.

      Thanks again for commenting.

      Editor in Chief, LifeTimes magazine

  6. Dustin

    Agreed, particularly about the likely content of this (proposed?) magazine – nothing more than a reprint of what we see here, SOSEN, etc. That info needs to be published to the general public and idiotic legislators, not the SO community.

    Think the security angle is a bit unfounded. Personally, I flat out told my PO and treatment provider that I follow and comment on registry matters and wish I had the resources to contribute more to the effort. Neither indicated they had a problem with it, nor would I care if they did. I’d fall on that sword if they made an issue of it, and am confident I would prevail if it came down to that.

    Bottom line, there’s not much value to this magazine, regardless of what it costs (negligible to some, significant to others). But I’m not quite willing to question the motivation of whoever wants to publish it. I think the effort would be better spent elsewhere.

    • Will

      Hello, and thanks for your comment. I guess the value of the content of LifeTimes depends on who you ask. We have almost 200 subscribers already, and they have overwhelming expressed their gratitude for the positive information we provide. We started the magazine because we believe people might appreciate hearing some positive information in the midst of all the negative stories they are bombarded with on a daily basis. I am also the executive director for an advocacy organization that fights registration laws, and I believe our goals are complimentary. We fight them on one hand, but at the same time, we figure out how to find some joy in happiness in life despite the adversity of the registry.

      Thanks again for your comment.

      Editor in Chief, LifeTimes magazine

  7. Donna

    I am able to read the sample fine with my computer and am curiously impressed with what I have viewed. Like another comment I will sign up for a year and see how this proceeds.

    • Will

      Hello, and thanks for the comment. I am confident you will enjoy what you read and would love to hear your feedback once you’ve received the first issue!

      Editor in Chief, LifeTimes magazine

      • Lake County

        Thanks for clarifying some of our concerns. I did not see anything on your website that indicated it was a print magazine. Unfortunately I do not have the funds to spend $8.50 per magazine, but I’m glad you have been able to find enough subscribers to get your magazine started. I wish you success.

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