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PA: Senate positions Megan’s Law fix for vote


HARRISBURG — A bill seeking to deliver a legislative fix to Megan’s Law for sexual assault offenders was positioned for a Senate floor vote after a key senator gave a green light Monday.

Sen. Stewart Greenleaf, R-Montgomery, repeated his strong objections to the House-passed legislation, House Bill 1952, at the start of a two-hour hearing Monday morning on the Judiciary Committee, which Greenleaf chairs.

Following the hearing, Greenleaf voted with colleagues to approve the bill, which addresses concerns the Pennsylvania Supreme Court raised about Pennsylvania’s sex offender registry.

The Senate later voted to amend the provisions of HB1952 into House Bill 631, another House-passed bill dealing with probation for a category of sex offenders.

Greenleaf said he decided to move the legislation and vote for it after getting assurances during the hearing from Pennsylvania State Police officials, who said they would provide recommendations for improving Megan’s Law.

Greenleaf wants to address issues beyond the scope of HB1952, which was introduced in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling last summer in the Jose Muniz case. The court ruled in favor of Muniz, convicted of two counts of indecent assault of a 12-year-old girl.

Greenleaf called attention to the need to focus on the most dangerous sex offenders and better manage an offenders registry that has expanded greatly since Megan’s Law was first enacted in 1995.

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  1. Jack

    Sue, sue and sue again. If they don’t adhere to the 6th’s circuit ruling, fry em Janice. You’re the only one who can.

    • Michael

      Pennsylvania is not in the 6th Circuit. We are in the 3rd Circuit.

      District of Delaware
      District of New Jersey
      Eastern District of Pennsylvania
      Middle District of Pennsylvania
      Western District of Pennsylvania


  2. Joe123

    These idiots have lost their minds. Fighting for a non-existent issue. “Let’s pathetically try to come up with another way to enslave American Citizens.” These people passing these laws are misguided, and vengeful morons.

  3. Paul

    Oh. So now everyone on the registry is a “sexual assault offender”? Guess they’re trying to keep the hype up on the backs of the #MeToo movement.

  4. Paul 2 Anti Soy Boy PA

    B y the looks of things anyone who is an out of state offender pre SORNA will get less than life reg

    Section B is out of state convictions

    • Michael

      Won’t stick. There is a Equal Protection issue there. Equal Protection requires that all Persons in like circumstances be treated similarly.


  5. Mike s

    So, we will pass this law and diatribute the orders to the State Police and fox it later. Hahahahahaha.

    This is what I HATE about government, they think everyone is stupid. Reminds me of the old joke….What is the biggest lie in business? Answer : Phase 2.

    Law are passed and never revisited, they are challenged in court and the process started all over again.

    The PSP are high fiving right now that their absolutely ridiculous monologue that they bring out anytime ML is discussed did it’s job. A monologue that is based in fear mongoring without a single scientific argument based in fact.

    While it is good to make the pionts in front of these sheep, we have proved that relief is only gained through the courts.

    Another sad day.

    • Paul 2 Anti Soy Boy PA

      Mike looks like section b is for out of state SVPs only Hey did you have your attorney do anything other than send a letter? PSP is telling people that a letter will not make any difference I think it will move you up to the short list.

      • Mike S

        Just a letter and follow up email.

        The people that are at the PSP ML unit answering the phones have NO idea what they are talking about and have been given their marching orders and are following it to the letter.

        Please go find a Store front Lawyer and take my letter text with you. Fill in all the gaps with your timeline and secure your sentencing docs and hopefully something from Megan’s Law 2 that has “10-Years”. A transcript from your sentencing hearing and/or plea date is also helpful.

        Make it simple for the lawyer and it might only cost $500. But make sure that Joe Herman is sent the letter as he is the one making the calls as to who gets off early.

        • Paul 2 Anti Soy Boy PA

          Logical makes sense thanks Mike you received results

        • NOBS


          Where can I find your “letter Text”


        • Mike S


          Sergeant Orvin Rowles
          Commander, Pennsylvania State Police
          Bureau of Records and Identification
          Megan’s Law Section
          1800 Elmerton Avenue
          Harrisburg Pa. 17110

          RE: Cease and Desist Request
          Registrant – First Middle Last
          B/O/B: MM/DD/YYYY

          Dear Sergeant Rowles:

          Now that the United States Supreme Court has denied the Petition for Writ of Certiorari in Commonwealth v. Muniz as of January 22, 2018, this letter shall serve as a written request to cease and desist maintaining my client, Fist Middle Last, on the Pennsylvania Sexual Offender Registration.

          I wrote to your predecessor, Lieutenant Todd Harmon, by way of a letter dated August 1, 2017 making a similar request. For the sake of completeness and at the risk of being redundant, I will again explain the reasons why I am making this request.

          On May 30, 2006, Mr. LAST pled guilty and was sentenced on September 20, 2006 on ten counts of possession of child pornography in violation of 18 P.S. § 6312(d). All of the offenses of conviction arose from the same incident of criminal episode on October 1, 2004. Mr. LAST was determined not to be a violent sexual predator and has no prior Megan’s Law convictions, as evidenced by the enclosed notes of testimony from his sentencing hearing.

          Mr. LAST first registered as a sex offender with the Pennsylvania State Police on October 19, 2006. At the time of Mr. LAST’s offence (October 1, 2004), Megan’s Law II, 42 P.S. § 9791, et seq. was in effect. Under Megan’s Law II, violations of all subsections of 18 P.S. § 6312, including subsection (d), triggered only a ten-year registration requirement. See, 43 P.S. § 9795.1(a)(1).

          Based on the Pennsylvania Supreme Courts ruling in A.S. v. Pennsylvania State Police, 143 A.3d 896 (Pa. 2016), which held that offenses arising from the same criminal episode do not constitute two or more convictions for purposes of Megan’s Law classification and more recently in Commonwealth v. Muniz, 47 MAP 2016, which held that Pennsylvania’s current Sex Offender Registration Notification Act (SORNA) does not retroactively apple to Mr. LAST per the prohibition in the ex post facto clause of both the United States and Pennsylvania Constitutions, Mr. LAST was only subject to the original ten year registration requirement under Megan’s Law II. That registration period expired on October 19, 2016.

          Since the United States Supreme Court is the forum of last resort and has spoken with finality on this issue, we ask that you immediately comply with our request to cease and desist maintaining my client on the registry.

          CC John Joseph Herman

        • NOBS

          Thanks Mike. How did you make out with this?

        • Mike s

          Within a week, I was removed.

  6. Chris

    So does this mean that since I had a 2004 registration of 10 years that turned into life on December 2012. That I won’t get relief now. What the hell does this bill mean and say.

    • Paul 2 Anti Soy Boy PA

      Chris you should be good I think its the same as the 1952 bill they just added it to the other to get it passed quicker

    • Michael

      Don’t sweat it. Again, mine was in PA in 1998. I never registered here and I am confident they couldn’t make me.


  7. TS

    Wait, Greenleaf passes it to look good politically based upon assurances from PSP, but yet knows it will have to come back again to be refined? How is that being a good steward of the taxpayer’s money if you have to do it again knowingly? Problem is this thinking is a nationwide issue, not just PA.

    • Paul 2 Anti Soy Boy PA

      I agree I contacted Gov Wolfe and urged him to spend some time with Aaron Marcus before he decides what to do. I believe others have too There are many positive things that can take the light off the reg and put it on everyone putting effort into prevention. I believe this is the only way to reduce SO and get the facts about the reg accepted by the public

  8. Wants off

    Eventually SCOTUS will have to rule on these registries once and for all. Otherwise, new laws will keep being written and struck down by the courts. It’s wash, rinse, repeat right now.

    • Michael

      You don’t want SCOTUS ruling once and for all, unless there is a guarantee that 6 justices won’t rule against SO’s. There is no guarantee.

      IMHO, it’s better to get state Supreme courts to rule against the laws like the PASC has. States aren’t obliged to pass these laws. If we can get state Supreme courts to invalidate the laws, it won’t matter what SCOTUS has to say about it.


  9. Michael

    “Greenleaf called attention to the need to focus on the most dangerous sex offenders and better manage an offenders registry that has expanded greatly since Megan’s Law was first enacted in 1995.”

    Who’s fault is it the the registry has “expanded greatly” over the last 23 years?

    Among other things, I have a separation of powers solution for them.

    “About 17,000 of the 22,000 active offenders on the sexual offender registry could face potential removal under the Muniz decision, Price said. Passage of HB1952 would keep an estimated 9,000 to 12,000 offenders on the registry and result in an estimated 3,000 to 5,000 individuals being removed from the registry, he added.”

    Someone failed math.


    • Paul 2 Anti Soy Boy PA

      12,000 plus 5000 is 17,000 The 12,000 are people that are life pre SORNA The 5K are people 10yr pre SORNA that will come off soon 22k – 17k 5k were post SORNA

  10. Who Removes from list

    What is House Bill 631???

    Thought it was House Bill 1952?

    House Bill 631 never got voted at the House Judiceray Level???

    If you change the name you need to start voting over, you cant keep amending it as it moves forward thats illegal correct,?

    • Paul 2 Anti Soy Boy PA

      wrfl lol they added it to a bill that has the same subject matter they both can combine

      • Who Removes from list

        Just Read it! Thanks just jibberish to me. So no internet identifiers for pre sorna under House Bill whatever they called it??

        Just Home, Job, School, and Car?

        • Paul 2 Anti Soy Boy PA

          Also no street address for employer which is good to help people get work.

  11. R M

    “Greenleaf said he decided to move the legislation and vote for it after getting assurances during the hearing from Pennsylvania State Police officials, who said they would provide recommendations for improving Megan’s Law.” PSP won’t live up to their “bargain”.

    “At the hearing, Major Scott Price, acting deputy state police commissioner, urged passage of HB1952 to blunt the impact of the Muniz decision.” Blunt the impact=Just trying to circumvent the Muniz decision.

  12. Robert

    Im lost!
    I dont understand all this legal talk in the bills. And my first under standing was this was a good thing. But i dont know now. After reading post.

  13. Dave

    Next week should be interesting as I will be due for my quarterly registration for year 9 of 10 per my original plea In 2007. I am one of the pre sorna people but I still have 1 year to go before my 10 years is up. Like most of you I was changed to lifetime in 2012. It will be interesting to see if the PSP know what to do.

    • Paul 2 Anti Soy Boy PA

      Dave bad news PSP has a base year so people have to have 11 years in before they come off its crazy how they get away with it too.

      • Mike S


        I’m guessing that you pled to a 10 year offence and in 2012 they reclassified it as a Tier 3?

        Also, I emailed my lawyer after I read Pauls “base year” comment and his response was

        Mike, 10 years is 10 years is 3650 days. The second that clock hits midnight, you are done. Since your case was over 10 years on ML we you contacted me I did not argue that your 10 years should actually start on the date of your pleading, I have been successful in the past with that fight.

        Hope this helps? Paul WTF, are you drinking the PSP Kool Aid? I can’t lose another true fighter!!! 🙂

        • Paul 2 Anti Soy Boy PA

          No man everyone on NARSOL is saying PSP has a base year the add I believe they talked about it on the phone conference they just had too. I hope it isn’t true. Maybe someone could call PSP and find out for sure.

        • Dave

          Mike S,

          You are correct my original plea in 2007 was for a 10 year offense. in 2012 I was re classified to a tier 3 lifetime. I have been monitoring this and other sites for quite some time. I had a couple of free consultation meetings with Attorneys but never went forward with anything partially due to financial reasons and partly due to I still have 1 year left. The reason for this is my actual registration started in 2009 after release from prison.
          I will give an update after my quarterly check in within about 10 days with what I am told.

        • AJ

          Sounds like PSP is violating the letter of the law. They probably have done it that way and gotten away with it for so long, they think it’s legal. I’ll side with the attorney over the bureaucrat. I suspect a judge will, too.

          Someone should ask PSP how old a child born on Jan 1, 2008 is, and how old s/he’ll be on Jan 1, 2019. 🙂 That’s some funny, new math they’re using.

        • Michael

          @Paul 2

          Don’t believe everything you hear or read.


  14. Chris

    I was due for my quarterly check in. I usually receive a letter in the mail stating what dates to appear. It has been the same dates and time period since 2012. I never received a letter this month so I decided to go to the state police to cover my ass. They updated me without my letter. But the trooper said that there is stuff going on in the courts right now that PSP is trying to figure out.. she said I should be getting a letter in the mail. But I wasn’t about to not update cause who knows what PSP has up there sleeve. But as of today I have yet to receive a letter

    • Mike S

      Chris, if you don’t mind me asking….. do you have a Tier 3 offense or are you still classified as a tier 3 based on having 2 tier 1 convictions?

      Also, were you added to ML because of AWA or did your offense just happen to coincide with the AWA start.

      Just wondering if you have other options to get off the registry than waiting for PA congress to pass a law so PSP can get their way

      • Chris

        Mike S. My offense was IA in 2003 I was sentence and stated registering in 2004 my offense at that time was only a 10yr. Registration. Then when sorna came into play on Dec. 2012 they made IA a level 3 lifetime registration technically my registration should 9f been up 8n 2014.

    • Paul 2 Anti Soy Boy PA

      Smart move PSP knows they have us by the balls because they can do false arrest and play stupid until you go to court

  15. Paul 2 Anti Soy Boy PA

    PSP just charged this guy and he’s pre SORNA

    • Wants off

      If I’m understanding right even being pre SORNA his registration didn’t start until 2011, which would mean he should be on the 10 years registration, which would still be in effect. If his registration started in 2007 or sooner then psp would be in the wrong..I’m not sure they are here. Maybe someone can clarify

    • Michael

      C’mon dude! It’s right there.

      “According to the Megan’s Law website, Haskin was convicted of Sexual Assault of a Child on January 29, 1993.

      His registration began on March 28, 2011.”


  16. who removes from list

    The police are wrong, SORNA requirements cant be applied to this man. Whether he has 10, 9, 8, 7….years left of his original 10 year registration. They arrested him for a SORNA violation and by law these charges will be dropped at the preliminary, only if he has a good attorney that understands that. He may not understand that either, or just stopped registering because he has more BALLS than most of us because he knows they cant prosecute him under SORNA. He should of stayed compliant until everything works itself out with SCOTUS and the new HOUSE BILL 1952 (or what they call it now) because now he will have to pay money to have the charges dropped. It was cheaper to just comply.

    My husband was accused of violating SORNA requirements in 2016. His charges were drop because of the MUNIZ Decision. But my husband is still registered under SORNA and is in compliance until the new HOUSE BILL 1952 works its way through the system.

    My husband won his enforce plea agreement, and they have under oath, Megans Law 2 lifetime registration was apart of his plea and sentence in 2006, because of his IDSI. and HOUSE Bill 1952 will grabbed him back up.

    But in the meantime, letter has been sent to PSP and the court order also to remove him from SORNA. But until then he is in compliance because they will arrest him like the guy from the article.

    • Paul 2 Anti Soy Boy PA

      I agree the only variable I see is his offenses is from out of state.

    • Michael

      “The police are wrong, SORNA requirements cant be applied to this man. Whether he has 10, 9, 8, 7….years left of his original 10 year registration. They arrested him for a SORNA violation …”

      Only if verification of addresses or being photographed was *not* required pre-SORNA. I left in 1999, so I wouldn’t know.


  17. Paul 2 HB 631

    HB 631 Has Had Final Passage. Waiting on Governor Wolfe to Sign.

    Doesn’t look like there wasn’t anything changed in new bill when it was switched over to HB 631.

    PSP has still provided no official plan of action on how they plan to remove people that should be off the ML registration. There has been a ton of conflicting information from the PSP on what will or is happening with the review and removal process. At this point anyone with a previous SO conviction that was ether required to not register or register for 10yrs should contact an attorney to get advice on how to move forward. I recommend doing everything you can to avoid PSP delating your removal in order to allow you to be placed on to the new law in HB631. Once the Governor signs this bill it will be in effect immediately and all SO will be subject to registration under it within 90days unless PSP has finished its review on a persons case removed them from the ML website and provided an official notice that they are no longer required to register. Here are the main questions we need to answer before we can trust the PSP and sit tight and wait for them to do their duty.

    Have an official statement from PSP on who,when, where, and how, this review and removal is going to happen.
    Proof the PSP has removed a significant amount of people due relief without them having to do anything.
    Proof that if a persons review has not been completed before the 90day time limit to register under new law is up they will not be put onto the new law waiting to have their review completed. We should fight not to be put on this new law if we know we are due relief now.
    Proof that PSP will recognize A.S. decision as reason to remove anyone with two or more 10yr reg offenses that have not been separated by a conviction a new crime and a conviction. Person will have to file ASAP to be removed per A.S. before being put on new law.
    There will be those that say save your money or no big deal if you get put on new law. If the above questions are not all answered 100% by the end of next week you’re a fool not to hire an attorney to get off before new bill kicks in. The DAs are not fighting peoples writs so they should have time to get thru the trial court fast and in time to stay off the new bill an attorney could motion to have client not put on to new law until re3view has been finished.
    PSP will have no reason to not answer all these questions in detail by the end of next week they have a complete picture of what must happen, no more excuses.
    Lets hope that next week PSP starts to do the right thing because as of now they have only removed 100 people out of 4-5K due to come off and they have 40 ML section workers.
    Please comment on what your ideas are

  18. PA railroaded

    I was sentenced to 10 years on ML then it was moved to lifetime then down to 25 years. And that was back in 2008. So this is my 10th year and im hoping to see some progress with the court system soon. I have a great lawyer but my P.O. is a piece of work. I got 11 months county time.

  19. Chris

    Paul 2… What u say may be true and correct but many of us including myself have spoke with attorneys but can’t afford the out rageous price that they wanna charge us. So like me many of us don’t have a choice but to wait. If u would like to pay for our services I would take your advice and move forward. It will be good and a relief to be finally off but my pockets and bank account aren’t heavy enough. That’s why PSP is doing what they do cause they know the majority of us can’t afford the price these attorneys are charging.

    • Paul 2 HB 631

      Im not here to make you do anything if you’re broke then you can only try and file prose or just take your chances I post this info to refute people saying just sit tight and wait thats bad advice, you having money or not doesn’t have anything to do with whats going on does it? I hope this all works out but PSP has had their chance to do the right thing end of next week I my self am acting you have to decide what to do for yourself

      • Paul 2 HB 631

        The NARSOL and this so called PARSOL has not really helped the situation they had plenty of time to head this thing off and all we got was a phone conference filled with gift drawings and the so called leader for PA Theresa hogging all the question time with out polling us for what to ask with useless questions NARSOL is out of touch PARSOL is on a sinking ship before it even gets out of dock You can’t expect a non profit to work out when you’re do not involve everyone from the bering and sadly it will be their down fall at the expense of us being able to make a difference Its to late to let everyone have a say so they already lost a lot of valuable support

        • Wants off

          The list is down by 26 already today. TBH you come across as a conspiracy theorist at times

    • Wants off

      Exactly what I was thinking. I have no means to hire an attorney. Unless someone is going to do it Pro Bono.

      • Paul 2 HB 631

        I guess us being on the reg longer than we were told at sentencing is a conspiracy too lol Some times you need to trust people that can understand things better than yourself calling them conspiracies makes you sound like CNN

  20. Paul 2 HB 631

    PSP numbers are -120 since 1-30-2018 I know some have been added but for having 40 people on overtime Id say the milk is flowing pretty heavy over at PSP You say what?

    • Paul 2 HB 631

      Here they are admitting that the legislature meant to contain SVPs not SV offenders this can be used no doubt.

      Aaron Zappia, a spokesman for Sen. Stewart Greenleaf, R-Montgomery, said when the senator originally sponsored Megan’s Law legislation in 1995 it was intended to keep track of those offenders who were deemed to be sexually violent predators.

      • Paul 2 HB 631

        I just thought of something if PSP has 40 ML section people working on this and they have been working over time one told me on the phone and they have only removed 124 proper since 1-30-2018 the only logical solution to this is they are going thru a lot of cases and only removing a small percentage of them if we look at all pre SORNA that was said to be 17000 and about 4500 10yr and non. That is about 1 in 3 give or take 124 x 3 is 372 say 400 that means in 10 10 people have been reviewed each day If you cut that in half they should be reviewing 20 per day so if they had only 20 people each day review one person that would equal their current output. So this tells me they are not finding that 4500 people are coming off for some reason they are just keeping them on the reg for some reason. They can’t just keep people on reg right now for any reason but if they decide to keep the person on there is something they are seeing that we are not the numbers don’t add up.

        • Wants off

          The bill hasn’t even been signed by the governor yet. Once that happens if names don’t start coming off faster then the lawyers and courts need to get involved.

        • CR

          The information they need to determine who gets off the list is straightforward, and all of it should be present in state databases. It should take a single query to come up with the full list of people due relief per Muniz.

      • Michael

        That’s a Catch 22. At some point, and I don’t know if it was pre or post SORNA, EVERY offense requiring registration was considered a sexually violent offense.


        • Paul 2 HB 631

          Right but early ML they only had SVPs on reg They have snuck in the SV offense here and there but if things get back to the PASC Someone could show that it was originally for SVP not SVO Only 10% of reg are SVP Just another chink in the armor to give them

  21. who removes from list

    The only way any Registered Citizen who is required by Muniz Law to come off SORNA is either get an attorney or wait. There is nothing any of us can do anymore. My husband wastes money on an attorney to be removed from SORNA. And he has been ordered by the court to be removed from SORNA. However, he is IDSI, old Megans Law 2 Lifetime Registration. Which at his motion to enforce his plea they made it clear that they agree with him and ordered him to comply with Megans Law 2 old requirements of lifetime registration. Which is good in sense because House Bill 1952 will grab him up, but his recent court order from February 7 2018 stated must comply with Megans Law 2 Only per his plea agreement, IDSI which carried a lifetime registration under Megans Law 2 at the time of sentencing. So where the DA in the lower court thought he was getting something out of this deal, he just signed a legal paper with the judge stating that I must comply with Megans Law 2 only. That means, the new House Bill wont apply to me when the fight begins. Because my husband court order, from Feb 7 2018, states the court agree to enforce my husbands plea agreement of Megans Law 2, which is absolutely no internet posting of any of his information. Which if argued correctly in court, using old Commonwealth v Hainsworth and Nase which stated that there plea agreements were tailered around old Megans Law Requirements, which my husbands was Megans Law 2, which is going to force PSP to remove all information obtained from him for the new HOUSE BILL 1952, because plea agreements are law. My husband will have to register for life, as his plea agreement, but they will be forced to keep his information off the internet once it is fought in court when HOUSE BILL 1952 is passed. Because the 90 day wait to register under the new HOUSE BILL 1952, an attorney will be drafting the paperwork to make sure the PSP honors his plea agreements court order from Feb 7 2018 which is in place before the new law passed.

    • Paul 2 HB 631

      I don’t think you need to say my husband anymore we know its you you slipped up. LOL 1952 is stalled they switched to 631. I would think your lawyer would now tile a motion to remove you and to say you cant be put on new law

      • Who Removes from list

        My husband doesnt write on here. He writes what he wants me to say. I just copy and paste it. Lol.

      • Who Removes from list

        And like I said, done spending money for the time being. We are waiting this out. He is off SORNA

    • kind of living

      @Who Removes from list ,,,,, ,, what is sad is that people have to fight over a damn plea in the first place , the plea is good enough to keep you in prison and doing your paper as well as some aspects of the registry , but its not good enough to hold water when it comes to new crap added to the registry years after your plea , everything retro against us , and nothing protecting our Deal with the court nation wide , if we up hold our end of the Deal so should all courts , they never even said anything about the registry tell I was out of prison , as it turned out we had a registry to LE only here in CA , and that’s the way it should have stayed at the worst , I met With Diane Feinstein when she was running for office when I was on prole in 1992 , I met her and ask her what she planed to do about the registry , and she said it was soon to be a thing of the past ! I tried to tell her that I did my time as a resault of a plea , she said she understood lol this was in San Luis Obispo

      • kind of living

        oops that was Barbara Boxer LOL just got out of bed , Sorry Diane !

      • CR

        I don’t know any politicians personally, but my belief is that they will say or do almost anything if they think it’ll help them get elected or reelected. All they need later to assuage their conscience and justify their contrary actions when they don’t do what they promised is a “sincere change of heart.”

        Is it possible she just told you what you wanted to hear? 1992 was near the beginning of the burgeoning nation wide sex offender hype and hysteria movement. Even if she was sincere (which I doubt), it would have been politically impossible by 1992 to eliminate the registry in California while all other states were in the process of creating or strengthening theirs.

        • kind of living

          Yep LOL I was clueless , I was on prole and felt that this was something that needed to be addressed in public , it was hard because there was so many people standing and sitting right there , “it sucked” but some times folks need to get out of their comfort zone and speak up , I had no comfort zone so I just ran with it , even my PO said that was pretty crazy but that is how you get thing done , she was known for being a tough PO , but I really liked here because she was honest and her word was good , the first time I seen her I told her to her face she would never have to worry about me , that I would be honest with her at all times as long as she gave me the same respect , any way lol later

    • Mike s

      I believe that Megan’s law 2 posted your picture and zip code. Megan’s law 3 was signed in to law in 2006 under Randel and that is the one that added physical address.

      • Paul 2 HB 631

        In 2004 is when they started putting up the pic I plead in 2003 and they only had SVPs up then when I got out in 2005 they had everyone on there. They had an amendment to ML2 in 2004

        • Paul 2 HB 631

          Did anyone here have mutable 10yr offenses and go to life when SORNA kicked in? Then in 2016 when A.S. came down get switched to 25yr or 15yr. I just talked to a guy this happened to and he got moved back down to 25yrs not 15yrs I don’t see how they gave him 25 instead of 15 because A.S. says 10ys so under SORNA the lowest was 15 Anyone know why this happened. Because PSP might try some shit with two or more on this new bill.

  22. Mike s

    Yes, I have a group friend who had a possession of CP charge (tier 1) and dristibution of CP (tier 2). With SORNA he went to tier 3 because of the 2 counts and with A.S. They dropped him to Tier 2 because he has a tier 2 offense. Makes sense. He would have to do the Tier 2 25 years if that was the stand lone charge.

    I just reached out to him last week to let him know that he will be back to his 10year no matter which law pass, it would appear at least for now.

    • Paul 2 HB 631

      Mike did you have two 10yr offenses ?

    • Paul 2 HB 631

      Ok so they would still have to go by how SORNA classified the offense I get it Same if SVP got dropped. Now that Muniz says SORNA can’t apply then he went back to 10 for each. AS did not negate the tier system during SORNA just the life for two or more Muniz negates the tiers also.

      • Mike S

        yes, 10 tier 1 offenses

      • Mike S


        That is why I think that the Tier 2 people are going to be the ones that should get the most relief in these new bills, if I read them correctly.

        It appears that all of the Tier 2 offenses will be dropped back down to a 10 year offense? This will be saving a lot of people 15 years on the list as opposed to most of the pre SORNA tier 1 people are looking, at a max, ~5 years less on the registry

  23. sean

    paul 2 hb631

    I was convicted in 2007 of 5 counts of unlawful contact with a minor. I was caught up in Tom Corbits internet sting, and was actually talking to a under cover agent. they gave me a count for everytime I talked to the under cover agent, so 5 chats cost me 5 counts.. now there was only ONE conviction, so at the time I was placed on 10 yr reg. I was ok with that, because even though there was no “victim” in my case, I OWNED it, because it was still WRONG. so everything is good, until sorna comes along in 2012. I get a letter from PSP stating that because of the new law, I am NOW A LIFETIME NON-SVP, because of the multiple counts, wtf??, THEN back in 2016, I find out about the A.S. decision and contacted my attorney. he wrote a letter to PSP informing them that the A.S. decision APPLIED to me, because, even though there was multiple counts, there was ONLY ONE conviction, so a few weeks later I get a letter from PSP, stating once again my reg. has changed, now I’m back on 25 yr semi scheme. so here I sit, on the reg, when I should be off at this point. technically I would be done now with my 10 yr, if I was still on it. my biggest fear is the new law somehow undoing the relief ive already been granted by the A.S. decision, and worse yet, somehow ending up back on life time reg again, because of the new law. I have read the bill. it is worded very slippery, and my attorney is studying it closely, because I don’t trust the lawmakers in Harrisburg or PSP any further than I can see is evident by the trickery, and slight of hand they pulled to sneak this bill right in under everyones nose. I’m not holding my breath for psp to do the right thing, I just have a feeling I will be in court fighting for what should be an automatic…

    • Mike S

      Sean, Two Things

      You can always fight the contract clause in Hainworth and take that battle to court. Argue that you have a contract with the State and that they are no honoring it. You get an extra little boost with Muniz since now it is not a collateral consequence, the Commonwealth add an extra 15 years if punishment to your sentence.

      Second, you can put your faith in the PSP to read the law as it is written and conform to all of the other laws that encapsulate the governing of the Pennsylvania Sex Offender Registry, no matter what they call it.

      That would mean that your offenses under HB or SB would be 10 year offenses and that two or more of them would not make a hill of difference unless you were arrested, tried, convicted THAN arrested, tried, convicted a SECOND time.

  24. Who Removes from list

    Until two or more is fought under House Bill 1952 or whatever its called. It was only one for SORNA only. Because A.S. didnt argue it against House Bill 1952 of whatever its called. So as of now 2 or more convictions under 10 year will be lifetime by the way House Bill 1952 or whatever its called reads in the bill. Basically, get your money ready for the fight. A.S. fought to be off SORNA for life. That A.S. is only good for Post Sorna Convictions now that Muniz is Law. Because A.S. argued for the application of SORNA tiers and years. Basically your screwed and if you have 2 or more convictions under the 10 years, your life time.

  25. sean

    this is why this is so confusing. here are two different opinions as to whats going to happen with multiple convictions. (A.S. decision) ….my head is spinning right now…

    • Paul 2 HB 631

      WRFL sometimes goes off on tangents Mike s Knows his lawyer argued AS case so hope he gives us the details I have a feeling PSP will play stupid on this and we should get a court order before new law kicks in If under AS we go back to 10yrs Then the new law can’t apply because each section says if your time expired it doesn’t apply to you. Im just hoping we find someone where PSP interpreted it this way for the new law I did speak to PSP back in July and asked why I was now life and was it because I had multiple 10yr she said no it was for the IA7 moved me to tier 3 She said AS takes the other life away. So if that is true that says our time has expired so they can’t apply new law however what happens if they delay review.

    • r. shrawder

      The A.S. decision was a precedential decision … that makes it law of the land and it was affirmed by the Lutz-Morrison supreme court decision … That cannot be legislated away … And if they try (PA LEGISLATURE) then the vested rights doctrine will come into play … its a losing battle for PSP , but who knows what they will try , its not there money being thrown away in losing court battles , its the TAXPAYERS dollars

  26. Paul 2 HB 631

    Same language in all ML bills

    A statute is ambiguous when there are at least two reasonable interpretations of the text

    In conclusion, we hold the statute requires an act, a conviction, and a subsequent act to trigger lifetime registration for multiple offenses otherwise triggering a ten-year period of registration. Accordingly, the award of mandamus relief is hereby affirmed.

  27. Who Removes from list

    Not tangents, Paul. Facts on this one. Answer this question.

    Has anyone fought the new bill in the court when you have two or more convictions stemming from the same act?

    When you answer that question. Read the new bill.

    A.S. doesnt apply to the new bill because the new bill didnt exist at the time of A.S. arguement when SORNA was still legal in 2016.

    And when A.S. was argued, Muniz wasnt decided yet.

    Paul, you are the type of person that needs the answer you want.

    As of now if you have 2 or more convictions and if the new house bill passes by Wolf. You will be lifetime until you win an arguement like A.S. because no one fought the fight like A.S. under Megans Law 1 2 or 3.

    Sorry, facts are in the new bill.

    So if you want off SORNA and the registry Paul, I would get your court order removing you now. Time is running out. House Bill will be signed and you wont be removed until you fight it then. So fight it now while the courts are honoring Muniz.

    90 days after Wolf signs it, we are all screwed again.

    We are all on your side Paul. But facts are facts. The new bill reads what applies.

    • Paul 2 HB 631

      I think this is going over your head AS can be applied to any pre SORNA case Why would anyone do relive from AS have to go on to new bill If the new bill states if your time has expired it doesn’t apply to you? Muniz and AS apply this has been applied to Many cases already If your time has expired thats it. If I was in front of a judge right now on a writ mandamus review he’s not going to say oh the new bill will keep you at life lol He is going to say Muniz and AS is the law of the land Even if the new bill was in effect The language in the new bill is exactly the same so the end result would be exactly the same.

    • Paul 2 HB 631

      LOL. A.S. doesnt apply to the new bill because the new bill didnt exist at the time of A.S. arguement when SORNA was still legal in 2016.

      By that logic would mean Muniz doesn’t apply Besides no one is saying AS apply to new bill it applies to anyone pre SORNA that has two or more convictions AS was a result of the same language that has been in every ML including this new bill.

      • Mike S

        A.S. ruling encompasses the PA Sex Offender Registry. By using the exact same language as it relates to two or more convictions, the Commonwealth has basically affirmed that they need to abide by A.S.

        Plus, if the PSP or PA legislature tried to circumvent a Supreme Court ruling, they would be in violation of the “vested rights doctrine” in both the PA and US Constitution.

        So, by the letter of the law, A.S. rules, but we all know that PSP does not care about the law,

  28. Anonymous

    So if a registrant moves to Pa, how long would they have to wait until being removed from registry?

    Assuming, registrant has been off paper for 17 yrs and pre 2002 conviction.

    • Paul 2 HB 631

      Out of state people with time still on reg in their home state need to finish that time or the time PA says is comparable offense time on reg and with ever one is greater.

  29. Paul 2 HB 631

    In addition I just got off phone with PSP and they said that people with two or more 10yr offenses are going to be removed the same as someone with one

  30. Who Removes from list

    @paul I guess we’ll all have to wait and see.

  31. who removes from list

    February 11, 2018
    @Paul 2

    Don’t believe everything you hear or read.


  32. Brian

    What the hell does A S stand for? Seeing that I was out of state and my Time us done but still on this stinkin list, I was never ordered by the court to register but it states in my plea agreement it’s up to probation if I am to register or not, I’m assuming I was to register now that I reread my plea agreement, I went to mail in reporting from pa to my original state but was never told you have to register by my P.O., pa made me register for ten years then SORNA added 15 more on. Anyway I spoke to Reeds lawyer today, he said he doesn’t know if he can help because I am out of state offender, he wants to sit down and talk so I’m going to schedule an appointment. All I need is a cease and desist letter I think, I’m not filing a mandamus that would be ridiculous.

    • r. shrawder

      I think they are referring to the court case A.S. vs. PSP no.#24map2014 j-36-2016 … it pertains to life time requirements steming from 2 or more tier 1 / tier 2 S.O. convictions …. It runs side by side with the lutz – Morrison supreme court decision ..

      • Paul 2 HB 631

        I was trying to remember that case name thanks This one shows they applied it to SORNA AS was applied to ML2 So this is more Proof for WRFL that it can and will be applied to any new laws also especially if it has the same language.

  33. Brian

    Let me ask this, when you say 2 or more convictins, you mean like ids x 2 something to that effect, what about shoplifting, car theft, assault with a dead weapon, murder, armed robbery, or is it just SO offensis?
    I only have 1 conviction I was just wandering the extent of this that would make someone lifetime SO,

    • Paul 2 HB 631

      Brian any 10yr reg offense under pre SORNA PSP tried to interpret the language to say that if you had more than one they would give you life reg instead of 10 yrs The court ruled that they have to be separate convictions separated by a period of time to reform in order to make life if not they are 10yr So it could be any combination it doesn’t matter IA7 and a CP or two IA7 or 5 CP they all carried 10yrs reg time IF you had all 10yr reg times then you have to go back to 10yrs if they are not separated by time to reform. We have been trying to see how PSP is going to treat this because the new bill has same language they did not clarify it.

      • Paul 2 HB 631

        oh I forgot to add people post SORNA this applies too for tier 1 and tier 2 they can’t combine to make life. If they have no separation.

  34. Who Removes from list


    You just stated that A.S Was for If you had more than 1 teir 1 and/or teir 2 Convictions stemming from 2 separate offenses and/or convictions that would make you life. You are correct under SORNA.

    And you spoke of Megan’s law 2. And AS is for Megan’s law 2 Also.

    You’re logic is correct, and you are correct. However the day house bill 1950 to get signed into law there has been no argument or confirmation that AS can apply retro actively to house bill 1952.

    Because house bill 1952 is not a tiered system. And ML 2 doesn’t exist anymore.

    I hope that 2 or more convictions isn’t lifetime registry but you have to understand the PSP does not care about you. They know that AS is a case that was won For SORNA Registrations confirmed by the lutz Morrison decision.

    Yes those 2 decisions can be Used as cases to go up against house bill 1952 to prove that 2 or more convictions stemming from the same offense can’t make you a lifetime register but for the time being when you read house bill 1952 there is no language in there about any Supreme Court decisions other than Butler and Muniz.

    • Paul 2 HB 631

      OMG spend some time figuring it out its not that hard the lutz cases reinforces that its the law of the land they could repeal and adopt 10 more laws the language is the same and it doesn’t matter what the law says because anyone pre SORNA that had two or more 10yr offenses already finished their time so the new law doesn’t apply to them. For people that have some of the 10yrs left they will get off also when they finish their 10yrs because the new law has the same language and the AS and Lutz cases establish it as the law of the land Come on already We can’t guarantee what PSP does they could decide not to remove anyone even with one 10yr Muniz and AS both are the law of the land so we can almost bet they will do whats right. There is no HB1952 now its HB 631

    • Mike S

      A.S. covers the registry past, present and future.

  35. Who Removes from list

    @Paul 2 HB 631

    No need to get mad about it. When the time comes. You will know what you are, life time or 10 year or nothing.

    Why so much attitude?

    • Paul 2 HB 631

      You’re right I have already learned I should ignore your posts You do not understand things sometimes and instead of repeating my self so you understand I need to ignore you. Like 5 different people tried to explain this to you and you keep trying to make them feel like they are staying on the reg I don’t know if its because you gave up on your case or what. Its like Abott and Costello with you.

  36. Chris

    Yup that’s pretty easy. One of three things will happen your lifetime, 10 year, or your will be off nothing zero zilch. My life is so much easier not worrying about what PSP is gonna do to me cause there is only so much they can do considering muniz is law. I made it 14 years from a 10 year registration so I’m pretty sure my mind, body, and soul can take alittle more screwing from PSP at this point. PSP WILL NOT BREAK ME.

  37. Chris

    That pretty much sums it up.

  38. Brian

    I guess all the SO’s who talked to wolf fell on deff ears,

  39. Andy

    I was sentenced in December 2010 to 6 years probation and no megan’s law. With SORNA i was retroactively placed on the list. My indecent assault and solicitation of indecent assault put me on for life. After the 2016 decision I was dropped to 25 year. Muniz should take me off. What should I do? Would this new hb 1952 keep me on or off? Help! I cant afford the 2500-3500 the attorneys want to charge me.

    • Paul 2 HB 631

      Andy were any of your offenses M1s or higher?

    • Michael

      Are you saying no Megans Law because it was not required for your offense, or was it part of a plea deal?


      • Andy

        The offense did not warrant registration in 2010.

        • Paul 2 HB 631

          Andy by what you are saying you should not have to register on the new law But no one knows what is going to happen to people if their case has not been reviewed before the new law kicks in If PSP hasn’t reviewed your case and the 90day period of new bill expires they might say you have to register. My feeling is they will not be able to send you a letter telling you to register under the new law if they haven’t reviewed your case. I also think this is true because people have been saying PSP has been saying you will be sent a letter, This tells me once the new law gets signed by Wolfe people they have reviewed will get a letter saying they have to register under new law. The small amount of people they have removed vs the 40 people and time they have had tells me they have a lot of peoples letters ready to go out. I am also speculating there is something we have not figured out that PSP is interpreting about this new law. There should be 45000 people coming off reg ASAP My opinion is they will have to remove you before new law kicks in. Do not let what Chuck says bother you we have decided not to listen to his passive aggressive post we think he’s upset he’s staying on and others are getting off.

        • kind of living HR 645

          @ Paul 2 ,,,,, ,, “Don’t let what Chuck said bother you “WE” have decided not to listen to his passive aggressive (WE) “think” he’s upset he’s staying on and others are getting off” . first of all who the hell is “WE ?” and how is it you and “we” go about such action ? is this not ? because that’s where our Donations go , you know us and our family ? and from what I can see there are not enough people not being herd for what ever the reason , some are living under a bridge, or sitting in some Nazi jail because of registry infractions , some have even been murdered in their home not able to speak up , I always wonder if at one time they use to be on here . “we” wont ever know” will “we” ? “You” need to pass on to who ever “WE” is that if people feel that they are being outed on here the same as they are in everything in life as well as their family’s , why would they and their family’s donate ? in my case that would be x 8 what I give because of my family and half of the life out of state that are supporters of ACSOL , so think twice about outing people . who ever Chuck is I will read everything they post , so really who is we? I like how you buried that in your comment to Andy ,

        • Paul 2 chikity check

          kind of living HR 645 Not sure who you are but what you have to say about our conversations is moot because we don’t know who you are. LOL

  40. Andy

    Thanks Paul! I talked to PSP yesterday and they said there are no notes on my file as of now. So what can I do to ensure this new law won’t keep me on? File a motion? Would probably do this on my own unless you know of any affordable attorneys in the Harrisburg area…

    • Paul 2 chikity check

      Andy I’m hoping an attorney with some pads surfaces soon to take care of this PSP problem I’m going to try and get back in touch with Aaron Marcus and see what he is saying now. The next few weeks will be a tell all of what PSP is up to we should start to see what their MO is. If anyone in the sit tight and trust PSP gets on your case just ignore them “we” need to stay focused on getting off the reg because Muniz and AS has gave us that right back. Most of the haters are ones that other live in a shit hole state or are staying on reg and they are taking their anger out on “us” so stay focused on the task at hand because we will prevail. Because I don’t always call out haters but when I do I like to be condescending about it. Stay thirsty my friend.

  41. Who Removes from list

    No one gave up @ Paul. Just letting the new law take its course. If it gets me, probably not, because I have no record. Or if it gets my husband and he has an IDSI. Or if it gets our dead grandparents because they were buried the wrong way. We will all see and hear the effect on you or others soon enough. No giving up, just that you need to hear from people what works for you or you need the answer you expect it should be. Thats a character defect, because if you dont get what you want or hear the word yes, then well, you know, registriants are on the list because you know, for not excepting the word no or needing the hear the word yes! They are also on the list for not getting what they want! Just stating facts, opinions, and how I read the law. I am also not for you coming off the reqistry. I am for you coming off SORNA. but not the civil law.

    • Paul 2 HB 631

      WRFL don’t be a hater, like you said you’ll be happy if you have to stay on reg as long as you don’t have internet identifiers and ones per yr and I’m Ok with you having to do that. I and the other 10yr reg people that will be coming off the reg are OK with that too. Do get upset when people correct you for false information. People that had enhancements with SORNA will get relief per SORNA and AS without a judicial determination they are both the law of the land now so they can write all the new laws they want won’t change that. Your enhancements were different than mine and I’m OK with that too.

      • Who Removes from list

        God Bless you @ Paul. No one is upset here! My husbands business is up and running 4 years strong since. He bought our family a house. Unlike the Fire Chief that was elected, my husband thought it was easier to work for himself and not for the ones who dont hire sex offenders. The best part he makes more money that the PSP that maintains him. I wish you luck sir or mam @ Paul. I or my husband are not mad at you or 10 yr registrants. My husbands plea agreement enforcement court order, relieves him from SORNA and also mandates him to ML2 requirements only, like Comm. V Nase and Hainsworth. He will be removed once he is forced on House Bill 1952. Because his Feb 7 2018 court order protects him. Under oath by the DA and his attorney and the judge. Must comply with ML2 only!

        • Paul 2 HB 631

          Well starting a business is a Practical thing to do. I wanted to start a ice cream truck and day care business but thought it might not be such a good idea. Anyway I hope you Get what you want.

  42. Who Removes from list

    @ paul

    Well starting a business is a Practical thing to do. I wanted to start a ice cream truck and day care business but thought it might not be such a good idea. Anyway I hope you Get what you want.


    On that note, our debate is over. Yeah, definatly not a good idea. Since the community thinks that all registered citizens jump out of ice cream trucks and use day cares as preying grounds.

    We definately need to stick together, and yes my husband and I hope you, him, and others get off the registry.

    Thats what we are fighting for, its been fun @paul. Have a good day! BS with you later.

  43. Dave

    My quarterly registration starts today. So I called the PSP Megan’s law section saying I hadn’t received a letter and wanted to know if I can go to register without this.
    I was told due to the changes they currently cant send any letters out and I should go without one.
    I asked if everyone would be reviewed within the 90 days after the governor signs it into effect and was told that wouldn’t be possible due to 17,000 that need to be reviewed and limited staff to do this. It was also stated that they can’t go into details because everything else is an in house matter.
    We all have our opinions on this and I’m sure most of you agree with me. I plan on going next week so I will update again afterward.

    • Wants off

      I do understand the sheer volume makes it impossible to get done. But when someone’s time for registration comes up, why not review that person then and either send a registration letter or a letter saying you no longer have to register? In other words, have a team reviewing people in general; but when Dave’s name came up that its time for his quarterly they should have reviewed him then and there. Just a thought.

      • Paul 2 chikity check

        Good point there are 4500 or so they know are coming off they could work on those first but they are not. I booked marked like 200 people in my area due to come off in like 30min They have computers to sort this stuff.

        • Paul 2 chikity check

          I just went through my booked marked people and found one guy that has been removed so far he was absconded and due relief from Muniz.

        • Brian

          @Paul chikity check
          Do you recall the persons name and tire that was removed, someone said psp is going alphabetical order when they called psp. Wandering if it’s true and what letter they are at now.

        • Paul 2 chikity check

          Brian I did not keep track of the names but he was out of a group of Tier 3 absconders and transients I am starting a new set to watch for people with two or more convictions and others. I hope we can work together on this to pinpoint stuff Id like to verify people with two or more come off or out of state

        • Brian

          I think that’s a grand idea, I have had the list of where my job is covered, y home town and a couple other city’s near by, I just recorded the amount that are in that town registered, I guess I should look to see if they just work in these towns because if they loose their job or something then that will show one less or a couple less people giving me a false report..

      • AJ

        @Wants off:
        In a word: incentive. The State in general, and PSP in particular, have zero incentive to rush to get people off the list. (Because deep down they “know” you shouldn’t be removed…) Even if they drag their feet, absent blatant gross negligence, the chance of a successful lawsuit is nil…and every bureaucrat knows that. The old, “I was just doing my job” didn’t work for the the WWII Germans, but it works for present-day Uncle Sam.

        • Wants off

          I think its just the opposite. I think they know they never should applied the law retroactively and that it is their own fault they are in the situation they are in. Nobody is in a hurry to clean up their own mess.

    • Paul 2 chikity check

      This is what I’ve been saying will happen Dave hang in there we will see someone step up to the plate on this soon.

  44. Brian

    Well marsico was known for designing SO laws and getting them to pass and whatnot knowing dam well they were unconstitutional, now he’s going to run and retire because they know 1952 and 631 aren’t going to stand up in court on the first challenge and are ex post facto, It’s already going to be knocked down as soon as it’s passed anyhow, Edmund Haenig is going to challenge HB 1952 – Edmund is former Bethlehem police officer and admitted sex offender, he has hired a lawyer to challenge the expanded registration requirements of Megan’s Law which will bring HB 1952 to the front of the agreement on due process – ex post facto retroactive application of Megan’s law. Here we go yall a new Muniz is up.

    • Paul 2 chikity check

      Well instead of giving our money to Pizza Hut and Cheetos Lets get ahold of this guy and see what he needs to lay down the law. Who is his attorney?

    • Paul 2 chikity check

      Looks like Sam Stretton Did an appeal for him in 2013

    • Paul 2 chikity check

      Holy crap batman do you think that they are holding HB1952 back because of this appeal? I can’t find any info on it the judgement was to allow it and this it.

    • Paul 2 chikity check

      Just found something strange with this guy found an article by Riely MC
      stating he had a second failure to comply but there is no record he has any charges in PA for that just his original.
      Brian did you ever hear back from Stretton? Also I’m in the Lehigh Valley are you near?

      • Brian

        Stretton won’t help me because he doesn’t think he’s allowed to help me because I am an out of state SO, I don’t understand why, I have all the information he needs but he don’t want to talk now, My probation never told me I had to register, once I relocated to PA after living here for here for 5 years A detective showed up on my door step telling me I have to go to the psp and register as a sex offender, that was in 2002, I was supposed to be done the end of 2013, either way I am due to come off by being pre SORNA and my time is long over done.

        I would say that they are holding up HB 1952-631 due to Edmund Haenig because if they let it go through it will be dead in less then 6 months due to being challenged right off home plate I’m thinking. The psp and PAG are trying to get Terry Brunson to enter into arbitration to not seek judicial determination, but Terry declined, I believe HB 1952-631 is already as good as dead. Maybe they know it and just aren’t going to let it go through because the writings on the wall.

        • Paul 2 chikity check

          That would be nice. I’m thinking Stretton is busy I had the same issues it may be possible he thought that you were still out of state or something and didn’t realize you have been here so long. There has to be a way to team up on this there is a huge numbers all in the same groups so it only makes sense to combine efforts. Look at Terry no help with his case and Stretton doing the same case. What if we pooled 100k from 50 rcs to pull Johnny frickin Cochran from the grave and brought in a dream team on this get all pulp fiction on them lol There has to be a way.

    • Paul 2 chikity check

      Brian can you email me at so I can contact you? Thanks

  45. JJ

    I’ve been watching everything unfold since the Muniz decision came down. 8, like you all, have been riding this rollercoaster the entire time.

    I am currently tier 2. I was originally sentenced in 2005 and given a 10 year registration. I have 2 charges that are registerable. My 10 year requirement would have been up in 2015, pre-sorna of course.

    I was due to update my registration the first 2 weeks of February. When I didn’t receive a letter I called on Friday to the state police and was told that due to these ongoing court cases that I would not receive a letter, and that I could go register”to be safe” if I wanted to, which I did. The registering officer told me similar, and said that hopefully i would be off the registry by my next registration.

    However reading some of the comments about these new bills, I’m confused again. It sounds like of the 17,000 people who would have to come off, a large majority may go back on? Why is that? Would I still be in the clear since I “should have” been off pre sorna?

    I have been harassed by my downstairs neighbor recently, who I heard yelling through the floor that he would “end me” and “do the world a favor and take me out.” I’ve never done anything to him, ever. I had the same problem with the first tenant who was there when I moved in. I just want to move on with my life. I am engaged and looking for a house and I desperately want us to be able to leave this behind.

    I am hoping for some good news. Does anyone have any insight into how things stand, or might stand with my situation?

    • Paul 2 chikity check

      JJ as long as you have one or both charges that were origanly 10yr reg than you should come off reg you have finished your time. The new bills say this too. As far as what PSP is doing we are not 100% sure yet. We have no firm answer to what will happen if we get to the point where the new bill is signed and the 90days have past for everyone to register under the new law and people like you have not had their case reviewed yet will they make you register under the new bill until they review your case? Is there something on the new bill that keeps us on we do not know about? Can they even make us reg under new bill even if the time is up and they haven’t reviewed our case yet? Will they keep the new bill out of commission until reviews are done? Will they maybe speed things up to have the reviews finished in time? Will there be a challenge to the new bill that keeps everyone off it? One thing is for sure under Muniz and AS you can not be on a reg because you completed your time Any increase in time means your right to reputation and others would supersede any scheme as Marcus likes to say or reg would not float. So you pretty much know your good question is when will you be off. PSP could try to get most of the 4500 or so coming off onto new law and make us wait until we force them to take us off. Most likely most off the 4500 will be off before the new law kicks in.

      • Mike s

        I think that Paul is spot on with the legal interpretation of the two bills and the uncertainty as to how PSP will move forward.

        The good news is that PSP, in their fight to majority of RCs in the list, have made it clear that they understand that several thousond will have to come off. It is a bit unclear as to how the law can be implemented at the bill signing but PSP gets 90 days to figure it out. We all remember that awa had a year after signing but the law did not take effect until that year past.

        I don’t see any reason why someone who is a pre sorna that is over 10 years should have to register, or wait for PSP to send a letter or confirm their intentions. I mean besides going to jail and still being on the website.

        • JJ

          @Paul 2 and @mike s

          I greatly appreciate your updates and assessments. I guess like everyone else, and like we’ve been doing, I’ll sit and wait. It seems like every time I think there’s a step in the right direction (at least on paper) there’s a whole bunch of stuff that could potentially be an issue, and since I don’t have a lot of money to hire an attorney, I will have to sit back and wait.

          Again I appreciate you both lending your insights.

        • Paul 2 chikity check

          JJ they are squirming now we got them where we want them. email us at if you want to get involved.

        • Paul 2 chikity check

          Thanks Mike email us at we will add you to the list of people that want to fight this.

  46. Brian

    Starting from February 5 I think there was 22,775 Registrants I could be wrong and today there are 21,655 people now, they removed 131 sense 8am this morning, Here is the link if you want to see psp progress, it goes up and dawn due to people being added and removed every day. if they stick to this pace that will be close to 3500 a month, I suck at math by the way.

    • Paul 2 chikity check

      Brian I have a screen shot on 1-30- 2018
      Total was 22,074.
      SVDC 58
      SVP 2118
      TIER 1 – 4387
      TIER 2 – 3696
      TIER 3 – 11813
      TIER PEND – 2

  47. Brian

    @Paul chikety check
    How much time do you have left or are you done?

  48. Brian

    Paul I respectfully decline you email offer, the only way I will do contact is through this site, NARSOL and PARSOL, I don’t trust people and I don’t know anyone on here in person, no pun intended.

    • Paul 2 chikity check

      Thats cool Brian we will keep you posted on our progress.

      • Paul 2 chikity check

        Total was 22,074. = -426 = 1.93% decrease
        4500 due to come off = 9.47 % of the 4500 has ben removed in 20 days.
        SVDC 58 = + 1
        SVP 2118 = – 16 = .75%
        TIER 1 4387 = – 115 = 2.62%
        TIER 2 3696 = – 57 = 1.54%
        TIER 3 11813 = – 240 = 2.03%
        TIER PEND 2. = + 1

        They are removing around 20 people per day at their current rate on average. so saying there is 4000 left to remove that would be 200 more days at their current rate. so about 6.5 mo so you have about a 50/50 chance to be removed before bill kicks in if it is signed in the next week or so.

        • Wants off

          The do seem to be accelerating that rate, though. Its been close to 40 or 50 per day it seems about the past week. They did none Saturday, but then Sunday they did 138. I’m not expecting much, if any. movement today with the holiday, but we will see as we head through the rest of the week if the increased rate continues.

        • Paul 2 chikity check

          Wants off you are right that is a good sign I hope it gets even faster. It may be because the were getting triple time for holiday lol hope not

      • Brian

        Yep I was wrong lol, cool thanks for understanding Paul.

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