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NJ: Opposition to Blanket Community Notification in New Jersey


Today, SLAP Center delivered a letter to Assemblywoman Amy Handlin and Senator Christopher Bateman outlining our opposition to their proposal to allow for community notification of New Jersey’s Tier 1 registrants. New Jersey has three tiers of registrants, with only Tiers 2 and 3 currently available to the public. Tier 1 registrants are assessed as having little to no risk of re-offense and are not included on the publicly accessible registry, as such; the public is not notified of their registration information. Tier 1 registrants include people who were kids when they engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior; or were close in age teens who engaged in consensual sexual contact; or are people who’ve made amends and are positively contributing to their communities.

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for fighting. I have a relative in NJ who was a teacher, is truly remorseful, rebuilding her life and doing kind of ok. This would put her over the edge. She has children and it would damage them BEYOND BELIEF!

  2. kat

    Before bills like this get the “political bum’s rush” and quickly passed, they need to be discussed and both sides, for and against, should have the opportunity to have their say, in front of the general public.
    I wonder how many citizens vote for these kinds of bills not knowing the effects they have on not only registrants, but their families, their children? John Q. Public is never advised that bills such as this can be hurtful to the very citizens they claim to be trying to protect.
    Let the politicians prove their points. Stats they provide are always older than dirt and always inaccurate. It’s time for the public to stop blindly following these folks and start asking educated questions.
    If the public hears that their chances of endiing up on the registry are far greater than ever being assaulted by someone on the registry, that might perk up their ears! They have no idea of the myriad of benign offenses that could result in them or their children easily ending up on the registry, on one of those very tiers they are so worried about. They need to know. We need to get the word out.

    • Ron

      Kat – Sheeple have their own lives. They are not going stand up for us. They elected these politicians and judges to “mind the store” so Sheeple can live blissfully ignorant lives.
      Until everyone has a cousin, or at least someone they know, on the sex offender registry the Sheeple are unaffected and will not risk public criticism to stand up for a stranger. Especially morally deviant villains such as ourselves (sarcasm).
      This is why Janet, all4consolaws, and similar organizations are so important. They are the only voices we have. We must support them as they support us.

      • Joe123

        This comment is gold ^ well said.

      • Eric

        There are one million people on the registry, it is already getting there.

        • David Kennerly, The Government-Driven Life

          I don’t think we’re quite at 1M yet, are we? The last I saw it was around 900K. It would be perversely beneficial to our cause to be at 1M, though. That’s a psychologically significant number that will be attended by alarm bells. Just remember, it’s not our fault that unhappy inflection points work against the monster. It’s the monster’s fault that its rapaciousness will eventually work against its own interests.

  3. Eric

    NJ is really attacking registrants and pushing for more sex offense laws including expanding CP to include any erotic materials with minors. This tells me one thing. Some people in the government are hiding something. A number of people in the state are engaged in some bad behavior and they are trying to distract the public and focus on others.

    • 666 marked

      I agree something is wrong for those people to make up Bullshit laws that will in the future will Impact maybe they kids life’s or there grand kids life’s This War on SEX need to end!! It is costing the people of our country Billions in taxes. Not to mention the fear And panic The Registry Should not be seen by the public! It should only be used by the police. But This is off the topic lol But One day I had a cop show up to my home for a check to see if i lived here. But This how it goes. Knock Knock!!! (Me: Who is it?) The cop: Sheriff Department! me: Yes want can i do for you? Cop: Just checking to see if you live here. me: Why do you need to know if i live here? Cop: Cause We need to know where you at ALL the time! me: OH OK So where was i at 30 min’s go? Cop: i don’t know! But don’t get funny with me sir. me: I am not getting funny with you sir You said WE need to know where i was at all the times. Cop: sir do you live here? me: Only 5 out of 7 days. Cop where do you live on the 2 days you NOT Here? Me: Go Ask your WIFE !!!! Never seen that cop again. This Registry is so full of holes and Useless crap! i can’t believe people fall for this money PIT of useless laws And you Mod better post this it funny lol

      • CR

        That was a funny story, and I applaud your bravery, but I disagree with your statement “The Registry Should not be seen by the public! It should only be used by the police.”

        There should not be a registry at all. Not for the public, and not for the police. We already have courts and juries and prison, and our public court records already stand on their own. The police already have access to that, and don’t need a registry to know who we are.

        A person who has done the time for his crime should be a completely free person again.

  4. 666 marked

    You guys need to add a like and dislike Buttons to people’s comments Just a thought

    • David Kennerly, The Government-Driven Life

      We used to have that, several years ago, but it was done away with and I think for good reason. It turns this forum into too much of a competitive arena of “gotcha-ism.” Yes, ideas should be in competition with each other but I think that instant “scoring” makes discussion here more like a sport and more like Reddit and less like a thoughtful and deliberative forum for serious and extended consideration. Some ideas, even those which strike readers as immediately objectionable, may require lengthier internal deliberation than would be allowed by instantaneous up-or-down reactions. Besides, not everything is black-and-white and in a post of sufficient length, some of its elements may appeal and others not so a binary reaction might well fail to capture the richness of individual responses. Also, we might take into account that we ourselves have been, all too often, the subjects of instantaneous up-or-down reactions from society and learn from this gravely flawed and tragically simplistic social dynamic.

      • CR

        Wow. Extremely well put, and eloquently to boot.

      • Tim Moore

        I hated that scoring. It was too much like facebook. An idea is not valid because it has a lot of votes. Ergo the registry itself. Besides, I noticed that people are now freer to explain why they like or dislike someone’s comments from their own perspective not the group’s, which is much more interesting and democratic.

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