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Is this a trap? US Marshals Service puts up IML Complaint form

[ 4/24/18]

As part of the International Megan’s Law, the US Marshals Service has been notifying receiving countries when a registrant is traveling. You can imagine how the immigration officials in a country you are traveling to will react when they receive a warning from the US Marshals that you are arriving.

Travelers have been intercepted upon arrival, interrogated and turned back on the next flight. In most cases, they are denied entry, unable to attend to business, visit family, attend a loved one’s wedding ceremony or simply see the world. The effects of IML have been devastating.

But is it possible that the US Marshals service has a complaint form where you can tell them about your ruined travel plans?!? A link on their site indicates they do:

Why? What are they going to do with this? Use it for entertainment? Send thank you notes to countries who reject registrants? I’m skeptical.

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It’s already a trap that under the IML that registrants have to give 21 day advance notice for traveling abroad for business or leisure. They’re getting set up to be turned away and sent back with extra screening given by US customs with vacations ruined, and a person suffering from job or business loss because of a reckless law claiming to protect children from international crimes. Let along the IML that is specifically targeting registrants that had a criminal conviction involving minors

The 21 day notice and itinerary along with the almost automatic rejection of entry into another country is exactly why I have not attempted to travel. I’ve never been outside the country but I already know that it would be nearly impossible to know how each day would go and even where I would be each day. I can’t even enter Mexico or Canada and going to Alaska by vehicle is also out of the question due to it crossing through Canada. I am confined to only a handful of States because I refuse to travel to certain states. I… Read more »

@Nicholas Maietta

Don’t give up hope on the Italian dream. RTAG matrix looks good on Italy. I bet you could make it happen with happy memories too!

@Nicholas Maietta- If your grandfather was born in Italy and was Italian, you may likely qualify for Italian Citizenship (based on Italian descent, 2nd gen) and a European passport. You should explore/google to see the specifics “Italian citizenship by descent”. Italy is one of the better/easier countries for citizen by descent.

Thank you for this info. I will certainly be looking into it.

If you can get Italian citizenship, grab it! Italy is one of my favorite countries even though it has its problems (which country doesn’t?). The Mezzogiorno and Sicily are especially nice. The pace of life, the appreciation of friends, slow food, the passeggiata (Sunday strolls through the park, the beach or the town square where everyone makes a showing and hangs out and eats and drinks) are wonderful and makes you realize some of the things that America doesn’t really have such as a sense of real community. I’d give anything to become a citizen.

Nicholas I am the same way almost, I have stopped traveling abroad because of the IML, and it’s crazy notification process. It’s nothing more than a setup to get registrants turn away and sent back and be given extra scrutiny at US customs, and I also learn the IML is only targeting registrants with criminal convictions against minors.

I lost my business because of IML.

I’m eager to see the statisitics of how many sex tourism crimes were committed after IML has been active foe a year and compare that data to sex tourism crimes committed in the years leading up to IML.

Considering almost all international sex crimes are committed by people never before convicted, I fear IML has actually emboldened perpetrators to commit crimes since they know they’ll fly under the radar (pun intended) of authorities only screening people for past convictions.

I don’t expect the numbers to change one way or the other, just like with the registry in general. Those already convicted very rarely re-offend. And those yet to be found out/convicted do not give pause regardless of laws. This is a do-nothing-re-elect-me law just like everything else having to do with us. These laws seem to come up when the person is up for re-election and has nothing substantial to show for their efforts thus far.

I’d like to see the statistics too, but who produces them and where do you find them? I’d be willing to bet that any difference is just background noise.

I just tried to access the form our of curiosity…THERE IS NO FORM!

You have to download the form and view it in your own PDF viewer.

“I’d like to see the statistics too, but who produces them and where do you find them?”
Why? It’s been proven time-and-time again that Sex Offender Statistics are bogus and made-up.
The Recidivism rates they claim are all BS man, where have you been?

The recidivism rates that government lawyers claim in court and that legislatures proclaim to the public when drumming up support for all new SO laws are made up, often plucked right out of their asses, and are not based on any factual evidence at all. The government lawyers may point to other court decisions, such as Smith v Doe 2003, to support their claim of high recidivism, but that isn’t evidence either.

DOJ and academic studies, however, provide actual evidence of low recidivism.

The IML sure is targeting only registrants that had criminal convictions involving minors, and people just get foolish ideas of how to prevent international crimes against minors by keeping these type of registrants exposed through these mandatory notifications to make everyone think they’re the ones to watch out for, and thinking they’re dangerous.

In 2018, I was briefly detained by French police upon my plane’s arrival at a Paris airport. I submitted a FOIA Request to the USMS for any documents related to the situation. When reviewing the documentation USMS provided, it appears that they inaccurately identified me as a “fugitive”. (Oddly, throughout the 60+ pages of internal documents and emails they provided to me, there was a concern repeatedly expressed that subject [me] not file a formal complaint.) In any case, I did submit a formal Complaint about the USMS/NSOTC/Angel Watch/IML inaccurately identifying me as a fugitive. (Maybe I’ll be “extraordinarily renditioned”… Read more »

60+ pages?!!! For a bunch of nothing. What a bunch of morons. That is exactly how I expect our out-of-control, nanny big governments operate most of the time. Does anyone else think government costs too much to run? Or is too big? Doesn’t really seem like it, we just all let it keep going. Anyway, I like the idea of “formal complaints”. I’ve filed plenty of complaints (and lawsuits) in the past when something has been done incorrectly. But I never really considered just filing complaints all the time, about anything. Why not? File FOIA requests all the time, every… Read more »

I love filing FOIA Requests and other paperwork! It’s fun! 🤗
(Personally, I am very fond of big, scary dogs – the bigger and scarier, the better! So, for me, poking a bear 🐻 is really great entertainment!!)

@David: Poke the bear, dog, etc, I’m with ya.

@ R M: LOL 😁 I probably would not have filed a Complaint had it not been for their own internal emails making such a fuss about avoiding one! 🤗

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