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NY: Legislation forbids bus stops near sex offender homes

To protect the safety of young children, the New York State Senate has passed legislation prohibiting the placement of school bus stops in front of the home of registered sex offenders. Full Article

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  1. nothing

    Just wait until her daughter land on the list in about 10 years from now.

  2. cool

    It would be interesting to see how many time bus stop changes everytime a RSO move in.

  3. Lake County

    I had a school bus stop 10 feet from my front door for about 12 years. I hated it because the bus brakes squeaked at 7:30 am every day. I often thought about calling the school district and telling them I lived there and my status just so they would change locations. But eventually it did get moved and I don’t have to hear them brakes squeak anymore.

    • John

      Same here, there were kids that lived around me years ago that had the school bus do a stop at their homes one after the other – same block as me….not only is the breaking system annoying but 30 loud and rowdy kids is not a pleasant sound either at 6:30-7am or any time for that matter. Thankfully their all grown up now and no buses stop around here anymore. No kids by me now.

    • 290 air

      Finally a victory for sex offenders! No more noisy school buses by our houses billowing black smoke and squeaking their breaks. I think the tide is turning. Can we work on the gardeners and their leaf blowers next? I hate being woken up by these guys before 10am.

  4. R M

    “To protect the safety of young children” and “Many children are at bus stops unsupervised for periods of time in the morning and the afternoon, and a school bus stop in front of the home of a registered sex offender needlessly puts children at risk.”

    Why do responsible parents leave their children unsupervised? Where’s the proof that “To protect the safety of young children… ” and “… a school bus stop in front of the home of a registered sex offender needlessly puts children at risk” does anything to protect them?

    I grew up not having to worry about being assaulted by strangers. The only thing that has changed is now it’s mediacized.

    On the other hand, it’s nice that bus stops aren’t placed near RC’s as opposed to RC’s having to move.

    Email sent:
    Dear Mr. Valesky,

    Why do responsible parents leave their children unsupervised? Where’s the proof that “To protect the safety of young children… ” and “… a school bus stop in front of the home of a registered sex offender needlessly puts children at risk” does anything to protect them?

    Well documented recidivism rates for registered sex offenders are less than 5%, less than most other types of crimes. Who’s to know if a previous murderer, drug lord, or dui offender lives near a bus stop? 95+% of new sex crimes are committed by a person in close relation to the victim (relatives, law enforcement, coaches, teachers, etc.)

    I grew up not having to worry about being assaulted by strangers. The only thing that has changed is now it’s mediacized and politicians are struggling to get votes to stay in office.


    • norman

      @ RM “Why do responsible parents leave their children unsupervised? Where’s the proof that “To protect the safety of young children… ” and “… a school bus stop in front of the home of a registered sex offender needlessly puts children at risk” does anything to protect them?”

      I agree..if the Parents are so worried, why don’t they stay at the bus stop so the bogey man doesn’t get them..u know, the bogey man can b mobile..know matter where the f!@#n bus stop is!!!

      ‘sometimes common sense isn’t so common’

  5. AJ

    This is actually a bit of a shift in our favor. Never mind the Chicken Little mom’s reasoning. The fact that the onus is now on the State (or whatever governmental entity) to figure out and comply with a RC law is a turnabout for sure. A weak win, but a win is a win is a win in my book.

  6. David

    It’s great that THEY have to move, not the RC!! Now all they have to do is expand upon that theme: If an RC moves into a house too close to a school, the school will have to pack up and move. If an RC moves into an apartment too close to a waterpark, the waterpark will have to move. If an RC moves too close to a YMCA, the YMCA will have to move.
    I think it’s a wonderful trend!!

  7. Tim Moore

    What stupid people. I don’t know what to say. Maybe they all need to read “Lord of the Flies” and get some perspective. The Beast is their own ignorance.

  8. AO

    That’s what I was thinking. Rather than placing any sort of burden on RC, the district must now waste time and money trying to find a proper location, not to mention that it might inconvenience hundreds or thousands of children, as well as actually put in them in danger if the stop is otherwise in less safe neighborhood and/or a busier intersection. Billy and Suzy being run over by a car due to traffic will be worth the price of keep them safe from an RC.

  9. Eric Knight

    Math class, kiddos.

    Question: “How many times has a registrant victimized a kid waiting at a school bus stop just steps away from his (the registrant’s) front door?”

    Answer: “About as many times that I have hit the Lotto jackpot 10 times in a row.”


    This was only passed by the Senate, The assembly has not passed it and does not have a vote scheduled on this bill. The Senate in NY passes all kinds of crazy “sex offender” bills that go on to die in the assembly…

  11. Happy Mom but Misguided

    Ny assembly did not vote this into law. My therapist threatens my “treatment” group with these NY “laws” that are to be implemented “soon.” I call said therapist out on it each time and she gets angry. and says that I am not compliant with treatment, whoa!! On another note, does this mother understand that children at the bus stop may be in danger or are actively being sexually abused by their trusted neighbor, friend, or that awesome soccer coach (like I was) or even a doctor!! & Not by somebody who lives in a house at the bus stop. This mom is Happy but dangerously Misguided.

    • NY Level1

      Hello Happy Mom but Misguided

      Can you share whereabouts in NY you are? If you are in a mandated therapy(not private) remember their living depends on sex offenders and they will milk you dry by writing negative reports and scaring you.

      When I went on probation here in NYC I was told to go to one of the most highly regarded doctors used by probation. After 3 sessions I could see it was a money making racket, using threats and scares to increase the amount of sessions we would attend. He got paid for each one.

      Luckily I had a gem of an officer who told me to find someone else which I did and the said famous doctor was very unhappy at the loss of my money. Even prosecutors see through this and that’s why so many of those ‘professional’ defense diagnostics bounced back to make your case worse.

      I have stated here in this forum many times that once you leave New York City the state of New York, especially an hour away and up to Oneida is run by rednecks and crooked politicals.

      Let’s hope that next month Dean Skelos, the arch pedo vicarious asshole, gets sent down finally. If he doesn’t then we have to accept we are not living in a just country but Trump Hell.

      • Happy Mom but Misguided

        >Ny Level 1 not saying where I am. Forced therapy many many years no way out. cp. Anyway, it doesn’t matter who the prez is, these politicians come out smelling like a rose even if the conviction sticks. Let’s see how Anthony Weinsr fairs. His Post release supervision will get easy after a short time. Will he be a NY 20 year sex offender? Nope.

        • nylevel1

          Okay. Let’s see how Anthony Weinsr fairs. His Post release supervision will get easy after a short time. Will he be a NY 20 year sex offender? Nope.

          How do you know what level he is??? Every Level1 is 20 years.
          Read the statute-
          Level 1 offenders (low risk) must register for 20 years, unless they have a designation (e.g. sexual predator, sexually violent offender, or predicate sex offender) in which case they must register for life. Level 2 offenders (moderate risk) and Level 3 offenders (high risk) must register for life.

    • Registry Keeps Me From My Partner

      Mandated therapy, at least in NYC, and with my treatment provider, is a joke. I was given 5 years of probation, and because sex offenses never get early release from probation (according to my PO), I’ve had to go to this reactionary grifter for 4 years now.

      Tell me, what kind of therapy do you think a therapist can provide to each participant when there are literally 24 men in the room for 45 minutes, and when the average group size is around 12? It’s never been fewer than 6 in the entire time I’ve gone.

      Is it healthy to indulge participants’ misogyny by not challenging them when they refer to women as “females” and trying to bond with participants by essentially being like “Yeah women are strange creatures, they can be emotional and unreasonable, but it’s your responsibility as a man to just go with it and try to be the bigger person”?

      Is it appropriate, when your black therapy members talk about crime and violence in their neighborhoods, to essentially say “Black culture is problematic and anti-social, you have to be the better man and live good [white, conservative nuclear family] morals”?

      How does it help me, when I say “In [the state I moved from] the PO and a uniformed cop came to my door on halloween and it was extremely humiliating, I’m not looking forward to what it’s going to be like in NYC”, for my therapist to say “You better comply, they’ll come in in full tactical gear and shotguns and bang on your door and make a big scene”. WTF?

      What does it accomplish, when I review collateral consequences acknowledging a move up the tier, years in prison, and ruining my life AGAIN and probably losing what few friends I have left should I recidivate (my crime was a non-violent, no-contact offense), for my therapist to say “you’re sugar-coating this and minimizing it. You’ll never get out, you’ll be put in civil confinement” and then ask the men with sons in the group what they would do to me if they found that I had sex with their sons, and for them to say they’d try to kill me?

      What does all this accomplish besides make me feel alone, surveiled, under constant threat of re-arrest, and subject to the violent whims of vigilantes? It’s clearly designed to do no more than to make sure I am absolutely terrified of the thought of anything remotely resembling recidivism. It’s designed to make me spout off my safety plan, and for that safety plan to be extreme: “I will never have unsupervised internet access. I will never be where children congregate. If I am on the subway and a minor is present, I will move to the next car. Anyone with whom I develop a close bond will be informed immediately of the full extent of my crimes so that they can protect themselves”. It’s a great way to make me feel completely isolated. It’s not therapy.

      • nylevel1

        How can I help you?

        This sounds awful and I don’t think your’e getting the right help nor advice.

        Janice, is there a way we can contact each other through you?

      • Anonymous

        >Registry Keeps Me From My Partner, In total, how much money have you spent on forced therapy??
        >Ny level 1, maybe I’m cynical. I don’t think Anthony Weinsr will be a sex offender at all.

        • NY Level1

          he’ll have a hearing i think but i’m sure he’s a level 2 you are on the registry the day your jail sentence is over
          at least in NYS

          i want Dean Skelos to go to jail as well he caused more harm that Weiner

          and I wouldn’t mind Schumer as well but then who’d keep up his useless performance in the House and trim his hair plugs
          Weiner was very lucky he got Fed not NYS one is camp the other is death

      • Registry Keeps Me From My Partner

        Let’s see:

        While I was in grad school, my copay was $20 a session. 2 years of 1x weekly sessions: ~$2000.
        I was on medicaid for a year while I was looking for work, and medicaid is awesome, so there was no copay. During this time I “graduated” and went down to “relapse prevention” 1x monthly.
        My insurance with my job wasn’t great, so my copay jumped to $50 a session for the past year. 1 year of 1x monthly sessions: $600.

        So a (very rough) estimate would be $2600 over four years. Of course, this discounts the money it cost me to adequately defend myself at my Sex Offender Management Board hearing, where the DA’s office tried to put me in the Tier 2 category. $5000 for a lawyer, $3000 for two separate psych evaluations, plus court fees. $11000 for me for a five minute session where the harried ADA did the bare minimum, was accosted by the judge for minor procedural violations, and then came over and apologized to me and my lawyer stating “We just needed to get the DA’s position on record.” I was placed in Tier 1 by the judge.

        Oh, this is all for NYC by the way. Virginia I had individual sessions weekly at $85 a pop for a year, but I was extremely fortunate that my therapist was AWESOME, literally saved my life, and it sounded like it still would have been worthwhile if I had been in group sessions with her (she capped her sessions at 4 clients max).

        • Registry Keeps Me From My Partner

          I should note that I’m seeing a private therapist on the side because I’ve been getting less than nothing from my court-ordered therapy. That’s another $50 every two weeks, but at least I’m learning how to grow from this experience, live honestly and openly, take responsibility for my actions, and make amends to those I’ve hurt, with him.

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