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NV: Changes to sex offender registration system now in effect

Significant changes to Nevada’s sex offender registration system are in effect. Assembly Bill 579 (AB 579) aligns Nevada sex offender registration laws with the federal requirements of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006.

While enacted in 2007, AB 579 has been on hold pending the outcome of litigation to stop implementation. On April 27, 2018, the Nevada Supreme Court denied further delay to implementation and authorized AB 579 to take effect. Full Article

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  1. PK

    I’m sure glad I didn’t waste 4 years of Nursing School in Nevada.
    Even though I was accepted into the school, I withdrew my enrollment before I even started.
    I’m sure I would have ended-up a Level 2 = no job!

  2. R M

    NV, another state succumbing to the monetary bribes of the Feds and yet “AB 579 eliminates the use of subjective criteria to assign an offender’s tier. Rather, tier levels are established by the offender’s conviction and age of the victim.”

    • AO

      Nothing like not evaluating each person as an individual to pretty much negate the whole thing. Someone who may never reoffend at all can be T3, while someone who might be a complete nutcase but was only caught for something minor will be T1. Not that I want the registry to exist at all, but how they currently do it does not result in what they’re pushing (public safety).

      • Gralphr

        I’m listed as a tier III. I was incarcerated almost 20 years ago and other than the occasional traffic ticket, have been out for 11 years crime free, married with children of my own, but I’m somehow dangerous and will rape, pillage, and plunder at any minute if you listen to these people…….

  3. Luke

    Hopefully this won’t be infecting California’s tiered law. Some of us are going to be classified as Tier III only cause of the Static 99R, saratso, whatever they call it. Would be insult to injury if we are also made to register every 90 days…

    • Debo

      If they retroactively increase peoples time on the reg with this it will see the same fait as SORNA did in PA

    • PK

      I would never submit to that- period.
      I would find a way to get the f*** out somehow, but that is no way to live.

      • Tired of this

        Yup, it’s bad enough that I’m getting bumped to T2 here in NV, but it is the lesser of two evils; if I went back to my convicting state of CA, it seems likely I’d become T3 given the illogical criteria they’re using. I would leave, disappear, or take my own life before I’d ever submit to T3.

        • Dave

          I just started thinking about suicide again. 25 years ago I made a mistake, I would have been better off with the death penalty than this continuing state of fear I have to live with. I will be placed into T3 now, I am not going to be able to live in NV anymore. We need to do some research and find a better state. Any ideas?

        • WARegistrant

          Washington – individual departments come up on your risk level based on time since last offense/number of victims/seriousness of offense/ age of victims etc.

  4. Not Really

    Of those 7,200+, the approximate amount of each tier is as follows:

    — Tier 1 = 1,898
    — Tier 2 = 1,926
    — Tier 3 = 3,391

    So the Tier 1 and Tier 2 total is 3,824, which means the victim was over 13 or it was a non-violent offense. That means the majority were not for crimes driven by the sensational news leading to sensational laws. Evidently, since this was modeled on the fed law, this would hold true for most of the country. It’s been said: “There is a difference between who we might be mad at and those we fear” and that may even apply to many in Tier 3.

    • Hmmm...

      “So the Tier 1 and Tier 2 total is 3,824, which means the victim was over 13 or it was a non-violent offense.”

      Of course for California’s tiered law, it will be entirely possible for a person to fit into Tier 3, even if a victim was over 18 and/or it was a non-violent or non-contact — even first-time — offense. Most notably, CP — or even a “high” SARATSO/Static-99R score will be adequate for Tier 3 placement.

      • Trish


      • Marvetta Evans

        Please contact me to apply from tier 3 to tier 1. According to State of Nevada Senate bill in 2018

    • GRR

      Bottom line there were only 300 or so tier 3 in Nevada before they voted in AWA. Now over 3000 tier 3… f— them. I was assigned tier 1 when i lived there but new this was coming so got the f— out of this red neck state.

      Hopefully the 3000 reassigned tier 3 (not to mention ones that didn’t have to register anymore will have to again) and the remaining reassign’s will find a way in fed court to stop it. I’m thinking Nevada knows this is going to happen thus waiting until Oct before they implement it. A while back they had put it into effect and had most everyone on the website for about 5 hours (before a state Judge stopped it} so they could implement it now with a flip of the switch if they wanted to.

      Everyone please please hang in there…

      • relieved

        Hey GRR you info is wrong I was on the registry for 18 yrs on tier 1 I petition the court in 2017 had to do a psycho-sexual evaluation which stated I was not a threat to re offend so I was release from my duty to register I just called the The Offender Registry and talked to a case worker I was told that I was fine it would not go back on me. So if anybody has done what I did and was court released from your duty you will be OK.

        • Donald Berry

          Omg!!! I can only imagine the panic of someone who’s positioned and successfully Removed from Registration, would Panic thinking they might have to relive the Nightmare all over again retroactively every time they UPDATE these Laws. My alleged offense was in 1989 I’m 47 now. Florida has a Recapture Law. I wasn’t required to register in Florida until I commit a NON-SEXUAL OFFENSE, returned to F.D.O.C. for 1 1/2 year(s). Because of the past conviction I was now required to register for Life. They wonder why people get frustrated and Lash Out!!! It’s so frustrating to try to regain a Life!!! I’m being punished for the rest of my Life… because I was tricked in to a NO CONTEST PLEA in Florida. Your Life is OVER!!! With Nothing to lose, I’m surprise people on the registration Don’t act out violently. If Florida starts a tiered Registry I will be a Level three. At that Point I will be done playing this game. I will refuse to Register. They can come find me, but will never comply. It unconstitutional, Vindictive Retroactive Life time Punishment is unconditional, Disgusting Criminal Laws as Civil. The Framers, put this Retroactive clause in the constitution, to STOP THIS EXACT TYPE OF CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATION.

        • Will Allen

          @Donald Berry:

          Wow, sorry that happened to you. I’m not sure I’d be able or want to restrain my anger. Registries are unacceptable to Americans.

          But, let’s not lie like the Registry Nazis/Terrorists (RN/Ts) do all the time. 🙂 “Your Life is OVER!!!” is a bit much! If that were true, I personally would be trying to murder like 1,000 people. But it is not true. The Registries are an act of war, that is true. But they can only do so much damage. I think people can be Registered and live very successful, fulfilling lives. There are a lot of obstacles in life in general, the Registries are just another one of them.

          You said, “They wonder why people get frustrated and Lash Out!!!” Do they? A person would have to be unfathomably stupid to wonder that. They have to be stupid to not expect that. We know that the Registries have been the direct cause of getting innocent children murdered. Completely known.

          So some number of dead children are acceptable to RN/Ts. They are good with that. I’ve tried to ask some of them before what number they are good with (e.g. how many per year), but they will never answer.

          The RN/Ts like to parrot the familiar propaganda of “if Registries save one child, then they are worth it.” But their real motto is, “If Registries save one child, then they are worth some dead ones and millions harmed. And of course, adults don’t matter at all.”

        • Dustin

          “if Registries save one child, then they are worth it.”

          I defy anyone to find one child “saved” by the registry. Every time a registrant is arrested for anything other than a parole, probation, or registry offense (already a pretty rare thing), his status as a registrant is never known until after arrest.

        • Will Allen


          Well, we’ll never REALLY know if the Registries have saved any children or not. Who knows?

          If the Registries had been in place perhaps Megan Kanka would not have gone to the evil man’s door? However, I’m certain it is just as likely that she could have gone to any other man’s door who never would have been listed on a Registry, and was therefore not evil, and he would have murdered her. Or that she would have gone to a home where a Registered Person was just hanging out for the day and the same thing would have happened. Or that a Registered Person’s mother lived right next door to the Kankas and the same thing would’ve happened just one day when he was there. I am certain that all of those scenarios are just as statistically likely. So there never was any need for any big government list of bad guys and it never would’ve helped regardless. Not in reality.

          The answer will never be to have a hit list. The answer is to educate children and supervise. Every time. And totally forget the hit lists even exist. Because they are nothing but a worse-than-worthless distraction.

          When I was raising my children, I never looked at the hit lists. Never needed them. I didn’t let my children hang out with random adults. And I treated everybody I knew the same as if they were listed on a hit list. Every single neighbor. Because I knew that was the only real way to affect their safety. The only reason that I might’ve used a hit list would’ve been if I knew somebody that I didn’t like or had a problem with. Then I’d use the hit list against the person. That’s it.

          Lastly, I’ve said it a million times – IF the Registries were ONLY worthless, they could possibly be acceptable to Americans. But we would need these conditions:

          1. Every other Registry that MUST now exist today, would exist. Of course there would be a national, public, lifetime Gun Offender Registry. That’s a no-brainer. There would be a DUI Registry. An Abuser Registry. A Registry of Home Invaders. Registry of Car Jackers. Pretty much everyone on every one of those would be far more dangerous and damaging than most anyone listed on the $EX Offender Registry. We’ll need a Registry for any crime that is obviously more dangerous and damaging than looking at child p*rn. It would be all of those Registries and more. Just for starters.

          2. Every person listed on any Registry would have no obligations regarding it whatsoever. No obligation to give information, verify anything, go anywhere, do anything. Period.

          3. Registries could not be used for the basis of ANYTHING. No dumb, useless bans from anything. Companies or whomever would still be able to pay for background checks for individuals, but that would have nothing to do with Registries at all.

          Unless the Registries are destroyed or those conditions are met, there has to be war. Too bad I guess.

          It is a fact that the Registries have saved X, murdered Y, and harmed Z children. The only question is what are the numbers for X, Y, and Z. And what ratios makes the Registry Nazis/Terrorists happy just so they can jack off with their Registry toy?

          That’s it.

        • Dustin

          @ Will:

          “If the Registries had been in place perhaps Megan Kanka would not have gone to the evil man’s door?”

          The fly in that ointment is that everyone in that neighborhood, the Kankas included, knew there was a prior sex offender there (albeit not the one that killed Megan). And they didn’t need a registry. And that knowledge didn’t change the unfortunate outcome.

          And I’m still not convinced that the registry “saved” anyone. I can’t even think of a scenario where it’s possible.

        • Will Allen


          You can’t think of a scenario where it’s possible? Surely you can.

          What if Megan’s killer had been listed on a Registry and her parents told her that guy was really evil and to never get close to him anywhere? What if they told her that he likes to grab children and bury them? And that if he ever even speaks to you or looks at you for too long, to tell us?

          There is a pretty good chance that Megan never would have been near him.

          Regarding the other “prior sex offender there”, that’s not even relevant. People might know or find out about some people who have committed crimes in the past. But generally they won’t. Registries are a good way to force and maintain that knowledge.

          Having said all that, Registries are dumb and wasteful. Nearly 100% ineffective. Not nearly worth the damage they cause to the whole country. Not needed at all either.

          What Megan should have been told is that you don’t go near any men without parents there or a known situation (e.g. teacher). That is what she should have been told. And that is the only thing that actually would have kept her reasonably safe.

          Obviously everyone knows that you can know a person for decades and have no idea that the person is actively molesting children. The person could even be your father. Or your brother or son. Or a coach. So what good is a hit list? While you are harassing some Registered person 10 houses away from you, someone will be molesting your child. I mean, literally how many times has this been seen? Has to be millions.

          With no investigation on my side (!!!), I’ll throw out some guesses for the Registry formula: Per year, Registries save 100 children from $EXUAL abuse, get 10 children murdered, and harm 300,000. On that alone, are they worth it? Surely not. Then add in the negatives of the Registries. In spite of the fact that few people seem too worried about it, Registries drive piles and piles of hate and destruction that actually matters.

          Registries are idiotic social policy. They are very attractive to lazy, lazy politicians, law enforcement, and others who actually have no idea what to do. But that’s it.

  5. Tired of this

    Anyone else in NV who knows if this is still going to be challenged somehow? I’ve been trying to contact McLetchie/Shell for over a month now and haven’t heard back; they are the firm who has been litigating against the AWA. This will affect me, raising me from T1 under the original state system (yearly mail-in updates, no in-person reporting, not on the website) to T2 (report in-person every 6 months, listed on website, possibly jeopardizing everything I’ve worked for). I wonder if Colorado or Snyder could be cited in some kind of suit. Was it Snyder that deemed in-person reporting to be punishment?

    It is not hyperbole to say that I’ve literally been losing sleep over this.

    • Ali

      @tired of this – Here in Texas, we have a Council on Sex Offender Treatment that determines risk level. I am tier 1 currently with a medium risk in the registry. I would be eligible to de-register early once completed the program and if I understand the law correctly, need to serve minimum/ half the time on my probation agreement.

      Do you have such program? I am sure you can get a judge discretion to modify your plea to lower risk showing your compliance with the law.

    • Facts should matter


      If you have kids and you go online, they will be mocked, shunned and ridiculed my their classmates.

      • Tired of this

        No kids, no family of my own, I live by myself in a tiny shoebox of an apartment in one of Nevada’s major cities. I’m also an electronic musician, so I may end up utilizing search engine optimization by putting my real name on my profile where I post my tracks and remixes in order to bury the negative Google results that are sure to pop up. I have enough material to flood the first 2 or 3 pages with my music.

  6. Dave

    I just found out about this change. I am literally sick right now. I too am a Tier 1 because Carson City researched my case and deemed me low risk. It has been almost 25 years now since I was convicted. I found a job, I am a law abiding citizen, and when this goes in effect, well – I guess we are just screwed. I will have to quit my job, at the very least, because I certainly did not disclose my conviction when I got hired (I would not have been hired, obviously). I have not been showing up on background checks nor have I had any problems finding a place to live, now I will again be in fear all the time. Where can I go? What state? My whole life is completely upended now. Again.

    • Lovecraft

      Thats truly horrific. It will be cases such as yours that will get this whole mess undone. You have a very sympathetic case that will be easy to show how you were able to live a positive, productive life only to get it snatched from you decades later due to politics and not for public safety. Destabilizing someone not only does nothing for public safety in many cases it increases crime. (petty or other) I wish you the best and remember its always the darkest just before the light.

    • Bill Johnson

      Any state that has enacted the AWA will require you to be a Tier 3 also. Most states that have not enacted the AWA require you to abide by the lifetime registration that your previous state required. This way they don’t get offenders moving to their state to get easier restrictions.

      • AJ

        @Bill Johnson:
        Most states that have not enacted the AWA require you to abide by the lifetime registration that your previous state required. This way they don’t get offenders moving to their state to get easier restrictions.
        As I posted elsewhere( such State behavior almost assuredly violates the Equal Protection Clause. Making discriminatory laws to prevent citizens from exercising their fundamental right to travel is a no-no. And since even SCOTUS (in Smith) said RCs are free to live and work like everyone else, the State’s argument gets even tougher to make. (As well, the 9th has held that RCs are entitled to full 1st Amendment rights.)

  7. Mike G

    This appears to be a flip flop of the California Tiered Registry. I read this as all the CP crimes (non-contact) would be Tier 1, but all of us with 288(a) (more than half the California Registry) would move to Tier 3.


      A 288(a) is only tier 3 if the minor was under 13. Under 18 but over 13 would be tier 2. That is my understanding.

      • Mike G

        I thought the definition of 288(a) was Lewd & Lascivious with a person under the age of 14. You are right, that if the victim was 14 or older (actually 13, I guess in Nevada) then it would be Tier 2.

    • TG

      My understanding is this: felony CP possession is tier 3. Misdemeanor is tier 1.

  8. Tim Moore

    I don’t understand. How can this be any more obvious. They are changing a system that is based on personal assessment, however flawed, to one based simply on the past crime. How is this not tying added punishment to the crime after the original sentence?

    • Madness Everywhere

      …and when they *do* insist on using a personal “assessment,” the government uses flawed “science” such as the Static-99R (and they choose to hide it under a pseudonym: “Saratso Tool”).

      I have come to the conclusion that our government is a joke, run by a bunch of fraudsters.

      • Tim Moore

        I guess their assessment based system wasn’t punishing enough ex offenders to their liking. Heck, the unending punishment of former sexual offenders comes first. They only value the assessment of how harsh their system is — harsher the better. Any method that increases that punishment will do.

  9. A Nevadan

    Honestly, I am just not that worried about it. I’ve been on the Nevada registry off and on for the last 10 years. It’s caused a few headaches for me, but it was never the earth shattering nightmare I was afraid of. I am going to a III from a II and the fact that the number of III’s are jumping 10 fold is a good thing, the more III’s there are the more meaningless it becomes. If push comes to shove I may move back to California where I’ll be a II again, or I my just call my local sheriff’s department and just tell them I am not going to cooperate. Until registrants decide to get over their fear of jail and stand up for themselves this is the kind of thing we’re going to have to live with. Me, I don’t mind a little civil dissonance and clogging up the courts.

    • troy

      I went to register last month,downtown lv I was told by the employee, people have not been registering since ab579 took effect, hopefully they have been moving away from this hell hole,im next in march

  10. Gary

    @MikeG I read the actual bill in this case and it says all CP are T2. It is section 23 if I remember correctly. So that is going to be a problem for a lot of people. Apparently non contact is not the only factor here

    • Mike G

      @Gary, acknowledgeing that the entire system is nonsensical and unconstitutional, I guess T2 would make sense, even though there wasn’t any contact. Unless I am mistaken, in California, misdemeanor CP is Tier 1 and felony CP is Tier 3. I don’t know what differentiates between misdemeanor & felony. # of images? Production? Distribution? CP wasn’t my crime, but I feel for the ones in CA if they get stuck at Tier 3 lifetime.

  11. steve

    I just spent 9 days in NV because my dad had a massive heart attack. Did I check in with them f-no. I will not abide by any other state’s bs.

    • Mike G

      @steve, yeah, don’t tell anyone, but I have spent many weeks in Nevada, staying with my Mom or my brother. As long as you DON’T stay at a hotel, you are probably fine, unless someone who knows about you and doesn’t like you, turns you in.

      • steve

        @mikeg. Stayed hotel all 9 nights because my dads girlfriend had a complete meltdown. I even interacted with the cops twice because she wouldn’t let me in his house. My life choice is to not worry about all the bs we are supposed to follow.

        • Mike G

          I hope your dad is doing better, and I’m glad your stay was successful.
          I just know that there are several Registered Citizens who have, or maybe still are, spending time in Nevada jails for being in the state for more than 48 hours without registering.

  12. steve

    Mike Thanks for the info!

  13. Tired of this

    So I received a call back from the office of McLetchie/Shell, and the receptionist said I’d need to pay a consultation fee before they’d talk to me. Seems odd, since it’s not like I am consulting with them to become a client; all I want to know is whether or not they are fighting this, just a few minutes of their time. So, I think I will just have to keep my eyes and ears open to other sources for now, since money is really tight. Maybe Janice can find out something.

    I would think a challenge citing Snyder would be in order.

    • MJ

      McLetchie/Shell was only fighting this to stall for time while they petitioned for some of their other clients to get off the registry. If you search the court records you’ll see they don’t have any more petitions pending or any any new filings to block AD 579. Just a money grab… SMH

  14. Brian

    Hoping someone can help. My son was 18 at the time and the victim was 13. His sentence (plead to misdemeanor statutory sexual seduction) was fulfilled after one year in jail. He has been out now for six years. I understand where he will now be a tier two in Nevada. He currently lives in Colorado though and checks in annually. Since Colorado does comply with the Adam Walsh Act will his requirements, tier level, and check in requirements change in Colorado? We are very confused parents. Thanks,

    • AJ

      I’m sorry to hear the stress this has on your wife and you. You’re certainly further proof that the “blast zone” of registration damages many more people than the RC.

      I don’t know NV or CO law, but I suspect whatever NV changes won’t have any effect on him in CO. This will certainly be the case if he was able to “de-register” with NV (i.e. no longer listed, a la CA and MN, and unlike FL and NY) when he moved to CO. In so doing, NV will have completely washed their hands of him, unless or until he steps foot back there. Even if he didn’t “de-register”, I suspect it will have no effect on him in CO. If anything, it would maybe come into play if/when he tries to get relief from CO, but I don’t even know if CO allows that.

    • TS


      No, your son will be fine where he stays in Colorado because nothing will change. Nevada is for those who are in Nevada. If he was to move to Nevada, then he would fall underneath their system, but he lives in Colorado and therefore Falls underneath their system.

  15. Tiered Madness

    This is the problem with a tiered registry. People can change Tier levels because of political climate and the whims of legislators. I hope California’s doesn’t end up like Nevada’s. :-/

    • AJ

      This is the problem with a tiered registry. People can change Tier levels because of political climate and the whims of legislators.
      IMO this is also a point of attack on IML. Not so much tiers, but that it is wholly subjective to, and controlled by, a (legislative) body other than Congress. That’s certainly a delegation of powers, and without *any* direction from Congress (which is what the courts look for and allow). Worse, it’s a delegation not just from one federal branch to another, it’s completely outside the federal system!

      It also has a chilling effect on my freedom of travel and migration. I could have completed registration in State A, but if I am in State B for “too long” I’m now subject to IML. Good old Saenz v. Roe ( would seem to come into play.
      @Chris F: Saenz may also be useful regarding your DUI example, not to mention RC restrictions for travelers. There are also some good case references in there (Shapiro is one I will def. read).

      • AJ

        Here’s an okay paper from March 2018 that touches on a bit of my thoughts: “A Promise to the Ear to be Broken to the Hope: Challenging Sex Offender Out-of-State Conviction Provisions Under the Right to Travel” (

        In short, the author says the courts really need to clarify what’s what. He(?) also makes argument that imposing a longer registration period on migrant RCs is unconstitutional, and cites Saenz v. Roe for such…just like that Fed. Judge in Indiana has done. It certainly provides food for thought, and fodder for use, to RCs who have migrated or will (or will not!) migrate from their convicting State.

        There are also some handy charts showing registration periods of various states, which could be helpful to those considering migrating.

  16. MJ

    McLetchie/Shell was only fighting this to stall for time while they petitioned for some of their other clients to get off the registry. If you search the court records you’ll see they don’t have any more petitions pending or any any new filings to block AD 579. Just a money grab… SMH

    • your right

      Your right, I was on the registry for 18 yrs on tier 1, I petition the court in 2017, I had to take a psycho-sexual evaluation which stated I was not a threat to re offend so I was release from my duty to register I just called the The Offender Registry and talked to a case worker I was told that I was fine it would not go back on me. So if anybody has done what I did and was court released from your duty you will be OK.

    • MJ

      Might of spoke to soon. Looks like they’re gearing up for a new, last minute, challenge…

      • Tired of this

        Do you have any new news on that front? I would think the Snyder decision in MI can be cited as a precedent for a challenge to the constitutionality of SORNA here. I was convicted before the enactment of the AWA so this would benefit me and likely many of us. If it’s unconstitutional to retroactively apply the AWA, those of us convicted prior to its enactment would fall under the old system (under which I was tier 1).

      • Tara

        How do u know this??? Please share information

      • A


        You made a comment on 9/21/18 stating a last minute challenge to this ridiculous AWA bill in NV. Where are you seeing that there may be a possible last minute challenge on this issue? I’ve searched and searched on any glimmer of hope with this and come up empty handed on my searches. Any insight is helpful.


  17. troy

    my understanding is that states have different laws pertaining sex offenders,like Colorado is that you are not required to register in co if your crime falls in a certain time period, like if your crime was done in nj in 1989 qnd you moved to Colorado today it falls in a period where no registration is required I believe 1991 and 1996 if anyone knows this law please tell me if I’m wrong thx

    • E

      Troy, where did you hear this about CO?? I’ve never heard this

      • troy

        if you believe what the internet says, I typed up who has to register as a sex offender in Colorado, and this info came up, same with nj and new York in ny this law was passed in 1996 I lived in ny till 1999 and no one gave me noticed to register as a s/o I was off parole in 1990

        • Tired of this

          Can we please try to stay on topic here and discuss what’s going on in NV? Some of us, like myself, watch this thread like a hawk for any updates regarding changes in Nevada. Kinda disappointing when I see a new post here and it’s about other states, you know? Maybe leave that for general comments.

        • troy

          just some info about our choice about other states to move to since nv railroaded us tier 1 to tier 3,i for one wouldn’t stand for this

        • Tired of this

          @troy: you know, thats actually a good point. I hear OR is reasonable too, although I think it’s still lifetime registration. Guess I was feeling a tad snippy earlier, sorry.

        • Gralphr

          I received a letter in the mail and it said that the new law took me from a tier 2 to tier 3. I’ve been out from 11 years now, married, and children of my own, but I’m some crazed lunatic ready to hurt someone according to these people………..

  18. troy

    ty tired, I understand, just wanted to put info out there, seems there is no getting around this ab579 except to move

  19. troy

    gralphr,i hear you about you situation, I to have been off parole since 1990 and my conviction was 1984,since then I have caused no trouble (and plan to keep it that way) it seems there is no break for us . I lived in Nevada since 1999 no trouble here either,now they moved me to tier 3 from tier 1 seems like a move is in my future

    • Gralphr

      Thats the big question WHERE can one move? Here in the Us, the laws are so crooked, they can wait 10 years from now and make up a new law WE have to follow then claim it isnt punishment. The public doesnt question if its constitutional or not (they either say it serves us right, or we should me shot). My wife and I talk about moving out of the country and Once my oldest three have graduated and gone off to college, we just may have to do it if things dont change. My father was killed in cold blood when I was a child and the murderer has been out for years and is NOT on any type of registry, which is pretty crazy considering he killed someone. At the very least, they NEED to make a way off for ALL people on the registry. How can one be out for decades, raise a family and work a good job, but still be forced to be on a registry due to something someone claims they “might” do with no proof theyre going to do anything? It reads like a scifi movie…..

      • CR

        “Thats the big question WHERE can one move? Here in the Us, the laws are so crooked, they can wait 10 years from now and make up a new law WE have to follow then claim it isnt punishment.”

        So true! There is at least one, maybe several states I could move to right now where I would not be required to register. But one act of the state legislature can turn that around. This is why I always say that we can never be free until sex offender registration is properly recognized as unconstitutional.

  20. Gralphr

    I went in to register today (received a paper in the mail that said register by the 1st of October) I was told to ignore it since they weren’t fully sure if it would be enforced. I told them that was crazy and how will I know if it will be (they will move me to tier 3) and the two women said “well, you could watch tv or maybe it would say so in the newspaper.” I studied their faces and they really were that clueless and serious! I registered anyway since I got a new license plate, but I think it’s crazy were in limbo to even know what’s going on. I told them people claim this isn’t a burden, yet when was the last time they were forced to go to work late for anything due to something almost two decades old?

    • A


      You say “they” told you to “ignore” it since they weren’t fully sure if it was going to be enforced. My question is who it “they” and how could they not full be sure about this crap if a law being enforced exactly? It’s just odd they would say ignore it……who would unless they want more trouble for themselves…..right?
      My husband and I are facing the same issue you and many others are about to come 10/1…….just want to educate myself more on this situation if at all possible. It just feels like their is something that can be done just question is what exactly?!? Punishment after punishment is just beyond words right now regarding a 25yr old conviction. Hell back then no one knew what would come to haunt you later in life while just trying to be a member of society and live your life.

      THanks in advance

      • Gralphr

        The actual people who were registering me here in vegas told me that. I explained I had a paper that listed my new registering dates and they didnt believe me and when I insisted, that’s when they said they weren’t sure if it would be enforced and to look at tv and newspapers to see if we must follow it. I pressed registration since it said I had to do it by the 1st of October and I had just received a new license plate so I needed to do it anyway. These people will have cops knocking on your door is you follow their opinion…….I’ve followed this nonsense problem free for about 11 years and I’m not going to let them cause me to fail.

        • Tired of this

          This has my anxiety through the roof. This AB579 bs raised me to tier 2. No more annual mailing-in of my yearly updates, and no more privacy of not being publicly listed on the website, which could jeopardize the relative stability I’ve been able to achieve if I get outed. In-person visits to the cop shop are always nerve-wracking since there’s always the fear of arrest on some kind of technicality, and now I must visit the lion’s den every 6 months.

          I gotta say, after dealing with this shit for over a decade in 3 different states, I’m getting to a point where I’m about done with this nonsense, and I’ll just leave it at that.

          I hope Alina and team are hard at work fighting this because I really don’t think I can deal much longer.

      • BRENDA wagner

        This is awful. My husband & I are a wreck and there is seemingly no one to talk to about this. His conviction is over 20 years ago. His tier level will change to a 3 now. This is completely unacceptable. He has always done everything by the book. We are scared. 15 years ago, when you used to have to mail in your paperwork annually…. well some idiot in Carson City didn’t do their job and his paperwork was just sitting on some jerks desk. We think everything is hunky dory because we did our part…..nope, the marshalls show up, cuff and stuff him for non compliance. They later dropped everything because they had the paperwork the entire time….all they said was oops, we made a mistake. This is so wrong and we don’t trust anything they have to say.

        • Tired of this

          Yeah, it’s absolute horse shit. I went from 1 to 2 and I’m looking into moving out of this state now.

          What your husband went through is always a fear I have, that I’ll be arrested for some technicality or something not getting entered into the system.

          I recommend getting in touch with McLetchie/Shell, the Las Vegas attorneys who are working on challenging this. Or move to a more reasonable state.

  21. MJ


    Search the “Eighth Judicial District Court” website.

    After reading the new court filings and talking to McLetchie last week it appears they cut a deal with the state to temporarily block ONLY all the John Does of the case from the SOR website. But as it stands now everyone else affected will go live Oct 1.

    Sorry I didn’t have better news for yall…

    • Tara

      So pretty much theres nothing we can do. Were just in jepordy of losing everything. With no hope. This is terrible. How can they do this to people?!

      • TROY

        you have to look upon these pos politicians who did this,i believe they condone violence and violating our rights.they don’t believe in our debt was paid in full,ok I agree if your a life long felon and do harm upon people you should be looked upon in a different light

  22. Feeling sad

    I woke up this morning feeling so sad. Like its the last day for my happy family. Like everything my fiancee has worked so hard for is now going to end. Im going to try to get him in to see McLetchie but i just feel so hopeless. Im so worried were gonna lose everything. We have worked so hard and my fiancee is such a good man. The only thing they have on him is that he messed up on probation and had no choice but to take a guilty plea deal. He never touched anyone. This is just so unfair and so defeating. My son deserves to habe his father around and not have to worry. We were doing fine with him as a tier 1. He was able to live his life. Now we live in fear

    • troy

      FEELING SAD I know how your feel,my conviction came in 1984 I did my parole clean ,ended in 1990 my mistake was to move to neveda, I lost a good job in the casino due to the law that was passed in 2007, I have not been in trouble since 1984. I took a plea deal mostly cause I couldn’t afford a lawyer I did over 3 years in prison(my first and last time there) and yes I was scared to what might happen to me, I’m no angel by no means, but I will not harm anyone on purpose I consider my self a good man I have found a good women who loves me and I told her about this mess before we really got involved (only right thing to do) all we can do is our best and hope for good things

    • Tired of this

      Your fiancee is fortunate to have you standing by his side through this.

      Really wish I didn’t have to face this alone, but then again, I’m not sure I’d want to drag a woman into this with me.

      I, too, am facing the prospect of losing the relative stability I’ve worked so hard to build since I moved here. It all seems so pointless now though.

      Good on you for standing by him. I imagine he is grateful beyond words.

      • Feeling sad

        I have to stand by him. I know he is a good man and he is a great father to his child. He doesnt deserve this. None of you do. This is unconstitutional. I fear for all of us involved in this. My fiancee told me from the start everything he was going through. My family is everything to me and this is unfair and cruel and i will do whatever i can to help him.

  23. A

    So many of us (I’m the wife) are in this same boat here in Nevada with this new political BS, that I feel just have to do with greedy money hungry politicians. This fight has gone on for years now here but it just feels to me there has to be something we can do to fight on this. So many states haven’t and will not uphold this AWA law cause of the same issues we all have on the law along with other politicians and attorneys etc in Nevada.
    Does anyone feel the same? Can’t we rally together in this fight?? Contact McLetchie regarding a bigger lawsuit to be filed then with just the 17 cases she already is fighting on?? I mean 3000 cases/lawsuits here alone I’d hope that it would have some sort of standing, take it up the ladder. A bigger army can fight better then a small one.
    I don’t mean to be ignorant on this but the is just so unfair on the biggest level possible!!!

    I would love for someone in the “big” office to show proof that all this crap has actually saved a victim, that this registry deal that goes back retro in cases from 1956 actually has done any good for the community in preventing another sex crime from happening!!!!

    This registry deal will not and can not prevent anyone on it from reoffending if they choose to do so…….I don’t care how much info is posted on internet. If one wants to they will……sadly of course!!!! But that’s on the horrible individual that chooses to do wrong again. As for those that took plea deals and etc or made a mistake 25 yrs ago and have become good up standing citizens of society shouldn’t be punished repeatedly over and over because a victim or victims family feel is best to create laws that do nothing other then crucify those that have served their time for their crime. These laws will never stop those out there that continue to make bad choices that inturn effects everyone else not like them.

    Again I want the PROOF that any of this has saved a possible victim from a sex crime.

    We need to come together some how some way and make a change!!!! Not y’all about, but actually do it!!!!!

    Come on y’all.

    • Standing up

      Well i definitely will be fighting any way i can. I think we all should. Cause this is just awful. McLetchie wants 450 just to talk to him but im going to do whatever we can to come up with the money!!! This is cruel punishment for people who have done everything they needed to do and have lived great lives.

    • Trish

      It is not that people take plea deals ! It is the only option, for fighting as a defendant in a corrupt system is not going to help ! The Governing powers as you now see everywhere have damnnnnn near endless support, money, power etc….. if any person was faced with years of legal Hell, of course they would yield ! The Whopper in this story is the LAW IS OUT OF CONTROL ! EVERYTHING IS ILLEGAL FOR RCs WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY BEYOND A DOUBT ABSURD!!!! WELCOME TO THE NEW AGE OF SLAVERY ! AMERICA ALWAYS FINDS A WAY TO SCREW WHO THEY WANT ! CITIZENS OR NOT ALL THROUGHOUT U.S. HISTORY WE SEE CORRUPTION BEING PORTRAYED AS LEGAL, MORAL, RIGHT AND ACCEPTABLE! ENJOY THE RIDE, BECAUSE THIS IS SOCIETY, LIES, HYPOCRISY AND POLITICS ETC…. ! IN THE LAND OF THE SELF RIGHTEOUS ! ARROGANT! AND JUDGEMENTAL. !

    • troy

      A I’m down

  24. A


    I’m not saying it’s about plea deals. I’m referring to at time of civictions a good majority took plea deal in these cases of accusations without know how it would harm them in future do to laws that seems to change almost daily!!!
    Conviction happened, sentence was given and served, clean record over 25yrs and the punishments still keep coming.

  25. Feeling sad

    Well everyone went live. My fiancee went from a tier 1 to a tier 3…this is just awful. Now we live in fear of losing everything. I just cant believe this.

    • steve @ Feeling sad

      Feeling sad: I had the same dread you are feeling back when the Megan’s Law website went into affect in 2002 or 2003. NONE of my fears ever materialized. I’ve had the job I’m in for 20 years making 6 figures, started 2 side businesses and just sent my third child to college. There will be bumps but you’ll make its through. There ARE good people out there, especially those you have been friends who will stick by your side. Some of our best friends happened after my listing. Try not to dwell on what COULD happen.

  26. mike r

    Everyone has to look at Trish’s and her cohorts post on the Sac meeting link. Especially those that have helped me on my case….

    • mike r

      Mevermind people, I am going to try my damndest not to even go down one of those roads again with discontent. Others know who and what I am and have been doing, especially those that have been on here for years as myself and they know how well I can argue and yes they all know I go in rants every once in a while and can battle with words as a true warrior of our cause. Pacer (or for those newbies, I will once again post a link to all my filings on my site (after class) which I created just for that purpose, read my filings is all I need to say. Peace out Trish and all of you.

  27. AB579 sux

    I contacted my caseworker today and as of now there has been no stay filed. The reporting changes does suck but the bigger issue to me is now the petitioning to be taken off of it (eventually) when you follow all the rules to be removed. It used to be that no matter what tier you were in, after 10 years, completing classes, paying all your fees, etc. you could petition to be removed from the registry. That is no longer the case, as I asked my caseworker today. Only tier I can petition after 10 years. Tier II can now petition after 25 years. Tier III CANNOT petition at all to be removed. Tier III is effectively now for life, though at some point you could try to hire a lawyer to fight it and be removed.

  28. Feeling sad

    Shell said there’s no real option to prevent the names from going online on Monday, but that the state-based legal case on the constitutionality of the law overall is still alive.
    That is what the new article said….sounds like we all need to call them

    • A

      @mike r
      Confused by your recent post………can you enlighten a bit. Seems like you know something we/I don’t. Just trying to work this all out in the mind…… help

      @feeling sad
      My husband spoke to McLetchie/Snell office today and of course attorneys are in court all day. But office advised they are not taking on anymore cases.
      Surely cause that can’t handle anymore workload I’m thinking.

      • Feeling sad

        I call their offices and i was not told any of that. I was told they will get back to us as soon as thwy are done with court

      • Feeling sad

        I called and they told mr they would call me back. I never got told they werent helping anyone else. But even if that is the case then we find other lawyers

        • A

          @feeling sad
          Yes I agree find another lawyer. My only concern with respects to lawyer on this matter is getting one that will actually fight the fight and is knowledgeable to fight. Not just yea give me your money and you have a 50/50 chance etc. With McLetchie/Shell they have been fighting on this for several years now and are already in knee deep with the entire ordeal.
          We tried the removal from registry approach as it’s been over ten years on registry as a tier I but judge said that as of April according to courts we were already considered a tier III and was denied on that bases. Even though on paper and with public safety etc we were still a tier I. He also said if we had proceeded for the removal last year we would be free of registry. You can only imagine that comment was one that made me vomit. How could we have been so oblivious as to think that in 2016 with the halt it was out of sight out of mind and lost that one chance. I can’t even begin to explain how failing I felt for my husband by not staying on top of all this.

          Very useful and kind words you gave feeling sad. Thank you. In this situation all we can think of is that worst when we haven’t experienced otherwise. Now we didn’t have issues in Colorado or California but in April of 2013 the AWA wasn’t implemented in Colo but being open to public view was the case in colo and Cali but minimal info in Cali. But nothing on SORNA either then only in state level. Never issues with traveling cruises or etc. Now we fear rejection all over the place with regards to traveling.
          Steve May I ask your tier and how you have succeeded in surpassing if you well the fears we all have right now?

          Many thanks

        • steve @A

          A: when the internet became public here in California I went to the worst case scenario in my head, losing everything AGAIN. I didn’t sleep for a year. What i did do in public during this time was the difference I think. I held my head high and went about my business and in my head kept saying “f***k this and anyone who wants to f**K with me. I never said it to anyone and never acted out but it made me feel stronger. It gave me power. I think people noticed how I was carrying myself and respected me especially those in my kids school. Yeah there were a couple of idiots but those people faded away and my friends stuck with me. i also had a deep desire to prove everyone wrong, not by words, but by my actions. Yes, there will be bumps but it’s how you respond to those. You’re going to feel like everyone you pass by is looking right thru you. They aren’t. The majority of people you encounter will have no clue about your past. We all feel like we are constantly under the microscope when it reality the vast vast majority have no idea you are an RC.
          There are no tiers here in California yet so everyone looks like a tier 3 my offense involved a minor so you’re automatically considered a pedo by the lynch mob. I think I will be a tier 2 (which you under AWA I would be a 3) The big thing you have going is the 6th circuit ruled its unconstitutional to increase someone’s tier level without due process. Hopefully that precedent will help you all.

  29. someone who cares

    A ~ I can’t even imagine how you must feel. Last year, he could have been off the registry, and this year he is deemed so dangerous that he will be a Tier III? How does that even make sense at all? If he wasn’t a threat then, he is definitely not a threat now. This is how ridiculous this whole scheme is, and nobody seems to realize this? I hope you can fight this, pleading common sense here.

    • A

      @someone who cares
      Yes that’s exactly what the attorney said the judge advised. Since the bill passed in April the courts go off that and not what was the current system used by LVPD, Sheriffs or Public Safety records or files of tiers. It’s flipping insanity!?!!? I’m not sure what was worse the denial or that we now had the lovely knowledge that our chance slipped through our hands not even knowing it. I’m the researching and etc in the family and I feel/felt in that monment when my husband advised what was told by judge that I had failed him. That I should have been on top of my game to help my husband fight this battle. But things have been so good for us the past few years in life in general just plugging along living a respectable life here so the thought of the registry and the possibility that the AWA bill would be passed never crossed my mind after the halt in June 2016. It’s the fear that everyone is feeling now…….the unknown…….he has never been a threat and never in any trouble nor cause trouble in the past 25+ yrs.
      Its who’s going to pay attention to the “list”? Who’s going to recognize? Who’s going to bother us? Who’s going to make problems etc etc?
      Also the killer is the travel deal, never an issue before now we fear the rejection in traveling. And I wouldn’t have him endure the humiliation of that. So it’s no more cruises, no more international travel ideas etc.

      We just want to live our life’s normal and responsiblely like anyone else. Nothing more nothing less.

  30. Feeling sad

    There is another lawyer thats been working on this. His name is draskovic. I dont know if i spelled it right but thats who my fiancee is with now. We will fight. We will demand that this is unconstitutional!!! Everyone should start contacting the office of adam laxalt, all our representives hell even take it federal. Show everyone we will not go quitely into the night!!! But we need more then just a few people. Our families have rights and now is the time to fight for them!!!

    • A

      @feeling sad
      I looked him up, think it’s ROBERT M. DRASKOVICH. Right?
      Well I know other attorneys including McLetchie/Shell are still fighting and it was advised in an article she needed 450 in order to go to Laxalt or office. I don’t know exactly who. But also this deal happened in PA and it was over turned from what I understand due to everything wrong about especially the retroactive part being unconstitutional.

      • Feeling sad

        Yes thats him. My fiance has been with him since this whole things started.
        What article did u see that in?
        Ive also contacted other lawyers. I found one interested in this case so if anything come from that i will let you know. And if anything happens on your end could yoh please share information as well? Thank you so much!!!

        • A

          @feeling sad
          Gosh I’ve read so many things these past several weeks I don’t recall abd I’m sorry but it was in something recent.
          We call your referred attorneys office waiting for Robert to call back as the lady that spoke to my husband advised something different then the attorney we used last month. So it’s getting conflicting for sure. We also called McLetchie office again and begged for some direction too on this especially the removal issue we faced last month. Waiting to hear back from them too.
          But the lady different from the gentlemen we spoke to yesterday but either way they advised that this to such a BIG case load that they aren’t even taking on other cases that don’t even have anything to do with the SO topic. They just can’t according to their office. I can only imagine but that’s good cause it reflects (hopefully) people are fighting back on this BS

          Yes of course keeping posted on anything new. Ditto please!!! 🙂

      • S in nevada

        You should be able to sue the website itself that is publishing all of your info. That would be in a civil lawsuit. Monetarily only. However you should be able to also sue for your civil liberties that have been violated. And unconstitutionality.

  31. Feeling sad

    Well they just put out another story about this and its very disheartening it said
    “There will no longer be an option for a reconsideration hearing of the assigned tier level.”
    This is so messed up. Peoples lives are ruined and no one cares

    • A

      @feeling sad
      Just watched the report and that statement I believe has to do with the AB 579 law. Not directly the cases and fights going on regarding this law.
      But I’m not 100% sure. The battle I know is still alive and believe more to come justbaw it has in other states regarding AWA deal.
      This will ruin lives if you allow it. We can’t live in fear.

    • S in nevada

      This may be good for us. It leaves no room for appeal. This is also against the Constitution. This needs to be filed against. I suggest everyone go and file with the ACLU here in Nevada.

      • A

        @S in Nevada
        Forgive my ignorance here…….but “file with ACLU in Nevada”? What would they do for us?

  32. Feeling sad

    The aclu website states they take cases that affect a large group of people. Come on guys lets all file!!! Whats the worse they can say? No? I think we should all do it

  33. A


    Maybe I’ve missing on the 6th circuit deal but I’ve been reading sooooo much these past few weeks I’ve almist lost tracking of things. Can you please enlighten me or point me in the right direction?

    • Feeling sad

      Im down!!! You can find the form on their website. Lets all print it out and send it in by the end of the week!!!

    • steve @A

      Here is an article that will help you get started on the 6th circuit decision.

      • A @Steve

        Thank you for that link. I have read this article in several areas but this explains in layman’s terms best.
        Now, as for Michigan didn’t they pass law or something to effect that the law is unconstitutional and etc 2yrs but yet nothing has been done for the registrants regarding changes???

        So if that’s the case and say that happens here in NV that’s it too harsh and unconstitutional etc we don’t see changes for years then what’s it really matter?? We need the change, some of us need to be removed or at the very least moved back to Tier I as we were before so we can live our life’s without HIGH restrictions, public labels, find housing, jobs, raise our families and etc like we did prior to this BS. Better yet kill switch on the retroactive dates!!!

        It’s not even been a full week but movement on this topic is soooooooo slow!!! Even with several years now of state after state stating these laws are horribly harsh, unconstitutional, and so on……… if we were all so much of a risk or dangerous society then we would all still be in prison serving extreme time in lieu of being free to walk the streets over 20, 30+ years now.

  34. Feeling sad

    Ok guys!!! I printed out the form. Is anyone else going to do this?!?! Print out the ACLU form!!! Bring it down there by no later then monday!!! They helped the 6th circut and since we have no appeal option we have a good chance they will help us but we all need to stand up and fight!!!! I need all of you with me!!! Our families deserve this!!!!!

    • A

      @feeling sad
      I have found and printed the form to file from ACLU Nevada. You have to pretty prepared it appears to complete this form as well as submit it. However, across the nation ACLU has been fighting these exact battles so I’m hopeful that we don’t have to be so prepared that our forms are rejected.

      Does anyone else here have suggestions and/or filing???? There are plenty here that have been here from day 1 and have followed way more then myself on this matter. Your help input abd guidance is seriously appreciated. So please chime in sooner then later.

      • Feeling sad

        I read over the form and it doesn’t seem too difficult but from what i got from reading the rules is its gotta be for a large number of people so not only put your story but add how thousands more are being affected also, people who have been off the registry are now going back on. Even use the 6th circuit court as an example of how the ACLU has helped in other states. Use everything youve read. How theres no optuon for appeal, how you cannot reclassify people withojt due process, how it violates our rights and punishes people for the same crime over and over again which is unconstitutional!!!! Use everything!!!! We will be turing in our form by friday. I was gonna see if we could use draskiovichs name as our lawyer but we cant get ahold of him.

        • S in nevada

          Filing with the ACLU is something to do. And something needs to be done. It is free. It’s very quite simple to file. You can help yourself and others by doing this. We need to eliminate this constant threat of arrest all the time.

        • S in nevada

          Also my understanding is a mcletchy people are safe for now. Which is another reason why we should file with the ACLU because we are not being treated fairly under the law. They are safe however we are not. Law is not being fairly distributed between all participants. That is another really good reason for filing

  35. S in nevada

    Sorry. I’ve been away for a minute. Setting up my security system. However everything you all are doing and saying is exactly right I have already filed with the ACLU. I hope everyone else does too. This really needs to be done. The more people that file. The more people it will help.

    • Feeling sad

      @S in nevada
      Who did u file the complaint against? Adam laxalt or the state of nv???

      • A

        @feeling sad and S in Nevada as well as anyone that’s filed with ACLU………
        I’m reviewing to get started on the filing form on behalf on my husband and I need some guidance so I don’t screw things on on this filing, such as the following:
        complaint against?
        evidence and supporting info

        I’m thinking this “personal” discussion needs to be moved off here but correct me if wrong. If so how do we get in touch with each other via email??

        • Feeling sad

          @ A
          Im okay with it. We need to band together to help each other.

  36. S in nevada

    You can file against Adam laxalt. Or the Attorney General’s office itself. You may also be able to file against the governor since he governs the state of Nevada and basically highest ranking official. However in answer to your question I filed against Adam laxalt. And I don’t think you need to be so exact. If they pick up your case. They should actually start questioning everything and they don’t know if you’ll meet with an attorney at that point or not to be able for them to decide exactly what’s going on I’m sure that they would have more questions

    • A

      Well I filed online on my husbands behalf, they say 4-6 weeks for them to respond. Not sure what if anything we do now. The waiting game is the hardest. But nothing more now then to go on with our lives and pray.

  37. Feeling sad

    Well we filed too!!! Now we just wait and pray that someone helps us bc this is just wrong to do to people!!!!!

  38. In Fear

    For anyone not familiar with the Gundy case currently before the SCOTUS, see the following:


    Articles found on Nevada WAR (Women Against Registry) website found here:

    • Feeling sad

      @ in fear
      Thank you for those articles!!! I keep reading about all of this. Just hoping to find a way to help my fiance and my family. We already filed with the ACLU and were hoping something comes from that

    • S in nevada

      For those of us that have been out for some time and our cases were settled or sentences were finished before these laws came into effect please remember. That this is also called ex post facto. That is very important that means that they started the law after you were done which again is unconstitutional

      • troy

        ive been done since 1990 (off parole no such b/s laws were passed then),depends where you live,if you have to register

  39. Feeling sad

    Even though is ex post facto still cant find a lawyer willing to help fight this. The lawyer we do have just tells us they are doing everything they can. No other explanation

  40. In Fear

    Did anyone get a visit from P & P? I found a notice on my door, as I was at a friend’s house during much of the day. I’m on lifetime supervision, but of course the conditions and restrictions were lifted a couple years ago on that. Could this visit have been due to AB 579?

    • Feeling sad

      @In fear
      We got a note the other day but it was just about checking residency. My financee was on lifetime supervision but with help from a lawyer that was removed about 3 years ago. We did not recieve anything tonight

      • In Fear

        It was just a residence check for me as well. Just coincidental that it fell on Halloween.

        • R M

          @ In Fear: it wasn’t coincidental… it was in hopes of violating you and having a media frenzy.

    • Gralphr

      I did not. My older kids would have informed me when I came home.

  41. In Fear

    See the following video posted by David Pakman:

    For anyone not familiar with David Pakman, he’s a progressive political YouTuber with 533k subscribers. Comments are mixed, but read the comments under Caroline Dowd.

    • Tim Moore

      Mr. Pakman was not so well informed about registrants when I listened to him a few years ago. I’d like to think registrants and their supporters have played their part in standing up and shifting the dialogue somewhat towards the reasonableness side. Maybe it’s just that the hysteria is starting to fizzle out or is gravitating elsewhere. Either way, good to see people change.

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