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CA: Dismantling at-risk inmate housing brings hurdles

Special California prisons intended to protect gang informants, disgraced cops and child molesters have become so violent, gang-riddled and crowded that officials are dismantling what’s become the United States’ largest protective custody program. Full Article

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  1. Matt

    When this news first came out, I thought it was a ploy by CDCR to get more money. If they actually proceed with this, it’s going to get real messy, real fast. CDCR knows this. This has something to do with money. They have some kind of long-game in mind here. Maybe when a few hundred people get killed, they can go back to the state for more money to recreate PC yards. I don’t know, but this doesn’t sound right. I’ve been on three of those PC yards. They’re no picnic. But the whole reason PC yards were created was to keep groups apart. Now the same people who created the segregation are saying segregation isn’t required. No…..It’s just too expensive to do it correctly.

    • Contrarian

      It’s hard to see CDCR’s profit motive here, but there is always a profit motive anytime CDCR is involved. Perhaps the “long-term” plan is to use the “dismantling” process as an excuse to lobby for increased prison funding: more “beds,” buildings, guards, staff, contracts, etc. The dismantling process may even add to recidivism, as “sex offenders” may be more shamed into isolation during their incarceration because of fear of being “outed.” This whole dismantling process may even bring trauma to those who are not sex offenders, thus exacerbating one’s recidivism. Either way, the effect does not seem geared to “rehabilitation.” And the end game seems to rationalize more funding to CDCR in a time that prison population is on the decline. Just as the Static-99R SCAM and “treatment” schemes are geared to rationalize CDCR’s perpetual existence, this dismantling process seems intended to do the same. CDCR, just like any other government organization, fears being defunded and/or being abolished.

      For example, CDCR is/was opposed to AB 109 because it cut funding to the prison system and resulted in layoffs of hundreds of parole officers. Still today, CDCR and law enforcement peddles a narrative that crime has increased since prison population cuts — yet university studies prove otherwise:

      – UC Irvine study:

      – Washington Post:

      When it comes to what CDCR and law enforcement say, it seems wise to assume the opposite of their narrative. Unfortunately, law enforcement seem rarely honest… especially when it comes to politics. OPEN YOUR EYES AND MINDS PEOPLE!!

      • Ooo67

        Dont believe these liberal universities. The reason these “studies” & “statistics “ havent shown an increase in crime is because the laws have changed dramatically. They let these guys get away with so much now just so these clown of politicians can go to the public and say “hey look we are releasing these guys and crime isnt going up” it fools people like you who believe everything you read. Pay more attention to the laws not studies. If they dont steal more than $900 its just a ticket now, battery on peace officer is not a crime no more, there are so many dramatic changes in our law the changes in “violent crimes” have changed so much but in the long wrong itll hurt the state. Stay awak and py attention prisons arent profits we spend 70k a year on one guy because they have so much rights behind the walls. Dont be fooled by their pity stories these guys live better inside than on the streets. Stop believing the news unless u walked the line and really talked to these guys youll know exactly what goes on. People say guards are over paid, you have no idea how understaff we are yet people will argue that case, its dangerous in their be aware that these studies arent proving anything but lies have them state why the crime hasnt gone up by showing the before and after laws.

        • David Kennerly

          Are you saying that you work in a prison?

        • Will Allen

          Stop telling people to not believe science. Especially based on some excuse that it is “liberal”. Sure, be skeptical about studies unless you read and understand them thoroughly. But, science is typically the best thing we have. They are especially superior to reckless, anecdotal stories from anyone who has been “on the inside”.

          Also, as long as the $EX Offender Registries ($ORs) exist and because they exist, guards and everyone else related to prisons, law enforcement, etc. are way, way, way overpaid and I will do what I can to ensure that their compensation goes down as low as it can be. Those jobs never compete in the free market anyway. We need to change that. We need a program to bring people from other countries in to flood that job market. There are billions of people in the world, we should employ them to drop wages.

          As long as the $ORs exist, no one should support LE, prison, or any of it. We need to shrink them and get them to stop devouring our tax dollars.

  2. bob

    Im glad im not in the CA STATE DUMP anymore !!

  3. Not Really

    I think the prison guard union likes the good ‘ol days better.

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