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NY: Educators, officials seek more housing limits on sex offenders

With classes across Long Island set to resume in the coming weeks, some Suffolk education leaders and elected officials are raising concerns that nearly two dozen of the highest-risk sex offenders are living close to schools.

The officials are pushing for passage of legislation that would empower county officials to regulate where sex offenders live. Full Article

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  1. Eric

    So this blanket punishment and legislation has gotten so accepted and out of control that the constitution has been forgotten. Criminal cases are supposed to be tried on a case by case basis. Each individual should be evaluated on many factors and if they are deemed a risk then that individual might not be allowed near a school. What does one or several individuals behavior have to do with the other 900,000 people on the registry? So if ten politicians are indicted on corruption and found guilty should all be disbarred from serving?

  2. R M

    Yesterday I emailed Mr. Murray regarding the family that lived next door to registered people:

    Dear Mr. Murray,

    This family living in a house with people next door who were previously convicted of sex crimes should NOT be in fear of them.

    It is a well known and studied fact that 95+% of registered “sex offenders” are not the ones committing NEW sex crimes (and that figure includes all levels of registration). In other words, the registry is useless in preventing new crimes and protecting children.

    The only thing you are suggesting by your senseless bowing to the public’s fears and loathing, which was brought on by a falsified “frightening and high” recidivism statistic, is that you desire another term. It does NOTHING to protect children.

    The family’s 10 year old CAN go outside and ride his bicycle, CAN play in his backyard, and CAN have friends over; it’s the brainwashing of the public brought on by these ridiculous laws and media supporting them that caused the family’s fear, not any fact that living next to a previously convicted “sex offender” puts their children in danger.

    Again, 95+% of NEW sex crimes are not from registered “sex offenders”. You KNOW that; if you claim you don’t, then I can send you many recidivism studies that prove it.


    Got no response (as expected). Looks like he is still advocating to the ignorant and uneducated citizens.

    • Eric

      Thank you for the courage to speak out. I remember in 1965 two “mysterious” men bought a house on our block. It was rumored that they could be “homosexuals” and that we were never to go down that end of the street, that we were to go around the block because we never knew what terrible things could happen. That is a true story of my childhood. The blacks and the gays had to stand up and risk public ridicule to gain their rights. The tables have completely turned for them, and when the truth is out about people forced on the registry then the registry will die.

    • nylevel1

      No, he just doing what scuzzy politicians do. That’s why he has no response. You wanted him to tell you he knows he’s a douchebag?

      • David Kennerly's Government-Driven Life

        I got blocked by that Patchogue School Supervisor a few days ago on Twitter who is leading the charge. He dismissed my statement as “not making any sense” and then promptly blocked me.

  3. Will Allen

    It doesn’t appear as if there is any way to comment at the actual article. That is a shame. I will have to e-mail personally each criminal who is involved in this.

    It is beyond amazing that these anti-American criminals who want these “restrictions” also want people who have SHOT CHILDREN WITH GUNS to live next door to schools. They want shooters in schools. That is beyond amazing and it is complete proof that these people are lying when they say they want to “protect children”.

    They are nothing but a bunch of harassing liars. Vote them out.

    • norman

      Don’t forget about the people who have been convicted of DUI who are ok to be living next to a school

  4. Anonymous

    If I could post all of the New York news articles (especially Long Island) that tell of crimes committed against children that were not registerable offenses but are horrific, the shootings, the dwi mameings, the beatings, , , Live right next to a school no problem.

  5. Dustin L. McMillan

    How many children in that areas are missing since those registrants moved in? How many have been assaulted or even approached by them? Presuming none.

    • Eric

      Of course it is none. If there was an incident of any kind they would be taken back into custody and you would be sure to hear all about it. So we can be sure that not a single incident has happened.

  6. Hysteria

    Another email sent to another ignorant politician explaining the facts. I love sending them links to all the studies and statistics showing them how wrong they are.

  7. Anonymous

    Concerned about sex offenders living close to schools? Abolish the registry. There will immediately be zero sex offenders living near schools.

    • Will Allen

      Yep. It is an idiotic, make-believe “problem” that the Registry Terrorists created. Too bad for the crybaby terrorists.

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