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CA: Governor Vetoes Eight Sex Offender Bills

Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a total of eight sex offender bills, passed by the state legislature, that could have negatively impacted registrants and their families.  Of that total, three of the bills were authored by Assembly member Lorena Gonzales-Fletcher who attempted to stop the Tiered Registry Bill last year.

“We thank Governor Brown for protecting registrants and their families,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.  “We also thank him for his support of the Tiered Registry bill.”

One of eight bills vetoed by the Governor included Assembly Bill 514, which ACSOL opposed both in its original and its final forms.  As introduced, the bill would have required registrants to disclose to potential landlords and home sellers their status as registrants.  The final version of the bill would have required the CA State Department of Social Services to notify child day care facilities when a person convicted of certain offenses moved to a new residence within 1,000 feet of a child day care facility.

In his explanation for vetoing AB 514, the Governor stated that the bill would have created a “new overlapping process that provides information that is already quickly and easily accessible on the internet.”

The remaining seven bills vetoed by the Governor and their authors include AB 900 (Gonzalez Fletcher), AB 1882 (Cervantes), AB 2070 (Reyes), AB 2079 (Gonzalez Fletcher), AB 2294 (Obernolte), AB 3120 (Gonzales Fletcher) and SB 1449 (Leyva).

In addition to the Governor’s veto of legislation, a total of 10 sex offender bills were stopped by the legislature.  One of those bills, AB 887, would have created a $5 million grant program to assist victims of human trafficking.  Another two bills stopped by the legislature would have required hotel workers (AB 1761) and janitors (AB 2034) to report possible human trafficking in their respective places of employment.

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I knew Jerry Brown wouldn’t be down with this victim mentality nonsense. He’s what the democrats are supposed to be about.

Don’t forget, Brown also has signed off on things more difficult for us. Don’t think for a second that this is about being a Democrat.

It’s also a state legislature that is majority Democrat who put these bills through to Brown’s desk in the first place. Don’t for a second think this has anything to do with Brown being a Democrat. Democrats are not our saviors. What we need is honest people who think for themselves and take a strict view of the Constitution rather than assigning their own views to it, who can see clearly that the registry is cruel and unusual punishment. THAT is our only chance to see this nightmare ended.

Wow, awesome! I’m glad AB514 was vetoed. It wouldn’t have effected my family at the moment (at least I don’t think so according to Google search for near by daycares) but who knows about the future? Regardless of his reasoning, I’m glad he killed it.

Lorena Gonzales-Fletcher needs to be investigated for some personal punitive vendetta she has for ALL people on the registry. She is just trying to make life difficult for them. There is no reasoning, she is just doing a blanket attack on the group, much like the idiot in Florida that takes personal delight in making them homeless.

That’s all well and good, but I’d be more impressed if he actually pardoned anyone who was convicted of a sex offense.

Not going to happen. Trust me, I have been on the list 20 years, own a successful business, employ 50 people, conviction-free, submitted myself to DAYS of testing with a psychologist that prosecutors use and passed with flying colors, and even KNOW the Governor and his wife from having business dealings with them. All that and my pardon request has been submitted for 3 years now. Crickets. Thank GOD and Janice that in just a few short years I will get off the list anyway.

You will but some of us won’t get off the list.
Keep going until Megan’s law die…

Yes, I know. We’ve met before and this was discussed at one of the then-called CA-RSOL meetings.

I was being a bit facetious with my comment above. In other words, I’m not impressed with his vetoes because really it isn’t about helping RCs. If it was, he’d be issuing pardons.

Any governor that pardons a sex offender can kiss any future in politics goodbye. Just doing one pardon would open the floodgates for both sides. Their office would recieve 1000s of requests every year, as well as losing all support from donors. It’s a stupid move politically. And since politics trumps morality and justice every time, we know the outcome.

Pardoning someone or someones would be good, but I rather see mass relief from these registry laws.

It still seems surreal that one needs pardoning when a decade or more has passed after completion of probation, which was supposed to be a SUSPENDED sentence. Pardoned for what? You have already paid your dues and in theory you were never sentenced. Supposedly.

@Tim Moore, A suspended sentence does not mean that “… in theory you were never sentenced.” Upon what do you base that idea? Neither does a deferred adjudication, even though it means that you don’t have a conviction, as there was no finding of guilt. Not all states have the concept of deferred adjudication, but in the ones that do, it does not mean you were never sentenced. (On a tangent, we’ve also seen that for federal SORNA purposes, IML, and for many state sex offender programs, even “not a conviction” counts as a conviction.) Generally I believe you would… Read more »

This is great, but damn this would have put the legislature on notice if Brown was not on his way out. Still makes a great point as Brown is acting like a normal human being which is rare for a politician now days. I used to like him back when he was real and was for the people, maybe he is getting back to that. Anyways good for him and good for us as the tides are changing. Hopefully Cox or Newsom will follow suite.(whomever gets in there, Newson most likely but in this political environment you never know. My… Read more »

I just sent a Thank You note via the Governor’s website. I’m proud to see at least one person in the public service space that thinks more rationally than emotionally.

Intriguing. This was clearly a very hateful bill! Very! We almost visited Nazi German! Yet, we have so many Latino politicians focusing upon ways to help immigrants etc with compassion? Help the minorities, but don’t help those who already paid their debt to society? I’m not a Democrat, but the Governor has been for the most part out there trying to assist those with histories! This is a prime example!!

Wow, Janice! Thanks for any influence that you and your staff bring into every situation possible to strike down negative energies. I am glad for once our governor did the right thing and vetoed these nonsensical Bills.


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